20/01/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


As plans for a line of electricity pylons through the Lincolnshire


countryside are scrapped, what could the impact be on the future


of wind energy? This site was totally unacceptable. A pile on


line down the coast was unacceptable.


Defending her decision to resign - the Euro MP who'll be succeeded by


her husband but it's all within the rules. It is up to the person who


is now second on the list to decide what he wants to do. I think it is


a little bit dodgy. It is not against the rules.


Training hard for gold medal glory - the sporting hopefuls from


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire fighting for a place at the


Olympics. After weeks of rehearsal, it's


nearly time for this year's BBC pantomime performance.


And that all-important weekend weather forecast will follow later


A group who have been fighting plans against 30 miles of power


cables across the Lincolnshire countryside are claiming victory.


The energy company behind the proposals was told it will have to


dig cables underground to transport power from a planned wind farm off


the coast. Now RWE energy say they're looking at the feasibility


of the whole idea. Our environment correspondent Siobhan Robbins has


more. Campaigners have made their


feelings about a substation in the Wolds very clear. The 40 acre site


was needed to connect energy from hundreds of giant offshore turbines


like these to the national grid but now the idea has been scrapped.


are obviously delighted. This site was totally unacceptable with a


pile on site in Lincolnshire coast being unacceptable. -- pylon.


original plan meant energy from Triton Knoll would have come onto


land and be fed into a substation in East Linsey. 46m high pylons


would then have wound their way down 55km the East Coast to Bicker


Fen Substation. Now the idea is a cable under the sea will bring the


power to land near Bicker Fen where it'll be fed into the national grid.


This is the sub-station near Boston which will take the electricity end.


It will not do it alone. Under new plans, another sub-station could be


built here and it could even stretch over 40 acres, just like


the one that has been scrapped. Have campaigners only moved their


problems down the road? I do not think so. Our position was clear.


They have existing wind farms built onshore and have a sub-station


there. We have always made it clear we will only support the


development of sub-stations and pylons on existing sites and on


existing routes. They do not want to see any more of Lincolnshire


damaged by industrial development in the countryside. Campaigners


here may have won this fight but the East Coast is prime land for


more offshore windfarms and many more will need connecting to the


land. We are going to need the infrastructure in order to


transport energy no matter how me make it. There will have to be some


land appropriated for sub-stations and they will have to be


infrastructure like cables, in this case. It is not the right way


forward and they would rather put money into the new influx of energy


to get the country going again. new plans for Triton Knoll still


need finalising and public approval but underground cables and


substations aren't cheap which raises the question, how high does


the bill for connection have to get before the windfarm itself becomes


Adam Bell from Renewables UK who promotes green energy says the


decision not to put cables underground wouldn't put companies


off investing in renewable energy. Not at all. What you have to


consider is the way in which offshore wind is going to be


delivered. It will be delivered across a lot of the North Sea and


we're going to make sure that the impact upon people who live along


the east coast is minimised. We will do that by having as few


connections as possible. The technology we are looking at using


means we can bring in more power than perhaps we would have


otherwise been able to, which will hope we minimise the impact. What


people are interested in, pylons are underground and now this one


has to be underground. Both technologies have impacts upon the


landscape. What is important is to make sure that people can


participate in the way in which this is delivered, for example,


which would it have taken and perhaps where the sub-station is.


If they have a chance to participate in decision-making,


they may not -- may find it more acceptable. It will cost you


companies are not for lot more than double the destruction of people --


if they go underground. Will that not put people off investing in


green? I think technology has moved on and this technology is cheaper


than underground cables would have been in the past. As a consequence,


it may be encouraging and demonstrate innovation is being


applied. How clean is wind power if it means digging up rural areas,


which will mean mile upon mile? give you an example, every single


one per bind will make up for its construction within a year of


operation which means it will cut down carbon emissions and cut down


the use the power from polluting power stations. It means, to give


you an example, our countryside will remain less impact of from


countries -- climate change than would have otherwise been the case.


Thank you. We want to hear from you on this


story. Do you think pylons or digging up the countryside are a


necessary evil of green energy or do you think the impact would be


too great on the landscape? Maybe you do not want them at all. Let us


The tiny pellets of wood that could bring power to thousands as another


green energy company makes plans to come to the Humber.


A Euro MP from East Yorkshire has defended her decision to resign - a


move which paves the way for her husband to take over her job


without a single vote being cast. Under current rules, Diana Wallis's


husband will step into her shoes because he was the Liberal


Democrats' second choice candidate at the last European elections. But


critics have accused the MEP of doing more damage to the


reputations of politicians, a claim she strongly denies.


It is a resignation that shocked the world of European politics.


Diana Wallis has represented the region on behalf of the Liberal


Democrats for more than 12 years. This week, she failed in her bed to


become the president of the European Parliament. Speaking at


her home in East Yorkshire, she told me why she has decided to step


down now. There is a tinge of disillusionment but the


disillusionment that inspires me to say, I think I can do more here


than in being a way. If the argument about Europe needs to be


made, it needs to be made here. R Wallace as a former solicitor who


later became a Liberal Democrat councillor on the old Humberside


authority and in the East Riding. She became an MEP in 1989 and has


served as a vice-president of the European Parliament. Diana Wallis


says she will step down at the end of the month. A likely successor is


causing some controversy. Under current rules, the Liberal Democrat


second-choice candidate at the time of the last European election will


take her place. He is Stuart Arnold, who also happens to beat Diana


Wallis's husband. I think it is a little bit dodgy, it is not against


the rules in the way that flipping your house is to avoid capital


gains tax was against the rules, but I think what we're trying to do


now in politics to try to catch up on our reputation of being complete


scoundrels, is to try to avoid this kind of thing, which is clearly


within the rules but a bit smelly. What do you say to your colleagues


who say this is an example of nepotism? There was a selection


with in my party. There was a public collection. It is up to the


person who is now second on the list to decide what he wants to do.


Diana Wallis says she remains a committed pro-European Liberal


Democrat but in this year of coalition politics, the spotlight


is on a political marriage of a different kind.


Tim Iredale will be here on Sunday when he'll be hosting a debate on


whether the rules should be changed when an MEP resigns. The Sunday


Politics is on BBC One at noon. Four men found guilty of murdering


a grim as the men have been sentenced a total of 114 years in


prison. Adam Benson's body parts were found in what are ways across


Lincoln. Lee Griffiths will serve a minimum


of 32 years in prison. His son Luke Griffiths will serve a minimum of


26 years. Tom Griffiths, 27 years and Mark Jackson 29 years. Adam


Vincent's family celebrated. I am glad it is all over and we have got


justice for Adam. Never completely satisfied and I don't think we ever


will be. It is justice for Adam now and I hope it is justice for him. I


hope they think about what they have done every day of their lives.


A log-flume ride on Bridlington's sea front has been taken down


following an accident last year in which a woman suffered serious leg


injuries. 58-year-old Ann Smallwood from South Yorkshire was with her


4-year-old great niece when they were both thrown from the Jungle


River ride in August. The Health and Safety Executive is still to


decide whether it will take further action over the incident.


Within the last couple of hours a deal has been reached that could


see tolls reduced on the Humber Bridge. Leaders of four councils


met this afternoon to discuss who should underwrite the outstanding


debt. The government had already agreed to clear half of the �330


million owed, which would allow the cost of a single crossing for a car


to be cut to �1.50. Tonight, Hull City Council has agreed to shoulder


the remaining debt single-handedly. Phil Connell is live at the Humber


Bridge tonight. How was the deal done? The government's condition of


writing off half of the debt was that the four surrounding a


authorities take on the equal responsibility for the outstanding


debt which was left. That has proved to be something of a


sticking point with North East Lincolnshire Council claiming they


are unable to agree to that. Following a meeting here, Hull city


council has come forward with a new proposal which would see them take


on single handed responsibility for this debt without the support of


the three neighbouring authorities. Hull has said that an authority --


if an agreement cannot be reached, we will shoulder the debt and we


see it as a liability, not a debt. That would allow tolls to be


reduced and it is important this goes out to the government loud and


clear, that Hull is at the centre of the city region and the Humber


area remains open for business. What people are interested in is


when the tolls will come down. Although Hull City Council has


agreed to single-handedly take on this responsibility, not all of the


local authorities are happy. Northland is a council say they


would rather see a system where everyone had shared equally in


taking on this debt. Because of that, they believe this new idea


could still encounter some problems. Hull City Council believes the


government will accept this and they say that all being well, their


toll charges here at the bridge could still be reduced by 50% by


Thank you for watching on Friday. Still ahead.... Dreaming of Olympic


success - the athletes working hard to secure their place at the games.


And after weeks of rehearsal preparing for one last festive


tradition, the BBC pantomime performance. This is Grainsby in


Lincolnshire, taken by Gavin Prior. Thank you very much for that. If


you have a picture that you have taken over the weekend, please send


it in. Good evening, young man. One a mill says, he very discreetly


leans down on his tour when he introduces you and he twiddles was


something. Is this a panic button? It is to keep me awake! It is an


electric current because they need The headlines are unsettled.


Tomorrow, it will start of damp and it should brighten up as we head


into the afternoon. It is a broad run of westerly wind, we do quite


well usually with the set-up but Sunday could be similar with some


rain at first and then it brightens up into the afternoon. Throughout


the weekend, very windy. Miserable right now. Cloudy and damp with


rain and drizzle affecting much of the region. That will continue into


the night, the wind will strengthen and the rain tends to peter out but


there will still be drizzle in places and the wind could reach


gale force in exposed parts. Lows of around six degrees. The sun will


rise in the morning at 8:05am. This is the high water times... It will


be a slow start tomorrow, cloudy and damp with drizzle and the odd


spot of rain but it will very slowly improve through the day. I


have expecting the skies to brighten up and they should be


sunny spells and the chance of showers. The wind continues to be


strong, blowing from the West and temperatures not too bad for this


time of year. Nine degrees in Grimsby, Lincoln and Skegness.


Sunday, some rain at first but looking more promising for Sunday


afternoon. Picture? Have you I have remembered the jump leads!


Don't give yourself a shock! the nice weekend. Now... It would


provide enough power for tens of thousands of homes and cost more


than �100 million. Proposals for a new green power station in Hull


have been revealed today. The developers say more than 200 jobs


will be created if the wood burning plant is given planning permission.


And as Paul Murphy reports, it's part of the growth of new green


industries on the Humber. The dockside location for the proposed


plant is important. It will burn tiny pellets of waste would shipped


in from Europe and beyond. The developers are stressing it is


green. We can make massive savings in biomass and it is neutral. It


can only be met the same as is absorbed. The power station will be


built near Queen Elizabeth docked in Hull. Next door to the proposed


see man's wind turbine factory. Once operational, this will


generate enough electricity to supply a third of businesses in the


area. And those behind it want to see it working by 2015. Around 200


jobs will be created in construction and around 30 full-


time staff working here. It marks another investment in green energy


in the Humber. A similar power plant running on food and garden


waste has already been given the go-ahead. There are projects trying


to harness the power of the river through growing numbers of jobs in


areas such as wind turbine maintenance. It is good to have


more than one egg in your basket. It brings all the experts into one


place and helps develop new technology and we need to bring the


price of energy down and having three types, tidal, wind and


biomass, can only help. planning application will be


submitted to the council in April and, if approved, construction can


begin before the end of the year. And we will continue to follow that


story. Thanks for getting in touch with us about the calls to change


the name of Skegness that we told you about on last night's programme.


There was a big response and also on the radio today. Jerry from


Woodhall Spa says Skegness is fantastic. You should call it Super


Skegness or Royal Skegness. Diana agrees. Skegness has a regular and


loyal band of holidaymakers who enjoy slot machines, kiss-me-quick


hats and fish and chips. Leave Skegness alone. Les from Coningsby


says, keep the name Skegness, abolish East Lindsey District


Coucil, run this part of the county from Lincoln and spend half the


money saved on a Skegness upgrade. What do we think about that one?


Thank you very much for those comments. With less than two weeks


before the start of the new Rugby League season, thousands of fans in


Hull are looking forward to a pre- season derby this weekend. Hull FC


will welcome rivals Hull KR to the KC Stadium on Sunday, with both


sides having new coaches and some new players. It'll be a good test.


I have not experienced the Derby yet but I am told it is pretty good,


pretty good for us. I am under no false pretences about how


passionate those supporters are. As far as I'm concerned, Rovers are


even more passionate. We are out to do our best and get a result for


all of those passionate supporters. There will be full coverage of the


derby match on BBC Radio Humberside. The game will be live on FM on


Sunday. It begins at 1.30pm. In football, Hull City are away at


fellow promotion contenders Reading. You can find commentary on BBC


Radio Humberside. On AM, it's Scunthorpe United at home to


Stevenage. Grimsby Town's game against Bath will be on DAB. BBC


Lincolnshire will have commentary of Lincoln City's trip to Gateshead


starting at 2pm. It's just six months to go to the Olympics and


for athletes across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, it's approaching


a crucial period. Many are hoping to secure their place at this


summer's Games or improve their chances as they enter the final


training period. We are going to be hearing a lot more about them in


the next 12 months, starting this Sunday. The Olympic Games are


around the corner so join me as to follow five R plates from Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire on their road to London 2012. She looks very good at


double that. This young man will have 2012 in his sights. What a


moment for Richard. I am honest, I want to get an individual place in


the 400 metres and won a medal for the relay team. It is blood, sweat


and tears, putting in the hours in the pool and it is tough. To get


the medals would be fantastic. next six months will be so fast,


I'm just concentrating on improving. I want to be the best I can be.


2012, it will be a better year than 2011, for all of my family. It will


give us something to take our minds of everything that has happened.


would be my dream. It would just be my world, really. That is a great


programme. You can see that programme at 5pm on Sunday on BBC


One. And as you saw, the programme is presented by John Inverdale, who


told me that Yorkshire and Lincolnshire has a lot to be


excited about. The whole country has a lot to be excited about. What


do the Games mean to me in Bridlington or Grimsby? If there is


a medallist from this part of the world he goes home on the open-top


bus, my goodness, we will be excited. The boxer from Hall has a


real opportunity in the bantamweight category. There are


reasons to be optimistic and cheerful. Who should we be watching


from this part of the world? Who has the best chance? Lazy Simmons


is a phenomenal slumber. She has medals in major championships,


domestic and European and the Commonwealth Games. And the


Olympics is the world. The worst thing that the media can do is


saddle these young people, because they are young, and a lot of them


have not been selected yet. A lot of them have not been picked yet.


We saddle them with almost greater expectations than is warranted. If


you watch the programme on Sunday, sandwiched between the Antiques


Roadshow and songs of Praise. You will see five incredibly determined,


single-minded young people from the area, who will hopefully get to the


Olympic Games and get medals. are not the antique in the middle!


We look forward to that programme. It don't forget, 5:00pm on Sunday.


It's almost the end of January but that doesn't mean it can't be panto


time. Staff from BBC Radio Humberside and Look North are


preparing for their debut pantomime performance. They've been


rehearsing for weeks and Anne-Marie Tasker has been watching. Just last


month, the panto season was in full swing. But now the stars of Hull's


show, the Chuckle Brothers, have left town and in the shops,


Christmas cards have been swapped for Valentine's ones. But for our


BBC colleagues, the festive show has yet to start. Reach for the


star's... Up Staff from Radio Humberside and Look North are


rehearsing Robinson Crusoe. It's a new experience for radio newsreader


Sally Fairfax. I don't have a problem with singing, it is the


dancing. And will have to smile quite a lot because I am not the


best dancer on stage. But others are old hands, like breakfast


presenter Andy Comfort. He's done the panto for the past ten years.


But this time he's got to learn more than lines. I don't want to


spoil the plot but we start with a spectacular sword fight and we have


choreographed this properly and Ruby is a proper fencing teacher


who has taught us some that moves. Last year's panto raised money for


St Andrew's Hospice in Grimsby. This year the cash is going to


Children in Need The cast are putting on five shows in Hull and


Cleethorpes and they're hoping to see you there. Ever see. The cast


are put to gunfight shows in Hull and Cleethorpes and they hope to


see you there. Good luck to them! Sally is playing Robinson Crusoe


and Andy Comfort is playing their treasured Ireland! You can get


tickets for the performance in Cleethorpes next Wednesday by


calling the Parkway cinema or for the shows in Hull, call the council


box office. Good luck to all of them. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. Guilty - a dissident republican is


jailed for life for murdering two soldiers in Northern Ireland.


Campaigners claim victory as plans for a line of electricity pylons


through the Lincolnshire countryside are scrapped. The


weather - cloudy and damp at first for Saturday, brighter picture and


mild, temperatures at around nine degrees. 48 Fahrenheit. The subject


of pylons and Underground Power, Lucy says that the landscape is


beautiful but we must move on with modern developments, especially


green energy. Look says that it is great to have underground cables


because it would not be an eyesore. Kieran says it is a case of selfish


people who put themselves above the future energy resources of the


country. And Chris says, if it was spectacular countryside, attracting


millions of tourists, I might agree. Pylons, strung across farmland,


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