05/03/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Could evening. The headlines: a vote of confidence in Grimsby. New


investment as hundreds of fish processing jobs are created. Good


news for the port at that there bringing 250 jobs. Good news for


everybody. Warnings that the cockle industry is in crisis because of


quotas. People cannot earn a living. They are not even earning a minimum


wage. Calls to keep the cost of insurance down for people in flood


risk areas. And preparations are underway to move the carcass of a


whale. And do not forget to join me Good evening. Millions of customers


of one of the UK's biggest supermarkets could soon be buying


fish protest -- processed in Grimsby. Morrisons has announced


that it plans to build the processing factory which will


create 200 new jobs. The multi- million pound investment is being


welcomed as a boost of confidence in the town. Our Business


Correspondent reports. Our appetite for fish grows up bigger every year


and Morrisons want to sell more of it. Its investment in Europe's fish


processing capital will mean the new factory and hundreds of jobs.


We believe the technical skills are here and as far as supplies is


concerned there is a great deal of knowledge in area. The announcement


comes just weeks after another farm said it wanted to shed 300 jobs.


hope that the company will come here and find a secure future. And


that other suppliers well as well. Good news for jobseeker's as well


like this former fish processing manager. Although he warns that


competition for places has never been so fierce. It is a tough call


to get into work here. Does this investment give you walk? Yes. If


they're coming then hopefully other people well as well. The fish will


be distributed to all 475 stones across the UK. In a town of above-


average unemployment the sort of investment will always be welcomed.


What will be interesting will be the response of other UK


supermarkets. It could mean further investment of the same time.


Karen's the fish market is the most obvious beneficiary. -- Grimsby.


do not know the details yet but look for to building a relationship


with the company. Recruitment for the jobs begins in the coming weeks


and the company is not ruling out expansion and more jobs if the


What is the thinking behind this Also poor markets are finding it


difficult to get fish and their shells. -- all supermarkets. The


price of diesel has a lot to do with that. What the company of


doing is taking more control over its own stores by saying they will


Whilst it might be good news for the fishing industry in Grimsby


fishermen in The Wash say that restrictions on gamut of cockles


they can catch arc stretching the industry to breaking-point and they


say that things could get even harder. Jamie's boat has been tied


up for eight months. He wants to be doing this. Harvesting cockles. But


Fisher men reached the limits set by the fissuring -- fisherman's


authority and now cannot catch any more until a new quota is set.


Terrible. People cannot earn a living. They have not even make the


minimum wage for the last 12 months. This is a lucrative crop worth


�1,000 per tonne. But fishermen say that the rules leaves them


scratching around for work and reliant on a few private contracts.


With successful stock management we can provide a successful future.


There is quite a lot of damage your but it is not purely problem. A


cable has been laid here Connecting the Skegness wind farm with the


shore. It has cut through a cockle bed and killed some of this year's


stock. Anywhere from 800-1,200 tonnes. So they're coming back to


cut through again which will destroy more. Another cable will be


relayed by the wind farm owners in May. They say that because -- the


dispute the claim. But they admit that it is unclear how many young


cockles died. For many this is just another pressure on a struggling


industry. The boats you see here a you shouldn't see here. They should


be out doing their jobs at sea. At the moment their benefit claimants


and their boats are in debt. Fishing is a trade handed down


through the generations. But no fish are many here say that the


economic pressures are so great that unless something changes at


the industry is at risk of dying Coming up: why the Red Arrows will


not be flying like this over the 115 people face redundancy with the


closure of a well known haulage a farmer in Hull. Administrators have


been called to AR Lunn which has been running since 1983 and


transports containers to and from the UK's major ports. Modern one


decade after a wealthy widow were left �12 million to the hospital,


Cromer hospital open new units today. Others will fall on the next


few weeks. Lincolnshire Fire and rescue is trying to recruit more


women. They say that women with children at school could help.


Calls will be made this week for flood insurance to be kept


available and affordable for homeowners. On Wednesday government


ministers, insurers, and local councillors will come together to


discuss the problem of people not being able to get their house


insured because they live in a flood risk area. Recent figures


suggest almost 17,000 homes are at risk in Hull and East Riding alone.


Wendy is one of the only 15,000 people whose home was flooded in


Hull in 2007. -- nearly 15,000 people. Although the deluge has


gone she is still feeling the effects. Insurance premiums have


rocketed. Our last premium came to �750 pair in Year and �15,000


excess. How can anybody find that? The floods left the insurance


companies with a bill running into the billions. A deal between


government and insurers to cover flood risk homes 10th next year.


That has left many homeowners worried that they could be


blacklisted by insurers. government must bear pen and decide


who to support will communities. We cannot leave entire cities unable


to access the insurance market. Despite fears many homes could


become unsaleable this estate agent claims they still appeal to first-


time buyers. It will have some effect but there are plus sides.


You just got to lookout for other insurance elsewhere. When they


eventually found the company to insular her for what here but is


worried what will happen after that. I am really dreading that. Not just


for me, but for all the flood victims. We had many sleepless


nights and I had a nervous breakdown. I am sure this will put


a lot of pressure on people who cannot get insurance next year.


When they now lives with the constant fear it could all happen


again and that she will not able to I am joined by the floods Minister,


Richard Benyon. Can you be sure our viewers that their homes will not


become unsaleable. -- can you reassure? We are working very hard


to reach principles there will cover the arrangement that ends in


2013. We want something that falls at which makes insureds widely


available. People can get insurance right now but ideally what you want


to see happen after 2013? That homes will take precautions to


limit the effects of flooding, which many are doing. That is


reflected in premiums. Government will be spending �2.7 million over


the next three years on flood protection. We will continue to


play our part in making sure that happens. And we want to find an


arrangement so that we can announce in the spring to the insurance


industry that insurers will be widely available. And also


protection for those on low incomes. Are you close to that and will be


insulins be affordable? Day is no arrangement on a affordability. The


so-called statement of principles is just about availability, not


cost. The recognise there are many people in flood risk areas who have


the threat of the actual effect of massively increased premiums. We


want to make sure government is still doing it spat but we also


want reach agreements with the insurance industry to make sure it


is widely available and affordable. Diana Johnson, a local MP, says


flood defence budgets are being cut by 27%. Is that true? No It is not.


We are spending 6% less than the last spending period but you


spending it better. We're keeping an extra money from other sources,


�72 million this year, we hope more next year. And the efficiency of


what we're doing, we hope we can put forward a good part of the


Government's part of the deal, putting money into flood defences.


You might want to comment on this. You can get in touch using the


It is 64 2pm. Still ahead: find out why it is an important night for


swimmers ahead of the Olympics. And the challenge of moving a 30 ton


Tonight's photograph is from Driffield and it was taken by


Stephen Keane. If you have a picture you are proud of, send it


An old sea dog! Perhaps he can tell me how to do the forecast.


stopped you before you were rude about Abu!


Tomorrow will be a quieter picture, a ridge of high pressure means much


less wind and it has been blowing a gale on the coast with guests


approaching 50 miles an hour. The swirl of clout is feeding cloud


into East Lincolnshire and North. - - cloud. It has been a horrible day


again over the last few hours. The cloud feeding in, patchy rain,


further north and west dry it with clear spells. A touch of frost in


set -- in places. Eventually, the wind will ease. The high water


A much better day in general, there will be cloud to watch out for in


extreme south eastern parts. The risk of patchy rain towards the


Wash and North Norfolk. Some sunshine and a light south-west


breeze. Everywhere will feel less cold. The top temperatures:


temperatures up to nine degrees in Gainsborough and Lincoln. Further


Outlook, Graham MacPherson, sunshine and showers, predominantly


dry towards the end of the week and getting milder.


In matters to us sea dogs who you have upset! -- it matters. Too late


to back pedal. See you tomorrow. They're one of the most familiar


sights in the skies above Lincolnshire - and we're all used


to seeing the Scampton-based red arrows flying like this. But for


the rest of the summer season, there won't be nine hawk jets - but


just seven - looking like this. It follows the death of two pilots


earlier in the season. The reds will still fly in their traditional


nine formation for flypasts at big events like the diamond jubilee,


but for this summers displays only, their numbers will be cut. I spoke


to Aviation writer Jim Ferguson This is a great shame, I do not


think it should detract from the scale of the aerobatic team. People


will flock in hundreds of thousands to any Red Arrows display so the


main thing well before the members of the team to reassess where they


are. Do you think This is the start of a scaling back of the Red


Arrows? I would hope not. This country has lots of past Aviation


icons, the only one we have got left is the Red Arrows. If anyone


in the Treasury or the money- changers, keep their fingers out.


Do you sent politicians might think now is the time to draw a line


under the Red Arrows -- do you sense? The aircraft are getting


older. An interesting question, you have to ask the Chief of the Air


Staff or the Defence Secretary. It would be an unpopular decision for


whatever reason. Hundreds of thousands see the Red Arrows every


year, they are at the top of the world's aerobatic display teams.


Even if the aircraft are wearing out, thought should be given to


replace them and make us aware of the possibility but not for many


years. They have had a torrid 12 months. Correct. The Bournemouth


accident and the other tragedy. Not good at all for any unit of the


Royal Air Force or military unit. Not good for the Red Arrows because


the team spirit is quite remarkable, they are a team in the finest sense


of the word. The goods to talk you. -- good to talk to you. And this is


another story you might like to comment on. As always, you can get


in touch in all the usual ways - the email and text numbers are on


the screen now. Hull Kingston Rovers got an


impressive win in the Super League as they beat Widnes 36-0 at Craven


Park. There was also a win for Hull FC yesterday, as Linsey Smith


reports. Former Hull FC coach Richard Agar


was denied a return to the KC Stadium. The Wigan boss watched


Hull notch up a lead. Will sharp increased their lead and it looked


like they had achieved their first clean sheet in six years. But the


Wildcats staged a rousing come at - - come back. It ended her love C 14,


Wakefield Wildcats 10. -- Hull FC. At Craven Park, the Robins got off


to the perfect start with a third- minute try. Jake Webster and George


Hodgson got their names on the scoreboard, the traffic was all


one-way. It was Craig hawk who scored two of the six tries. The


coach praised his side for managing a 36-0 winner despite some of the


worst possible conditions, turning the match into a mudbath. Hull City


face arch-rivals Leeds United tomorrow in their latest attempt to


move back into the play-off places. The Tigers left it late to salvage


a point at Blackpool after going behind at Bloomfield Road on Friday.


In the end a last minute Matty Fryatt goal secured a point for


City. We have to play are run game and


play the way we can light Blackpool second half. We want to be


dictating the game. That is the main goal and focus.


Scunthorpe United manager Alan Knill says this month will be vital


for their bid to stay in league one. Saturday's 4-1 win against Wycombe


means they are now two points above the relegation zone as they prepare


to travel to Oldham tomorrow. month is a big one, nine games this


month. If we can come out of it with positive points we will be in


a good position for the last month. And a reminder that former Hull


City Boss Phil Brown and Scunthorpe's former manager Brian


Laws will both be on Late Kick Off this evening. We'll also be able to


see all the weekend's goals - that's at 11:05pm tonight.


Three Lincolnshire swimmers are fighting for their place at the


London Olympics this evening. Lizzie Simmonds, Katie Haywood and


Sophie Allen are all competing at the Olympic Aquatics Centre in


London for a place in Team GB. Our Olympic correspondent Simon Clark


is following their progress for us. Simon, how likely is it they'll


make it? If you go to the BBC red button,


you can see this live and in 10 seconds will know if Luneside East


-- Lizzie Simmonds is making it for the women's backstroke. Here it


comes. The key moment, we will learn whether Lizzie Simmonds has


been successful or not. It is one of two events we will be watching,


we need to see if she will come second. In the 100 metres


breaststroke, Kate Haywood. She did tremendously well in the heats but


needed the qualifying time, she needs to swim faster tonight. This


young lady, Sophie Allen has had a tremendous meeting, qualifying for


the other final and goes head-to- head with TT tonight. She needs a


fast race. They race will be on at about 7pm tonight. Watch it on the


BBC red button. The rotting carcass of a huge sperm


whale has provided an unexpected tourist attraction for Skegness.


Hundreds of people have been to see the remains since the whale was


discovered on Saturday morning. Preparations are now being made to


remove it from the beach. Here's Simon Spark.


Today in the wind and rain, there is little to see but sand. Despite


the weather, what lies beneath has brought people here to take a


closer look. Something, pollution which is doing this. It is really


sad. A once-in-a-lifetime thing. We shall never see it again. How do


you shift something like that? 50 ft sperm whale washed ashore on


Saturday. It's believed to have died a few days before it was


beached. Because of that, it was covered with sand to minimise its


pungent smell. Basically, I saw this shape and I thought it was an


upturned boat. As it got closer, the smell made us realise it was a


carcass. Sadly, for that to happen, these things happen in nature.


Experts said there were a number of things they could have happened.


should have been in deeper water than the sea off Skegness. It was


probably in the North Atlantic or Norwegian Sea where it is deeper.


It would have been feeding on squid, they can dive to 3,000 metres. I


think it would have been up there. That's my guess. Its 50 metres, 50


ft in length but the real problem is its sheer weight. Estimated to


be between 25 and 30 tons and that will be a real issue when trying to


move it. A decision on how to finally move it is still to be made.


Simon Spark is live in Skegness. Simon, what will happen to the


whale's body now? Well, we will update you had three


in a moment. It is a third night under the sky for the Skegness


whale. It is lying under a blanket of sand 300 yards from me. Most


people have come to see it and a trickle of people coming to see it


and they have asked me the same question, what will happen next and


how will they move it? To update us is East Lindsey District Council.


Any further answers? We are waiting for a licence to remove it from the


beach. It is a priority for us to get it moved. It is still covered


in sand preventing smells. People are flocking for a morbid tourist


attraction. How will you do it? would talk to the contractor but we


want to move it in one go. We will talk to the contractor or about


dragging it off the beach. It will not happen tonight but it will


happen at some point tomorrow. It is a very sad end to what was a


very magnificent creature. Thank you very much. Let's get a


recap of the national and regional headlines: Civilians fleeing the


Syrian city of Homs tell the BBC the security forces are committing


atrocities. A multi-million pound investment by


a supermarket chain in Grimsby is hailed as a vote of confidence in


the town. Tomorrow's weather, mainly dry with some cloudy. Sunny


spells likely, especially in western areas. Maximum temperature


Well, that's it from us for the moment. Some response on the


subject of flooding. It would be sensible to stop building houses on


land susceptible to flooding. Is this rocket science? We have never


claimed on insurance but the insurance went up by �30 a month


because the post code means we are classed as a flood risk area. Why


are we being penalised for the incompetence of the council and


Yorkshire Water not maintaining the drains? That caused houses to flood.


The floods were said to be a freak think, once every 100 years. The


insurance is a rip-off. Lizzie Simmonds finished third in the 100


metres backstroke. It is unlikely she will qualify in that event for


the Games. She has the 200 metres, her best event, to come. Good luck


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