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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Three decades after being given infected blood, a man from Hull


fights for his day in court. Sadly many people have gone on to


infect their partners. That is unforgivable. It is nothing short


of manslaughter. Claims that youth unemployment could be reduced as


the Government encourages businesses to take on apprentices.


Homeless shelters turn people away due to an unprecedented demand for


emergency accommodation. In the last few months there's been


around about a 40% rise in street homelessness.


And the new 75-mile walking route through the Lincolnshire Wolds.


More wintry weather on the way. There could be snow by tomorrow at


Good evening. It was a routine dental operation almost thirty


years ago, but it's left one Hull man fighting for a Government


apology and more compensation. Glenn Wilkinson was one of 4,000


people given contaminated blood by the NHS during the 1970s and 80s.


The blood had been donated by American inmates, and had been


bought by the NHS because it was cheap. It left Mr Wilkinson, now 47,


with hepatitis C. Today, he's launched a national campaign to


highlight the issue, and is calling for a full judicial review. He's


been telling Look North his story. It has quite literally devastated


my life, everything from employment to how I actor around my family.


Glenn Wilkinson has lived with Hepatitis C since his teens. He was


given at contaminated clotting agency during an operation. In the


1970s and Eighties thousands of people, mainly haemophiliacs, were


given tainted blood. 2000 have died as a result. Hoddle the authorities


new people were carrying viruses -- although, they did not inform them.


Consequently and very sadly many people have gone on to infect their


partners. That is unforgivable. That is nothing short of


manslaughter. The blood had come from the United States, from prison


inmates, so-called skid Road dollars. In 2009, an independent


public inquiry found that UK authorities were slow to react.


patients took that product in good faith. It was given to them by the


Government through the NHS. They did not expected to be infected.


Somebody has to take some level of responsibility. Patients infected


are entitled to �20,000 when their first entitled -- develop Hepatitis


C. Her second claim of �50,000 is made when that person develops


liver disease. They are also eligible for an annual payment of


�13,200. My constituent has produced evidence... This afternoon


in Westminster, Hull MP Diana Johnson has been debating whether


the payment is fair. Criteria is fraught with difficulties for many


individuals. As I understand it, only around 20% of those people


with Hepatitis C are eligible for assistance under the second stage


payment. That needs to be looked at. Campaigners seeking a full judicial


review hoped today's debate will highlight their plight, and secure


the apology they have been waiting for.


If you have his view on this story or experience of it yourself, you


can get in touch. Coming up, Council leaders meet to finally


agree a plan to share the Humber Bridge debt.


The Prime Minister has said the Government will act to help workers


that face losing their jobs at a Grimsby food factory. He was


responding to a question about the future of 337 staff at Kerry Foods,


during Prime Minister's Question Time and in the Commons.


possibility is the extension of the recently announced enterprise zone.


Can the Prime Minister give some comfort to my constituents by


sympathetically looking at that proposal? He is great -- quite


right to speak up for his constituents. I am very happy to


look at the idea of expanding the enterprise zone and see what else


we can do to help his constituents. North Lincolnshire Council is


promising to do all it can to support staff losing their jobs at


a mortgage centre in Scunthorpe. More than 200 workers will be made


redundant following a decision by the Lloyds Banking Group to close


this offers as part of nationwide cuts. We have the new enterprise


zones on the Humber bank. That may be in many years, but initially we


are trying to look locally in Scunthorpe. Some firms are looking


to expand. 200 people is a lot of people T try to find work for. But


we will really try. A minister has ruled out making our area a special


case when it comes to financial help from the Government. Skills


Minister John Hayes has promised a big increase in the number of


apprenticeship places in areas of high youth unemployment, such as


Hull, Grimsby and Scunthorpe. With hundreds of workers facing


redundancy, these are uncertain times for anybody entering northern


Lincolnshire's jobs market. Often it seems there is little hope to


school leavers. But these teenagers in Grimsby are finding out about


the latest apprenticeship opportunities with local companies.


18 year-old Hannah has been recruited by a solar panel from.


knew I did not want to go from -- to university. A lot of people do


not get jobs after getting degrees. I wanted to get an apprenticeship


early because Tom -- you're working and learning at the same time.


will be looking to recruit more people. With these more -- new


candidates we will be able to push the business forward. When they


take on a new apprentice, businesses can claim an incentive


of up to �2,500. Apprentices receive a minimum weekly wage of 97


pounds 50, almost double the �53 a week they received -- they would


receive in jobseeker's allowance. The Government claims that for


every pound of their investment into apprenticeships, �18 is


delivered into the wider economy. How many apprentices will find


genuine long-term jobs? Apprenticeships are definitely the


way forward. It gives the young person an opportunity to develop a


career, and the employers the opportunity to employ somebody who


wants to stay the course, who will develop their career through the


employer. A recent report suggested that one in four young people in


Grimsby were not in employment, education or training. The hope is


that more will find themselves hired rather than fired in years to


come. The I have been speaking to the


Skills Minister and Lincolnshire MP, John Hayes, who represents South


Holland and the Deepings. I asked him with one in four people in


Grimsby being out of work, can these apprenticeships address the


scale of the problem? In the last year, in Grimsby alone, the number


of apprenticeships has grown from 482730. That is a 52% increase. The


biggest increase we have seen. It is not the entire solution. We need


to grow the economy. We need to give people more opportunities by


growing their skills, too. We have seen jobs go at Kerry Foods in


Grimsby. Some people may say, what is the point? Kerry Foods said that


is due to competitive pressures. We know things are tough for


businesses. That is why we want to help businesses to get the right


people to do the jobs. Kerry Foods are a very large company. In other


parts of that company they are continuing to grow their


apprenticeship numbers. It is not all bad news. In Grimsby we are


growing apprenticeships. We want to spread opportunity. The average


starting salary for a graduate is thought to be �25,000. We young


people really give up that opportunity for less than one run


the pounds a week with no guarantee of a job at the end of that?


average apprenticeship wage is around �93 per week. We


commissioned independent research which showed that somebody with a


level three apprenticeship would typically earn �100,000 more, that


is the same as a degree. What are the guarantees of a job at the end


of that? The vast majority Hend up working for the firm they trained


in. We certainly know there is a greater chance of getting a job if


you have got the right skills. Gaining an apprenticeship, which


you have forever, of course, that travels with you, that's Gill,


maximises your chances of getting a job, keeping a job, progressing in


a job. In this area we rely so much on the public sector. Do you think


we need to be made a special case? I wouldn't describe Lincolnshire as


a special case. I would describe it as a special place. The people of


Lincolnshire have been resolved, the Endeavour, the energy, skills


and enthusiasm to do their best, to be their best. Government can help


and we will. When we need to stand back, we will also do that.


Lincolnshire, top county, now, always has been, always will be.


John Hayes, the Skills Minister. Maybe you have got thoughts on this


Police in Scunthorpe unreleased two images of a man they want to talk


to in connection with a series of from robberies in the town. The


images were captured at Coral bookmakers on Monday. All the


bookies have also been targeted. The latest robbery was today at a


jeweller's. Officers are looking at a possible connection. Firefighters


spent much of this morning bringing factory near Pocklington on the


control. 45 firefighters and eight engines were at the site. An


investigation is underway. Tributes have been paid to Florence Green,


the last surviving veteran of the First World War, who has died at


the age of one at No 10. She died at at care home in King's Lynn. She


served as a waitress in the Women's Royal Air Force and Mana Moray F


days. Of course, huge sadness on the personal side. Her family must


be, even at her advanced stage, it is still awful to lose a mother, a


grandmother, a great grandmother and a great, great grandmother. I


think more widely it is a very significant given that she is the


last survivor of the First World With subsea a roast temperatures, -


- with sub-zero temperatures, homeless shelters have had to turn


people away because of the unprecedented demand for emergency


accommodation. The Salvation Army estimate there has been a 40 % rise


in the number of homeless people nationally. At Lincoln's who was


shelter, they have had to put up extra beds to cope with the


increase in demand. In Hull, there are more than 60 beds now available


after a new shorter was built. Organisers say the rise in numbers


means they are still some people they cannot accommodate.


I a hot meal on a cold day. The Salvation Army opens up his kitchen


to the home was three times a week. A year ago they were serving up to


18 people. Today, they fared 51. Many here call it a lifeline.


was not open, all these hungry mouths, where will they go? They


will go no were, they will go days without food. It is not just about


the food. It is a place to shelter, something people say is getting


harder to find. You have got to know where to go. They will be


wondering what they are due have got. Where can you go? They are for


poor and they are turning people away. People go to garden shed,


allotments, under bridges. This is not unique to hole. At this place


in Lincoln, they have faced turning people away. -- this is not unique


to Hull. We will give people sleeping bags, blankets, hot drinks,


super. We sometimes send them in the direction of St Mary's, but


they are having the problems we are. What causes homelessness fairies.


Drugs, alcohol, relationship breakdowns often figure. Some


people I spoke to Today became homeless within the last year and


directly blamed changes in their benefits. Shelter's say they have


anecdotal evidence that economic hardship is playing a role. We have


people who have had executive post -- executive positions then find


themselves on the scrapheap. They find themselves in a situation they


would never have dreamt they would find themselves in. Currently,


demand for help is outstripping supply.


Thank you for watching tonight. Still ahead: How one woman's


determination ended in a new 75 mile walking route through


Lincolnshire. That's taking it too far! And the


retirement party for one of Humberside Police's longest serving


Tonight's photograph is of a cargo ship on the River Humber. Thank you


for that. Good evening. I have one from the driver of a bus saying, I


would love to see Paul driving a bus at!


You could come along with me! We have got another Met Office


barely warning in place. Last night, it got down to minus man at


Scampton. -- minus nine. There could be problems with the commute


tomorrow evening. There is a risk of snow later. A warm front trying


to get mild air in from the West. It will fail and get pushed back by


the Continental air which is currently across. There has been a


lot of cloud today. Temperatures have really struggled. It is cold,


and pretty cloudy as well. It does not look as though it will be as


cold as last night. It will be frosty, with temperatures down to


minus four. That is 25 Fahrenheit. Those are your high-water times. A


quiet start to Thursday. Gradually, we have that a weather front which


will erratically spreading. There is a snow risk at first. I am most


concerned about East Yorkshire, perhaps into North Lincolnshire fog


at teatime commute yesterday. -- for that teatime commute. That's


A meeting about the Humber Bridge tolls will start in Grimsby shortly.


The council is meeting to agree a plan to share the remaining bridge


debt. If the plan is approved, it should mean plans to reduce the


Bridge tolls can start moving ahead. Leanne Brown is in Grimsby. What


are we expecting to happen in this meeting?


We are expecting the deal to halve the tolls on the Humber Bridge to


finally be rubber-stamped. It follows months of uncertainty. You


may remember it was in November when the Chancellor announced he


would take on half of the Humber Bridge's debt. That was under the


condition that all four councils to con the remainder of the debt. They


include North East Lincolnshire Council, East Riding Council and


home -- and Hull City Council. The plan was for a 25 % split share --


a 25 % split between the four. The leader of the council here, Chris


Shaw, did not accept this. On Friday, there was a breakthrough.


Councillor Chris Short changed his mind and said he would go forward


with the split. That means a deal can go through now. He said that


had to be under the understanding that it was with the utmost


priority that it was look at that Humber Bridge tolls are scrapped


for those travelling to hospital. Thank you very much. We will let


you know the outcome of that meeting in our late bulletin. Thank


you to everyone who got in touch about a woman who was spared jail


after getting drunk with her 11- year-old son. The woman has been


given a 12 month community and supervision order. A barrister is


calling for a debate on whether to sterilise those parents who will


not get help to overcome their addictions. Lots of strong views on


A new 75 mile trial for cyclists and ramblers and horse riders is


opening in Lincolnshire. The Linsey Trail has come about after four


years of hard work by a woman from Market Rasen. Sheila Brookes will


see her dream become a reality. Lindsay Smith has more.


Picturesque pathways, tranquil Fords and an abundance of peace and


quiet. The Linsey Trail is his 75 miles circular route. It is the


work of Sheila Brookes, a keen rider of pony driven carriages. She


spent months searching for pathways wide enough to take care carriages.


We pored over a lot of maps. We went to see if the roots would go.


Sometimes, it didn't. On one occasion, I was leaning out so far


to keep a carriage uprights that I said, if we did it again I wanted a


trapezium on the back! The trail starts at Willingham Woods near


Market Rasen. It takes in Louth, Horncastle and rugby. -- Wragby.


There are not many trails of this kind around. It is hoped the Linsey


Trail will attract tourists. We are aware that Moffatt have a carriage


driven rude. Lincolnshire is leading the way a little bit in the


East Midlands. -- we are aware that Northorpe have a carriage driving


routes. Chris Kerr runs a hotel on the route and says it can only be


good for business. People will get benefit from it. Anybody supplying


food on the routes, whether it is bistros or coffee houses.


Linsey Trail may have been inspired by Sheila's ponies, but it can also


be enjoyed by ramblers, cyclists and horse-riders. It is all set for


a grand opening in April. Grimsby Town are through to the


quarter-finals of the FA Johnstone's Paint Trophy after a 2-


1 win last night. The Mariners 1 against Bath City after goals from


Anthony Elding and Rob Duffy. The owner of Hull City has revealed


that he considered pulling out of the deal to buy the club. Speaking


to me earlier on the radio, Dr Assem Allam explained as his


accountants went through the finances, they uncovered tens of


millions of pounds worth of debt. Everybody I talked to, they said,


no, thank you. It was football on nothing. I had to continue.


talks about many other things, including the offside rule. You can


hear the interview by going to our website.


An unusual retirement party was held this morning for one of


Humberside Police's longest serving staff members. This man, Ross! He


has been involved in everything from missing person searches to


monitoring football matches. Crispin Rolfe met him.


He likes to put on a brave face, but don't believe a word of it.


Ross is really a pussycat. This Humberside Police horse has been


chomping and criminals for over 15 years. But now it's spur hanging up


time. He is the bravest horse I have ever known. There is nothing


he will not go into. He does not like donkeys! When not having his


reputation ruined, Ross has led the thin blue line on night out in


Beverley and Hull. He has kept crowds under control and dealt with


protests across the area. It is quite intimidating going to protest.


Ross broke down so many barriers. He has also had to create them, at


grounds like Glanford Park. Mounted divisions are under threat. Some


forces have got rid of them mounted divisions. They do still have a big


part to play in modern policing. Fortunately, Ross's writing days


and now over. Having served his time, he is retiring to the Horses


Trust in Buckinghamshire. I suspect he may miss all the attention.


A reminder of the headlines. A victory for football manager


Harry Redknapp, cleared of charges that he tried to hide nearly


�200,000 from the taxman. Three decades after being given


infected blood, a man from Hull calls for an inquiry into why the


government allowed it. Talking about apprenticeships, this


from J. Where did he get the �193 a week? I am doing an apprenticeship


which pays me �150 a week. �50 of that goes on petrol. Jenny says,


apprenticeships provides struggling local businesses with the means of


cheap labour for three years. There is still a massive lack of real


jobs available. Katie says, I am on an apprenticeship. I enjoy working


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