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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


More than 300 hundred jobs are under threat as food factory plans


to close in Grimsby. We went into a meeting and they were given 90


days' notice. I have not very optimistic, but you just have to


keep your chin up. Old tonight, the headteacher


warning about students being left behind, as qualifications change.


A severe weather warning is in place as our area prepares for more


snow. He yes, Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire could be a the brunt of


that snore tomorrow night. And find out why honouring


Grantham's most famous daughter is More than 300 jobs are under threat


at a frozen food factory in North East Lincolnshire. Staff at Kerry


Foods have been told its site in Grimsby could close at the end of


April. It will bring the number of jobs lost in the frozen food


industry in the area in the last year to 500. A cold winter day has


been especially bad for the workforce at Kerry Foods. A 90 day


consultation period about all the jobs now begins. In reality,


everyone will spend the coming months overshadowed by the terrible


prospect of unemployment. A lot of people think that they a bit too


old to get on and plot to get unemployed again. -- to get


employed again. We were told about this 90 day period. We will


continue to explore all possible options. The Kerry Foods


organisation employs 9,000 people nationwide. It only opened in


Grimsby last year. The frozen-food market is a death in a difficult


place that the moment. If there is a scrap of positive news, it is


this some people in this market in Grimsby are expanding and hiring


people. We are still looking to expand and there are other


companies looking to come in. Council task force has now been set


up to redeploy a the people who may be made redundant.


Austin Mitchell is the Labour MP for Great Grimsby and joins me.


said that this looks like a panic measure. What do you mean? Suddenly,


the people suddenly get told this without any notice. It is just not


good enough. For a G think is going on? Well, I have no idea. This


company only set up a year ago, and there will be a worry that they


have simply come in to do some asset stripping. And this is meant


to be a growth area, frozen food? Yes, because it frozen food is


cheaper, it is supposed to be a good area to be in that in times of


the recession. But of course, supermarkets are driving down the


margins for the companies. What can you and the local council do now?


We will certainly do our best to fight this as best as we can.


we will also help, should it come to pass, we will certainly come to


help the people find other jobs. We are also looking for the local


government to extend the Enterprise Zone. We are going to face further


competition and we shall be asking the business department what they


can also do to help. Headteachers in Grimsby are warning


that many young people will struggle to find work because the


government says some subjects are less important than nul are. --


than others. They say qualifications in skills such as


engineering are just as important The these students in Grimsby are


working towards their Diploma in performing arts. It is comely worth


the equivalent of four GCSEs, but what good is it in later life?


has given us great experience of putting our owner sure. We have to


sort out the sound, the lighting, the front of house people. Certain


qualifications will now not carry the same weight as other subject.


At the moment, some volcano vocational qualifications can be


worth up to 6 g ESE East, but the government recommends that over


3,000 subjects get reduced to just 125. Otherwise, they will not count


in school league tables. I've thing that children have been lied to.


They had been told that things would be worth five GCE SEs and


they are not. The be guess criticism here is the reason to


downgrade the Engineering Vocational qualification. It is


when thousands of jobs could be created in the green energy sector


in the Humber. At this time, we have to be looking out what the


local industry has to offer in terms of employment for our local


youngsters. It is going to be very hard for other people who are not


in any sort of training once they leave school. They are planning to


former Lord lobby group to as the gunman to look again at this


decision. -- to ask the government. And or this subject will be debated


on this weekend's Sunday Politics at 11.00am on BBC One. Guests


include Hull East MP Karl Turner. In a moment, Skegness on TV - the


advertising campaign telling us to holiday up home. -- at home. It is


a competitive world. Every other country is trying to seduce


holidaymakers away. We need to combat that.


See severe weather warnings have been issued across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire over the next 24 hours. This weekend is set to be


the coldest spell of winter, with widespread snow expected across all


parts. Temperatures will fall as low as minus 6 tonight. Poll will


be here with a full forecast in a few moments, but after the


disruption caused by last year's weather, local authorities and


highways officials have stepped up their preparations.


It is the new centre -- nerve centre, responsible for keeping


Lincolnshire's roads passable. By alongside organising gritting


patrols, officials here have another job. Meet the Twitter


Gritter! Via social media, more and more people are coming to us. It


exists to be able to give people up-to-date information about what


the roads are like. If anything, if it causes people to take an


alternative route or drive slightly slower, then it it will be well


worth it. All while attention is focused on


the roads, snow has already smothered much of our regions's


landscapes. The National Farmers Union say it


is safe for crops, but not calves. This prize-winning Lincolnshire Red


was born last night. We will probably take it in and he will


come back down here in a deal too. But you can see that all the rest


of the cows are out enjoying the afternoon sun.


Here is not the only one that needs a little warmth. Tonight, Boston's


Methodist church will become a temporary homeless shelter. It is


government regulations about what is a emergency overnight centre. So,


when it is not freezing, we cannot do this, which is rather


frustrating. And while the church is trying to


prevent incidents, the emergency services could have more to respond


to this weekend. East Midlands Ambulance Service are key to avoid


scenes like this. When we face cold weather, we have the large increase


in people tripping and falling. But we are also campaigning for people


to be aware of the dangers of ice Ornette lakes and ponds.


Picture postcard it may be, but practical it is not. The only


saving Grace is that this cold spell looks to be a short one.


Despite the weather, people are choosing to sleep rough tonight to


raise the issue of homeless people. The Sleep Easy events are taking


place in Lincoln, Grimsby, Hull and in Scunthorpe, where Linsey's is


just now. How many people are They are about 30 people at this


event, but there are others across the region. It is to raise the


awareness of rough sleeping. These people have a warm bed to sleep in


at home, but they have given it up tonight. They have wrapped up with


cardboard to keep out the cold, they have sleeping bags and snacks


or late at. There are some Humberside police officers who are


doing this in their own time because they see the problem of


homelessness first hand. It is below freezing, but the people are


taking the attitude this is only one night, not like the people who


they are trying to help. Let's get the all-important


It is East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who could see the


heaviest snowfalls and the Met Office at the Amber alert in place.


10 centimetres is expected. Around four inches. It comes into our area


later in the afternoon and snows heavily tomorrow evening and


tomorrow night. It is this a weather system which is coming up


against cold, continental air and when they meet, that is where we


think there will be significant snowfall to come. In the short term


it is straight forward. Obviously been cold, temperatures dropping


like a stone. We are already below freezing in some places. It is very


cold this evening and during the course of the night. The breeze


will pick up slightly from the South West later. The sun will rise


in the morning at around 7:43am. Those are your high water times. It


is a reasonable morning. Frosty to start but plenty of Sunshine around.


Get out and enjoy it because cloud will increase in the afternoon. It


will snow towards the end of the afternoon and evening across


Lincolnshire and North Norfolk. It will be a poor end to the


afternoons. You can see clearly Snow will be in to some areas by


the end of the day. Some heavy snow tomorrow night. Sunday looks fine


and dry with Sunshine. But it will Thanks for some beautiful photos of


the weather which you've sent to us After years of campaigning,


hospital patients could get free travel over the Humber Bridge. It's


part of a new proposal from the four councils who are taking on the


remaining bridge debt. Our reporter, Anne-Marie Tasker, joins me now?


And what has happened today? There has been plenty of talk for all


bridge tolls for motorists coming down to �1.50 volts up but this is


about hospital praised -- patients going over the bridge for free.


Jenny Walton has campaigned for this bar over a decade and she


wants patients from over the South Bank to come and go over the bridge


for free if they need essential treatment. The stress of coping


with any sort of disease for which you have to travel across the


bridge for treatment, you cannot believe it unless you have to


experience it. To know you don't have to worry quite so much about


the cost of going back and forth, treatments, and follow-up clinics,


it will be a big relief. Why is this another step closer? It is


part of the plan to reach finance the bridge debt, with the four


councils taking on a responsibility of the debt each. The MP for the


North East Lincolnshire Council thought it was too big a proportion.


But he said patients on his area will benefit, they have reached an


agreement. There are about 25,000 people in total who have to go for


treatment. They cannot get it on the South Bank. It is not a case


they decided to go there for treatment, they have no choice. So


hopefully 25,000 people will get a free crossing over the bridge to


get life-saving treatment which is a bonus for them and a bonus for


the area. This does need Government approval, but we have been told it


is a case of when, rather than if it will happen.


Let us know what you think about this one. Is it right to offer free


tolls to hospital patients who're travelling across the bridge to


Lincolnshire police has revealed that one of its officers was shot


during the siege in Sutton St James in Lincolnshire on Tuesday. Armed


police were called to the house on Chapelgate after the officer was


shot in his police car. He was treated in hospital and discharged


the same day. The siege ended when 61 year old, Barry Horspool, was


found dead. After a summer of change Hull KR and Hull FC prepare


to kick off the new Super League season. Why honouring Grantham's


most famous daughter is dividing opinion in the town.


It's hoped that a major new advertising campaign will encourage


holidaymakers to visit Skegness rather than go abroad this summer.


Television adverts costing �200,000 will be made ahead of the Summer


season as part of a campaign to sell the resort to the British


public, as Simon Spark reports. Excited crowds and packed beaches


are what the tourist leaders want to see this summer and why East


Lindsey District Council will be spending �100,000 to be part of an


advertising campaign to promote Skegness. A key figure in British


tourism was here to support this decision to spend. We will lead it


with a major TV campaign which will encourage people to holiday at home.


I am delighted Skegness will be part of the campaign. Skegness is a


leading resort and we want to make sure people enjoy Skegness along


with the other seaside resorts in this country. It will be great. A


lot more people coming up. You see places like Bridlington,


Scarborough and that type of thing on the television. Why should and


Skegness do it. On a day like today, the summer looks and feels a world


away, but this is the time of year many families plan their summer


holidays. And tourism in East Lindsey was worth �450 million to


the economy and Skegness was ranked the 4th most popular holiday


destination in the country. 20% of the workforce are employed in


tourism and hospitality. It is a vital part of the economy for the


District as a whole, not just the coast. Businesses are finding


getting the tourists in his only half of the solution in difficult,


economic times. Last year was the first time it's impacted heavily on


Skegness. Visitor numbers were strong but they amount they spend


it was down. Hopefully we have got to keep the numbers up and they may


spend a little bit more. Although I am not optimistic on that. There


remains a fine balance for the year ahead. Getting people to spend in a


continually difficult economic climate will continue to be a


bigger challenge. Skegness going on the national map


in the adverts. Thanks for your response to our


story about the Yorkshire Wolds being blighted by fly-tippers. Its


countryside scenes have inspired the paintings of David Hockney, but


now there are fears the real landscape is being ruined by the


waste that's being dumped there. The new Super League season kicks


off tonight after a winter of change at both Hull Kingston Rovers


and Hull FC. Rovers begin with a game at champion,s Leeds tonight.


Hull kick off on Sunday when they meet Warrington, who finished top


of Super League before the play- offs. Our sports reporter, Simon


Clark, assesses the chances of both clubs.


And it is fair to say both Hull KR and Hall FC have been distinguished


2011. So the two Matt Ridgers were out an income two Australians. They


are ready to affect their changes. The whole place has a new feel


about it, a new look about it and a better way to play. It is all about


attention to detail. Making sure we do everything right and making sure


we are prepared. If we can do that, have the it will hold us in good


stead for the future. Change is what these fans know all about.


From a mind-boggling 19 stones in September, to 16 stone today, it is


all thanks to Hall FC's fit fans project. I have a lot more spring


in my step. I can chase round with the kids a lot more. Just healthier


in general, to be fair. I can see them challenging for 5th or 6th


maybe this season. Better than last season. Rovers supporting Wayne and


his family are looking forward. With Wayne completing his list of


visiting awake around, he wants to see Rovers play Catalan. I want to


get there this it and make it a first, on my own. I think it will


be very good for the club. Big change is as good as anything. From


what we have seen, the manager will do a great job. Hull might look


it's lovely self-, but there's changes have been fundamental. It


has led to a certain degree of expectation, because every other


leading Super League side has improved its squads. So far either


of these sides to make the next step up, will be a big ask. I have


been told the referee at the Leeds, Hull KR game is going to keep the


pitch covers on until kick-off as the temperature in West Yorkshire,


Headingley has fallen sharply. BBC Radio Humberside will be there and


we will have the latest reports. And you can see how both our clubs


get on in the new series of the Super League Show. It's on at


11.35pm on Monday night, that's on BBC One.


Tomorrow's football has already been hit by the weather. Grimsby


Town's FA Trophy tie at Bath City has been called off. For Hull


City's game, there will be a provisional pitch inspection at


Portsmouth at 10:00am tomorrow. And there will be an inspection at


9:00am for Scunthorpe United's game against Walsall. At the moment


Lincoln City's game against Braintree is scheduled to go ahead.


Tune in to your BBC local radio stations in the morning to find out


the latest. She is Grantham's most famous


daughter, but the town is split over how Margaret Thatcher should


be honoured. Renaming the Guildhall in the town after the former Prime


Minister would be a fitting tribute, say some, but others are far from


impressed with the idea. And as Crispin Rolfe has been finding out,


people in the town are not holding back over the issue.


There is the red corner. And the blue corner. Two sides, one Debate.


Should grant them's Guildhall be renamed in honour of the Iron Lady?


-- Grantham. She brought this country from the depths of rack and


ruin, from the late 70s to the early 80s, to a country where the


Great was back into Britain. Buying renaming the Guild Hall, we are


taking this step too far from commemorating her life to making


her a pinnacle of worship. Born and bred in worship, Margaret


Thatcher's birthplace is marked. But his call to change the name of


the Guild Hall is proving controversial. Is there a right


time whose rule prompted strikes and civil unrest, to modernise the


country? No, she caused a lot of trouble, didn't she? She destroyed


a lot of things. A lot of people lost their jobs. They were going to


put a statue up, but that did not happen. Something should be


remembered of Baroness Thatcher in Grantham. It is immaterial to me.


Conservatives were keen to retain the Guildhall's existing name. But


the time will come when Grant then decides to add another statute to


its collections. Sir Isaac Newton might be its famous son, but its


most famous daughter is not quite so popular. If they are going to


change any names, they might have to do some hand bagging first. But


for now, it is seconds out in this debate.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines: Chris Huhne,


the energy secretary resigns as he is charged with perverting the


course of justice. The future of more than 300 food


workers in Grimsby is under threat tonight as plans are announced to


close a factory. Dry and bright with snow spreading


from the West. Top temperature one Celsius.


Quick off the mark with your response on whether the bridge


should be free for hospital patients.


Of course it is there for those who have relatives at her at time when


finances are strained. Another one says - they used to


late for my husband but I hope it arrives in the future.


Three crossing the Humber Bridge of hospital treatment is a good thing,


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