20/02/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Warnings of the worst drought since the Seventies, farmers and wildlife


feel the effect. You need weeks of persistent drizzle, persistent rain.


A minibus carrying schoolchildren has crashed and overturn the are


Market Rasen. The school yard question from a


seven-year-old which has turned into a race row.


The last minute try it -- the last minute try which robbed Hull K R of


a victory, but was this broken clock to blame?


And do Skegness and Hull deserve their reputation as some of


Britain's bleakest towns? The Government says it will act to


minimise the effect of what could be the worst drought in


Lincolnshire since 1976. The summer between ministers, farmers and


wildlife groups has been held in London today. Anglian Water, which


supply is Lincolnshire, has already pleaded with his customers to


reduce water consumption. What has come out of today's meeting?


Inane messages, everyone must work together to save water as suppliers


come to be more unpredictable. Customers are being asked to be


more careful it, and not to waste water. Taking showers rather than


bat. Water companies also have a role. Anglian Water and Yorkshire


Water have some of the highest leakage rate. Hosepipe bans are


needed early during drought. Farmers are looking at possible


water storage. They're looking at plans to combat a dry winter in


2013. Drought is already causing big problems.


The parched land of 1976. One of the West -- one of the worst


drought recorded in the UK. 35 years on, a similar picture is


emerging. Normally at this time of year, we would be up to full


capacity. It would be full of water. It is quite dry at the moment.


Drought is beginning to affect the crops being grown. These are last


year's potatoes. This year is not looking so positive. For a potato


crop, which comes in late May, early June, to get our yield, we


have to have the water. If it was tried between now and then, there


could be some major problems ahead. This matches the area most at risk


of continuing drought. Unfortunately, it includes areas


like Lincolnshire, where most of our food is grown. More rain is


vital. We need months of torrential rain, they may not be a popular


thing to say, but lots and lots of drizzle. If that does not come, and


there is no sign of that on the horizon, there is a possibility we


will have restrictions, hosepipe bans, for instance, in the not-too-


distant future. There are fewer birds of this reserve in Skegness


because the water levels are so low. The drought is almost as bad as we


have had it here. If it continues, the main effect will be on the


breeding bird population. Particularly things like lapwings.


The Czechs need soft mud to feed them. -- their offspring need soft


mud. There were calls for lasting changes to protect our water in the


future. Next month, the Environment Agency will publish a list of the


ad is expected to be in drought in spring and summer in the hope of


helping people plan for the year ahead.


Before we came on air, I asked Richard Benyon what they're doing


to help farmers. We have worked out that Corporation across boundaries


of water companies is happening. We need that to happen more. We need


to be sure we are assisting food producers, wherever they are. Water


is available now, they are using that he fell on farm storage for


irrigation purposes and that everybody has joined up in what


we're trying to do. Environment Agency in government, working


closer with water companies, farmers others to make sure that


we're using water as wisely as possible. The water companies


themselves are not looking after water, are they? Anglian Water and


Yorkshire Water have some of the worst leakage rates in the country.


We have seen a lot of improvement on that. 36% of improvement in


recent years. What is happening. A lot more needs to happen, I agree.


What is really important is the water companies are talking to each


other and we are able to, where possible, move water through into


connectors from areas that are poor in water to areas where it is rich.


It is taking water from streams and rivers that are already dry. That


is not going to work, is it? many parts of England, there are


water -- rivers where the water level is beyond any level which she


can take water from but others aren't. That is why we are taking


action now, to make sure that we are able to take water where there


is a surplus in certain rivers and use it over the summer. It is not


just about rivers and water companies, it is about everybody,


how we use water in our household, demand and supply. That is what we


were looking at today in the summit. What would be a long-term plans? So


that we are not in this mess next year and the year after? There is a


pattern forming here. We agreed this morning that there are some


emergency matters to take forward to deal with the problem this


summer. We recognise that we could be facing an issue next year if we


had a third dry winter in a row, we want to make sure that we are


taking every step we can to use water has wisely as possible but,


where possible, move it from areas which have led to areas which have


not. At his record nation through government comes in. -- that is


where co-ordination through government comes in. Thank you.


Richard Benyon. The government says we all need to work together to


conserve water. Will that be enough to avoid drought measures in the


summer? Your thoughts on the Coming up - the crew of HMS Grimsby


say they fell 10 ft-tall marching through their adopted port.


A minibus carrying schoolchildren has crashed through a hedge this


afternoon and overturned in a ditch. The bus was from the Aegir


Community special school in Gainsborough. The accident happened


on Top Road near Market Rasen. We have been following the story. What


can you tell us? The accident happened at just after


3pm. It is not known whether any other vehicles were involved. No


children were hurt. The driver and his passenger were airlifted to


hospital by the Yorkshire air ambulance. All parents have been


informed and the pupils from the Aegir Community special school are


now say. Lincolnshire County Council have told us an


investigation have been launched into what happened. -- has been


launched. This will spark fears amongst parents, coming just days


after a bus crash in France. A grandmother who drowned along


with her grandson in a Lincolnshire lake has been described as a


wonderful neighbour. Dawn Mullany was found dead with her seven-year-


old grandson, Laurence Mills. His head teacher said he was a star


pupil he will be sadly missed. Flowers were the only sign of the


tragic accident that happened here. Described as a lovely needed a -- a


lovely neighbour who doted on her grandchildren, Dawn Mullany died


after a visit to the lake to feed the ducks with her grandson,


Laurence Mills. Our neighbours, Pat and Terry saw her just before she


left. We saw her at 10 o'clock in the morning. She was of is the


going off with the little boy to feed the ducks. I have never seen


her sad. There must be really tragic. Her daughter and her


grandchildren were her life. She loved gardening and worked in local


nurseries. She would do anything for you. A post-mortem has revealed


that they both drowned. Some local residents think that she may have


been trying to save our grandson when she drowned. Police are


continuing to give their support to the family involved. They lost to


loved ones in this tragic accident. Today, his head teacher said he


would be sadly missed. He had a wonderful sense of humour, he was


chatty, sociable and had impeccable manner -- Becker will manners. He


loved everything about school and was the first here every morning.


An inquest will take place later this week. There are still no clear


answers as to how a special day out ended in tragedy.


A Lincolnshire MP has been forced to apologise to Parliament after


failing to declare his interests and a private health company. The


MPs' register of interests shows that Mark Simmonds, who represents


Boston and Skegness, has paid �50,000 a year as an adviser to the


health care form. -- was paid. He has apologised for not mentioning


that when speaking on the debates in the Health and Social Care Bill


last year, as he should have. inadvertently admitted to draw the


House's attention -- inadvertently omitted to draw that pays attention


to my capacity as an adviser for a local health care can bide --


provider. I would like to take this opportunity to correct the record


and to apologise. Two unexploded little bombs --


World War Two bombs have been found near Louth. The area has been


evacuated and bomb disposal experts have been at the scene -- will be


at the scene tomorrow to make it safe.


Still ahead - the crew of HMS Grimsby fire up new friendships in


their adopted port. The people of ghoul fightback


against claims that they live in one of the UK pause my bleakest


As soon as you went away the weather improved.


I am nearly as Orange as you! This is real.


They headline is quite a mild one for this week. On Thursday, we


could see 15 Celsius across parts of our region. And compare that


with the Saturday 11th February when we were down to minus 15. They


headline is dry and mild with variable amounts of cloud. Very


variable amounts of cloud. Very little of that rain to help the


drought. In general, it does not promise too much for the next two


weeks. This is a dry direction for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. It


will also be mild. We have had a week weather front slipping down


from the north-west which has produced some patchy rain but most


places have remained dry. Just a bit of patchy rain - small minds.


It will clear up and all parts will become dry. The sun will rise in


the morning at 714 A M. A day of the variable, sometimes large


amounts of cloud. The odd spot of rain to start with. Some sunny


spells coming through. It will feel milder than it has done it today.


Top temperatures... The 60 forecast - rain on Wednesday but lookout


Thursday! 15 degrees. -- look at the first if. -- first day.


the first if. -- first day. See you tomorrow. Education


officials say they are working to resolve claims of a racist incident


in a school playground in Hull. It is being reported that parents were


called to Griffin Primary school in East Hull. It was after a seven-


year-old boy asked a younger pupil about his skin colour. Go it was


that this school where a seven- year-old boy asked a five year-old


if his brown skin meant he was from Africa.


This school reported it as a racist remark and launched an


investigation after the younger boy told his mother what happened.


my view, the child was not racist but simply being inquisitive and


QEGS and doing what a young, bright child would do - ask questions.


school says areas a legal duty to report any incident perceived to be


racist. The mother involved was asked to sign a document saying he


had made a racist remark, she refused saying he was been curious.


The school said they were following council guidelines. The guidelines


are drawn up with the help of Ofsted. One teaching union says the


need to be applied more flexibly. understand why they would want to


pass it on in, but I think the judgment as to whether something is


racist is something which will need clarification. Other regions of the


city had seen a different -- at influx of diverse nations but East


Hull remains a diverse region. not think that is racist at all, it


is perfectly natural for a child to want to know why someone is black,


brown or whatever. We have lots of mixed-race children Penair school.


What do you think of the remark? Yes, it is racist. It is just a


curious question. It is quite normal really. An innocent question


or racism? The parents involved have met with the council to try


and get a resolution to this. I am joined by Abel Rivera from a


group that promotes the well-being of black and ethnic minority


communities throughout Hull and the Humber. Them Good evening. Neither


mum thinks this is racist. A local MP has described it to me on the


radio as crazy. Is it racist? not. It is curiosity. Children of


this age Arona process of learning. They want to know what about others.


-- are in a process. We believe this is not racism but curiosity.


It is an opportunity for us to learn from this incident, as


parents, as a school and as a wider community. When we talked about it


on the radio today, everyone said the same as you. Has the school got


this wrong? The school has its own policies and I do not want to


comment on those. From what you have heard, does that seem rather


heavy-handed? At this age, there is no racism. There is curiosity. We


need to encourage his curiosity. We need to use this opportunity to


take this as a learning curve for our communities and area city.


There are many communities in this city. How would you have dealt with


this? Which you have used it as at discussion.? Of course. That has


happened. There is a great debate about this. It is quite knew how


this works, a place for a many diversity is, we are in the


learning process. The important thing is the welfare and safety of


the children. Thank you very much indeed.


Some sports now. Hull Kingston Rovers secured a


hard-earned draw with St Helens at Craven Park in a fiercely contested


fixture. The Black and Whites held on to win. The docking points from


both matches will be discussed on the Super League show. -- the


talking points. In football, Scunthorpe United


earned back-to-back wins to ease their relegation worries at the


foot of League One. They came from behind at Leyton Orient when Josh


Walker equalised with a precise finished. Then Andy Bartram made it


two when he stretched to put the ball past the keeper. It was then


new boy Jon Parkin who secured a 3- 1 victory near to the end of the


game. The pressures of management are explored on late kick-off


tonight. You have to bring in new players. All the best players went


last year, so that is a tough one. Hopefully the fans can see that and


stick with the boss and the team. It has been difficult because you


want to walk in and have a success right away, but we had not been


able to do that. That is off on late kick-off tonight.


Grimsby athlete Richard Buck found great form at the weekend to keep


alive his Olympic dream. Richard, who works in a supermarket to make


ends meet, was first in the 400 metres with a personal best at the


Birmingham grand prix. After the success of the recent David Hockney


exhibition in Hull, drawings by Leonardo da Vinci are to go on show


in the city. The 10 joins will be exhibited at the Ferens Art Gallery


later this year. -- 10 drawings. They belong to the Royal Collection


and are touring the country to mark the Queen's diamond jubilee.


think it is the first time Leonardo has ever been to Hull. They are


some of the greatest works of art in European culture. They are


normally kept in Windsor Castle. The only really come out on


exhibition. For a venue like Hull to have them is really quite


special. Fantastic! The crew of HMS Grimsby say they


felt 10 ft tall as they marched through their adopted port at the


weekend. Thousands of people turned out to watch the parade and


hundreds queued to get a look round I think the link with Grimsby is


important. It is something for the town to associate with.


We are proud to have them on this You feel 10 ft tall walking through


the town centre. It is nice to have that feeling of being appreciated


Now, he claims to have been to the bleakest towns and stayed at the


shoddiest hotels and eating questionable food. Tynan Moore's


latest book includes Skegness, Hull and cool but is all bad news for


those destinations? Crispin Rolfe reports on some redeeming features.


You are awful but I like you! some other towns feel a bit 70s at


times - do they really need reminding of it? Skegness, cool and


Hal all feature in a bit -- in a book by 10 Moore. -- 10 nil if.


Goole is one of the few places I struggled to find a silver lining.


I cannot say was the right time of year, it was a wet Wednesday at the


end of November. I was looking out at this wasteland before me. 1926


saw the construction of the most famous landmark - built above a


thriving court. Has the view from the water town got better or worse?


Here is the town mayor. We are sitting in at I 165 sitting arts


venue. -- 165 seatubg arts venue. You can walk round cool without any


fear, it is very safe. It is not a bad town and it is getting better.


Not everyone is convinced the town had a lot to offer right now.


not a big fan of cool, I would rather go to Doncaster. There is


nothing here. It is rubbish to be fair. There is nothing here.


name of Goole derives from the Anglo-Saxon for open sewer - surely


that means it needs all the extra love it can get. There is no such


thing as bad publicity however. Let us get some chat from Crispin


now. What is the chance of a change of image? Proposing a day trip to


go for Valentine's instead of Venice, is probably where I had


been going wrong. Look at the water weighs however, they are


spectacular even if industrial. This town is now bidding for city


status as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. If he should get


that, it would make a massive difference. Local Vettel businesses


say they can see massive potential for business coming here. -- local


hotel business. This could make a real difference to this East


Yorkshire time. Thank you very much. Let us recap the main headlines:


There has been a damning report on border security of the UK. The


government warms of the worst drought since the 70s, farmers and


wildlife in Lincolnshire feel the wildlife in Lincolnshire feel the


effects. Tomorrow's weather - dry with sunny spells. Top temperatures


of 11 Celsius. Response coming in on the subject of water and how to


save it. John says we used to live in the north-west Highlands and


there was an enormous surplus of water - surely we can pipe water


from a violence to eastern England? There should be a priority for her


There should be a priority for her water companies. -- from the


Highlands. Water companies should be able to deal with the demands. A


typical response from profit-takers and politicians from Stephen. I


would be happy to lose -- use less water if the water company reduce


my belt. Richards says - the first thing to


do is fix the pipes. Do not lose water down a broken pipes. Finally


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