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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


Police criticise drivers as freezing fog creates treacherous


conditions on the roads. Then people drive to close without their


light song. The tax payers in Lincolnshire who


want a garden waste charge binned. The Queen meets the people of


King's Lynn, 60 years after she came to the throne. It is with


great pride that we welcome you here on and this remarkable day and


give you our warmest good wishes for the forthcoming years.


Frost, ice and fog to come tonight. The latest in 15 minutes.


It's been a day of treacherous conditions on the roads in our area


and police have criticised driving standards. Officers say many


motorists are ploughing through thick freezing fog at high speeds


and without lights. There have been a number of pile-ups on major roads


in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. The icy conditions


are expected to stay until Wednesday. How have the authorities


coped with the ice and snow? Although local authorities are


telling us is that they are coping well. Gritters from East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire have left their depots loaded up with grit to do


more spreading throughout the night. The temperatures are predicted to


hit as low as seven below freezing on the coast. There is only so much


that gritters can do and drivers have to take some responsibility.


From my own experience, it is tough going. It's driving conditions like


these that the police are criticising. High speeds and per


use of lights were a source of frustration for officers. They


dealt with two major pile-ups. would urge everybody to you have at


their lights on at all times. Driving appear this morning, I see


that every other car have their lights off. It does not cost


anything to have them on. Other people will be able to see you.


a three-car collision close to the A15 for much of the morning. It is


only a couple of weeks since these ice warning signs were installed.


This road is the Tories for being I see, but fog was the problem today.


Despite the problems here, most roads in our area have been moving


freely. North Lincolnshire Council use 650 tonnes of grit over the


weekend. Lincolnshire County Council treated nearly 2000 miles


of the roads in preparation for the snow and used 11,000 tonnes of grit


on Friday alone. It is something we are prepared for. They fair amount


of snow came into Lincolnshire at 5 o'clock on Saturday evening. We


have been working continuously since then. We have used 15,000


tonnes and 4,000 of that have been over this weekend. It is not just


local councils, but communities that tell us they have learnt


lessons from last year's extreme winter. This was one year ago.


Today, the village is coping well. This man says it is not only


because there is less snow. county have done a lot more this


year, based on what went on last year. We are ready for it. The


county have supplied us with salt and grit, which we have hidden away.


It is put out around the market place. It has been a quiet weekend


for Joe Parsons. As the landlady, not even a heart-warming meals


could join the punters. It was in your face as soon as the news came


on. Good snow was backward and it's no? People were more prepared in


one respect. They were more prepared to and had the memories of


last year. Tonight, there is no let up at this gritting depot. Freezing


temperatures are predicted to continue for the next few days.


The police have given us some advice. If you must drive tonight


or in the morning, remove eyes from your windscreens before you leave


the house, keep your fog lights on and increase your braking distances


to give a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. If you


do not have to drive, do not do it. The accident on the A15 and the one


last night on the M62, there were no major injuries. But that does


not always have to be the case. What was your experience of


conditions on the roads? Have the councils got it right this time


with keeping the roads clear of In a moment...


After having more than 100 photos sent in of the snow, we'll have


advice on how to make the best of the startling scenery.


The Queen has attended a ceremony in King's Lynn, 60 years to the day


that she came to the throne. She was greeted by well-wishers before


going into the town hall, where the Mayor of King's Lynn and West


Norfolk made a Royal Address. behalf of the people of West


Norfolk, we congratulate your Majesty on the occasion of the


diamond anniversary of your recession to the throne. For 60


years, your Majesty has given dedicated and exemplary service to


the people of this country and the Commonwealth.


After the address, the Queen went to spend time with children from


the nearby Dersingham Infant and Nursery School. And today, people


across our area have been re- counting their Royal memories. Phil


Connell has the stories of those who have met the Queen in person,


as well as those who remember the day in 1952 when a young princess


became Queen. That slide is lower as the news


spreads. The king is dead. For it was the sixth February, 1952. A


dramatic news broadcast that would trigger weeks of morning. In our


hearts we feel this cannot be. There was this mournful music on


the radio. Programmes were suspended due to the death of his


Majesty the King. Melbourne Randall was just seven years old but still


remembers the day that was to change the life of a young princess.


Everything stopped and the bus driver's, if I remember rightly,


got out of their cabs. They stood for two minutes. I remember


standing in a classroom for the silence and my teacher turned away


at the end to wipe a tear from her eye. In the years that followed,


the Queen was to revolutionise the monarchy with visits across


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire providing many memorable moments.


It was this engagement in 1981 which most in our area will


remember best. I am very pleased to have been invited to open the


Humber Bridge today. In the background that day were members of


the police band, many of whom, 31 years on, can still remember the


logistical problems the royal visit caused. She then went whizzing past


and we had to pack up. Because of the security, we have to is a off


down the sides, pack up all the gear up and return to the Guild


Hall for when she finished her official lunch. Also playing for


the Queen that day was Julia Thompson, neither band's longest


serving member. It was such an honour. Representing the area was


great. Just to play for the Queen, wonderful. While millions may have


seen the Queen, not many have had the chance to invite her for tea.


In 1999, Terry and Stella Cooney did just that, with Her Majesty


dropping into their council house. She liked Yorkshire Water. Very


little milk. She takes this weakness out of her handbag.


stayed 20 minutes. She was only supposed to save 10. Her helicopter


was waiting. They still have the Royal teacup to prove it - never


washed and with the Queen's lipstick still in place.


We'll have more details on the Diamond Jubilee celebrations later


in the programme. Health inspectors have warned


Lincoln County Hospital that it must improve. The Care Quality


Commission says it found unacceptable failings on one ward


during an unannounced visit. Our communities correspondent is here.


What problems did the inspectors find?


The inspection was carried out last November and they looked at five


different words. One of the words, which specialises in care of the


elderly, or was. To be a particular concern. They found one patient who


had been left in a degrading situation for more than 30 minutes


before being cleaned up. Another patient was in hospital for more


than two days before being given a care plan. Do we care plans for a


drum up was inconsistent and the not enough staff on duty.


What of the hospital said? Height of the five words, only one


was found to be feeling. But they admit it is unacceptable. We spoke


to the medical director this afternoon and he said progress is


already being made. I have been on Clayton wards. It is very busy. It


was calm. The patients were getting proper care. We have measures in


place and systems to ensure that we can assure ourselves that patients


are getting the best possible care and we will continue to improve.


This latest report from the Care Quality Commission comes after a


whole series of critical reports last year from one of the trust


other possibles, Boston Pilgrim. They have had another inspection


and that report is due out soon. It apparently shows the progress has


been made. Three men charged with the murder a


Polish man in Boston have been remanded in custody by a Magistrate.


The body of 28-year-old Yann Pavul Stockneealec was found in this


drain on the 25th of January. The three men are due to appear at


Lincoln Crown Court next week. Police are investigating claims of


racist abuse against the Archbishop of York following comments he made


about gay marriage. Dr John Sentamu sparked protests when he said


marriage must remain between a man and a woman. Today, the


Archbishop's office said he had received a small number of abusive


and threatening emails of a racist nature.


New sprinkler systems will save the lives of people in their homes.


That's according to Humberside Fire and Rescue & Service. A system like


this one has already been installed in some homes in the West Midlands,


where people who have mobility problems are vulnerable to being


trapped. Now similar domestic sprinklers will be trialled here.


They do help the most vulnerable, those people who cannot escape from


fire. These measures actually help give us more time to get there.


This system we have will pick up a fire at its early stages. Then it


will fill the room with mist. Conventional sprinklers could take


four or five minutes, by which time there is a good chance that the


person is either dead or seriously injured.


Still ahead tonight... Hull FC beat the snow, but they


couldn't quite beat Warrington. We'll have the best of your snowy


photos plus tips on how to make the Plenty more pictures still to come.


This is the village of Cranswick. More photos and later in the


programme. I hope there will not be an awful


lot of gloating coming up on BBC One now. From me?! There was a


tweet on Saturday afternoon at saying what an excellent forecast


but it was from your wife! A warning of widespread ice and


patchy freezing fog. Visibility has improved in the last few hours.


Taking a look across Lincolnshire, visibility was down to 18 metres.


Awful conditions there. -- down to 80 metres. It looks like any fog


will clear in the morning. Very little if any fresh snow to come.


Frost and ice will be a problem. An added complication is a weak front


pushing down from the North Sea. The cloud associated with that is


producing one or two light wintry showers. That will clear away and


we will see some freezing fog developing across parts of East


Yorkshire. Perhaps not quite as widespread as it was will stop the


main concern will be over Lincolnshire. The sun will rise in


the morning at around 7:38am. Those are the high water times... Any


freezing fog showed a lift through the morning. It will be bright in


the West. A lot of cloud feeding in from the North Sea. Essentially, it


is dry, quite cloudy with a few bright or sunny intervals at first.


Top temperatures very much on the cold side once more. Three or four


degrees in Grimsby. A sharp frost Tuesday night and largely cold and


grey on Wednesday. The risk of showers on a Thursday. That is the


forecast. You can gloat. It is over now.


amazed about the shock that I got the forecast right! See you


tomorrow. Plans to charge �25 a year for


garden waste collection has been criticised by taxpayers and


inventive. South Kesteven District Council will introduce the charge


to cover the cost of running the service. Councillors in East


Lindsey are considering a similar idea. Critics say it is a poll tax


that will lead to fly-tipping. Keeping her garden tidy means


creating some waste. But Charmaine Morgan from Grantham says plans to


charge residents for collection should be thrown out. We have got


people who are still going to have an ongoing need to dispose of their


green waste. We are either going to have people struggling to try and


get to the local tip to do it properly or we will see an increase


in dumping. The need will not go away just because the council has


decided that break -- that they will allow people to opt out of the


schemes. 26,000 residents have opted into the scheme to have their


garden waste recycled for free. It costs the council �500,000 a year.


It is hoped an annual charge of �25 The council chose to do it has a


discretion. It is one of those things that the consultation told


us that the residents were prepared to pay for. Critics say a universal


fee is unfair on those with smaller gardens. The council say the


government has cut its budget by more than �2 million. They say


saving money here will stop cuts eating into frontline services.


They charged us enough already. They say they are going to freeze


council-tax they may find different ways, underhand ways, of doing it.


�25 a year it seems nothing. 50p a week for collecting your garden


waste. You would be happy to play it? Yes. I do not understand what


people are bleating about. The tis thought about a third of


authorities are charging for the service. In this region, East


Lindsey District Council is considering a similar idea. North


East Lincolnshire Council had proposed to do the same but soon


scrapped the unpopular plan. People living here will have to wait until


next month to find out if their council will do the same.


Would you be willing to pay? Another one you might want to


comment on. How important are garden waste bins for you? Would


you be happy to pay �25 a year? We look forward to hearing from you.


The chairman of Hull Kingston Rovers has confirmed he has been in


talks with Hull City Council and the whole East MP Karl Turner about


the development of Craven Park -- the Hull East MP. They are


frustrated as they wait for news of grants to career building work. --


to carry out. This is the source of the anxiety.


Hull Kingston Rovers are keen to develop this end of Craven Park,


moving these seats to the opposite end of the stadium. The club talks


about all viable options being explored and that might include


playing games at the KC Stadium. On the field, they gave the champions'


lead a good test. A splendid effort indicated good form. A hat-trick


from Leeds finally undid the Robins. If we had taken the opportunities


that we had, we could have won the game. We have got to be a bit more


disciplined, give away a lot less penalties and complete our sets and


anything is possible. It was scenes like these that put paid to the


local football games but by yesterday afternoon underfloor


heating had confirmed Hull FC's game could go ahead. They took the


lead but the first half was dominated by the visitors who


scored three tries. Hull scored soon after the restart but


Warrington nudged ahead. Right at the end, we Seven's scored two


level but the conversion failed so it ended the 20 have been 20.


can see an improvement in their scores but we can see a lot more in


them. It was a bit scrappy at times. That can be expected at this time


of year. I am more than happy with that. Hull FC should not have to


worry about the weather next year because they are in France. -- next


week because they are in France. Those matches involving the Hull


sides will be discussed in full with all of the other opening-day


fixtures on the Super League Show at 11:35pm.


Thank you for all of the emails, texts and tweets on the story on


hospital patients. It is a new proposal that hospital patients


could be allowed to travel free over the Humber Bridge. Andy in


Hull says what about going to the South Bank from Hull for treatment?


Our son was born early and we were sent to Scunthorpe due to lack of


The Queen is back in Sandringham tonight after spending the day in


King's Lynn. It is 60 years since she came to the throne. Her diamond


jubilee, the day which marks her coronation, is at the beginning of


June. The celebrations will take place over a four day weekend. With


details of what is happening... Wherever she goes, the Queen


attracts huge crowds. From April, she will be embarking on a UK-wide


tour. We will be finding out when she visits sing but behind-the-


scenes preparations are already under way. It is under wraps at the


moment but the places the Queen does not go to, another member of


the Royal Family will come to. Even I do not know what is happening yet.


I am sure someone will come to see us. The focus of the Jubilee is a


special four-day bank holiday weekend starting on 2nd June with a


series of major national and local events. Expect more street parties


and seems like last year's royal wedding with many parties already


being planned around our area. think people enjoy a fun day out.


Fancy dress is great fun for everybody. We have got some other


bits and pieces and events happening on the day. We are hoping


for good weather, a good turnout and a fun day for everyone. On the


Sunday, 1000 boats from around the country will take part in a Thames


pageant including the Wheldale from the Yorkshire Waterways Museum in


Goole. It will be really exciting. We are allowed up to 14 people so


we understand they are going to be 1000 boats and ships and they are


expecting millions of people to watch. It will be brilliant.


Monday 4th June, a network of beacons will be lit throughout the


UK and Commonwealth. We will keep you updated on events locally but


we would also like to hear from you. Get in touch and let us know what


you are planning to do to celebrate When East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire were cut to a blanket of snow yesterday, many people went


out with their cameras. Thank you for all of your pictures. A


professional landscape photographer from a Hessle, Ivor Innes, has been


I am very attracted to it. I cannot put my finger on why because it


breaks a lot of laws of composition. In other ways, it is quite strong.


To film a bird, you have to be quick. You have got to be there in


the moment. You have got to hope the camera works! Everybody takes


pictures of the Snowman, especially when the children are outside. They


are great fun and very humorous. This is a lovely picture. This is


the one of the river and the snow looks very good when you have some


sun, particularly in the winter when the sun is quite golden. This


one has got some lovely golden feelings about it. A great shot


there! Anyone can take a great photograph with any camera. First


of all, you have to decide what you are going to photograph and way you


are going to take it from. Light is a very important part of taking a


photograph. We are using mystery as our subject and we are going to


shoot directly into the light of -- we are using this three. My final


tip is to be patient. If you are photographing an animal, you have


to be quick. Sometimes if you wait a bit longer, you will get a much


better shot. I have got the shot now.


That is Ivor Innes's picture. Thank you once again for all of your


pictures. A recap of the main national and regional headlines:


Syria's army mounts the heaviest attack on the country's 11 months


up rising as artillery fire it is aimed at Homs. Police criticise car


drivers in our area for driving too fast as gritters Haddad again


tonight to treat the roads. Any fog patches should clear and


NO-SPACE his will be dry tomorrow with a few bright and sunny


intervals. Top temperatures three degrees to riot.


On the subject of driving conditions, thank you for your


responses. Someone says, we travelled from Skegness to Hull and


Sheffield, every road was well gritted. Well done to the


council's! Another from Lincoln, an easy journey today, it is the side


roads that are not good. People should learn how to drive properly


and stop learning about -- stop moaning about the local councils.


It should be part of the Test, skidding. Stop moaning! I drove to


Scunthorpe this morning at around 9am and I found the majority of


drivers either had no lights on at Old or have their sidelights on


which was not enough. Please, reiterate how important it is for


all drivers to have their headlights and rear fog lights on


in this type of weather. Finally, drivers should be fined


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