16/02/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. The headlines: Five staff members are suspended from


the children's ward at the scumble of General Hospital. We will have


the details. -- Scunthorpe General Hospital.


Thieves is do cable, leaving a village without vital services for


a week. They haven't got internet. It is


causing a problem. Bridlington's new parking


attendants write out a year's worth of tickets in one month.


It a bird from Bempton at which ended up in Skegness.


There was a bright start today but it clouded over this afternoon.


Similar tomorrow and for the full forecast, join me later.


Good evening. The BBC understands that four nurses and a health care


support worker have been suspended from the children's ward at the


Scunthorpe General Hospital. It is alleged that a baby was restrained


and injured while being treated on the Disney Ward. When did this


happen? We understand that this incident occurred within the last


few weeks and that it was on the Disney Ward, here at Scunthorpe


General Hospital, which is the children's ward. We understand that


an allegation was made that a baby was restrained and injured, and


that was why it was being treated on the ward. We understand that it


is about a year old and that five staff have since been suspended.


What are the hospital and police saying tonight? The Hospitals Trust


has confirmed to us that it is investigating an incident. My head


of governance told us that the family is being kept fully informed.


I have also spoken to Humberside Police. They said that a complaint


is being investigated after an incident at a hospital. They said


the investigation is in its early stages. What has been the reaction


in the community? Patients and people who live in the area will be


concerned to hear the news. In their last hour, we have spoken to


beat Scunthorpe MP who has said he wants to reassure his constituents.


We have to be as you do that a hospital has taken the steps that


it has needed to take today in suspending these staff. It will


ensure that safety and well-being is paramount and we need to be


patient and debt matters take their course. -- let matters. The lead in


the police or the trust could tell as a how long this investigations -


- needed the police or the trust could tell us how long the


investigation was going to take. They have said they will keep us


fully conformed. -- informed. In a moment... Jobs at risk unless


the government sheds more light on energy payments.


British Telecom says it is one of the worst attacks on the bone at


network by a metal thieves. More than half a mile of cable has been


stolen near Beverley in East Yorkshire. Another mile has been


damaged. It means hundreds of homes it may not get their phone lines


and internet back for a breed as BT tries to find the net replacement


cable. -- for a week. This is the disruption caused by a


metal beads. They describe -- and they struck at night ripping up


tons of telephone cables. It was sheer luck that this couple were


home on Saturday night. They heard tapping on their window and it was


their 92-year-old neighbour who had taken ill. She had to come out of


her house because she did not have the phone. She needed help quite


urgently. We needed to get her an ambulance. We don't have a


particularly good mobile reception so it was very difficult to get


hold of anyone to begin with. We couldn't get a signal. Nancy was


too ill to talk to us today but like half of the village, she lost


her telephone because it thieves stole two kilometres of cable from


just outside the village. It is a massive job to repair and it is


causing tailbacks surround the area. This particular area was a very


severe incident and we lost two kilometres of cable, which was cut


up to 15 -- cab at up to 15 locations. It has been a difficult


task to get it online. Engineers have been working around the club.


BT cable is distinguishable. Most merchants in the Humberside Police


area have signed up to a code of conduct that forbids them from


buying it. Someone somewhere is willing to pay. Almost a week


without connection has made running a business difficult. Lots of


people are affected. They have not got internet, they cannot contact


their friends. It is cause big problems. We have got a cash


machine that runs on a BT line and people have not been able to do --


to use it. It could be Monday before repairs are complete which


means, for some vulnerable pillagers, a baker and cut off and


concerned. -- for some vulnerable villagers, a weekend cut off.


Police said they are in a battle to protect phone networks. It is


costing railway and phone companies millions of pounds a year and


causing massive disruption to their customers. We report on the


technology used to track the feed. From churches to cars, all of these


are targets of metal thieves. There is a van, driven onto tracks near


Hull, shows how far they will go to get their loot. Police have to be


one step ahead. We have asked the Scrap Metal Dealers Act to sign up


to a voluntary code. They ask for identification and install good


quality CCTV. We have an information-sharing agreement


whereby we release details of people convicted of metal theft and


asked them not to trade with them. Thieves are turning to professional


methods. This man helps repair phone cables but criminals have


been known to pose as a work men and used massive winches to pull


wires out of the ground. -- pose as work men. An alarm is triggered if


a cable is stolen. We have put alliance into the Met work and use


roving security patrols. We work very hard. We interrupted some


attempted thefts during Christmas because of our security measures.


The government is working on plans to combat theft including stopping


cash payments for staff and getting more powers to close down rogue


traders and for all dealers to be licensed.


The police said they have helped to cut crime. Tagging technology and


stop and search is also putting off. Until the price of metal drops the


authorities are working hard to stay one step ahead.


That is a story which will continue to follow.


Unions at BAE Systems in Berra have criticised the Prime Minister after


it was announced the sales of the company fell by 14% in the last


year. Unite says the governor needs to work harder to bring defence


contracts to the UK. -- the Government. 150 jobs are being lost.


The Environment Secretary will meet water companies next week over


fears of a worsening drought in Lincolnshire. There is concern over


a hosepipe ban in eastern England 35 years. Anglian Water says it


cannot rule out restricting supplies as early as the spring.


If politicians in North East Lincolnshire are meeting tonight to


discuss spending cuts. They are being asked to approve a budget


reductions of �43 million over the next five years. Around 100 jobs at


the council will be lost as part of the process.


An MP has described the potential loss of 150 jobs at a solar panel


company in Hull as a disgrace. She is blaming job cuts at Carrillion


on the government because it is reducing the subsidy it gives to


house owners may put -- he played solar panels on their roofs. -- who


pet. In East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


around 4,000 homes have had them fitted. For those who can afford it,


so will panels -- solar panels have become the greenway apparent in


their homes while at the same time providing a sound investment. --


the green way of Paris to their homes. They receive 43p for every


can a lot of energy they create. It is being reduced to 21p this year.


That is having an impact on the amount of business generated. The


first big victim is Carrillion Energy, and the closure of their


Hull office, which employs 150 people, was announced last night.


They are a private sector company. There are jobs that we need in this


city and they are going. This is on top of BAE and everything else.


This is disappointing and worrying. Smart firms are being affected too.


This man owns one of more than 40 solar panel businesses in hull


alone. He has seen orders dropped by 95%. If I had known what I know


that I would not have invested in it. It may still come good. We are


still plugging away. At this moment in time it leaves a sour taste.


Gordon had his solar panels fitted last year. He says with Paris about


to be had, he thinks twice. -- with parrots about to be reduced by half.


I think I would have to think long and hard whether it would be a


beneficial move. Gillian says -- Karen Aim says its


office may be closed by its office -- honest.


Joining me now, a solar panel specialist. 43p a Kello what Barrar


being paid to people, that was far too generous, wasn't it? 43 pence


per kilowatt hour. They are reducing the tariff to 21p.


government says this was my highest rate in the world. It made a lot of


people very well off. That they want to spread the benefits which


the 21p tariff. They can have twice as many customers benefiting from


the reduced price. Hywel would you said the government has handled the


situation? -- how well. Not very well at all. The feed in tariff has


been a disaster. It was not structured correctly. There were a


number of issues that came up relating to changes which had to be


made. They are finally getting round to correcting this situation.


A lot of people benefited because of the high tariffs in the meantime.


Did too many firms jumped on the solar panel band widened? Will they


struggle or her struggle to keep going as the uptake on solar panels


dies? It was very good at the time but I think when they reflect that


the price of materials has reduced and the price of installation has


reduced, they should still be able to make their business worked on


the 21p. Could we see the demise of the industry as this goes a long,


if they persist in cutting the tariff? There is a consultation out


at the manner which suggests that from July onwards, they will keep a


track of how quickly so the prices are coming down and trying to marry


the two together is you do not end up with excessive returns and you


can have a stable growth in the Let us know what do you think about


We will have some of your thoughts before we finish the programme.


Still ahead tonight: Heroes remembered.


A Scunthorpe school pays tribute to fjord -- tribute to former pupils


killed in action. And the bird who has chosen


Lincolnshire over East Yorkshire as its winter home.


Keep your pictures coming in if you have got one you are proud of.


Tonight's was taken by Rachel Angela said, I am glad to hear


about the photo of Peter, but I am glad she did not show it!


Once was enough. The end you very much for that! You


will be repaid at a time of my choosing!


It has been a nice day to day, but it was a bit wet for a time in the


afternoon. Tomorrow will be similar. We will see rain later on. You can


see the reason why on the pressure Chad. -- a pressure chart. The


cloud will be pushing her way to the south. The wind is gentle from


the West. Temperatures by the end of the night will have dropped down


to about four. Here rather Sun- Not to Chile to begin with tomorrow.


It will be a bright start with some spells of sunshine through the


morning. The early afternoon will stay dry. As we head through the


afternoon, there will be some outbreaks of rain for some of those.


It will be light and patchy and I think we will see any increase in


class. It will feel quite mild tomorrow. Temperatures will be into


double figures. 10 degrees. It stays mild as we head into Saturday.


In a frost-free start to their day. A band of heavy rain will push its


way southwards during the day. It will feel cooler. On Sunday,


temperatures only around five You might have been naughty last


night, but it helps that we 10 numbers! I liked the old days


better when you would not say boo to a goose.


Now, businesses in Bridlington have criticised the number of parking


tickets given out by East job to's new traffic wardens. It is that


they have handed out as many tickets in one month as the old


police wardens gave out in a year. Traders say it is driving customers


away. Bryan Hepworth is disabled and often relies on the goodwill of


others to get out. On a recent visit to his optician in


Bridlington Town Centre, that is not what he got. Instead, he was


told by a traffic warden to move his car or get a ticket. I have


always left my car there. Commonsense today, I was only a


quarter of an hour. But they are a law unto themselves. The ease


traffic wardens are new. East Riding of Yorkshire Council took


over parking duties from Humberside Police in November with what they


call civil enforcement officers. In that same month, these wardens


issued more tickets than the police issued in a whole year. They police,


because they knew they were giving up that service, run the service


down and only had a few number of officers dealing with traffic


warden duties. Those officers would be used for other police priorities


as well. Although there is free parking available in the town


centre, it is limited. As well as that, the time you can stay packed


up for is not law. The shopkeepers I spoke to were concerned that the


new wardens are bad for business. When business is struggling, a lot


of business in the town would like to see more people coming into the


town, but I think the new enforcement officers are being very


keen and not giving people a chance. We do know what people being in


trouble for parking. We want as many customers as we can get.


Easter onwards, parking restrictions here in Bridlington


will become even stricter. Along the seafront, weekend charges and


now back in operation. With hundreds of thousands of visitors


expected during the summer, it is likely there will be even more


tickets handed out. That is another one you might have


an opinion on. If you have, get in touch. Thank you to everyone who


got in touch after last night's programme when we reported that


senior Lincolnshire Police officers were urging the government to set a


The mother of a soldier who died in Afghanistan has welcomed a wall of


tribute that has been put about her son's old school. Anthony Lombardi


is one of three former pupils at Melior Community College in


Scunthorpe who have died in military service. They are all on


the school's new hero wall. Corporal Byran Budd, Corporal Ben


Leaning and Craftsman Anthony Lombardi all lost their lives


fighting in conflict overseas. Anthony was out in Afghanistan in


2009. His fear call was hit by an IED. -- his vehicle was hit by an


IED. He was killed instantly. memorial in Camp Bastion remembers


all the soldiers who have died in Afghanistan, including Bryan and


Anthony. Ben died in Iraq in 2007. Now, a memorial to all three men


has been erected in their hometown of Scunthorpe. This wall does not


just there to commemorate those associated with the college, but


they are selling these panels to raise money for help their heroes.


They are very important in helping ex-servicemen who have returned and


may be injured or traumatised. They also helping the families in lots


of different ways. We are very proud to be included. As long as


the school is open, we know that the pupils passing through that


school we hear of them. It will honour what they gave, what they


were doing and what they did best. That was being part of the British


Army. The wall will serve as a long lasting tribute to these three


soldiers, but it is hoped the money raised will help many more families


affected by war. School children in Hull came in


from a surprise today when their lesson was taken by the captain of


Hull City. Jack Hobbs lent his support to a new online revision


programme which is backed by the Football Club. The former Spalding


Grammar School pupil certainly knew his stuff when it came to Mass. --


maths. This online learning programme


features Hull City quite heavily. These pupils work saying, sir, to


Jack Hobbs, the captain of Hull City. I remember spending are was


looking through books, trying to pick things up. Sometimes, when you


get it through a different angle, it can help stick in your mind.


That is the idea behind it. I hope it will catch on. Schools are


always investigating new ways of engaging children in revision.


Teachers who have reviewed this one say it is one of the best. It is


something they can do at home. It will grab their interest. I think


it is really good. You know how boring it can sometimes be a


reading through books, so this put an edge on its. What do you like


about it? All the learning that you can do. What did you like about it?


The penalty shoot-out. The learning programme is in place for children


aged eight up to 16. Staff at a wildlife sanctuary on


the Lincolnshire coast are trying to nurse a rare visitor back to


health. The puffin was a long way out of his patch when it washed up


on a Lincolnshire beach. Feeding time for a rare visitor. An


exhausted puffin washed ashore and brought to a Skegness Sea Life


Centre. Getting this your bed fed and released back into the world is


the challenge faced by Curtis. Warmth is key to its survival.


what we know, the last one was about 10 years ago, but one did not


survive. They have probably been about three in the past that have


not survived. This one is doing amazing. The others did not seem to


last the night, it was too stressful for them. Today, he has


not been one of the main attractions. Just a handful of


visitors coming to see him. Staff here are keen to keep him out of


the other animals limelight so he can regain his health. They are not


something that is easily seen. It is something very rare. We will be


glad to get this one back into the wild. The puffin is hundreds of


miles adrift. At this time of year, the beds are usually in the North


Atlantic or in colonies of the Scottish coast. Price -- by spring,


they move. The hope is that they will catch him up. If one likes to


be beside the seaside, except a puffin. They prefer to be out at


sea or by the close. When this one is released, it will have to decide


whether to go south or make its way north to Bempton Cliffs. This is


how he will get there, taking off from the sea. A young puffin who


could be lucky enough to find his way back to his kith and kin.


Now a recap of the headlines. More powers for Scotland. David


Cameron makes a new offer in the devolution debate after a meeting


with Alex Salmond. As far health workers are suspended


from the children's ward at Scunthorpe General Hospital, the


town's MP says managers have taken swift and appropriate action.


have to be assured that the hospital has taken the steps that


it needed to take today in suspending these staff. It is also


making sure the safety and well- being of patients is paramount. We


need to be very patient now and let matters take their course.


The forecast for tomorrow. Spells of sunshine. It will cloud over


later. Top temperatures mild all day at 10 Celsius. That is 50


Fahrenheit. He response coming in on the


subject of solar power. One person says, this is electric for the rich,


as poor people have to pay over the odds for our unit. Why should they


get subsidies? Someone else says, they should cut


the subsidy, these people are saving money on their energy bills


already by having solar panels. Catherine says, the government


should give a subsidy to the neighbours and have to look at the


ugly solar panels. David says, the tariff was too high and too


ambitious to remain for long. Finally, Linda says, the government


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