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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


To a Mac families wait for answers as the final preparations are made


to exhume a body from a halt cemetery.


Nobody expects two funerals for the same person. It is like a double


whammy. Better protection for our homes -


more than �30 million has pledged for flood defences.


Two charities - but one has to pay fuel that. Now thousands of people


signed a petition calling for the payment to be wait.


And to hug are not to hug? As John Prescott admits to never having his


sons, we asked if we left affects your softer side. And with rain


coming tomorrow, we will find out more about the weather shortly.


Good evening. Final preparations are being made tonight to exhume a


body from a cemetery and help. Buried by mistake in the grave of


Christopher Alder. He died in police custody and 1998 and his


family thought they had buried him. It is now believed the grave


contains the remains of Grace Kamara, as 77-year-old woman from


Nigeria. DNA tests will take place after tonight's exhumation. He


preparations for tonight's exhumation have been underway all


afternoon. It is now more than three months


since the body mix up involving Christopher Alder and Grace Kamara


first came to light. I cannot believe it. I thought we had buried


him. It was disbelief. For 37-year- old Christopher had died in


controversial circumstances in police custody. A high profile


funeral was held later in Hull. But the wrong remains were buried and


this has had a very personal impact on Richard's family. Her last wish


was to be cremated and scatter her ashes on my brother's grave. It is


going to be so hard because nobody expects two funerals for the same


person. Grace Kamara's friends and family


had already gathered her for her family -- funeral when council


officials confess they could not find her body. I would like her


body to be returned to the grave where she has been laid since it 11


years. Her body is already there. There is no need to carry her again


to the cemetery. I want her to rest in peace. Exhumations are fairly


rare. All they around 1000 licences are granted each year. Tonight's


operation is likely to be a painstaking process involving up to


30 different specialists. Once you are satisfied you have got the


right coffin, the coffin is taken intact and taken to an appropriate


mortuary. It will only be opened when it is in the postmortem


facility and the body can be inspected, photographed and then


removed for whatever procedures unnecessary.


To still be from Hull City Council has admitted the last few months


have been difficult for everyone involved. -- Trust all day. When we


found out, we were devastated. It is nothing to what the families


have been through. That was the main concern. As well as


distressing, there is a police investigation. There is a milestone


we're trying to achieve which is to understand and find out what


happened all those years ago when we believed the two bodies had


become exchanged. To miked's exhibition will be difficult for


the families but it will be closer to them finding out how their loved


ones could be mistaken for one another.


Fit he is outside the northern cemetery in Hull at the moment.


What is this the sequence of events tonight? Close members of Richard


and Laura's family are expected to arrive now. They want to be present


further removal of the top layer of soil which contains her ashes. They


want them for that to be put back on a Christopher's grave. He was


buried in a private family funeral on 9th February. After that, around


midnight, the digging will begin. It is not that will take around


five hours and then a coffin containing the hearse will leave


here for a specialist mortuary at around for a five am in the morning.


It is that to identify the remains? I have been talking to the police


about this and they say they have dental records of Grace Kamara and


this process should happen very quickly and efficiently. So they


are expecting to know that by close of play tomorrow. They will inform


the family's first of all and then the wider public probably the day


after. But all very quick. In a moment on tonight's programme:


The one-woman campaign to try and make life better on one of our most


deprived estates. The amount of money used to protect


homes in East Yorkshire from flooding will almost be doubled in


the coming year. The Environment Agency says that more than �33


million will be spent on flood defences in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire in order to protect thousands of homes and businesses.


Our environment Correspondent has more.


Whether it was water pouring into houses and Louth, streets filling


up last year or large parts of Hull being left devastated in 2007. All


over the last few years, floods have left their mark on his part of


the world. Where we are now, the water was at least a fit deep. In


some parts it was up to the waist. This man helped people on this


estate get back on their feet in 2007. For physically you cannot see


anything that has been done. People are worried that when we do have


prolonged rain, we are going to get flooded again. But from April the


amount of money being spent on flood defences is doubling to �8


million. And includes work in the estate. It is rising in


Lincolnshire to nearly �26 million. This business is one of the


businesses hoping to get some benefit. It was badly flooded and


2007. But now work is being done at the nearby river in the hope of


cutting the risk. Any work that is being carried out, that will


protect the residents of the village and the surrounding area,


the assets of the charity. Therefore any work that is going on


is really important to us. Other improvements from April include


shoring up defences on the Humber and pumping more sand into beaches


near Mablethorpe. But with thousands of homes at risk from


flooding, protection as a monumental Russ -- monumental task.


We have done some important work since 2007. Approximately a third


of Lincolnshire is below sea level so it is essential we do continue


was the maintenance to tenure the defences that we already have and


to provide improvements that we can in the future. Despite all the hard


work, the main problem in this area is the scale of the rest. We have a


risk of flooding from the sea, from rivers and from unprecedented


amounts of rain. And protecting against all of those factors is


almost an impossible task. A story we will continue to follow.


An East Yorkshire man believed to be in his forties has died in a car


crash on the M60 to. The motorway was closed for several hours this


morning's rush hour. The road is now reopened and the investigation


into the crash is underway. The postmortem is taking place on


the body of a man found dead early this morning. The 44-year-old was


discovered in the city's Birchwood estate. Two men have been arrested


in connection with the death which has been described as an ex plained.


The former MP has become the latest applicant for the police of --


position of Police Commissioner. He will compete for the Labour


nomination alongside the former deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott


and Hull's Mayer calling Inglis. There are elections will take this


in November. The air ambulance could save money


each year if they could avoid paying VAT on the fuel they use. At


the moment they're forced to pay the tax under European Union rules.


Even though they are charities and make no churches. Now a Yorkshire


MP is calling for changes. -- no charges.


Two lunches of emergency service vehicles. Also entirely funded by


charitable contributions without a penny from the Government. But as


one of them has to pay VAT on the huge amounts of fuel used every


time they set out to save lives. Under European Union rules,


Yorkshire's two air ambulances have to pay 5% VAT on the �10,000 worth


of fuel they use every month. But another EU role says charity


emergency vehicles working at sea, another word lifeboats, can be like


-- tax-exempt. This is the sort of battle their EU often gets itself


into. We are saying that they have their Government collects the VAT


and then gives it back to the air ambulances. Hugh Bayley has laid


down a motion in Parliament. He wants the Government to reimburse


VAT and now and the petition is being watched calling for a House


of Commons debate on the matter. They are doing a great job for this


Government. They have been saving the Government's for successive


years millions of pounds. They should be able to get back the VAT.


The petition is really taking off. 1000 people a day signing on since


its launch last week. 100,000 are required to trigger a debate by MPs.


If you have a view on that, send your views for that.


Still ahead tonight: We ask whether hugging your children depends on


where you live. I hugged her every day. It shows them that they are


cared about and it makes them happy. And why we are turning to auction


houses to try and get quits then in 2012. -- pounds in.


It tonight's picture is a Bridlington harbour taken by Met --


by Barry Mainprize. Good to see the Red Arrows practising early on.


I thought I would humiliate you by sharing this. I thought you might


like to know, my car thermometer has reached seven Celsius this


afternoon. When you read it out of context, it sounds extremely dull.


It will be wet for the next 24 hours. I am not so sure it will be


anywhere near enough to alleviate the dry conditions. Just look at


where the air is coming from. Through the sub tropics. This is


why on Thursday afternoon, once we get that rain out of the way, if we


could have temperatures of 16 Celsius across parts of our region.


Right now, there is variable amounts of cloud. Around 13 Celsius.


It has been very mild and it will be reasonably mild tonight. Quite


breezy. The cloud will come and go. Temperatures drifting to around


five or six Celsius around the Wash. So the sun will rise in the morning.


You high water times. We are off to a dry start on Wednesday, perhaps


some brightness around the Wash. It will not last long. The cloud


thickens by the end of the morning. Rain spreading across. The


afternoon, wet and windy. The wind will be strong, occasionally gale


force from the south-west. So a miserable day developing after war


will be a dry start. Temperatures around 11 degrees Celsius in


Grimsby. The further out -- Thursday looks pleasant. 15 or 16


Celsius Enmore favoured locations. There will be some rain on Friday.


The weekend is looking nice. Dry Dear Sir, Are there any vacancies


available in the weather Department? Good night! Nice to


talk to you. John Prescott has sparked another debate following


comments he has made about hugging. I Yorkshire psychologist has told


Look North he is saddened to hear that Lord Prescott does not hug his


children. He made the comment in an interview where he said it is not


part of British culture. He has never been far away from the media


spotlight. He is known for throwing a punch, when he got an egg thrown


at him in 2001 but this week, Lord Prescott of Hull showed us his


softer side, talking on Desert Island Discs about his relationship


with his children. I cannot put my arms around my sons. I do not know


where it comes from. I think it is part of British culture and it is


reflected in me and I am sad about that. Men a father's will actually


share this concern because for some of them to hug their child is


difficult. It may also be something about a certain generation.


some it is an awkward moment but is it anything to do with where you


live or your background that holds Faber's back? This father and


daughter work together in Hull but they do not hug. I do not have a


problem with it but I just think it is a bit weird. I show affection


with a punch on the arm! Down South are the more likely to show


affection than as northerners? hug her every day before I leave


for work and when I get home from work. It's made them feel loved.


always give them a hug hello or goodbye. The modern man everywhere


is hugging more than ever. Every one needs a good cuddle! You have


got to just get out there and give people a cuddle. Definitely.


Friends and family all the time. The being have Italian it is in the


blood. A hug makes you feel better. I asked a professor what he made of


John Prescott's statement. exudes the northern macho man so


probably not surprising but it is quite sad in one way that someone


like that too is such a public figure went forward and said that


sort of thing. It will have major repercussions in some areas. He is


presumably not on his own. Many fellows of that generation will not


hug their sons, how do the mess out? I think it is a generational


thing but there is also an north/south divide issue here. I


think generally surely men of his age, unfortunately I am almost


close to his age, but I am a great Hauger. -- I think generational


wave. -- I am again eight Hauger. How do the mess out? Today we hear


a great thing about the emotional intelligence. I'd really do believe


that if you do not have a physical connection with your parents then


you really will miss out. I would not say kids would be deprived, but


if you do not have that sort of physical real connection that


presents a really positive image for children from their parents


then the likelihood of not being able to do that as you enter adult


food is clearly there and we should be a bit concerned about that. --


adult food. And finally, is it ever too late to start? The longer you


go on it will be more difficult to express yourself. We should all at


least tried to hug one person a day. I will go home and tried to hug


one! What do you think about this one? Do you hug? Is it a


generational thing or and 35 apprentices are to be taken on


by a steel company in Scunthorpe. The apprenticeships will begin in


September. Last Jean-Claude Junckers the company announced job


losses. There will be a controlled explosion carried out on two --


items found by a bigger. -- the bigger. And a big response on the


issue of Lincolnshire facing its worst drought since 1976. Yesterday


there was a meeting to discuss minimising the impact. Customers


have been asked to reduce water use. One man says we should be imposing


hosepipe and -- hosepipe bans now, not later. Barry asks: "If the


water company are restricting my water are they also lowering my


bills?" And finally Mark asks "What's wrong with desalination of


sea water? Egypt and similar countries don't run out every year


despite lack of rainfall" People in one of Scunthorpe's most deprived


areas are now enjoying a better life thanks to the work being done


by one local woman who's turned her own life around. Linsey Rouse from


the Westcliffe Estate is offering new hope to people with


homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction as Amanda Thomson reports.


It is a warm place to relax and meet friends but it is a way from


this region which attracted disenfranchised locals for years.


used to come and hang about and have a laugh and I thought if I am


bored, other people might feel the same so I thought we should have a


drop-in centre and I look for some funding. This is what she has


created. Three times a week she opens the police and attracts up to


30 users per time. I come here, I used to get up to all sorts. Now it


is something better to do with my life. I have got a shared house now


and I am sorting my life out. better than standing here freezing


all the time or going over to sit on the wall. You need places like


that to go. Scunthorpe's Westcliffe is an area with its share of


problems. So very welcome is help with homelessness, alcoholism, drug


addiction and its health implications. What we have got our


chronic leg ulcers that you have had four at nine years now? I have


been treating you for nine months. I look at the palm to people's


general health caused by drug use. Hectares -- it is a way to get


people in for treatment, they will not go to their GPs for things like


dressings. Recovery exists within communities, not just within


mainstream centres but there are other assets. Nurse Linsey has


Further funding has been secured Another step to a better future.


Scunthorpe United have a chance to move further away from the


relegation zone, if they beat Walsall tonight. Alan Knill is set


to name an unchanged side for the match at Glandford Park. If they


win this evening it will be their third successive victory. And you


can hear commentary from be Iron's match on Radio Humberside tonight.


The build-up begins in Sportstalk. They are on air now. Auction houses


attract all goes one time prized possessions. Here in Lincoln at


this auction house they are noticing an unusual trend where


people are offloading rare and unusual items for a quick return.


This is a blunderbuss. Something like this comes up very really,


every five or seven years. Nowadays they are coming up every year


because people are having to update their finances in order to do other


things. This is alluded on trunk which in itself is very valuable.


It came from the wife of a man has rasher in India. Even after 40


years in the business, there are more surprises happening now for


this owner. It makes people stop and think that the it may be things


of value in their wardrobes. Take this trunk, we have had many that


always make a lot of money, but never won by -- from a princess in


India. That itself will make a lot of money. And how about this


acquisition, a whole bucket full of unusual coins. Just one is all it


takes to make a fortune. This vehicle was driven here and it was


taxed until the end of June. It is worth a couple of grand. Now a cap


of the headlines. A eurozone bail- out of 130 billion euros seems


Greece. A body will be exude from a cemetery in Hull. And the weather


tomorrow is wet, windy and very mild. Now 1 beat subject of hunks,


someone text in to say we live in the south and our love is not gone.


We hug every day. Another woman says we hug every day and we are


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