17/02/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. The headlines: A six year-old boy and his grandmother


drown in a Lincolnshire duck pond. It may be one of these cases where


we never fully establish how this accident happened, but we are


treating it as a tragic accident. He claims that school Jubilee


celebrations could be illegal as teachers call for lessons about


alternatives to the Queen. Grimsby celebrates the return of


its adopted warship and crew. Catching the bad books before they


bite. The new technology to kill unwelcome visitors.


And it is going to turn colder through the weekend. There is frost


on Saturday night. I have a Good evening. A six year-old boy


and his 70-year-old grandmother have been discovered dead in a


village pond in Lincolnshire. Police began a search yesterday


evening when the boy's mother reported him missing. It happened


in the hamlet of Holywell near Bourne. What more do we know at


this stage? In the last 24 hours, this


picturesque corner of Lincolnshire, a mile or so from Castle Bytham,


has been the subject of a major RAF search with the aid of underwater


dive teams. The bodies were found last night and early this morning.


Police say they may never know how the pair ended up in these freezing


waters. This remote country late in the


village of Holywell has become the scene of a terrible family tragedy.


The six year-old boy came here some time yesterday with his grandmother


to feed the ducks. Somehow, and we may never know precisely how, they


ended up in these freezing waters. It may be one of these cases where


we never fully establish how this accident happened, but we are


treating it as a tragic accident. If anyone was in the Holywell area


who may have seen the grandmother and her grandson in this location,


please come forward. The search began when the boy failed to turn


up at his mother's home. The grandmother lived in Castle Bytham,


just one mile from the lake. It is a complete shock. You do not expect


anything like that to happen around here. It is a tragedy for somebody


to being a local area and for something so happily -- horrible to


happen to him. My condolences to the family that is left behind.


police are offering whatever support they can to family members,


both in Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.


It does look like the police will never know what actually happened?


That's right. They only really know a very rough chronology of what


happened. They are assuming that this boy was on his way home to


Leicestershire with his grandmother to go back to his mother's house


after half term. We do not know when they were here, and the police


are appealing for witnesses who may have seen the ground mother's car


near this lake to come forward. There is a post mortem examination


taking place on the boy and his grandmother tonight. The police are


not expected to release their names or any details about them until


Monday at the earliest, but officers offering comfort to all


the families involved. In a moment, the father from


Gainsborough who has had 40 operations in his 13 year fight


against cancer. Some more news. Police and hospital


chiefs say they cannot predict how long they will be investigation


allegations that a baby was injured at Scunthorpe General Hospital.


Five staff from the hospital have been suspended. The Royal College


of Nursing says it expects all staff were being trained in how to


restrain children when treating them.


There have been put it cuts -- budget cuts of �43 million at North


East Lincolnshire Council. Anglian Water, which supplies homes


in Lincolnshire, is warning that Rutland Reservoir could begin to


fall beyond manageable levels. The company says it has position --


permission to these levels by taking water from a nearby river,


but that might not be enough. There are calls for children in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to be talked about an alternative to


the monarchy, following claims that some schools could be breaking the


law by promoting the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Republican


campaigners and some teachers say that children are being


indoctrinated into supporting the royal family. His -- this report


contains flash photography. Here in the East Riding village of


Everingham, they are preparing for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


This is a special year this year, isn't it? Yes. Gren Halton believes


it is important that her granddaughter understand the


relevance of this year's events. They are tomorrow's generation, and


they should be aware of what a great job she does for us and that


she is important. We should celebrates all these things. It is


part of our heritage. Not everyone is getting into the party spirit. A


group calling itself Republic says it is organising a series of anti-


monarchy protests in the run-up to the Diamond Jubilee. We do not


think that the Jubilee is something to celebrate. If you ask yourself


what the Queen has done to achieve a position and how she has managed


to stay in that position, it is not a democratic process. We do not


think children should be indoctrinated to think that is OK.


In particular, and the monarchists believe that the school's cooking


competition launched by the Duchess of Cornwall could be on lawful --


unlawful because it presents celebrations of the Queen's Diamond


Jubilee. It is not done it in an informed way. You do not find out


about what the monarchy is, or why we have a monarchy. Despite


opposition from some, there appears to be no shortage of people ready


to dig out the bunting to celebrate the Queen's 60 years on the throne.


I am joined by Graham Smith from the anti- monarchy campaign group


Republic. Good evening. Good evening. Is it is an over-reaction


to what will be a great weekend of celebrations and parties? No. It is


not a great weekend for the whole country, it is not a national


celebration, it is a royal celebration. A quarter of the


population in polls at the time of last year's wedding said we would


be better off without the royal family. More people were not


interested in the wedding and are not interested in the Jubilee. We


are seeing reduce numbers of street parties and events. There are a


wind -- wide range of opinions around this issue. Schools should


not be jumping on the Royal bandwagon and celebrating the


monarchy. They should be remaining balance and impartial. But the


Department of Education told us today that the law is designed to


stop children being indoctrinated, not from joining in a national


celebration. What is your concern? As I said, it is not a national


celebration. It is not for the Department of Education to choose


when the law is applied. The law is there to ensure that political


abuse and institutions are presented it in schools in a


balanced way. If they simply put across the monarchy as being


something that everybody is celebrating, they are excluding all


other possibilities by doing that. There certainly marginalising those


possibilities, and that is not appropriate. Last year, we were


inundated by letters and e-mails from parents concerned that their


children were being forced to take part in celebrations. Let me read


you some letters we have had. These Republicans do not take into


consideration the amount of money that the monarchy brings into the


country. In other one says that you're short-sighted not to see how


valuable the Queen is. Your views are not popular. A handful Alf --


of e-mails and letters to your studio does not change, but rather


reinforce his wife -- point. There are a variety of views on this


issue. This is the whole point of the law, to ensure that balance is


maintained in our schools. A final question, will you be working on


the bank holidays over the Diamond Jubilee? I will be, because I work


for Republic, and we will be staging protests on the weekend


itself at the Thames pageant. We have people coming from all low-


fare the country because we are opposing the idea that we all as a


country should be celebrating an undemocratic institution. Good to


have you on the programme. Thank you. Is it wrong to encourage


schoolchildren to celebrate the Jubilee, or our critics missing the


Jubilee, or our critics missing the point? What you think? You can e-


mail us at [email protected] You can follow us on Twitter off owners.


can follow us on Twitter off owners. -- or telephone us.


You can pursue this topic on the Sunday Politics this weekend. That


is up on Sunday at 12 A M -- told pm on BBC One.


He has had cancer six times and has had 40 operations to fight the


disease. Chris Underwood-Frost from Lincolnshire is still going strong.


The father of one from Gainsborough has said his son has been an


inspiration in his fight for cancer. He hopes his story will be


inspirational for others. For all Chris Underwood-Frost,


medication is part of everyday life. He has to inject himself with the


drug drug mac to keep his cancer at bay. Incredible, given that's he


was given only 18 months to live 13 years ago. Moving forward, I have


had its further cancer and cancer treatment over the years. By the


third time, I was getting used to the fact that I was getting --


having to go to Hull every few weeks. Chris was diagnosed with


weeks. Chris was diagnosed with skin cancer in 1999. A year later,


scans revealed lymphoma. In 2006, he discovered a lump on his chest,


and so then he had lung cancer. and so then he had lung cancer.


Last year, he had bladder cancer, and in December, another lump was


found there. Despite that, he has carried on working as a councillor,


and he is running for the job of Lincolnshire's Police Commission.


He is one of the most vocal on the county council, and he is never shy


in coming forward. To be like that and bees are so vociferous about


things he cares about in his community is incredible.


doctors at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull are also astounded. It is


quite an amazing story. There is something about the melanoma,


something about his physiology, something about his mental attitude.


He has been very positive from the word go. But Chris says his son Max


has been vital in fighting his cancer. Max, my beautiful son, is


the person who keeps me going. He is the first love of my life. I do


not want to upset anyone out there by saying is, but I live with


cancer. I refuse to die of cancer. That is it promisee is determined


to keep, even if he has to take life one step at a time.


An amazing story. Still to come: So Alyn home.


Grimsby celebrates the return of its adopted warship.


And Hockney hits the heights, as sales of his prints which once


If you have any Peck shares, send their men. -- pictures.


I have had a battering this week from our weather presenter but it


is -- she is looking lovely tonight It has been mild today but it will


turn colder as we go through the weekend. Tomorrow it will brighten


up in the north. A cold front will put its front north. That will


bring us a fair amount of sunshine for the afternoon. Today, you can


see on the satellite picture that the cloud was thickening up from


the West. It has given us some outbreaks of patchy light rain. We


will keep mostly cloudy skies tonight. By the end of the night,


the temperatures will drop down it. Here are the sometimes across the


regions. -- Sun Times. It will be a cloudy and breezy start to the day


tomorrow. Very mild first thing. Then and have rain will push his


way southwards across the day. It will brighten up nicely in the


north. Plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. The wind was changed


from a south-westerly to an north- westerly direction. It will feel


cooler in the afternoon. Our maximum temperatures will be around


nine degrees. Once the sun comes out, temperatures will start to


drop. Clear skies overnight into Sunday, this means we will have a


frost. Temperatures below zero. Try and find on Sunday. Only around


five degrees. As cloud increases on Monday, it will be 12 degrees by


It is colder in Spain! Have a good weekend.


She has been working all around the world and today the Royal Navy


vessel HMS Prince they sailed back into her home port for the first


time since 2008. -- HMS Grimsby. The town is planning a weekend of


celebration. Today at the mine hunter sails past


local Mant -- landmarks and into Grimsby docks for a three-day


stopover. I am absolutely thrilled to be the mayor that is welcoming


it back. I am hoping they are going to come out in their droves to show


their support. HMS Grimsby was commissioned in September 1999. She


has spent the last three years in the Gulf. Permission, to sweep


large stretches of water to check for mines and other shipping has


its. We find it, classify it, inspected and dispose of it.


this is how they do it. Sending underwater vehicles to inspect


objects that Cup on their radar. This is one of the systems we use.


This is put into the water once the team have identified a possible


mind. On the front we have a searchlight and a camera. It could


turn out to be a mine or a shopping trolley! This will be then


recovered and we will send out a live one it with a charge on the


front that will be detonated to destroy the mind. The team are also


supported by divers. We will attach a four at pound pack of plastic


explosives to it then we will swim away and detonate the mind. I am


scared of the sharks. After a stressful day, food is always


available from the ship's two chefs. Stuff ends up everywhere because we


get thrown about. It makes it more exciting than working at home!


weekend, a warm welcome is in store for all of its 37 crew members.


As part of the celebrations this weekend, you can go on board HMS


Grimsby. It will be open to the public from 11am until 3pm tomorrow,


when the crew will play at charity football match at 4:30pm. On Sunday,


there will be a parade from the town hall at 10am and a service of


thanksgiving at 11 o'clock. If you are going, have a good weekend.


A big response after last night's programme when we were talking


about how the hulls and --, North MP is blaming possible job losses


at a solar panel come to be on the Government. She says the decision


to reduce the subsidy for house owners who install solar panels is


bidding companies at risk. We asked her where the Government meant --


we astute whether the Government should cut the subsidies. Shone


things that Harrods should go round to -- down. He says it is the poor


are subsidising the rich. Jill from Skegness says that she has recently


had solar panels put on and they were extremely expensive and will


take years to pay for themselves. It is unfair to hit householders


who are trying to cope with rising costs. It -- Thomas says that the


Government cannot afford to cut its subsidy.


This summer's Olympics will see thousands of tourists flock into


the country's what else, but there are fears that a man's them could


be some unwelcome visitors. Scientists say that there has been


asked he cries in bed bugs. -- amongst them. A company in


Lincolnshire thinks it has found a solution.


There is one there. They are the little mites that feed


on our blood when we are slipping. Scientists say that the big bug is


making a comeback. This company thinks it may have the answer to


getting rid of them for good. set up our heat exchangers around


the room. In this market tell run, I get a demo of how the equipment


works. -- mock hotel room. The temperature here is soaring. Once


it reaches around 60 degrees Celsius, it is hot enough to kill


the little creatures living in our bedrooms and to drive them out of


our homes for good. They are quite a big problem and a problem that is


growing. 40% year-on-year increase. Scientists think they are becoming


more work resilient to pesticides. The also hitch-hiked on our clothes


as we fly around the world. In New York, they closed the Nike shop on


the exclusive Fifth Avenue and even reached the basement of the Empire


State -- State Building. The team are now getting ready for an


invasion of the unwanted guests during the Olympics. We said may


help the Olympics, every hotel in Sydney was affected by bedbugs.


Within nine months, 65% of all hotels in Australia were affected


by bedbugs. And chemical-free, it is also agreeing a way of banishing


the little creatures and making sure we all sleep tight and do not


let the big bugs bite. Grimsby Town hope to continue their


unbeaten run as they travel to Southport for tonight's match. The


Mariners beat Bath City in their FA Trophy last night, making it 10


unbeaten games in all competitions. BBC Humberside will have, J tonight.


Hull City are not playing this weekend because of the FA Cup, so


BBC Radio Humberside will have coverage on that the Leyton Orient


game. BBC Lincolnshire are watching the Kidderminster verses low-


intensity game. Both of our rugby games -- teams are playing over the


weekend. Hull Kingston Rovers coach says he is still to decide how best


to fill the gaps left by the half- back in the game against St Helens.


Michael Dobson winning seven was injured after his trying the win


against Wakefield. -- after his try it during the when it. There will


be players that play on the weekend but have not played before, so it


is up to them to put their best foot forward. I'm confident we can


do this. Enjoy your football and rugby league this weekend.


His recent exhibition has been a sell-out, and today work by David


Hockney was sold by almost �1.4 million. More than 100 etchings and


drawings went under the hammer at Christie's in London as his work


continues to put East Yorkshire on the National Mac.


He is the UK's most influential artist and almost �1.4 million was


raised in an auction today. This picture Los Angeles was the most


expensive at around �121,000. These pictures may not be his most famous,


but it seems everyone wants a piece of this Yorkshire artist. He is


very influential. His art is very hard to pigeonhole because he has


tried his hand at pretty much everything. His life in America


influenced much of today's work, but more recently it has been the


East Yorkshire landscape that has been his source of interest --


source of inspiration. It is a landscape that is but a very


particular, very characteristic. -- very particular. It there is


something very beautiful about the place. He is attracted to it


because it has never been painted before. David Hockney may now be a


household name, but you tucked away in this Art Gallery in Hull we can


see a glimpse into his earlier work. This painting was done when he was


a student. On the bottom it faintly says, do not give up yet. Advice


thousands of art lovers are now very glad he took. He is one of our


few artists that are living in Britain now that are almost


household names. People do seem to respond to his work and be


interested in it. In the art world today, 1.4 million is the small fry.


This Cezanne was bought for 158 million. But given his ever


increasing popularity, his features sales might also be as record-


breaking. The continued success of David


Hockney. A quick recap.


Rupert Murdoch confirms plans for a new paper, saying the sun on Sunday


will watch very since. A six-year-old boy and his 70-year-


old grandmother are discovered dead in a pond in Lincolnshire.


A dry start with heavy rain in places, becoming drier with


sunshine throughout the afternoon for a Saturday but feeling cold as


temperatures drop to around eight Celsius.


Our top story, the death of a six- year-old boy -- sexual boy and his


It happened in the tiny village of polyglot near Bern. Our


correspondent is there. What will be happening over the


next few hours. But police are saying that their priority is to


support the grieving families. There are two families braving


tonight, or one in Leicestershire and one in Lincolnshire. The boy's


grandmother looked just up the road. She was very well known here. She


had led to a for 30 years. People were visibly shocked on hearing


that news. A very sad time for most families and both communities.


Reports coming in on the republic's views on that monarchy after


talking about it earlier. Tracey's says, an important part of our


culture to celebrate the jubilee. Lisa has said on Twitter, I will be


celebrating without a doubt. Stewart says, 75% of want a


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