23/01/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


A skills gap - the challenge for Hull because it doesn't have the


right type of workers. I am aiming to move down to London


where I can get a better eight -- better wage. There's not many jobs


here. Lincolnshire gets a fleet on new


ambulances designed for obese patients.


You are breaking the law? What law is that? You are not allowed to do


that by law. The row over a photograph that's


had thousands of views on the internet.


And why paintings inspired by the East Yorkshire countryside are


The latest in a where they're coming up shortly.


There are warnings that Hull will face major challenges this year


because the work force doesn't have the right skills. The report says


there is a shortage of accountants, surgeons and other professional


workers who bring money into the city. It says Hull relies on lower-


paid jobs instead. In a moment, I will be talking to the man in


charge of the city's regeneration. It is a city with more brawn than


brains. Today's report highlights Hull as having people with manual


skills but when it comes to knowledgeable jobs for graduates,


obesity is failing badly. Something that concerns centre for cities, an


organisation which monitors economic performance.


Trying to increase the skill levels of the people in her Hull is a


massive priority. In terms of taking people with fewer


qualifications and improving them. It places Hull a second on the


brain ladder. 70% of the city's people employed in knowledgeable


jobs. It compares poorly with cities like Cambridge where the


figure is 30%. It is a problem that has developed since having a very


good university. After three years here, the appeal seems to diminish


with most graduates choosing to start their careers in other parts


of the country. I am aiming to move down to London or a bigger city


where I can get a better wage or job. I will probably leave Hull and


head was the capital. This Hull Training Centre says the findings


dismiss thousands of manual workers who can play just as big a role in


boosting the economy. Not everybody is going to be an accountant or


solicitor but they can be the business people of the future.


Let's get rid of that snobbery. This year the new fibre optic Brut


and might do that. It is being extended to more than 15,000 homes


in Hull and East Yorkshire. One local company which depends on it


says the investment could provide the kind of knowledge boost that


Hull has sown -- so far been missing. If you were offers super-


fast broadband, it will be more appealing for businesses to set up


in the city. -- offered. They say it could be the cause of slower


growth and prosperity. The city they say has been left in a


vulnerable position. Steven Bayes is in charge of


regeneration and employment at Hull City Council and his here. Would


you welcome more powers? There is a report on how to look at


how these powers could be utilised by the council and we're hoping to


achieve that. What would you do to bring more professionals into the


city? That is a strange questions because they are professionals that


commute into Hull and they are not included in this document. 50% of


those that Cnut of those high knowledge, I paid professionals.


commute. Hull is the city council area. Cambridge and eight -- Adam


Brown are at the top of the list. Hull is second bottom. -- Edinburgh.


The announcement today by Casey will help that. They are trying to


bring those highly-skilled jobs into the city. What do you think of


these league tables which also puts the average salary in Hull as the


lowest in all of the places? information, you can't challenge.


It is how the information is put together and it doesn't tell us


anything we don't know. They talked about the need of places like Hull


to establish new industries. That is what we are trying to do. When


one of these things comes out, the league tables come out, when his


Hull not going to be second bottom? Hopefully soon. What is the one


thing that would change the city's fortunes? Extend his boundaries,


that would do it but it is not... Draw the match but wider and call


it hall and you have sorted it? would solve the problem that


doesn't sort out the root cause. What we are trying to do is


although it talks about manual jobs, if they are in manufacturing, we


are trying to get more people into manufacturing. It is about


increasing the skills of those people and getting them into a


higher-paid job. I would like to hear your views on


this. What needs to be done to attract a higher salary earners to


I look forward to hearing from you. In a moment, why a half-a-million


pound investment in Lincoln City could have secured the club's


future. They will be able to carry people


who weigh up to 50 stones and from this week, a fleet of new


ambulances will arrive in Lincolnshire. East Midlands


Ambulance Service will have 37 of the new vehicles in response to an


increase in obesity across the area. Transporting super heavy patients


once made headlines its news with specialist teams have and to be


drafted in. Now, with rising obesity levels, it is becoming much


more common. This is a barrier trick kapok ball ramp. This is the


chair that assists in taking the patient downstairs. -- this is a


barrier at trick ramp. It will take a patient up to 50 stones. It


raises and lowers electricity -- electrically so it is my there for


the patient. They are investing in 80 of these vehicles, the third --


first 37 will be at deployed to Lincolnshire. They can carry


patients weighing up to 50 stone. Clare Greg has been slim for eight


years but the memories of being bundled into an ambulance that


wasn't equipped to carry her 25 stone frame are still dramatically


vivid. The trolley I was on, I was bulging over the sides. It was very


uncomfortable and degrading for me. I felt sorry for the staff that had


to deal with me as well. While the arrival of the vehicles is being


welcomed, unions are all bombing crews will still face problems with


obese problems. This often requires 45 ambulance personnel and a


significant period of time to get them down from their house. This


can cause so many problems. Patient transport has now become a big


issue but it is hoped the whole of the East Midlands ambulance fleet


would be capable of moving everyone, whatever their weight.


An agreement has been reached for a new tourism bodies to be formed in


Lincolnshire. The organisation will promote and develop Skegness and


the rest of the Lincolnshire coast and will be funded by local


businesses, groups and the East Lindsey District Council.


Thank you for getting in touch about our story on pylons in


Lincolnshire. A group who have been fighting plans against 30 miles of


power cables across the countryside are claiming victory. The energy


company was told it will have to dig cables underground to transport


power from a planned wind farm. Thank you for watching this Monday


night. Still ahead: Why a row whether these photographs has been


viewed by thousands of people on the internet.


And the paintings of East Yorkshire drawing crowds as they go on


Tonight's photograph was taken by Clive Dennison who took this of


Brandesburton ponds in East Yorkshire. Thank you very much


indeed. If you have any more, please send their men. Good evening,


your man. A dicky bird tells me you are


excited tonight. I was wondering whether to take my


lens cap off to see the Northern Lights tonight. That makes me sound


very sad. You might stand out there for 12


hours and not see it. That is up to you.


Is that a Yes, all I know? It is a know. There is a fantastic


picture on the block. -- it is a The skies will be clear tonight. Of


more importance, there is a warning out for snow. It doesn't look as if


it will be all that bad. For a short time in the morning, there


could be rain which could be It is courtesy of this warm front.


There could be a bit of that white stuff for a time in the morning. It


has not been that bad and afternoon over our part of the world but it


means with clear skies and as the wind eases, tonight, it is going to


be frosty. The cloud it tends to increase and it stays dry.


Temperatures down to minus two Celsius. The sun will rise in the


A cold start but cloud will thicken through the morning and we will see


rain preceded by a short spell of sleet and snow. It will quickly


turn back to rain and it will peter out over the course of the


afternoon. For much of the time, it will feel cold with a moderate


south to south-westerly wind. Temperatures up to it six Celsius


in Grimsby. We arm back to the milder weather on Thursday and


One viewer says he should be a politician as he can't give a


straight answer to any question. Photographers are calling for a


better understanding of the law after a Scunthorpe man was stopped


from taking pictures in the town. Security guards at the Golden


Wonder factory told him he was breaking the law. The confrontation


was posted on YouTube and has been Taking pictures of all well known


Scunthorpe landmark for his local website but it is clear this


amateur photographer is not welcome at the Golden wonder factory.


is a public footpath, I can do whatever I want. The video had had


more than 65,000 hits a new sued. These are the pictures caused in


the controversy. -- 65,000 hits on the internet. A spokesperson for


the website says that security guards need to no-ball. -- to know


what the law. The responsibility lies with training the security


guards. You can take photographs in any public place, according to the


law, unless it is a terrorist threat. The guards seemed to take


bid factory for some sort of secret military installation in terms of


the attitude they have adopted. The photographer was standing on


what looked like a public street, where he is perfectly entitled to


take photographs. The firm who employ guards on behalf of the


factory say they have launched a full investigation into what


happened. Today, management said sorry for the guards behaviour. We


would like to offer the photographer our apology and invite


him to meet with us and see the factory. The factory said that the


guards have no resigned and the welcome anyone taking pictures of


their factory. The MP for Grimsby, Austin Mitchell, has been


challenged whilst taking photographs including one instant


on Cleethorpes beach. He is joining us now. Good evening.


Why are people so sensitive? I do not know. I thought it was very


funny. They do not have the power to stop anyone taking photographs


and a public place of a public building or of anyone in that space.


He could be that the factories producing exploding bags of crisps


that be to draw on any -- on enemy lines and a war, it could be a


secret weapon! Only with security implications can people be stopped


from taking photographs. He tried to clarify this with parliament,


the new? There was new instructions issued. We also got confirmation


from government and from the department that people were able to


take any photographs they wanted and a public place at any time and


that stop and search, which was being used against photographers,


should not be used in that kind of scenario. This did not cover... You


notice on the film, there were no police involved. This did not cover


police. It was security guards who were poorly trained and did not


know what the law was. Do they need more training and what you can


cannot do? I think they do, yes. People have a right to take


photographs and the need to be told this. All it takes is a bit of


common sense, unfortunately. They lost their temper and I became very


funny. -- and they became very funny. The whole business was very


comic. It was not dangerous. Thank you. Exploding crisps!


Do you have any views, if you're a photographer? Have you had any


similar experiences? There is the number. Small arts and


entertainment venues in Easter Yorkshire are thriving despite the


economic downturn. The Arts Council has announced that


it will support this arts centre for the next three years.


Pocklington Arts Centre has some poor reported its most successful


season ever. -- has reported. Lincoln City football club has


received amp cash injection of �500,000 which could prove crucial


to the survival of the football club.


There has this money come from? It is coming from a local businessman


and the Lincoln Court. They're talking about moving to a new


ground. That has raised its head again today. First, this financial


injection which is staving off an imminent crisis. Behind the scenes


at Lincoln City, they scoured the world for much needed investment.


Relegation from the leak and son were reduced annual income by about


�1 million. Without this injection, players may not have been paid last


month. It would have started to get sticky financially around about


February are March. In October of last year, we put his plan together


in the event that no other investment would come in. They drew


3-3 with Gateshead on Saturday. Lincoln City are just five points


above the relegation zone and supporters have welcomed a


stability that comes with new investment. It has come from local


companies were well respected, the chairman, who is a local person as


well and it is appropriate and proper investment into the football


club and we believe it is proper and right that we accepted. They


have been playing in the shadow of the cathedral for 117 years but


they cannot provide the extra income they need to generate. It is


once again seriously considering moving from its spiritual home. It


is not fit for purpose. I would hope that, within four years, we


are perhaps on our way to getting a new football ground. Or only a


small amount of cash is available to strengthen the team and a


transfer window. It is hoped the financial injection will help


secure a brighter future. Is it realistic to suggest that they will


move away from their current form? It might seem a bit far-fetched,


when they have just had a new rescue plan instigated, but it is


on the agenda again. The time frame is around four or five years,


according to be chairman. The fans are very attached to the ground but


a move is on the agenda and it could be a bright future for


Lincoln City of C. Hull City are up to 5th in the Championship after a


narrow win over their promotion rivals.


With news of that and how could Hull Kingston Rovers are counting


the cost of their victory over Hull FC, here we are. The clash at


Reading represented at challenge for Hull City. The match was


decided by a single goal. I felt it was a legitimate goal, a good run


from Robbie Brady. He had the foresight to leave the ball. I


would have been agreed it had been given offside. -- if it had been


given offside. Taking the lead with another one of those excellent


rides. Scunthorpe been Scunthorpe could not hold on. This is the 13th


try of the season. -- 13th draw. In rugby league, this incident in the


second half saw a player carried off with a broken leg.


Earlier, the captain had limped out of the game as Hull Kingston Rovers


ran in seven tries to beat Hull City. They're doing well, yes. It


is only the first game, you cannot read much into that. It is only a


friendly. We paid �15 and it was Grimsby Town are on course for the


Blue Square Premier play-offs after another huge win. They beat bottom-


placed Bath City 6-0. If you missed Our Special Olympic Dreams


programme, following five athletes on the road to the London Games,


you can watch that online. It is hoped that thousands will take to


the streets of Hull for the Jane Tomlinson runner. The race was


organised this morning. -- announce this morning. Organisers hope it


will be bigger this summer. It is the 10th year of the appeal, which


is a milestone for us. It is the Olympic year and the event takes


place on the Jubilee weekend. We will have a bit of a party around.


It will be a special event. An exhibition by David Hockney has


drawn huge crowds on his opening weekend in London.


Be sure, which includes a large number of East Yorkshire landscapes


like this one behind the, was visited by 7,000 people each day


and the Royal Academy says it is likely to be in the all-time top 10


exhibitions there. The Tourism Board says it hopes it will bring


more visitors to the Yorkshire Wolds. Capturing the beauty of East


Riding is one thing but David Hockney is amazing the crowds with


East Yorkshire landscapes at his new exhibition in London. Advance


tickets are sold out until March and they have been selling four


times faster than last year's exhibition about Van Gogh. About


2004, I realised there was a very good subject here. It was the


landscape itself, which I felt quite strongly attached to in some


way. If you're my age and you find a subject that excites you, well,


stick with it! One a day like today, it is easy to see why David Hockney


uses such a range of vivid colour. It is making what people want to


see more of the East Riding. Could an influx of tourists affect the


character of what we already know and love? Take the quaint village


of Millington, for example. Angela is the owner of this place. We hope


it will bring people to the area, it is a hidden gem, but we hope it


will bring people in. There are signs of renewed interest in the


area. We love about 12 miles away and we did not appreciate what was


there. It encouraged us to start walking. We were here last Saturday


and we are back again today. The open spaces, the hills, we are not


just about black cat and whippet! Yorkshire landscapes are phenomenal


and in terms of tourism, the floor from that in the weeks and months


ahead will be significant. The knock-on success from David


Hockney's card may be feeling Yorkshire's economy. -- may be


stalking. Plans to impose a cap on what any family could receive on


benefits have run into opposition and the House of Lords.


It is claimed that Hull's economy may continue to struggle because


the City does not have the right Cold all day tomorrow, top


temperatures of Six degrees Celsius. Some e-mails on the skills shortage


in Hull. One person says, bring blue-chip


companies to Hull and it will bring people here. Another, the lack of


chances go hand in hand with poor school resultant high truancy


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