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Good evening and welcome to Look North. The headlines: a danger to


children for the rest of his life. The East Yorkshire man the jailed


for violent actions. He convinced that two women that he


was a caring and loving partner when in actual fact he was harming


their children. The region's first eating disorder


clinic opens its doors. The teenager who stole thousands


from the reality TV star, Katie Price.


And it hours of work and painstaking detail - find out what


100,000 matchsticks can be turned into.


And join me in 15 minutes for the Good evening. A man from East


Yorkshire who fractured the skull of one child and left another with


permanent brain damage has been jailed for five years. Hull Crown


Court found out that Adam Hewitt from Bridlington lost his temper


and caused the injuries. Two social workers lost their jobs for failing


to protect one of the children. The results of an investigation will be


revealed next week. Adam Hewitt was described in court as being a


danger to all young children. A low tolerance for their behaviour and


an inability to control his temper. He was sentenced to five the years


in prison at Hull Crown Court for causing serious injuries to two


children, both are just one you all. The first attack took place in 2007.


-- Botha were just one year old. He fractured at the baby's skull. He


was not prosecuted for VAT and one a year later moved in with a new


partner. He then was responsible for a more serious assault on her


baby. The child suffered severe brain damage, broken ribs, and a


broken leg. The police officer in charge of the investigation said


significant force had been used and leave -- and it left the kind of


injuries consistent with a car accident.


He convinced that these women he was a caring and loving partner. In


fact he went on to harm the children. And he did so with no


witnesses and nobody there to defend the children.


An inquiry has already seen two social workers lose their jobs. It


is now the subject of a serious case review. The finding of the


children's board will be released next week. Today a council


spokesperson welcomed the sentence and said the protection of children


in East Yorkshire remained their priority. The investigating officer


believes that Adam Hewitt will remain at danger to young people


for the rest of his life. The children year attacked meanwhile


have been removed from their mothers. One is in the care of the


local authority. Coming up, the Speaker of the House


encourages young people to take more of an interest in politics.


The family of an elderly woman who died after being left outside a


care home and freezing temperatures say that failings at the home have


been exposed. 84-year-old Dorothy Spicer from Market Deeping was


living at the warm and Stanford when she died in November 2009. --


living at the home. Our reporter is in Stamford. What is the background


to the case? You can see the care home behind me.


This is where in November 2009 Dorothy Spicer, and 84-year-old


with Alzheimer's, was somehow allowed to remain outside all night


in freezing temperatures. She died of pneumonia. The coroner said the


systems in place supporter Protector were not applied. For


example, a door alarm what apparently went off but it is not


clear if staff checked to was outside or undertook a head count.


What has been the family's reaction?


They have been waiting for two years to find out exactly what


happened and today the totter said that she was happy the truth was


finally out there. -- the daughter. We listened to three harrowing days


at an inquest. There are no words to express how I feel about the


home and the people that allowed this to go on. That allowed that


night to happen. A catalogue of errors.


What has the Care Homes said? They're -- be released the


The family say that they now want to draw a line under these


distressing events and they are happy now in the knowledge that


their perseverance should prevent a 600 jobs could be lost from North


Lincolnshire Council over the next few years. The Conservative


controlled authority has now agreed its budget plans. It is hoped that


many posts will disappear through natural wastage.


Police in in Lincolnshire will cost council tax payers an extra �7 per


year. -- policing. It is aimed at saving 60 uniformed posts. 70 have


already been cut. Just days after an alleged brawl


between MPs in the House of Commons bar a young people have been told


that they should take more interest in politics. That is according to


John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, talking to


students at Hull University and calling on politicians to work


harder to improve their reputation. The Speaker speaks out. John Bercow


came to Hull as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the


University's politics and International Studies Department.


Many of the students take a keen interest in politics. The speaker


feels that what happens at Westminster is not seen as relevant


to many other young people. My message to these youngsters as,


OK, even if it does not fascinate you, let me try to convention. Let


me try to engage you can win you over to the merits of a voting.


It is estimated that 44% of 18 year olds voted compared with 65% of the


general population at the most recent election. I have been out on


the streets with pictures of two prominent local politicians. Alan


Johnson and David Davis. Do you know who these men are?


I don't have a clue. Have I guess.


Is his name Richard? He is the President of the country.


Not quite, at no. Alan Sugar?


No, Alan Johnson. Oh, I have met him before!


This follows news of a brawl between two politicians in the


House of Commons bar. We do not do ourselves any favours


with excessive, noisy, apparently disrespectful comments. We have to


move away from that. So, a plea from the Speaker for MPs


to set a better example. What do you think? Let me know. You


can contact us using the details on The Sunday politics is back this


weekend, looking at a deal that Lincolnshire police have just


signed for the first of a privately owned police station in the United


Kingdom. BBC One, made day, Sunday. The Pilgrim Hospital in Boston is


reviewing the supervision of junior doctors after concerns were raised


by staff. Junior doctors claim they do not get enough support Pike --


from consultants. The hospital's trust says it will seek reassurance


that the learning environment is effective.


A women from Cleethorpes who suffer from an eating disorder says that a


new unit open today will help hundreds like her. The centre is


the only one of its kind in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and is


designed specifically for people with eating disorders. Our reporter


has been speaking to Kate Thomson, who once weighed less than a for


stone and knows how important a treatment centre like this. She was


just 11 years old when she became obsessed with what she was eating.


Kate was later diagnosed with an eating disorder and at one point


her weight plummeted to a life threatening level.


I could not allow myself any other happiness. It is upsetting. You do


not allow yourself any pleasure at whatsoever. I dropped to three


stones �10. My head was heavier than my body, I could not lift my


head. A new centre open that the Diana


Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby today. It is estimated that


14,000 people in the region have eating disorders and many are


already lining up to use the centre. I wanted people to walk in without


thinking, oh, I am in a hospital. We want them to come in and say,


wow, this looks lovely. This is one of the five bedrooms


designed to help people recover. But in every room you step into


there are quotes on the wall. The idea is to give people help. -- to


give people hope. Support groups are behind the move.


Young people are developing the condition at an early age. Some as


young as eight or nine. It is frightening.


The Cape is now well on the road to recovery.


-- Kate. I am just trying to gradually get


it back more, and just smile more. She just had -- she had to travel


to Leeds for treatment but is thrilled that others can get it in


It is 6:41pm. Thank you for watching. Still to come - the rugby


players of the future packing up tips from Hull's finest.


And a tribute to a feat of engineering, made out of


First though, this sort to have taken over leggings Danes Dyke.


Another photograph on the programme John says, Peter seems to be


uncomfortable when you get the weather spot on, he prefers to see


you look at Phil! And your point is? It is the only thing that keeps


me going! The headline for the next 24 hours


is a fine one with quite a bit of sunshine and it looks as if we are


in for a nice weekend right across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and


North Norfolk with high pressure coming in from the south so it


looks very pleasant. Quite cool at night with a widespread ground fast.


There's the cold front which is taking away the milder air behind


it. It is cooler, fresher, not particularly cold but we are still


in February so it means a touch of frost for some. A fairly clear


evening apart are part of the world. On the whole, it is dry, clear


periods with temperatures down to one degrees. The summarise in the


morning at 7:00am. We're off to a bright start in the morning. Quite


cool but there should be a fair amount sunshine around. Dry and


bright. Some patchy cloud but there will be a decent amount of sunshine.


The breeze, white and moderate. Temperatures are still above


average. It will feel cooler than today at these levels are not to be


snapped up for February, nine or ten degrees. A touch of frost again


on Saturday night. Sunday looks fine but Monday, a bit damp and


dreary and there were back into the very mild weather for Tuesday and


Wednesday. Chris says, can we have a mention


for our society? He is chairperson of the poll huts and appreciation


She's a teenager from Lincolnshire but somehow she walked into a bank


and convince them that she was the model Katie Price, stealing


thousands of pounds from her account. A court heard that 18


year-old Kerry Marshall from Sleaford had developed a dangerous


obsession with the reality TV star before buying expensive jewellery


and a sports car in her name. This report contains some flash


photography. Dressed like the model she is


obsessed with, Kerry Marshall hid her face from cameras as she left


Lincoln Crown Court. The 18 year- old had admitted six charges of


fraud after trying to empty Katie Price's bank account of �25,000.


The court heard Kerry Marshall had been born a man. After she began


dressing as a woman, she became obsessed with reality TV star Katie


Price. She even was arrested for posing as a security guard and


conning in her way into the star's home. After that, Kerry Marshall


somehow got hold of Katie Price's bank details. She pretended to be


the model and asked the HSBC to send her a replacement bank card.


Then she went on a spending spree. Marshall withdrew �1,000. Then


bought a �600 bracelet, a �9000 sports car and spent �400 online.


Then she took another �1500 before failing to move money to her own


account. The deception was uncovered when Katie Price's own


bank card stop working. The court was told the model was extremely


upset. The judge told Marshall it almost beggars belief. The public


would be completely shocked at how easy it was to be Miss Price. The


teenager was given a two-year supervision and community order and


told never to approach Katie Price ever again.


A little earlier I spoke to Neil Munro who is a fraud expert who


says in many ways, this is a typical fraud. What has happened


here is a case of somebody has got hold of information about Katie


Price, I'm not too certain where that has come from, maybe credit


card details that were obtained. They will then work that


information to add other information to then go and do


exactly what this lady did. You say that but walking into a bank with a


blonde wig and sunglasses saying your Katie Price, as the judge says,


it almost beggars belief. Yes, obviously there was an attempt to


look like Katie Price but of course what banks are doing these days is


looking at information about the individual and I suppose if that


individual looked like Katie Price and presented enough facts about


Katie Price that the bank thought were genuine and valid, I suppose


they probably would move forward on that basis. If someone cannot


impersonate one of the country's most famous celebrities, this can


happen to anyone? This is an obvious case but it does happen


more and more. This account to Dover, as it is told, is one of the


fastest growing areas of fraud because getting a new credit is


difficult for genuine people so it is even more difficult for


fraudsters so they are now attacking a current tax -- current


accounts. What can the rest of us do to make sure that somebody else


doesn't become last and get our money? The first thing is to


recognise information about you is worth more than the gold credit


cards to a for Ulster. So, look after it, make sure you only give


it out when you need to would also make sure you are checking


everything you've got on a regular basis, checking back accounts


regularly to make sure of the payments are going out and are


genuine and Schneider Show that you check your credit history on a


regular basis as well so you going to as many sources as possible to


identify potential activities so you can stop it as soon as possible.


If you have a story for us, contact us. We had a really mixed response


from you after our story about the Cat Zero project based in Hull.


Launched three years ago, it was hailed as a new way of getting


young people into jobs, education or training. One of its most


controversial aspects involved spending �500,000 of taxpayers'


money on a yacht, training young people to sail. But managers behind


the scheme says it has been a huge success, saving millions in the


One of Hull FC's top stars has been passing on his expertise to


children in the city. England player Tom Briscoe was at Hull's


half-term training camp giving tips to the potential stars of the


future. Their dreams are crystal clear,


they want to emulate their heroes and start for Hull FC. Today this


academy is their KC Stadium. Watching their every move is Tom


Briscoe and his team-mate. Tom's words are listened to intended.


main thing is just the enjoyment. Time out to play rugby is a very


important. I did it when I was younger and I enjoyed every minute


of it and that is what I want to do so hopefully we can see some of


these in the future playing. After time on the field executing those


drills, it is back to the sports hall to receive well earned


commendations. While the immediate future of Hull FC rests on people


like Tom Briscoe, it seems the long-term future is in good hands.


Tom Briscoe told us that when you on the wing and it is a windy day,


always keep your eye on the ball and get under it. When you're on


the wing, if you don't want to get wiped out, keep down low so you can


score in the corner. What did you think of him as a player?


brilliant player, I hope he stays with us. Tonight Hull plays at


Salford. There's full commentary on Hull


FC's game at Salford on BBC Radio Humberside tonight. The build-up


has started with Sportstalk which is on now.


Football - Scunthorpe United will be hoping to put their midweek


disappointment behind them when they play Brentford at Glandford


Park tomorrow. You can hear commentary of that keen on BBC


Radio Humberside on FM from 1:30pm. On medium wave and DAB, you'll be


able to hear Grimsby Town's FA Trophy match against York City.


Coverage starts at 1:30pm and both matches kick-off at 3pm. BBC


Lincolnshire will have coverage of Lincoln City's Conference game


against Telford from 2pm. It's a bridge you might recognise,


but made entirely from Matchsticks - over one hundred and twenty-five


thousand of them. It's the painstaking result of 16 months


work by George Brown. Now he's given it away to his daughter's


school. A Humber bridge that is a marvel in


structural engineering, or inspiring in its majestic design


and the painstaking time it took to complete. But for all its splendour,


I wasn't actually talking about this Humber Bridge, I was talking


about this one. 9 ft wide, 2 ft tall and made out of over 125,000


matchsticks. People look at it in a different way, some people say it


is a form of art, others say it is a sculpture, some say it is a model,


some say in a feat of engineering. I am still overwhelmed with that,


even though I have done it to, but rich and I see it, it is amazing.


He I needed to get the curve and I realised that I'd build it on glass,


the PVA glue would not stick to the glue. In total, it has taken 16


months to complete but within that time, there was a three-year gap


while George recovered from a stroke. It has left him unable to


continue working with his hands so his daughter finished it for him.


When Dad had his stroke, we decided that I would finish it off and


repair it by finishing off the walkway and repairing any broken


railings to that were damaged. It is really hard to make two gates,


never mind the whole bridge. Important questions - first of all,


it is there any debt associated with the structure? No, there has


been political issues but only with me and the wife! He has now had a


bridge over to his daughter's school where it will soon be on


permanent display but if you look closely, the whole family,


including the dog, will always be part of it.


Let's get a recap of the headlines. A 65 year-old former businessman is


on his way to America accused of selling missiles to Iran. He denies


the charge. A danger to children for the rest


of his life, the East Yorkshire man jailed for his violent actions.


Tomorrow's weather - dry and bright with sunny spells. Top temperatures,


ten degrees. We were asking if young people are


interested in politics. One says we don't listen because you don't care.


Another says, I don't care because they are only care about rich


people. This is an interesting one - he says I am shocked that kids


are not taking more of an interest in politics although I am only 13,


I still find politics interesting and I have my own opinions about


what is going on. Mark says the youngsters are only interested in


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