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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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And 11-year-old is found drunk in the street. His sister says their


mother should be in jail. A over 200 jobs are to go as Lloyd's


closes an office in North Lincolnshire.


The plans to get you to recycle more waste. I think it is a good


idea. They should find a better way to do it. Maybe have won been a pub


different things in one been. rare glimpse at royal family life.


The unseen photos hidden away for the past 60 years.


A frosty night to come. The very latest coming up shortly.


Good evening. The sister of an 11- year-old boy who was seen drunk


with his mother in a street in Hull says that their mother should have


gone to jail. Instead the woman, who cannot be named for legal


reasons, has been given a 12 month community and supervision order.


Her barrister is calling for a debate on whether to sterilise


those parents who cannot and will not get help to overcome their


addictions. Vicky Johnson has more. It was a row over a can of lager


which landed an 11-year-old boy in hospital and his mother in court.


The pair were seen here at this parade of shops in begin have a new


one evening last summer. The boy was stumbling and falling over.


Tests revealed he had 187 milligrams of alcohol in his blood,


twice the legal limit. Apparently, his mother boasted to onlookers


that they regularly drank together. This is absolutely not true,


according to the boy's father, who has had custody of him for the last


six years. He told me his son rarely saw his mother, and the


drinking was an isolated case. We have replaced his voice to protect


his son's identity. My son is a very likeable young man. He is


quite, but he can be cheeky. He has a serious side and was chosen to be


a school governor, so he was a model pupil in the past.


mother's drinking had been a problem for years. Her doctors said


her life was made miserable by Herbie you fear commanding to


prison would have been the only sensible option. -- her daughter


said her life was made miserable by her behaviour, and thinks prison


would have been the only sensible option. There was an incident when


my brother was left in a cab outside a nightclub. I think that


was forgotten about. I think to offer people a financial incentives


in return for Voluntary sterilisation might be something


that will help. We cannot keep having more and more unwanted


children that cannot be looked after, that slip into the same


cycle of deprivation. The woman at the centre of this controversy is


receiving help for a mental health problems, but is not likely to see


her son in the future. He is doing well with the love and support of


the rest of his family. I am joined by the Conservative MP


for Brigg and Goole, Andrew Percy, who also used to be in a teacher in


a part of Hull highlighted in that report.


She admitted child cruelty. Her daughter say she should have gone


to jail, but she received a 12 month supervision order. Should she


have gone to prison? My natural reaction issue should have gone to


jail. The circumstances are disgusting. I looked at the


judgment. The judge said she had a wretched life and that was why she


was not sent to jail, so why do not know the full details, but to do


now with a child of that age, I would have assumed she should have


gone to jail. One should be done about parents like this? We do have


a problem in this country. -- what should be done? David Cameron


taught about the broken society. They resist and culture in this


country. We have people bringing children into this world and they


should not be an cannot bring them up. They rely on the state to


provide for their children. School teachers have to do with art and


society in general. We have got to stop pandering. Do you agree with


the woman's barrister who says there should be a debate on whether


parents who were addicted like this should be sterilised? The last


people started sterilising people whether that is. Where the masses.


Well this is a minority of cases, it is a sad thing to say car -- it


is a sad thing to see, but it is a minority. Are we being fair? We


often pander through the criminal justice system. We need to have


that sort of debate and consider whether we are tough enough on


people who do not adhere to the standards we expect. It is your own


government's policies. Are they right at the moment? We have made


changes to the benefits system that have been quite controversial in


the last few days that are aimed at dealing with some of this


subculture. The last government brought in 24 hour licensing,


against our better judgment. That is why you can buy alcohol pretty


much any a day. We are looking at changing that. OK. A lot more needs


to be done generally. Very good to talk to you.


Whatever your views on this? Does his mother needs support order she


need punishment? Do you agree with In a moment: The campaigners trying


to protect a nature reserve in East Yorkshire from a 150 ft wind


turbine. More than 200 jobs are being lost


in North Lincolnshire, following the announcement that the Lloyds


Banking Group is closing one of its offices in Scunthorpe. More than


1,000 staff are losing their jobs across the country. Paul Murphy is


outside the offices on Kingsway in Scunthorpe. Why is this happening


at the moment? Lloyd's has yet to give any reason


for this decision nationally or locally here in Scunthorpe. It has


offered to redeploy some of the work force. It says it wants to


avoid compulsory redundancies, but those officers -- but does offers


are being greeted by scepticism by the union that represents his work


force. The nearest site to hear his Sheffield. I do nothing many staff


will want to transfer across to Sheffield, although that may be a


possibility -- I do not think many staff will want to transfer. What


effect will this have on Scunthorpe's economy, which has


already suffered many setbacks? You only have to look across town


to the steelworks, which has shed thousands of jobs. Unemployment


runs much higher here than the national average. We spoke to the


town's MP, who gave his thoughts on the announcement. It is bad news.


It is grim news, the sort of news we do not want at any time, and


certainly not at the moment when people are finding it difficult to


get new jobs. I am very concerned about the impact on families and


individuals, and the impact on Scunthorpe. There is a political


dimension to this. It is a bank 40 % owned by the tax payers, still


employed in thousands in the Far East. We understand at least half


of this work fast is made up of agency workers who have very


limited redundancy rights. It thank you.


Police have called off surges -- police have called off searches for


the missing Hull man, Stuart Gilson. He was last seen on January the 28


crossing the Drypool Bridge. Specialist teams have been


searching the area around the River Hull, but there have been no


sightings of him. Skegness has one of the lowest rate


of job vacancies in the East Midlands according to a new report.


Just under 7% of shops in a town are empty. Town centre managers say


it is because local people are keen to start new businesses. We do not


have so many chains and big brands in town.


Campaigners are threatening to oppose funding for a new seedbed


Centre at Bempton Cliffs after the arrest PB failed to back them in a


wind turbine dispute -- a new seedbed Centre. Villagers at


Bempton claim plans by a farmer for a 150 ft turbine could pose


problems for thousands of migrating birds come into the area. Their


objections are not being backed by the nature reserve.


Two sites to what a wind turbine applications. The RSPB insist that


a wind turbine on this field will not affect bird life, but


campaigners disagree. The argument has broadened, with villagers are


saying they will not back plans for an RSPB development at Bempton


Cliffs if the society fails to back them. RSPB, this is your role, and


if you cannot protect their heritage of this coast, why should


we as a committee be backing you? This turbine will be approximately


one-and-a-half times bigger and taller than the Flamborough


lighthouse, so it will be some structure. The RSPB insists one


turbine will not affect thousands of migrating birds which come here


every year. This is what is proposed. A wind turbine that could


be sited on this field here. The RSPB are not the only ones to while


objecting. Farmers are largely supportive. -- our recipe and not


the only ones who were not objecting. Ultimately, MoD concerns


are more likely to sway a decision. The turbine could affect their


North Yorkshire and radar base just outside Filey. More importantly


locally is whether it relations between Benton village and Bempton


Cliffs can soar. - - thaw. Still ahead: Why households are


being asked to recycle more and reduce the amount of waste going to


landfill. He been away for 60 years. The rare


photographs of the Queen and family Keep the photographs coming in.


This one was taken by Ian Smith. There was a bit of a gloating first


last night by the accurate forecast. Ken said, please tell Paul I army


bus driver, and the day and managed to stop at every bus stop. Delight


get a special mention for getting my job right? -- do I get a special


mention? Classic! I wish my job was as easy as


driving a bus, or reading the The headline for tomorrow is called.


That cloud could be thick enough to produce some flurries of snow,


particularly in North -- Lincolnshire. There will be a


severe frost with temperatures down to minus ten Celsius. A potential


headache looms first Thursday into Friday, will this weather front get


to us? There is a lot of uncertainty concerned with that. We


will keep you posted and the next 24 hours. In the short-term at his


shark -- straight forward. The cloud is starting to clear. Later


tonight we will get more cloud was some snow flurries, especially for


Lincolnshire. It is in this gap that we will see some very low


temperatures. I think these western areas, minus ten as possible. That


is 14 degrees Fahrenheit. And a slight dusting of snow around the


Wash as well. The sun rises in the morning at 730. Those Aga high


water times. Agree starred to Wednesday morning, with further


snow flurries. Otherwise it is mostly dry. There will be some


brighter intervals coming in later in the afternoon. But everywhere


will feel very cold with a light, south-westerly breeze. Temperatures


struggling up to one Celsius in struggling up to one Celsius in


Grimsby. The bus driver's friend. They might revoke your bus pass


Now only 10% of everything we throw away in East Yorkshire will be sent


to landfill under new plans announced today. People in the East


Riding and Hull are being asked what should be done with household


waste. It is hoped by Twenty20, people will recycle up to 65% of


all of their rubbish. That is up from an average of around 50%


across the area. They are England's growing


mountains of rubbish a landfills are just ugly, there are also


expensive. Every tonne of waste is taxed, sapping �9 million a year


from East Yorkshire's council taxpayers. But it is well today's


plan will cut that. We are aiming for the next target, somewhere


between 60% and 65% recycling. In terms of the might of ways going


into landfill, we would like to reduce that by about 90%. A every


year there are 25 million bin collections and Yates -- East


Yorkshire and the rubbish goes to it landfill. That is the equivalent


of 32,000 African elephants. So the idea is we recycle more and throw


away less. That could be by extending what is brought his


centres like this are picked up from our homes. Good in theory but


our people ready to is recycle two thirds of everything they throw


away? It is a good idea. They should find a better way to do it.


Maybe have one benefit different things in one at the end.


everybody has to do it for the future. Another plan is to turn


rubbish into something useful. And these are from R Brown Benz. In


three months, they are transformed into compost. And it doesn't stop


there. Rather than landfill, future rubbish could be turned into energy.


There is a big saving to be made and it will free up more of the


funds for the councils to spend on the areas. But there are some


concerns. Lupins in this area were left full for days last week


because there was too much recycling to collect. They can say


the system can deal with more. It is up to the people to decide what


to do with the waste. I am joined in the studio by Simon


Fraser from East Riding council. At the end of that report resolve how


bins are not being collected in one part of the East Yorkshire. The


looks like you have some work to do. We have got work to do. Can I


apologise to those residents if they were inconvenienced by that.


There is work to do. That is in itself massively positive. Doesn't


to demonstrate the sheer enthusiasm for recycling that our residents


have? And the commitment that they have got to ate and what can be


achieved when we are set to it together. That is good on the


residents said. Some viewers a said they rang the council because they


had no Ben and they were told by the receptionist, sorry it is not


just you. Until you get one, Chadderton the rubbish and.


would never encourage people to do that. We are very committed to


recycling, as are our residents. They do our resident -- a brilliant


job. We have had reports that households in the East Riding have


not had the new Benn's delivered. How are those people supposed to


help you me you're targets? vast majority of them have been


delivered. It is possible we have odd houses here and there who may


not have had one delivered. The need to let us know that and we


will deliver them. If the bins were not presented on the day they were


supposed to, there could be a problem there. We have delivered


nearly 150,000 across the county. We have done fairly well. These


targets are cutting rubbish are high. Will you be reviewing how


often you collect general rubbish now? We must make sure the systems


are run place to collect this recyclable rubbish. We can do that


by re-engineering the side of the roads to make sure the drugs are


able to cope with the increased volumes that are coming in. -- the


trucks. Now is too early to take that's that. Our commitment has


always been to deliver the service that our residents want, so that is


where we stay with that. Very interesting to talk to you. I'd you


for coming in. You might want to comment on that


one. Last night we had the story on the programme about a Lincolnshire


Council's plans to charge for collecting garden waste. South


Kesteven District Council will introduce the 25 pound annual


charge to cover the cost of running the service, but the move is being


criticised by some taxpayers who say it will cost fly-tipping.


Lucy from Skegness says, what exactly do I pay my rates far? I am


childless, live on a poorly maintained road that does not get


gritted, with no street lighting. Why should I pay an additional �25?


Sheila says, we pay enough council tax and what about people on low


incomes who can afford it? I don't think we should have to pay to


recycle. Graham Ingramsaid, I think 50p per week to collect garden


waste is excellent value for money. Thank you for all of those.


I young woman from East Yorkshire, whose child to battle with heart


failure gave hope to countless others, has died suddenly. Hannah


Pudsey from Nafferton was 13 when she underwent a successful heart


transplant in February 2001. Amanda Thompson has more.


Hannah Pudsey was just 12 years old when her heart began so seriously


failed. Talking to BBC Look North in January 2001, she knew a


transplant was our only hope. taking its toll on me. I am getting


more tired. Hannah's wait was over the following month when she


underwent a heart transplant at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital. The


healthy Val's from our own filling hard for passed on to another


waiting patient. You are not the only one there. There are lots of


other kids waiting for our heart. And organs and laws of other things.


Hannah was back in school just three months after her transplant.


She continued her campaign to get people signed up to the organ Donor


Register. On her 21st birthday she was still urging people not to put


it off. A lot of people don't get round to doing it. They go, I will


sign up. But I will do tomorrow. And then sometimes that tomorrow


never comes. What is your message to those watching? Sign up, and


signed up today. Hannah was due to marry her fiance


Kevin this summer but she died suddenly last great. She was a


child he was born with congenital heart disease. She was not meant to


survive into childhood, let alone adulthood. She was so she would not


survive past 14. Here she is 11 years later. It is not long enough.


She did amazingly well afterwards I got on with life. She was working,


she was getting ready to get married and leading a life that she


and her parents never dreamt. it was all thanks to an organ donor.


Very sad. And the service of thanksgiving will be held for


Hannah and Nafferton parish church at one o'clock on Saturday


afternoon. Grimsby Town's free scheduled FA


Trophy match at Bath City will go ahead tonight. -- re scheduled. The


team last met in the lead in January, with the Mariners winning


6-0. Tonight's aim was due to be played on Saturday because of to do


a frozen pitch. You can hear commentary on again on BBC Radio


Humberside on FM and on the internet. They are on the air now.


Thank you for all the pictures to send us of the snow. Nancy Smart


took this one of paper mill in North Cave.


This is in Mary's Parish Church taken by Lee Beel. And Kevin


Richardson cot these deer enjoying the called the Patrington Haven


this morning. We did have lots of them. We have put as many as we can


so far on a Facebook site. Just go to Facebook and search for BBC Look


North. A man from Lincolnshire has


released unseen pictures of the royal family taken by his father 60


years ago. Danny Clayton believes the photographs are the first to


have been taken of the Queen following her father's death.


For 60 years, they have been kept in this folder. A treasure trove of


Royal memories. Photographs of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and


their two eldest children. I can hear her sing it now, just wave and


the dead. The photographs were taken by Danny Clayton's father


Kenneth in 1952 and this is the photograph that proves it. Shot in


America, it shows Kenneth with a young Prince Charles and holding


the hand of Princess Anne who has just two years old then. He told me


that he had taken the picture in a manner. He was worried that he had


done it but he took the chance and got the picture of them both. He


was delighted about that. He was pleased with the victors as well.


And so it seems was Her Majesty, with the photographs later used for


what was what have been her first official portrait as Queen. I am


sure this would have been the first time that she was photographed as


the Queen with the tea and are on and everything else. I think it is


a moment in her life that she would remember. -- tiaras. Of the 35


photographs taken, most are of the young royal children. Just as


election were sent to Buckingham Palace. The rest have remained a


Clayton family secret for all these years. It is likely that Charles


and have never seen the pictures and the Queen has only seen the


12th that my grandfather. It is a shame because they are really good


pictures. Kenneth's family said his trip to the palace that day was the


biggest job of his career. His brush with royalty now being seen


for the first time in 60 years. Fantastic story. Let's have a


recap: The Metropolitan Police acted unlawfully over the phone


hacking scandal. And 11-year-old has found drunk in


the street. His sister says their mum should be in jail. Cold and


cloudy tomorrow with a chance of snow flurries. Temperatures are


best around two Celsius. A big response and the story of the


mother. The women was lucky and had a lenient judge. Woman should not


be go to jail. If they reoffend after the Rehabilitation pair than


they should be jailed. Vanessa says, I do not care of a woman has had a


wretched life. She should be locked up. And finally, going to prison is


not a deterrent to anyone. You get safety roof over your head and


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