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Good evening. And welcome to Look North. The headlines tonight. A


woman dies in a suspected carbon monoxide leak. We will have the


details from the scene live. A landscape that has provided


inspiration but is rubbish blighting the view of the Yorkshire


woels? Loads of people, they come in here in summer time, and they


won't want to look at a heap of rubbish. A city divided over the


need for late-night shopping through the year. And the former


soldier training to climb the world's highest mountain. Join me


for the latest on the risk of snow this weekend. There is an early


warning in force. More coming up Good evening. A woman has died and


a man has had to be rescued from flats in Cleethorpes after a


suspected poisonous gas leak. The gas, is thought to have been carbon


monoxide. An investigation is under way at the scene on Bar Croft Road.


What can you tell us about this Lindsay? I can tell you that a


postmortem examination is being carried out on the body of a lady


in her 50s who was found in this flat last night. Firefighters broke


into the property where wearing breathing apparatus because their


monitors were show hag the gas seeping out were so high. A


gentleman on the bottom floor was saved. Another people from


neighbouring properties were evacuated, but this is such a


tragic loss of life. We found out this community know all too well


the dangers of this silent killer. This is anary where with a strong


Neighbourhood Watch group. A group who just last year distributed


carbon monoxide alarms to its residents. But it appears the lady


in this first floor flat wasn't using hers. Levels of the gas were


so high, it act vaited next door's alarm. We found severe high


concentration of carbon monoxide, to this property. We managed to


alert the gentleman in the top floor flat who came out of the


building, we had to force entry into the lower, into the ground


floor flat, where unfortunately we found a lady believed to be in her


50s, that had died. It is not the first death in Cleethorpes linked


to the gas. In 2006, a man died after a suspected leak in an


Alexander Road flat. It has left neighbours shocked Us with having


children ourselves, we are going to get our boiler and everything else


checked out, to be on the safe side. It is scary. You need to get your


appliances checked over. Every year it is estimated that round 4,000


people go to Accident & Emergency with symptoms to carbon monoxide


poise nince. 200 people are hospitalised and there are round 50


deaths in England and Wales. cold spells such as we experience


now, heaters and appliances that haven't been used for some time,


that haven't been serviced are found to be faulty, and that


released carbon monoxide into the property, if the property is not


adequately ventilated. Humberside Police will begin an investigation.


It is likely to focus on the gas safety checks in this rented


property. Lindsay, how can other households avoid this happening to


them? Well, if they haven't used a gas fire or heater since it was


cold last year, then get it checkled by a qualified technician,


the temptation during this cold spell is just to switch it on, but


we are told by fire safety officials that that is a dangerous


hinge to do. If you live in a rented property, ask your landlord


to see the documentation on his gas safety checks, but arguably most


important of all it is to install a carbon monoxide alarm. They only


cost a few pounds and I am sure the neighbours to this house would


testify that is money well spent. Joining me from Leeds is saysy


Roger, she lost her son Dominic to carbon monoxide poisoning in 2004.


She has set up a campaign to warn others about the dangers. Good


evening to you. Good evening. is this gas so dangerous? Because


it is invisible. It is like a ghost. It is called the silent killer


because you can't see it, you can't smell it, and there is no way you


can tell it is there. How can we get the message across to people it


is so dangerous? We just need to, you know, check on people, make


sure they have their carbon monoxide alarms, make sure the


landlords are giving the tenants gas safety certificates. If they


are not the landlords are breaking the law on this. What is your


message to people tonight, about the risks of this, as you call, the


silent killer? My main thing is get your gas appliances check by a gas


safe engineer and buy a carbon monoxide alarm. I didn't have a


carbon monoxide alarm when I lost Dominic, and in my case, the carbon


monoxide was coming from next door's house, into mine, so


although your appliances might be fine, what about next doors? You


cannot risk it on your family. in a way, yours is obviously a


dreadful story, in a way you need to tackle the neighbours as well..


That is it. You know what I mean. We are not gas -- gas experts at


the end of the day. If it is going to come from next door, then, you


know, it is a real big problem. After a story like yours, going


back to 2004 and hearing another one, it must depress you immensely.


Yes, it does, but, you know, it is something so horrible, that it


keeps it in the press and it gets to people, the awareness, that is


what we have do. Thank you for your time. Now, in a moment on the


programme. Confusion over the final resting place of Christopher Alder.


Now, they have inspired the paintings of hock but visitors say


the Yorkshire Wolds are being blighted by fly-tippers. The new


exhibition of the artist's paintings is on display at the


Royal Academy in London, drawing huge crowds. Now there are fears


that the real landscape of the Wolds is being ruined by the waste


that is being dumped there. A work of natural art. Wrecked by human


hand. David Hockney may have put the woulds on a tourist map, but


today press criticism his paintings have airbrush out a litter strewn


reality. Art Gallery silence replaced by frantic cleaningful.


is a problem fly-tipping up ehere, it has been for a number of years,


now then David Hockney has put this exhibition on in London, loads of


people will be coming here in summer time and they won't want to


look at a heap of rubbish. tourist group welcome to Yorkshire


believe the Hockney trail could bring thousands of visitors here,


but once they have come here, will they come back when you are seeing


the likes of all this rubbish being picked up by the East Riding of


Yorkshire council. But council clearing is limited to public land


so on private property the gas canisters are staying put. And that


is frustrating for Billy Pickering's stables nearby which


fear a tourism backlash. We rely on the holiday makers who love the


open countryside. They don't want to be seeing this sort of thing.


The council are wonderful, you know, as soon as it has been there a few


days they gather it up and take it away. The worst problem is what has


blown into the woods and anything that is dumped there. Clearing fly


tipping costs more than � 00,000 a year. Graham Long says he has seen


an improvement over last ten years. I don't think it is as bad as it


was 20, 30 years ago. If grow back to old days you could see


mattresses and all sorts but you don't see as much as they there


used to be. There is no need. can take it to the tip. I doesn't


it doesn't cost you. They are not foreigners they do it, they are


your next door neighbour, our villagers. It is basically a


disgrace. Tonight we are told the council wants the Wolds to be


officially recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty. But


they may first need a few more trips to the tip. Contact details


coming up, earlier I spoke to John Skidmore from the East Riding of


Yorkshire council. I asked him what the council is doing to tackle the


fly-tipping. We live in a beautiful tart of -- part of the country here,


and the council works hard in keeping the roads, the grass verges


and the public areas clean and tidy. The areas we have in the Wolds, the


dumping is on private land, and clearly, we will, if we find


evidence, prosecute those who are illegally depositing waste on


private land and will take tough action through the courts. Clearly


it is the land owner's responsibility where it is on


private lands. People have been texting me, saying if you fine


people properly they would stop it but they are not, they are getting


away with it. Where we have evidence, Peter, and we have a


track record of success through the court, but it is down to


magistrates and the Crown Courts who set the level of fine, we will


take tough action, and without hesitation. Take people through the


courts, because there is no need to despoil the beautiful country side


here in the East Riding, and we will take tough action. You are


working fast to sort this out it has had National Policety today.


Can the media take some credit for that? Peter, we have an ongoing


operation in the East Riding where we constantly check and maintain


and remove any waste that is illegally deposited on the roads,


on the grass verge, if it is on public land. We want residents to


use the facilities we provide and not dump in the East Riding, but


clearly, we are working with the private land owners and today one


agreed that the council would remove the waste, at his expense so


it is not cost to the general public here. Your message tonight


to those who are fly-tipping, particularly maybe small firms, we


have Ian the gas canisters there, it doesn't sound as if it is a


private individual. Your message is what? The message to those people


is where we have evidence and we get reports from residents we will


take tough accuse shund and pursue them from the courts and go for the


maximum fine, because of a beautiful part of the country here


in the East Riding and we want that for our residents and to support


business. Thank you. I would be interested foe what you think of


this one. Not just in the would bus what do you think of this? What


needs to be done to stop fly- tipping. Start your text with Look


North. I look forward to hearing of your thoughts on fly-tipping. Now,


some more news round our area, the family of missing Hull man Stuart


Gilson are offering a �2,000 reward for information that helps them


find him. Today, search teams have been scouring the banks of the


River Humber and the river Hull. The 21-year-old was last seen on


the Drypool Bridge in Hull on Saturday, after a night out with


friends. His family say it is totally out of character. The man


who died after a police siege in Lincolnshire has been formally


identified as Barry Horspool. The 61-year-old died at his home on


Tuesday evening. Armed police had been called to the house on chapel


gate after a firearms incident. A police officer was also injured. A


second week of strike action by imham based tanker drivers has been


suspected for talks. Staff employed by Wincanton have been disputing


changes to pay and condition k conditions. Discussions are taking


place between the company and the unions. One of Hull's largest


employers says it is pleased with the annual results. Smith & Nephew


says the Hull operation is performing well. It has warned that


500 jobs will be cut from its global work force over the next


three years as part of plans to reduce costs. Late-night shopping


in Lincoln will continue even though the number of stores taking


part has dropped. The scheme began last April, but since then, round


40 of the 100 city centre shops which signed up have pulled out.


Blaming a lack of demand. Organisers say they need to give it


more time to become established. Empty streets with barely anyone


round. This was what late-night shopping looked like in Lincoln


last October. Scenes that prompted many shops to pull out. But today,


organisers insist late opening on a This is the same pattern when


Sunday trading started. Disappointing, but it needs to


build. We want to maintain this, so people know there's Derry, late


nights is a Lincoln. When later opening first started, more than


100 shops took part. Now there is only around 60. Shops are split


between those who were carrying on and those who say it is not worth


their while. The it was not very viable. You have to pay staff costs,


shop costs, and we were not making the money to warrant opening.


can be quite yet, but we only need a few customers to make it


worthwhile. -- it can be quiet. It across East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire, authorities are trying different ways to help


retailers. South Kesteven district council has invested �18,000 in


shop fronts improvements. In Driffield, local shops have started


a loyalty scheme for customers. In Brigg and Scunthorpe, North


Lincolnshire are offering free short-term parking to encourage


more shoppers. Many shoppers have still to embrace late night


shopping. It is a bit cold but in summer, more likely to come out.


it will seem to manage without. Some shops say they are willing to


give let 98 -- some shops say they are willing to give late opening


another try it once the customers are there.


Let us know is enough being done in your area or?


Hundar that people have failed to have their bins emptied in East


Riding because the council says it has had too much recycling to


collect. Some residents in Ellerton and Brough have been told to leave


their bins on the street until a council has the capacity to take


their glass, paper and plastics away. The council says it hopes to


have played the back lock -- the council hopes to have cleared the


backlog by the weekend. It looks a mess. We tried to recycle as much


as possible. I am annoyed about that. They could let us know what


is happening. We have left our bins out since Monday, in case they do


come back. Still ahead: Confusion over the final resting place of


Christopher Alder. Tackling the world's highest


mountain. A former soldier prepares Keep the pictures coming in.


Tonight's is of Spurn Point and was taken by Alan Dalgairns. Thank you


for that. Another picture tomorrow. It looks cold tonight.


I do the forecast around here! A message saying, just seen Peter


running past our shop looking tanned and wearing a cheap and Iraq.


You're so classic! I was in a coffee shop.


We have had a few flurries of snow across our region today. This was


Boston, and this was Glanford Park. They have the covers in preparation


for this week's fixture. If it was like that in London, things would


have grounded to wear a halt. Seriously, we have a weather


warning in place for the weekend. We reckon it will be a feature for


the end of Saturday, into a Saturday evening and night. There


could be some heavy snowfall. I will be a new radio station


tomorrow and back on BBC Look North. It is a -- it is an important


forecast for Saturday. You can see why we have had snow flurries. This


thicker cloud has been edging him from the North Sea. I think we will


see further snow flurries this evening and overnight, especially


towards the coast. Further west, the cloud will gradually melt away.


Temperatures will be down to minus four, minus five. That is 23


degrees Fahrenheit. There could be some cloud left Dover and Grand


Prix Lincolnshire and Norfolk coast. Most places will have some sunshine


tomorrow, although that might turn hazy. Temperatures really


struggling. Over the world, not getting above freezing point.


Dashed over the Wolds. Saturday, a You will have details tomorrow.


You'll be all over the radio station like to cheaper code.


Not as cheap as yours! You walk into that!


I certainly did. Now, 11 years after he should have


been buried, disagreement surrounds the final resting place of


Christopher Alder. Mr all but died in custody at a police station in


Hull in 1998. It is thought a mix- up at the elite mortuary led to the


body of a woman, Grace Kamara, being buried in his place.


The quiet calm of Hull's Western Cemetery will be disturbed and what


was thought to be Christopher Alder's grave is exude. It seems


likely the grave contains the remains of Grace Kamara, who died


in 1999. There is growing confusion as to who should occupy that crave.


-- Christopher Alder's grave is exude. Grace Kamara's family want


her body to be returned there, as her body has the compose their.


brother of Christopher Alder told me how shocked and upset he is. He


said that the family thought his daughter's ashes would be returned


to the grave. The next few weeks ago only likely to add to the


distress of the families involved. Degrade will be exude, then DNA


tests are likely to confirm the remains as being Grace Kamara. A


second funeral for Christopher will take place shortly afterwards, but


there is a question as to where his final resting place should be. The


families are united in their quest for information. What stop them in


2000, when Christopher's body was in a better condition, Grace


Kamara's body was in a better condition, what stops them finding


out them? I while the exhumation is scheduled for February 23rd, the


final resting places for Christopher Alder and Grace Kamara


could be harder to resolve. Thank you for your messages about


our story that David Cameron has admitted he is disappointed at the


UK losing a �10 billion aircraft order to France. He was responding


to criticism from David Davis, who says India should be buying


British-built Typhoons. We were talking about it on the programme


last night. There was a big response on this. Many echoed the


Thank you for all of theirs. He it looks as though Grimsby


Town's future has been secured, thanks to the sale of a former


player. John Fenty has confirmed the club will take a 25 % cut of


Ryan Bennett's feet after he moved from Peterborough to Norwich.


Scunthorpe United are set to name up to three new players for their


game with Walsall on Saturday. They include the ex Hull City striker


Jon Parkin and the Iron's former central defender David Mirfin.


This year marks the Queen's diamond jubilee, and we would like to help


celebrate this event. 60 years ago, the former Princess Elizabeth


became Queen. These are the first pictures of her returning to the


country in 1952 after learning of her father's debt. We would like


your memories of that moment, and let us know if you have met the


Queen. Here are how you can get in touch. -- here are the details of


Eight former soldier from Lincoln has joined a group of injured


servicemen who are training to climb Mount Everest to raise money


for charity. Right form and Chris Gwilt lost his hearing during be


grenade attack. -- Write For man Chris quilt. He travelled to the


North Pole last year with Prince Harry. They hope to raise �2


million. The Lake District made from the


backdrop for the latest training exercise, but soon, these soldiers


will be climbing up something a little bigger, Mount Everest. Among


them is Chris Gwilt from Lincoln. Eight grenade struck the wall


behind me. I lost hearing in both ears. I have an implant and a


hearing aid. Tackling the world's highest mountain will mean testing


them south to the limit. Like the other soldiers he is climbing with,


Chris's condition will bring extra challenges. My hearing aid and


implants are not waterproof. They can be damaged with prolonged


exposure to water, so I have to be careful about that. I was involved


in a petrol bomb incident which left me with their it is 7% burns.


I have to be careful about frostbite. For me, it is a balance


issue. My arm is a dead weight. This is not the first time injured


soldiers have embarked on such a challenge. Last year, a prince --


big group went to the North Pole, taking Prince Harry with them.


think it is good to help the charity and make people more aware


of disabled and injured people, especially soldiers in that state.


Personally, I think I will enjoy it. So far, they have climbed up the


world's aides highest mountain. They will head for Everest in March.


Let's have a recap of the headlines. Prince William flies into the


Falklands and the diplomatic row between Britain and Argentina.


A woman dies in a suspected carbon monoxide leak.


Tomorrow: A frosty start them a spells of sunshine. It will be


bitterly cold, as we head from Paul. Top temperatures around one or two


Celsius. Response coming in on the subject of fly-tipping. Chris says,


you have to ask why people engage in fly-tipping, it is to avoid


waste disposal costs, councils need to make it free and easy to dispose


of all waste. Liz agrees, maybe if councils let people use recycling


resources for free, it would not be an issue. Somebody says, it is


disgusting that people use the countryside in this way. Paul says,


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