13/01/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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For Good evening. Warnings of a pay cut for public sector workers as


part of one new North-South divide. Everyone in that public sector has


a pay cut and that is going to be devastating. The stalemate over


cutting the Humber Bridge toll claims the maths don't add up.


How a former workers at the docks are about to star in a television


documentary. The seal was no sense of direction


washers upon the East Coast. That all-important weather forecast.


there are claims that teachers, health workers could see their pay


cut under government plans. Minister believes salaries should


be closely linked to wages and the private sector. That has prompted


fears workers will find themselves on the wrong side of a North-South


divide. The most public sector workers are subject to the same


rates of pay weather in the north or south. That could come to an end.


The Chancellor announced that the Government is looking at salaries


being negotiated at will local rather than national level. We are


trying to make sure that p is clear and right for the local economy.


This was done by the last Labour government. It is a move will


caused by teachers like this woman. She works in a primary-school.


He must be either put in a pay freeze on people in the periods or


giving them a pay cut. Critics of national pay bargaining IQ public


sector salaries should reflect the cost of living in a place in the


country. The average house price here is just over 93,000. The


unions are not convinced. We're convinced teachers are doing the


same job. It is important they are motivated and they feel they can


move to different parts of the community -- country. Following


strikes over pensions, the scrapping of national pay


bargaining can spark round to two and a fight between the unions and


the Government. I asked Kevin Austerberry from the


Royal College of Nursing why they were against the government's idea


the suggestion that local pay should be introduced in the NHS


came as no surprise. It is misguided. A nurse and the North


does not have the same living expenses as one and the size.


you look at what might lie behind us, it is clear the intention would


be to reduce the costs of staff in the NHS. We tried is back in the


1990s and it pushes costs up. you are a nurse and you want a


house, some places are very expensive. We recognise costs


Theory from one part of the country to another. Some p have


enhancements. If you did an interview on our programme in


London, you have say nurses should earn more because it is expensive


to live there. We must insure the best interests of patients is at


the forefront. It is uncomfortable that introducing local pay if it is


intending to drive pay rates down is not acceptable at a time when


health care staff are under pressure. George Osborne says it is


about setting paid which is fair and right for the local economy.


if you introduce anomalies, think about what that means for


recruitment. If one hospital pays specialist nurses at one level and


the one down the road gets paid more, there will be a temptation


for staff to move. That will secure the system. You have heard this


story. Should periods for public sector jobs be left to local


economy? Should a nurse in the This is a subject that will be


debated starting this weekend, the Sunday Politics from 12 noon.


In a moment, Britain's greatest living in just a -- artist.


The government's deal with councils on the Bank of the Humber to half


bridge tolls may not work, that is a warning from some backing the


change. The Chancellor said he wanted a �1.50 charge within months.


There is little sign of progress. Has something gone wrong? In the


cold light of the new year, some serious questions are being asked


about the nitty-gritty of the deal. It is whether it can be made to


work in the long term as a sustainable solution for the


economy. The Government has written off half the debt. It wants the


councils making up the bought to come up with a financial plan to


manage their trunk. When George Osborne visited the bridge, he was


confident we councils would get back to him with a workable plan to


deal with their half of the debt. The Theory says that cutting the


bridge tolls and half, there will be a massive increase in the volume


using the bridge. The problem is that this is just a theory. No one


knows whether it will work. This man as a campaigner on to bridge


debt but does not believe there will be a big enough traffic


increase. On basic maths, you cannot afford to pay �184 million


debt. There are other problems. It needs underwriting. It is suggested


the council's divide this. Up I want to make sure North East


Lincolnshire Council has a fair deal. I do not see why we should


subsidise other parts of the area. We have seen a few shenanigans.


There was another fine Humber sunset. Behind the scenes, the


negotiations to get the bridge deal to work will not be as pretty.


Those are the concerns. Will those tolls behalf by 1st April? People


say there is little danger of the deal being withdrawn. It is likely


that tolls will be half and the coming months. The bigger question


about how to make this reduction work long term will still be there?


The row about who will pay for it is also going to get deeper. Three


people were taken to hospital after a crash that close to Major wrote


in north Lincolnshire. Two cars were involved on the A180. One man


was airlifted to Hull Royal Infirmary. Two others were taken to


hospital. A jury has started to consider its


verdict on the trial of five men of murdering Adam Vincent. His family


was at court today. His body parts were found in the water.


A shop and Lincoln which sold fake bottles of vodka a containing


cleaning fluid has had its Algol licence revoked. Mouldy tobacco was


also found during a raid by trading standards on Finest Foods. Other


shops have lost their licences. Still ahead, workers starring in


the BBC documentary about their heyday of the Humber docks. And


2000 miles from home, the seal that keeps getting lost around Europe.


If you have a picture EU are proud John said he saw you in the local


shop with microwave meals. He was It is a colt and settled on. There


is a risk of patchy Menter Iaith in places. There may be more fog.


Other than that, it is unsettled weekend. There is hardly a cloud in


the sky. There has been cloud on the coastline but it should melt


away. It could be down to-five tonight. The sun will rise in the


morning at 830. A frosty start and watch out for four Apache fog.


Temperatures will struggle. A variable breeze will come up from


the south-east. Where the fog lingers through the evening, it


could be as low as three Celsius. You will be repaid next week!


Several e-mails about a story in the news today that in South Africa


if they get the weather forecast wrong they face a jail sentence.


And one viewer said that Apple should get a shirt covered in


Arrows in preparation of this weekend's forecast.


As David Hockney prepares to open his latest exhibition about the


Yorkshire Wolds, campaigners have been fighting for years to make it


an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which would limit what


could be built there. They are hoping the new focus on the walls


will strengthen their campaign. -- focus on the Yorkshire Wolds.


At times, the views of breathtaking, but for many, the Yorkshire Wolds


are still a hidden gem. But this man knows them well and once again,


David Hockney has found inspiration from the peaceful landscape. There


was a very, very good subject here. The landscape itself, which I felt


quite strongly attached to. If you are my age and you find a subject


that is exciting, stick with it. For this collection, he used his


iPad to capture the untouched beauty of the Yorkshire Wolds and


it is a characteristic many want to protect. I think it is absolutely


stunning up here. When you get on the top you get the panoramic views.


Steve Hey is hoping in -- hoping Hockney's latest exhibition will


draw focus to this area. Hopefully it will help protect against the


industrialisation of the landscape. This will open up the doors to


developers. Total development of the countryside. These beautiful


areas will be gone forever. others, the wildlife that thrives


here is a source of inspiration which needs protection. I love the


wildlife in the Yorkshire Wolds but the key to them is the grassland


valleys, a fall of wild flowers and orchids. At the moment I can hear a


thrush singing. That is one of the first birds of the years singing.


New York is difficult, London I find difficult, so I love the quiet


of East Yorkshire. On a day like today, it is easy to see why David


Hockney finds the Yorkshire Wolds are inspirational, and campaigners


hope that by making this an area of outstanding natural beauty, they


can protect these views for the future.


Some fantastic pictures there of the Yorkshire Wolds. That David


Hockney exhibition is about to open. I have been talking to Gary Verity


from CPP -- Welcome to Yorkshire about the impact of David Hockney's


work on the countryside here. Yorkshire Wolds are the hidden gem


of Yorkshire. What the exhibition will do is draw attention to the


great things that visitors can see when they come and visit art great


county and I think East Yorkshire stands to benefit hugely from the


massive profile of the Hochmann exhibition. What is the Hockney


trail all about? It will give sides across East Yorkshire where people


can see the great man himself has painted his pictures, and see what


they look like in real life. It is about giving the visitor the


greater experience and the report on country while the other night


where Hockney was fantastic, the way he came across, explaining in


great detail why he had chosen the sites that he had done, and the


benefit to the visitor. Yorkshire Wolds have seen a growing


number of wind farm applications. How important is it for the area to


be recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Ceri can


be protected? I do not know that the Net -- necessarily needs to be


recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty but I


would say that East Yorkshire are already an Area of Outstanding


Natural Beauty and it is important that any development that happens


there needs to be sympathetic. you think this will actually bring


people into East Yorkshire who have never been before, to come to the


trail? Undoubtedly. Our experience over the last three years has been


that where we have done thing similar to this there has been a


massive upsurge in visitor numbers and I am sure East Yorkshire will


benefit from that over the months ahead. Thank you.


Let's hope that we protect those areas in the future.


For Hull Marina is closed for six weeks because of maintenance work.


Boats cannot get in or out while repairs to the gates' seal is


repaired. A statute in honour of scumbled


steelworkers has been proposed for the town centre. This is a scale


model. The finished sculpture would be 17ft tall and made from


Scunthorpe steel. The group behind the idea is trying to raise �40,000


and hopes the statue could be in place by October. We are working on


this as a project to give some recognition to the steel workers


and their families. Let's hope that Scunthorpe gets the statue.


Hull City's new manager, Nick Barmby, hopes he has the signed to


make a serious challenge for promotion. The Tigers are in a


Championship play-off position as they take on Peterborough United.


They may have lost their last league game to this goal but


Saturday's Cup victory over Ipswich Town has given Hull's City manager


Nick Barmby the belief that his side Arab force to be reckoned with.


These players have as good a chance as any other team, as long as they


keep believing what they are to link, they remain positive, you are


going to set -- get setbacks but it is how you handle them. So far they


have done that well. I want to get better and better. I want to prove


to a lot of people what I can do. So if I have the chance now, I want


to grab it with two hands. Scunthorpe United return to action


at Colchester United, coming after the splendid win at the weekend. In


not make it his FA Trophy date with The real-life stories of the people


who worked on the docks at the Humber port will be shown in a


documentary this weekend. It will be broadcast exclusively here on


BBC One in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The programme, called


How the Humber Changed our World, involves lots of local people and


tells the story of the history of the docks through their eyes.


You was either a strong woman or you wasn't. It made you strong.


was first shown in cinemas in Hull, Goole and Grimsby, and some in the


audience, like Jim Williams, had taken part in the film, to share


their own personal memories. There is three weeks' money. You have two


days. I knew so many of those


personalities that were filmed. They all put it across as it was,


to give our children and grandchildren memories of the


heritage of they grew up with. Brylcreem in my hair, three-day


millionaire... The film delves into the working life of the Humber


ports, through the good time when fishermen when it meant freedom


millionaires, to the troubled cod wars and the turbulent days of the


dock strikes. First-hand accounts, family photographs and amateur


video were all vital. These are the stories that people would hand down


to their sons, daughters and grandchildren. People generally


were very candid in the stories they were prepared to tell us. If


you look at the dock workers, it put their militancy in context


because they told us about how bad conditions were when they first


started. What we often get is the official sanitised version, the


story about the great and the good, and this one actually tells us the


story of working people. If you do not recall that now, it is gone


forever. There was so much interest in the film last summer that


tickets were oversubscribed and an extra screening had to be put on


but now many more people will get to see it as it transfers to


television. Jim hopes it will help more people appreciate the reality


of life on the docks. Looking forward to seeing that one.


That is this Sunday at 3:05pm here on BBC One. On BBC Radio Humberside


from 9am on Monday, there will be a chance for you to talk about the


She is a seal with a poor sense of direction, more than 2000 miles


from home, and less than a year old. Eve was found on a Lincolnshire


beach. Staff at Natureland in Skegness are using tracking


technology to keep an eye on her. With her special track of it did,


this breed of hooded seal is rarely seen around here. This one is badly


lost and in desperate need of good directions. They come from regions


like Ice land in the East, right across to Newfoundland and Canada


in the West. So she is one and truly lost. This particular seal is


thought to have been born in Icelandic waters. Just ten months


old, weak and confused, she has now been rescued from the beach here in


Lincolnshire. Normally by this age they are really fat. She was weak


and underweight for so we thought we would bring her back. That was


when we noticed the transmitter on top of her head as well. Staff have


named their new edition Eve and have quickly discovered her poor


sense of direction has already been recorded by colleagues in Europe.


She was first discovered of the German coast last summer and it was


here when the tracking device was fitted. She was then traced heading


north back home to Iceland but near Scotland things again went wrong.


She turned around and was found a few weeks later on a beach at


Chapel St Leonards. To now guarantee has said return home, the


best plan of action is transportation. That means an


expensive flight and for that to happen, financial backing will be


needed. If it did come to that, we would probably be looking for


sponsors to help us do that but that is in a few months' time, when


she has been putting on weight. Whatever happens, he's still needs


to gain a further 30kg in weight. Wherever she goes, she will still


be fitted with the special Tracker, enabling the staff here to monitor


her progress and make sure that this time she is heading in the


right direction. It's the cost of transporting her back home would be


thousands of pounds but with a face like this, there could be shared


brought financial offers over the coming weeks. -- several financial


offers. If you have a story you think we


should know about, senders and Emap. A recap of the main headlines. The


Government says it will press ahead with controversial child benefit


cuts. There are fears public sector workers in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire could see their pay cut under Government plans. Any fog


patches would be clear to -- slow to clear. Otherwise dry and with


sunshine tomorrow. Response coming in on the subject


of local pay. Annabel says, having passed election, I was offered a


post of a prison officer but had to decline due to not being able to


live in Cambridge on �14,500 a year, the same had I think offered a post


in Hull, with a much lower cost of living. I support localised pay.


Another viewer, at any pace in based on house prices will just


make the poor poorer. And from Clare, watched the number of


vacancies in the lower-paid areas go through the roof and standards


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