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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. On the programme - the


contrasting stories in a challenging economy. We do hear of


factory closures and the industry and people cutting back but I


cannot stress enough it is the reverse for us. Everyone is cutting


down on what their spending and certainly our customers Tonight as


fears of another recession grow, we'll hear the differing


experiences of people and businesses.


A Hull MP tells us getting the Humber Bridge tolls down is key to


the area's future. They have to. One of the issues about the economy


is removing the barriers to growth in Hull. The tolls across the


Humber Bridge are one of those barriers.


Also coming up on tonight's programme: The NHS defends sending


three senior officials to Florida costing tax payers thousands.


And the father and daughter graduation success story. A windy


night with some rain later, all the As fears grow of another recession,


just how fragile is our economy in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


The number of people out of work in our area continues to grow, big


names like BAE Systems are cutting posts, but renewable energy


companies hold a lifeline. One report this week raised concerns


about the skills gap and there are still concerns over the Humber


Bridge Tolls. Tonight, we'll have the story of the economy from


across the region. We start in Grimsby where one company says it's


bucking the manufacturing trend. Phil Connell reports.


In times of recession, selling food can be a good idea. Whatever


happens, we all need to eat. For this dish company in Grimsby,


business has never been better. secret of our success is because we


have decided to invest in the future rather than what most people


might do it in hard times is to make cuts. We have spoken to


consumers about what they think is important. For others, today's


gloomy predictions have brought concerns. This organisation in


Grimsby has just lost �15,000 of funding. Another victim of councils


tightening their belts. It is difficult have allowed their Caporn


hand and beg money to keep us going. There may come a time when there is


no alternative and the money runs out. Fears of a new recession and


impacting differently on manufacturing and local services, a


region where the economy is creating winners as well as losers.


Phil Connell reporting on how manufacturing and local services


are dealing with the downturn. The most recent jobs figures show


11,000 more people unemployed in Yorkshire and the Humber and 7,000


in the East Midlands. So what's the outlook for those who are facing


redundancy or for those who've recently lost their jobs? Emma


Massey reports from East Yorkshire. Frank Melton has been working at


BAE Systems for 23 years. Last September, the company announced


900 job losses. He and his fellow work colleagues are facing


redundancy. I will survive one where the other. It is the younger


ones, those under 50, who have to think about their families. They


can either stop where they are or move. When Pauline King was made


redundant from MFI she looked for similar work locally but with no


success. So she set up her own business as an entertainer. I think


it is there but you need to wait for it. I thought, if I play my


cards right, it is not bad. There is work out there but he cannot be


afraid of their the lows. Two people having to make their own


way in what could possibly end up being a double-dip recession.


economy is growing at half the rate in 2011 as it was in 2010. All of


us in our constituencies see the effects of this. Whether or not


people have managed to find work, when it comes to economic recovery,


everyone is looking for some good news.


Emma Massey on how unemployment is having an impact in East Yorkshire.


Today's figures make disappointing reading for small businesses and


they lie at the heart of the economy in Lincolnshire. The


county's Federation of Small Businesses says their members face


a very difficult future as the economy continues to struggle.


Simon Spark has spent the day finding out how this major part of


Lincolnshire's economy is facing the challenges.


It's a busy, bustling success story. Since its opening in April last


year, Caistor's new arts and heritage centre continues to thrive


despite launching in an economically challenging year.


we opened, we had not a clue as to whether they would get one or 300


people through a door. From day one, the cafe takings, which we rely on


to sustain the project, has been fairly consistent. You have to keep


things fresh. You have to have a reason for people to what to come


back again. That is what people are doing. We have come from Scunthorpe.


It is so nice here with good coffee. But this is a business run


voluntarily. Elsewhere in Lincolnshire, the retail sector has


been hit hard with many stores discounting heavily to survive, a


problem that's forcing smaller businesses to close, like this


ladies fashion shop in Lincoln. releases up for renewal and


business is not good enough to renew. I have not got the


confidence to renew. I do not want to go and enjoy doing what I am


doing but I cannot afford to stay. After eight years of trading, Anita


can wait no longer for a recovery that hasn't happened yet.


Within the last hour, I've been speaking to Nick Boles, the


Conservative MP for Grantham. I started by asking him why we're not


seeing an improvement in the economy. The trouble is they're not


any quick fixes on easy answers. We have this huge debt burden. Not


just the government debt but also personal and business debt which we


built up over a long period of time. What we're doing as a country is


trying to work it off. Every family has tried to do it and the


Government is doing it and growth will suffer until we have got


through a good amount of that. have a 17 year high for


unemployment. On the brink now of another recession. How much longer


is this going to go on for? Can you put a table at? Anyone who tries to


predict that kind of thing it is probably a full unless there are


much better economist than I am. I think the first thing to say it is


that I hope we're not going, and they don't believe there is any


reason yet to think, that we're going into a recession along the


lines of a couple of years ago. Negative growth is very small.


Those figures are often adjusted. I think the prediction for the


officer budget responsibility was for two quarters of very slightly


negative growth. I do not want people to be frightened into


thinking we're going into a serious recession. If the eurozone


collapses, all bets are off. What we're doing his bumbling along at


the bottom are not getting any left, like an aeroplane that cannot take


off. What we need to do is try to get off the ground. As I said,


getting our debts down makes that harder. You do need to get off the


ground because you are the government. Can you understand the


sheer frustration of people? Frustration and fear for the future


and for their families. How to cope with the bills coming in and will


they be in a job and a couple of years? I understand all of it. We


take total responsibility but we really believe it when we say to


people that it would be a disaster to try to change course. Almost the


only thing we have on our side right now is that we have some of


the lowest interest rates in the world. Anybody who has a mortgage


or a bank loan or any business with an overdraft, they know what it


would do to them and how much worse it would be if there was interest


rates went up. The Government must get to it plans to cut public


spending in get borrowing down. Then, the economy will have the


room to grow. If we change course now, we will have a worse situation


and will have thrown away of the good work we have done over the


last couple of years. Our contact details coming up in a


moment. The Government says cutting tolls on the bridge will provide a


huge boost to the economy of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Our


Political Editor Tim Iredale is at the Humber Bridge tonight. Are we


any nearer to that happening? think today's economic news will


have increased the pressure on local politicians to sort out this


a rock -- long-running saga. A few weeks ago, I stood on a Humber


Bridge with the Chancellor, George Osborne, as he announced that the


bridge would be at the centre of the government's plans to boost the


economy of northern Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. This will be


done by the Government reducing the outstanding debt on the bridge and


with Paul has been reduced by half to �1.58 each way for cars. This


has not happened yet, largely because the four local authorities


and the Humber have not been able to agree what to do with the


remaining debt. North-East Lincolnshire Council is concerned


about divvying that up for ways. Tonight, that North had spoken to


Alan Johnson, local MP here and former cabinet minister, and he


says it is essential this is sorted sooner rather than later.


One of the issues about the economy is removing barriers to growth in


Hull. Brittle's across the Humber Bridge are one of those barriers.


The government and in essence offering us �115 million. For local


authorities to turn their back on that by failing to reach agreement


across the Humber would be catastrophic. I do not think that


will happen. We understand Alan Johnson, other local MPs and other


council leaders will attend a meeting in Hull on Friday to try to


finally find a solution to the debt issue on the Humber Bridge. I think


it is the political equivalent of heads being banged together. Thank


you. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this story. What's the


key to future success in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and how


has the economic downturn affected Police investigating the


disappearance of Hull woman Diann Conboy have found a body. The 47-


year-old went missing from her home in Orchard Park more than a month


ago. Searches have been taking place since then. The body which


was found in the Welwyn Park Avenue area of the city has yet to be


formally identified. An underwater search team has been


called to Boston after a body was found in a river. The discovery was


made this lunchtime in the Wyberton West Road and Linley Drive area of


the Town. An investigation is now person died.


Farmers in Lincolnshire have been warned they could be targeted by


criminal gangs looking to steal metal and equipment. There's been a


big increase in farm thefts across our area according to the insurance


company NFU Mutual. As well as fuel and livestock, thieves are


targeting machinery for its scrap metal and selling it abroad. Their


primary targets seem to be copper and lead. There is a scrap value to


any sort of machine and any machine not secured, is gone. We're also


seeing international gangs targeting tractors and we know that


most of the big tractors that have been stolen in the rear are going


abroad, often to Eastern Europe and then distributed throughout the


world. That is a big business, accounting for maybe �20 billion


From Tue for watching. Still ahead, the NHS defence


sending senior officials on a trip to Florida, costing thousands.


Celebrating together, the first of The picture is of sunset at


Driffield. Very nice! Thank you for that comment! I have forgotten what


I was going to say! Tonight, quite a bit of rain to


come from the West. It clears, and much of tomorrow will be bright,


with sunshine. A few scattered showers. The weather front will


print shop bursts of rain after midnight, then we are back in the


clearest off for Thursday and Friday. -- be clearer stuff. A lot


of uncertainty for the Further Outlook. It is mild out there. A


lot of cloud. The wind will pick up ahead of the weather front. After


midnight, the rain will come from the West. If you have got an early


Cnut for the morning, it will be A wet start, but the rain should be


clear off the coast from nine attempts. Then, it is brighter,


with sunshine. Plenty of sunshine in between the showers. The strong


wind will ease. Like to win tomorrow. The temperatures are


close to the long-term average. Be very similar forecast for Friday.


Sunny spells and scattered showers. Then, a battle looms for the


weekend. It will get a bit colder. Many people have pointed out that


yesterday they suggested there should be a statue of us in Hull!


It would be so expensive. It would have to be press, to match your


skin tone! -- it would have to be brass! I will just be a small one!


The NHS Trust has defended a decision to send three of its


managers, including the chief executive, to the United States,


for a three-day conference. The event took place last week at this


hotel on Florida's Delray Beach. The trust have said that the


conference covered areas which would benefit -- which will benefit


The trust has to make savings of �95 million over the next three


years. The news of the trip drew a mixed response in Hull today.


With the technology we have got at the moment, I do not understand why


a trip to Florida has any need. is difficult for nurses to find


work. It is a waste of money. depends what the conference was. It


could have been of some use. There is no need to make these trips any


more expensive than they have do. Earlier, I spoke to Emma Boon from


the Taxpayers' Alliance. She says it is hard to justify the trip when


the NHS is trying to save money. Leadership is important, training


is important, we want managers to know what they are to win, but it


is worrying that tax payers have picked up the bill for a trip to


the United States, especially at a time when costs need to be kept


under control. The trust has -- trust should have considered if


this was the best possible value. They are trying to learn how to


improve the care they provide to patients in East Yorkshire. If it


does that, you would be happy? have got to be sensitive to the


fact that there is pressure on their budgets, and perhaps they


could have been an alternative to the training in the UK, perhaps


they did not need to send all three marriages. The tax payers will not


look kindly on this. Given that the trust has got to make savings of


�95 million over the next three years, �5,500 is a drop in the


ocean. It is not about the sum of money. We could say that about lots


of different things, and it adds up to millions. Billions, in fact. We


have got to view the principle. Did it have to take place in the state?


Did they have to send so many people over? Could they have done


at some other way? Could they have reduced the cost? Tax payers will


be asking the questions. The chief executive is reported to have said,


if you want a world class service, you have to involve world-class


people. If you start going down that road, you could justify all


sorts of costs. Tax payers expect those sorts of costs to be kept


under control, and there are questions to be asked about whether


or not tax payers should have footed the bill, given that it was


in the United States and several members of staff went out. They


were not fulfilling their duties while they were away. That


represents a cost as well. You might want to comment on the


story. We look forward to hearing from you. Should the trust be


spending the money on training over Start the text with the word


McNaught. The father of attendance and is


calling for a change in the law after being refused compensation


following his son's murder. The body was found in waterways across


northern Lincolnshire. His father replied to the Criminal injuries


compensation Authority, but they have turned him down, citing his


previous criminal convictions as one of the reasons for the refusal.


A 10 million pound investment combined with the recent return of


student midwives means that the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston is


facing a much brighter future, according to health officials. Last


year, the Care Quality Commission issued a series of reports


criticising standards at the hospital, but managers say many


improvements have been made. More money is being spent here than


in the last three years put together. More than �4 million on a


new intensive care unit. 2.5 million on the endoscopy department.


1.2 million on a brand new MRI scanner. This means that many


patients will not now have to travel great distances for their


MRI scans. For the cancer imaging, we could not do this here. The


patient had to travel to Nottingham, Grantham, so they were doing some


work, but some of them had to go to Nottingham. Now, we can do it in


Boston. The new investment could not come at a better time. Boston


has had a poor run of things. It is nice they are trying to get it back


to normal. If the surroundings are nice, you feel nice cover you feel


better about it. You feel as though you are being well looked after.


2011 was a torrid year for the hospital, with a series of critical


reports by the Care Quality Commission, a police investigation


into a member of staff and the nursing and midwifery Council's


decision to withdraw students. But the new improvements are now


helping boost morale. culmination of all of the work


coming together has been a huge morale boost. It has come at a


great time, on the back of improving quality and results. It


is great news. Additional facilities in the end Oscar de


department means more patients will be seen more quickly. It will allow


us to have 3000 more procedures a year, and it will shorten and


waiting times to two weeks. Hospital managers say they hope the


package of improvements will signal a bright new future for the


hospital. They said they are confident the next report from the


Care Quality Commission will signal how much progress has been made.


Three of our football clubs played last night. In League One,


Scunthorpe United went behind in the first minute, and it lost 3-1,


to Sheffield Wednesday. Grimsby Town's winning run came to an end


when they conceded a late equaliser. Lincoln City are five points clear


of the relegation zone. When most fathers go to a


university graduation ceremony, it is to watch their child get their


degree. Today, one father from Lincolnshire broke the mould by


joining his daughter to actually graduate himself. The university


thinks it is the first time a father and child have ever


graduated together. Graduation is a proud day for any


student, but for two from this University, today was extra-special.


Not only was Leah Warriner-Wood collecting her master's degree, but


her father, Derek Warriner, was as well. We have both look forward to


it, we were surprised we would be graduating together. It has been


the most amazing, enjoyable day. When I went up myself, I was proud,


and I was proud of my father. fathers come to see their children!


Yes! I have got to see mine, from a different perspective! She


graduated a few minutes before I did. It was wonderful. I am full of


pride. It is a really wonderful day. As well as their day jobs, they


have been studying hard at their homes in North Hykeham. They took


conservation and theatre and consciousness. For two generations


to graduate on the same afternoon, it is a first for the University of


Lincoln. We normally see students graduating, and it is a wonderful


day for them, and for their parents, who have shepherded them through


their academic careers, but when the parent and the daughter


graduate at the same time, it is a wonderful experience. Today may not


be the last time that they graduate together. They are now thinking of


If you have got a story you think we should know about, senders and


e-mail. The main headlines.


The economy in reverse, the UK's output shrank at the end of last


year. There will be a meeting of Labour


politicians to discuss the issue stopping a deal over the Humber


Bridge debt. The weather for tomorrow, the rain


clears, then it is much brighter, with sunny spells and a few


scattered showers. Responses coming in on the story


from the Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust about the officials on


the trip. One person says, how dare they? It is criminal, considering


the way they are cutting essential services are. One person says, it


is a disgrace that the NHS have used thousands in sending senior


officials to America for a jolly. The money should have been used for


the vulnerable patients. One person says, it is outrageous they can


waste money on trips to America when patients cannot get cancer


treatment. How can we take them seriously? One person says, can we


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