27/01/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


The multi-million pound business boost from the Olympics, but the MP


for East Yorkshire says there's little benefit for his area. So it


is London centric and the large Olympic legacy will be mainly based


in London. A high-level meeting appears to


bring lower bridge tolls a step closer.


A campaign to let rural communities vote on the return of traditional


fox hunts. Let the people who live in hunting country decide how the


countryside should be run. And join me live at this new


exhibition. It is all about broken hearts and wide disposing of items


like this can often bring closer and happiness.


And an interesting change in the weather on the way. Much colder as


we head into next week. With exactly six months to go until


the start of the Olympics, a local MP has questioned the value of the


Games to our area. Greg Knight, who represents East Yorkshire, claims


London 2012 will do little for his constituents. That is despite


figures showing businesses in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the


rest of the East Midlands have already benefited to the tune of


more than �400 million from the They may not produce running shoes


or cycling shorts, but Arco in Hull are busy kitting out the Olympics.


Half a million pieces of safety equipment will leave this depot


before the opening ceremony, from fire extinguishers to safety vests


to hard hats. 26 Thursdays, I worked out this morning. That makes


it quite close. We are really proud to be associated with what is going


to be the biggest event the UK has ever staged. 70,000 volunteers will


work as stewards joined the Olympics helping spectators and


athletes. They will be kitted out with uniform from this country. It


is a top-secret design that has been specially signed off by Boris


Johnson. Despite success stories like Arco's,


not everyone is convinced there is gold at the end of the Olympic


rainbow. Yesterday, East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight questioned the


game's value. When that flaming torch goes round the country, is it


not the case that the fuel it will be burning his pine sterling?


Mr Knight's constituency will be home to one of three national teams


training in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The Chinese


Pentathlon team are using facilities at Bishop Burton.


Egyptian paralympians will practise across Lincolnshire including the


Meridian Leisure Centre at Louth. The Sierra Leone team have been


offered sports centres in Hull. each of these teams will get a


grant of �25,000. That will be spent on the accommodation and food.


We are hoping they will cite sea while they are here as well.


As well as sightseeing, it is hoped the athletes themselves will pull


in the tourists. Attractions including the deep, the Yorkshire


Wolds and Lincoln Cathedral are gearing up for more visitors.


will be decorating the whole square. We have Olympic flags and bunting


and we are bringing in flowers and a cafe area.


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire's Olympic legacy may be bronze


compared to London's Gold. But many businesses here say any boost is


welcome in these tough times. Earlier today, I spoke to MP Greg


Knight and asked him why he thought the Games would have no benefit for


many areas of the country, including his constituency of East


Yorkshire. My concern relates solely to the


overrun. I was quite happy when London won the Olympics at a cost,


we were told, of �2.3 billion. I am aware that some local firms were


given contracts out of that initial budgeting. My concerns are now are


that the budget has gone to five times that amount. If you have a


builder quote for repairs to your house, you might expect the final


bill to be 10% or 15% above the estimate, but not five times the


estimate. That is what is happening with the Olympic Games. Far too


much of taxpayer's money is being squandered. What about the Olympic


Delivery Agency? They save firms have won 43 of the most valuable


and most important contract work - �74 million. Those contracts, out


of the original budgeting. What we are now seeing is money being spent


like there's no tomorrow. �335,000 has just been spent four or they


sculpture in Dorset. Those taking part in sealing them look at it!


This is with hard-earned taxpayers' money. But there are contracts for


work for our part of the world. You cannot say there is no benefit for


East Yorkshire. I am saying there is no benefit I am aware of from


the increase in the Budget in East Yorkshire. I have no difficulty at


all with the Abid -- original budgeting of �2.3 billion. That has


now bloated to �12 billion. It is the bloating figure, the difference


between 2.-1294967284 billion, which I question whether any of it


is coming to East Yorkshire. What would you ideally like to see


happen? Do you think the Games is a waste of money? I think the Games


as originally budgeted was something we could all be proud of?


Taxpayers' money, once the word Olympics is seen on the Bill line


of the Budget, it appears people are saying pay it. Someone has to


get a grip. The National Audit Office are not happy, the taxpayers


a lions are not happy. When local people are being thrown out of work,


when people were being told there is no money for community groups,


when people were being told their pensions will have to be revised


because Britain has no money, this sort of spending is offensive.


What benefits do you think our area is getting from the Olympic Games?


Or is Greg Knight right to be In a moment...


Lincoln rower Emily Taylor and her fight fight for an Olympic place.


A deal to cut tolls on the Humber Bridge by half appears to have


taken a step closer tonight. The Government has already offered to


write off �150m of the Bridge debt. Four local councils have been


negotiating how they'll share financial responsibility for the


remainder. North East Lincolnshire Council had said it wanted to


underwrite less debt than the three others. But that stance seems to


have softened tonight following what was described as a


constructive meeting. All smiles this evening. The leader


of North East Lincolnshire Council was much more optimistic about


working with other councils and the Government to reduce tolls. It is


now his understanding that the financial burden of the bridge deal


with the Government is not as big as first thought. We're not going


to be asked to underwrite the debt. We are underwriting the share of


the operating costs. That is a different scenario, and very


sustainable. The arguments between the consuls have been based on


worries that if the plans to cut tolls feels, local taxpayers will


have to pick up the Bill for the bridges debts. It now seems that


liability has been misunderstood and tolls could sued be cut.


want want by and 50 tolls as soon as possible. The beginning of the


financial year would be great. We don't want it ratcheted up to �3


because the sums add up. -- sums don't add up. If the councils can


agree, then that tolls can be have to. For this company, that they


can't come quickly enough. Quayside spends �80,000 the year crossing


the bridge to deliver fish around the UK. It is very late in the day


to start arguing amongst themselves about politics. The politicians


really need to look at the economics of North East


Lincolnshire. There is a lot of movement over that bridge. We need


to get something reduced and have a say in the bridge itself. Despite


today's stepped forward, there are nagging questions about whether the


plan to reduce tolls can work in the longer term and whether tolls


will need to go up in future years if insufficient volumes of traffic


take advantage of them going down in the first place.


Joining me now in the studio is Lord Haskins, the Chairman of the


Humber Local Enterprise Partnership, which has the task of bringing


investment and jobs to both sides of the Humber. These talks are


dragging on, aren't they? How worried are you about the fact that


the four councils havn't been able to agree?


It will get sorted. The figures are still a bit up and the air. They


have not let me have other captain yet. But they're going to agree you


for us to look at the next week. The business community wants to be


sure that these figures are right. Do you get the feeling that they


might be flawed? The deal at the moment could be better. More of the


loan could be written off, and that is an option if we felt the figures


did not work. They have made a certain assumption about volume


increases, which business people might be sceptical about. Until I


have gone through the figures, I cannot say much more. Were you


surprised we appeared to have got the wrong end of the stick over


this? It does not look great in London. They have got their heads


round at SVRs now. All we get is a tremendous amount of goodwill from


London. Why is it important that the tolls are reduced and reduce to


soon? They have been very high for a start. Secondly, there is clearly


some economic activity, potentially, to be benefited from the word holes.


The original idea of the Humber Bridge was there was going to be a


huge amount of traffic across it. This is a step in the right


direction. How much difference it will make, I do not know. There are


a lot of people travelling expensively a cross that bridge.


must make your job of attracting business to the area more difficult.


When it is all done, and we are down to him there were level, that


will be a much easier sell. If you want to work in Hull but live in


Lincolnshire, you will be able to do so. Given what you know so far,


are we still on for April? I should hope so. We will have to go through


it in the next week or two. But you are confident? Yes. And if it isn't


right, we can go back to the Treasury in two or three years'


time and have a renegotiation. Thank you.


Police divers have been carrying out searches today as part of a


murder investigation into the death of man who was discovered in a


waterway in Boston. The body of a Polish man was found in the South


Forty Foot drain close to the Redstone industrial estate on


Wednesday. Police have spent the day collecting evidence at the


scene and ask anyone with information to come forward. At the


moment, we have the site for the man's body was taken from. Either


ask that if anybody has seen anything that they feel is


suspicious around that site, to come forward and speak to the


police, no matter how small or insignificant they may feel it is.


The husband of an East Yorkshire based Euro-MP, who became embroiled


in a nepotism row, has said he's not taking her seat. Diana Wallis


announced last week she would be stepping down as a Liberal Democrat


MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber. Stewart Arnold was the party's


second choice candidate, which entitled him to take over the job.


However Mr Arnold has now decided not to take the post as he wants to


support his wife, who is suffering Thank you for watching. Still ahead


tonight: The campaigners who say only people in the countryside


should get to vote on the future of hunting with dogs.


The things people keep when couples split up, going on display for all


Tonight picture is of Flamborough lighthouse. Thank you very much.


Another picture on Monday. Talking of performing creatures. A good


evening. Some nice pictures on this week but not one of the Humber


Bridge. I don't think we want to go there, you're doing that on


there, you're doing that on there, you're doing that on


purpose! A lot to talk about tonight. A big departure and what


we have had this winter. More on that in a moment. In the short term,


a number of showers around right now. There could be a problem with


based on some untreated surfaces. Dry with some sunshine is the


headline for tomorrow. Into next week, a cold and continental feed


means a sharp frost that night but a good deal of fine weather. That


is a big change for the winter so far. Tomorrow is fairly nondescript


with the land they care tried to get in but defeated. The cold


continental air will win for much of next week. In the short term, a


number of showers around. They have proved quite heavy through South


Yorkshire. They are heading for Lincolnshire and it could be a bit


windy with sleet and some snow, particularly over the London --


eventually these heavy showers will slip away south-east. Skies will


clear to some extent and that means a fairly low temperatures, close to


freezing point. Some nice in rural areas and untreated services. Those


are you're at high water times. A bit of missed first win in the


morning, especially across Lincolnshire. That will break-up


and then a nice day with some sunshine, a variable cloud and all


parts looks set to be dry. Top afternoon temperatures just below


normal. Highs of six Celsius. Sunday, mostly dry with the chance


Sunday, mostly dry with the chance of one or two showers.


Can you ask him not to look so smug when he says he called it will be?


Or Lisa is always apologetic. Have a good weekend.


Rural communities should be allowed to decide whether the ban on fox


hunting is overturned. That's according to campaigners in East


Yorkshire who are calling for a local referendum on the return of


hunting with dogs. But animal welfare groups say they'll fight to


keep the ban, which was introduced in 2005. More from our Political


Editor Tim Iredale. Seven years have passed since


hunting with Dogs was outlawed by Parliament. The these hunting


enthusiasts and East Yorkshire remain committed to overturning the


ban. The hunts have carried on but they just follow a trail and do not


catch the talks is any more. Let the people who live in hunting


country decide how it it should be run. There should be County


referenda across the country and then that would be democratic.


Prime Minister has promised MPs a free vote on the repeal of the


Hunting Act but no date has been set yet. My problem has always been


that it was just taking criminal law into any area of activity where


it did not belong. We will wait for the House of Commons to the side


and then we can decide. The public simply do not want a return to


hunting or to turn the clocks back. Even now, there are a number of


Conservative MPs who have come out and say that -- said they do not


support the appeal. Opponents say that public opinion is still firmly


in favour of the ban. According to one recent opinion poll, 69% of


those questioned whether against the return of hunting wild animals


with dogs. Here in Beverley, at traditional hunting town, opinion


is divided. I think there is no reason why they should not. I do


not agree with hunting a tall and think it is unnecessary. There are


more humane ways of keeping the fox population down. Absolutely not.


Why should any animal be torn to pieces like that? It is a more


realistic way of keeping the fox population down. Overturning a


hunting ban does not appear to be a priority for the government at the


moment. The pro-hunt lobby say they will continue to keep up the


pressure for another of vote on this controversial law.


And the future of the hunting ban will be debated on this weekend's


Sunday Politics, that's from noon on BBC One.


A pilot from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire has become the first


to be authorised to break the sound barrier flying at supersonic speed


over land. A Typhoon plane caused a sonic boom heard by thousands of


people yesterday. It was taking part in a security training


exercise ahead of the Olympic games. The Ministry of Defence says it's


still investigating if a plane was responsible for a huge bang heard


over Grimsby last week. They have been some comments on


that one. A rower from Lincoln is hoping she can find the form to


earn a place in the Olympic squad. A year ago, Emily Taylor wasn't


even in the elite squad but now with six months to go, her


performances are making selectors sit up and take note. Our Olympics


correspondent Simon Clark joined her at training today.


Don at a lake in Berkshire named after Olympic heroes Redgrave and


Pinsent. Already in the water, the woman's elite squad and among their


number, Emily Taylor. Emily discovered growing at university


and now, it just a few years later, she could be at the Olympic Games.


Next week we're doing some testing on the water in pairs and we have


to do really well and that. That will determine who or pairs partner


for the final Olympic team trials as. In this part of the world, you


don't need to go far to find it roars. -- rowers. Matthew Pinsent


has been watching Emily's progress and says that making the squad is


an achievement in itself. I am not saying she cannot do it, but it is


already a massive achievement to get to the level she has made


already. If she does make -- not make part of London, she will be


part of the real generation in 2016. Everybody in London has been very


helpful and I cannot be that sociable because I am training all


the time but all my friends are very supportive of that. My mum and


her husband have been absolutely amazing. I know that they are


behind me 100%. It may be six months before we can cast our eyes


on the Olympic Games but for these athletes, it is the next six weeks


that are all-important. They have to be at their physical and mental


best for the Olympic trials, the a pathway to London 2012.


Fingers crossed for Emily. Hull City are preparing to meet the


leaders of League Two, Crawley Town, in the fourth round of the FA Cup


tomorrow. The Tigers will be hoping to continue their good run of form


in the Championship. City have a fully fit squad to pick from as


they look to make it through to the fifth round draw. All we want it is


a big team. We're fully focused on Saturday and will be leaving


nothing in the changing rooms and going for it. You can hear full


commentary on that match tomorrow. BBC Radio Humberside's coverage


gets underway at 1:30. They will also have commentary of Grimsby


Town's match against Telford. And BBC Lincolnshire will be on air


from 2pm tomorrow for Lincoln City's match at Kettering.


This year marks the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and we'd like your help to


celebrate this landmark event. 60 years ago, the former Princess


Elizabeth became Queen on the death of George VI. These are the first


pictures of the young Queen returning to the UK in 1952 after


learning of her father's death. We'd like your memories of that


moment and let us know if you've ever met the Queen. We'd like to


hear what the Queen means to you. Here's how you can get in touch


with us. You can ring one of our hotlines with your memories. The


We look forward to hearing from you. Have you ever had a broken heart or


been through a painful relationship breakup? Haven't we all? Well, you


might find some comfort in an unusual exhibition of objects going


on display in Sleaford which all tell their own painful story. Phil


Connell is there for us this evening. What can we expect to see?


It is possibly one of the most bizarre exhibitions you might have


ever seen. It's the opening night here at Sleaford's National Centre


for craft and design, and the room is full of stories of broken hearts


and damaged dreams. These are the objects for which -- which for many


people over the years have made things worse.


It is a travelling exhibition from Croatia that has arrived in


Sleaford with 73 often sad but extraordinary stories. An eclectic


mix of objects that tell of tears, damaged hearts and broken


relationships. This leg it was donated in Zagreb by a war veteran


who fell in love with his social worker during the 1990s, during the


war in Croatia. He finishes in a funny way saying that a lead lasted


longer than the relationship because it was made a sturdier


material. During the course of its travels, this moving museum has got


bigger and bigger. Wherever it stops, vocals can offload at


objects which may have been at constant reminder of painful times.


Here in Sleaford, this 1974 record by 10 Ajax is one of several items


already handed in. -- Terry Jacks. He had gone away so this is my son


to him. It was very poignant at the time. This is a good way to get


over it? It is. I have fond memories of my teenage love but 30


years on it is time I handed it over. After over 30 years, Jane's


broken teenage heart could soon be on the mend. Memories perhaps best


forgotten but now for people to learn from.


The first people to see the exhibition here tonight have


discredit a bit like going for therapy. The good news is that if


you have had a broken heart, the exhibition is here it right through


April. A lady has donated this book on getting thin. The boyfriend who


bought it, she says, is just a distant memory.


If you're going, enjoy a! Let's get a recap of the national and


regional headlines. The Royal Bank of Scotland's chief


executive is under pressure to turn down his bonus of just under a


million pounds. An East Yorkshire MP criticises the


cost of the London Olympics and claims it will have little benefit


for this area. Tomorrow's weather - a low cloud and mist at first then


bright with sunny spells. Top temperatures around six Celsius.


Big response on the subject of the Olympics. One tweeted to say that


this far is benefits go, none. We pay taxes so that rich southerners


can watch sports. Rachel disagrees. I am carrying the


torch and running across Europe. We have raised the profile of Hull.


I agree with everything it said about the Olympics - what a waste


of money! All the other countries must be laughing that they do not


have the expense. Greg is a rate - �10 billion would


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