18/01/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Unemployment in the area is on the rise as the number of over-fifties


who are out of work doubles in four years. When you have been in works


in she were 15, it late she feel like a second-class citizen.


Plans to exhume the body in the grave of Hull paratrooper


Christopher Alder. Harnessing the power of the Humber.


The new device which could change the way we light our homes.


And one man's fight to save a Grade 1 listed building from collapse.


And the detailed five-day forecast There has been another sharp rise


in unemployment across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Figures


released today show that between September and November unemployment


in the Yorkshire and Humber region went up by 11,000 with 270,000 out


of work. In the East Midlands it rose by 7,000 to 190,000. It has


also been revealed that the number of unemployed people over 50 has


doubled in our area over the past four years. More from our political


editor Tim Iredale. Father of two-car Holmes worked in


the steel industry for more than 30 years before losing his job at the


Scunthorpe Works 18 months ago. When you have been in work since


you were 15, it makes you feel like a second-class citizen. Your self-


esteem does. The recession has meant that thousands of people like


car have turned their backs on traditional industries and try to


look for work elsewhere. They number of over-fifties in Yorkshire


and Northern Lincolnshire claiming jobseeker's Allowance has doubles


for more than 10,000 in 2007 to more than 22,000 by the end of last


year. The government says it of its work programme is funding a network


of training providers to help mature jobseeker's find employment.


Is there hope for. Matured jobseeker's?


Absolutely. We have a number of ladies who have brought up children


as they struggle to find the skills they have to match a job


application. The skills you need to have a family are budgeting and


organisation. Car has just found a new job working for a construction


firm in North Lincolnshire. Keep trying. Keep knocking on doors.


There are jobs are there if you look. On the streets of


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, there is still a distinct lack of


good news on the jobs front. Tim Iredale, Scunthorpe.


A today I spoke to the Employment Minister about the particular issue


of unemployment among the over fifties in our part of the world.


My message to them is that they are one of our biggest priorities in


the labour market. Those under 24 and over 50 often struggle to get


into employment. There are two parts to what we are doing for that


particular group. The first is through the we launch of the work


programme last summer. We are delivering more personalised and


tailored support from organisations who are paid on a payment by


results basis and only paid when they are successful in getting


someone in to work and helping them to stay there. They are succeeding


where they have built close ties to employers. I think that provides a


better option for those people there may have had in the past.


Imparts a poll, over 30 people are facing chasing every vacancy. Can


you understand why those people are sceptical?


I understand it can be very dispiriting to be unemployed. At


one particular moment in time those figures may be true but of the


vacancies people apply for change every week. JobCentre plus offices


take in 80,000 vacancies a week. There is a constant churn of jobs.


The people chasing this week's vacancy may be chasing a different


vacancy next week. It is difficult and challenging but we are


providing better support. Through the new Enterprise Allowance, we


are helping people to move into self-employment. That is a good


option for people over 50 who have years of experience to bear on


building their own business. Should those people listening


tonight be optimistic? You should always be optimistic. Do


not lose hope. We want to steer people to the right opportunities


as make them think of different kinds of opportunities they may not


have considered before but where they have transferable skills for a


different kind of job. Will do it all we can to help people back into


work. For the employment minister talking


to me earlier. We would like to hear about your experiences.


We would love to hear from you this evening. What is your experience of


trying to get a job, particularly in the private sector? As an


employer, do you have vacancies you In a moment, the bogus bag


collectors putting charity A father and three sons have been


found guilty of murdering Adam Vincent from Grimsby. Adam


Vincent's dismembered body was found at sites across North


Lincolnshire last spring. A jury at Sheffield Crown Court found 43


year-old Lee Griffiths guilty of murder along with his sons Luke


Griffiths, who is 19, 20 year-old Thomas Griffiths and stepson 27-


year-old Mark Jackson. The jury has still to deliver a verdict on


Matthew Frow, who is also charged with murder. A sixth man, Andrew


Lusher, charged with perverting the course of justice, has been cleared


by the jury. New details have emerged today


about police plans to exhume the grave in Hull of Christopher Alder


who died in police custody 14 years ago. Despite his funeral and burial


being held in 2000, his body was discovered at the city's mortuary


last November. It is thought his grave contains the remains of Grace


Kamara who died in 1999. Our correspondent, Vicky Johnson, has


more. In a few short weeks - Hull's western cemetery should give up the


secrets of who is buried in Christopher Alder's grave. It seems


likely to contain the remains of Grace Kamara who died in 1999 but


whose funeral had been delayed because of visa problems. Her


friend says she has mixed feelings about the exhumation Christopher


Alder, a former paratrooper died in controversial circumstances while


in police custody in 1998. I would like to be there but it


might be traumatic for me. My husband is a doctor and maybe a to


stand it better. Despite his very public funeral 2 years later - his


body was discovered last november in the hull mortuary. But soon,


under cover of darkness as is the custom, the long exhumation process


will take place. This afternoon I spoke to


Christopher's brother Richard. His daughter's ashes are scattered on


that Christopher's grave here. He says it he intends to be around for


the exhumation. He hopes the whole process is handled as sensitively


and discreetly as possible. The body will then be taken in a coffin


to Sheffield for further forensic tests But even once the body in the


grave is identified the families involved still need to know how


this terrible situation occurred in the first place.


The body will be tested to answer the families will be informed of


Tata Steel has secured a contract worth tens of millions of pounds to


supply steel for Siemens wind power. The order for 25,000 tonnes of


steel is the largest so far for the dedicated wind power hub at Tata's


plant in Scunthorpe. The steel will be used to build 150 onshore


turbines. A public hearing has started today


to try and solve a four-year battle over a proposed wind farm in North


Lincolnshire. The energy company Ridgewind wants to build seven


turbines on land near Burton-Upon- Stather. The hearing involving


developers and opponents was attended by almost 200 people with


some being forced to listen outside. If it gets approval, I will have to


move. On no question. With our concerns the proposed her buyers


will be far too close to properties. The British Heart Foundation says


it believes bogus collectors are taking taking charity bags left


outside peoples' homes to sell them overseas. It says it usually


collects around a hundred bags of unwanted clothes and footwear on


its rounds in the Beverley area, but recently just 50 were left.


Emma Massey reports. It is collection day in Beverley.


Charity bags filled with unwanted clothing and other goods are being


picked up by volunteers from the British Heart Foundation. But there


is a problem. We have thieves to go around and


pick up donations. They do not get to the charity. They sell them on


the back market and as they are exported overseas. -- black market.


Antonio has been collecting charity bags for 10 years. He says the


problem has got much worse. The we have argued with the people


we have seen. We are reported to the police and nothing gets done.


If a 50 bags were stolen on the last round, that is a loss of


potential revenue of �754 stop. think it is disgusting. I think it


is a despicable things to do. problem is so bad that Hull-based


charity Real Aid says it refuses to use collection bags for donations.


It is appalling. When we do not know it -- we do not to collection


bags for various reasons but this is one of them. Our drivers will go


and collect from donors. They have IT with them as they have are


Belmont -- are than sowed the donors know what is all up of


thought. Humberside police say they're investigating the thefts


and the British Heart Foundation says people need to be more


vigilant to make sure their donations go to the right people.


Joining me now it is a representatives from charity


organisations. Who is stealing these bags? They are worth a lot of


money. They are worth a lot of money. We


are tackling this problem. I am meeting be at Home Secretary to


discuss a police in response. Someone was sentenced to three


years in prison for this crime just last week. People should not be too


disheartened but it is being tackled.


Should it be tackled by charities or the police? We should all tackle


it together. If people are suspicious they should report it.


This is theft so they will get a response from the police. What do


you think of the people who do it? I think it is despicable. He would


still from charity? We are working together to tackle best. His is a


bad idea to put things in back on our doorsteps? Is the temptation to


great? It is a great way to fund raised for charity is. As with


anything that has value, there are people who will take it. We need to


work together to stop them and tackle it. Reported to police. It


is theft and the police can act on its. Should people still put their


bags outside? Yes. It is a great way to fund raised. Do not let


these thieves steal your charitable spirit.


This is another story you might want to comment on. You may have a


story to tell. Do text as on the number below or e-mail us. Thank


you for watching. Still ahead tonight: Moving one


step closer to using the Humber as an energy source for thousands of


homes. And the crumbling tower that one


Keeper photographs coming in, if you have one you are proud of. Good


evening. It was nice to see you back. You obviously knocked out


last night due to the embarrassment of not being able to use some jump


leads! For the first time in my life, I


nearly had a panic attack. I thought I might have to spend the


night in Barton on Humber. Only joking! The headline is a mixed one


for the next 24 hours. It remains unsettled in general. Tomorrow may


not be too bad. There will be some sunshine. There should be a


reasonable amount of fine weather. We have been blessed with clear


skies the last two evenings. It is more mixed now. There is a mixture


of medium -- of medium and high cloud. They will be some rain to


come a long Lincolnshire, particularly in the south. East


Yorkshire should be dry with clear spells. Three Celsius in Driffield


and Bridlington. The sun will rise at 80 7:00am, and set up for 6:00pm.


Any rain first thing in parts of Lincolnshire and North Norfolk will


clear a way. It is not looking too bad. Mostly dry. There is every


chance they will be a few showers around, particularly late in the


day. I think a large part of tomorrow during daylight hours


should be OK. Temperatures back to normal. Seven Celsius in Lincoln.


That is 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Friday is looking much more


unsettled. The weekend, sunny intervals and scattered showers.


Temperatures close to normal and a If you are watching in Barton on


Humber, do direct any letters to him.


I love Barton on Humber! Too late now!


A row has broken out between a low- cost airline and a fledgling rival


which wants to fly from Humberside airport. JetXtra is starting flight


to Spain this summer, but the airline Jet2 is threatening legal


action, saying the name is too similar to its own.


It is a case of spot the difference. On one side, there is new company


JetXtra, and on the other, airline Jet2. Jet2 things their names are


too similar and is threatening court action. JetXtra told us it


will not change its brand. company name is completely


different. Our logo and branding are completely different. We think


they just try to flex their muscles and warned us that they are there.


Jet2's solicitors have sent a letter to JetXtra, demanding it


changed its name by tomorrow. The airline said although it supports


free and fair competition, there is a possibility a significant number


of the public would be misled a confused into believing that his


company is associated with Jet2. Other airlines, including easyJet


and Jetstar, already used the word jet. Is it possible for a company


to own the word? This solicitor says that is unlikely. It bales and


to whether one company has a monopoly over the word jet as part


of a corporate name. The court would make -- a court would need to


weigh up evidence. For Humberside Airport, creating eight new flight


would boost its business and the wider economy. It is good news. Not


only will it create much-needed jobs, but it is more convenient for


my constituents to go on their holidays. It brings choice closer


to them. JetXtra says it is determined its first flight will


take off on June 1st. The only doubt will be what name it will fly


under. Thank you for getting in touch


about our story that children from the age of four in Hull and


Lincolnshire are being introduced to positive game role-models to try


and reduce homophobic bullying. Studies have shown that around half


of gay and lesbian pupils had faced verbal or physical attacks a while


at school. Here are some of your Thank you very much for all of


theirs. Plans to use the Humber to power


thousands of customers arris step closer as the first full-scale


tidal power generator was clenched today -- launched today. This


device will help power the Deep in Hull. It is hoped several similar


machines will be able to provide green energy on a much larger scale.


The atmosphere was tense at Hull docks. After months of planning,


this was the day this yellow machine, the Neptune Proteus, hope


to begin a journey aimed at eventually bringing tidal power to


thousands. These would be the first to benefit. Our systems work 24,


seven. Having a generator on our doorstep is ideal. The Neptune


Proteus works by taking tidal water in from the Humber. A tear ban


inside tents at into energy. That is taken by cables to the shore and


sent to The Deep as electricity. The great difference between wind


energy and tidal stream energy is that the tide is completely


predictable. We know when we will be generating, and when we will not


be. Today's journey could be of huge importance to the future of


tidal power. Once this device is in place at The Deep, it will be


monitored over the next few months and will work as a model for a


string of similar devices here in the Humber. In the future, they


could bring enough energy to power the equivalent of 3,000 homes.


Aside from reliable green energy, tidal power, like other renewables,


is big business. His is certainly going to bring work. These devices


have to be designed, manufactured, maintained it operated. It


inevitably will produce work and we will lead people to do that.


Electricity was that been made in around three months. In the future,


it is hoped tidal power will be another huge industry based in the


Humber. Fascinating. Siobhan Robbins is at


The Deep now. How bigger boost could this technology before our


area? This will create jobs, but its importance needs to be seen in


the wider context of the renewables revolution which is going on in


this area. Siemens is planning on building a wind turbine factory up


the road, which will create hundreds of jobs. We have


investments in wind power also on the South Bank. We also have


offshore investment in tidal power. It could create tens of thousands


of local jobs in maintenance and supply. One local business leader


told me he thinks that green energy is as important as the fishing


industry was in its heyday to the local economy. Thank you very much.


That is a story we will continue to follow. If you have a story you


think we should know about, get in touch.


More than half-a-million pounds will be invested in Lincoln City


Football Club. A new holding company of existing board members


is also going to be set up to change how the Imps album. The Imps


are in Surrey this evening to face Carshalton Athletic. It is great


that some money is coming into the football club. It involves a change


of governors of the football club, and another company that appears to


have some control over Lincoln City Football Club, so I have some


concerns. There we are. You can follow the action from Carshalton


with BBC Lincolnshire tonight. Their coverage starts at 7 o'clock.


It is the only building of its kind in the country, but now it is in


danger of collapse. Paull Holme Tower in East Yorkshire was bought


20 years ago, but the owner says he has been frustrated in his attempt


to stop the Grade 1 listed building from deteriorating.


It was once a grand medieval manor house, built in the 15th century


with commanding views to the Humber. Today, the owner of Paull Holme


Tower is struggling to keep its standing. It has the most amazing


barrel-vaulted ceiling, and it is made of brick. It is quite unique


in the country. We are suffering from water coming through the


ceiling. It is taking at the joints. Simon bought this building 20 years


ago, but restoration has proved a slow process. A Heritage Open Day


in September attracted hundreds and renewed his determination to save


it. There are so many rules and regulations, and so many barriers


that seem to pop up. We do not want to preserve it, we want to save it.


It has to have a use, a function. It needs to be able to produce an


income and it needs public access to people can see this fantastic


tower. A lot of people do not know what is here. Paull Holme Tower is


an one of the oldest buildings in East Yorkshire. It is very


important it is restored and made some use of. A grant from English


Heritage will enable it out's future to be explored, but without


the help and money, it will remain in ruin.


Finally, a recap of the headlines. UK employment hit say 17 year high.


In this area, the number of over- 50s out of work doubles in four


years. Tomorrow, patchy rain will clear.


Top temperatures, seven degrees Celsius.


Response coming in on the subject of unemployment.


I am a 55-year-old male, out of work for two years. This one saying,


I graduated two years ago and have ended up working in a call centre.


Not what I hoped for after three years at university. I volunteered


in youth work but the Conservative government have made so many cuts,


there is no hope of getting work in that sector. Someone else says,


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