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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


From gardens to groceries - the council agrees to an out-of-town


Marks & Spencer for Scunthorpe. didn't think it would happen, I'm


pleased it is going where it is going. That will be the final nail


in the coffin of a dying Scunthorpe town centre.


Fuel from the fields - farmers look forward to supplying a new biofuel


plant near Hull. Hull City fail to score once again,


but Scunthorpe United put breathing space between them and the bottom


of League One. And the Symphony Orchestra playing


a new type of water music. And a lot of dry whether expected


over the next coming days, all of Good evening.


There are fears that the town centre of Scunthorpe will die after


a decision this afternoon which will allow a new out-of-town


development to be built. The development, which includes a


branch of Marks & Spencer, was given planning permission in


December, but following legal advice councillors were told to


reconsider. This afternoon, planners gave it the final go-ahead


and it'll mean 300 new jobs. But shopkeepers in the town centre now


fear the worst. Vicky Johnson has more.


Scunthorpe's High Street, like so many towns, has suffered blow after


blow, as major retailers have closed down. So the news that Marks


& Spencer wanted to return after a number oversteer absence has been


warmly welcomed by many. We are only five minutes from the town


centre, so it is easy to get to the town centre from there. We are not


against the town centre, we want to help it right, but far from being a


threat, at this new development is the only way of its survival.


the sting in the Marks & Spencer tale is that the retail giant will


only return if it can build a flagship store here, two miles out


of town. You are in a location where you are not making as much


money as she should, the face of There is a good economic argument


for what they are doing. But High Street shopkeepers who have already


seen a 40% drop in food fall say the move will be disastrous.


council appears to be changing with the wind of what it is going to do.


One minute, they will have this place built, that was 10 years ago,


build a new bus station, then a couple of years later, they will


decide they want people to invest out of 10, moving it away from


where they have just invested. Planning councillors, he just last


year at past new policies aimed at rejuvenating the town centre,


visited the site this morning. Hours later, they narrowly voted in


favour of the new development. really pleased, I wanted Marks &


Spencer to come back. I don't think they made the right decision. Which


is why we are very disappointed. think it will portrayed out of 10.


The bird is circle round about has been a bone of contention for a


number of years -- out of town, but Bartley circle. It could create up


to 300 new jobs and it is hoped the new development could be open by


the end of the year if a new legal challenge isn't launch.


Vicky is that the side, what was the atmosphere like at the meeting?


That at the site. It is usually controversial, so the


atmosphere was really tense, it was absolutely packed to the rafters in


the council chamber and the planning committee chairman had to


use his casting vote to get it through. The developers said that


this transformation of the garden centre in to a huge new retail park


was going to be a huge opportunity for the whole area. They said it


would predictably attract an extra �90 million per year to the area as


shoppers came back into the area from places like Gainsborough,


Doncaster and Meadow Hall. But those against it said it would be


catastrophic, not just for the retailers in the area, but also


people living locally. This is the bane Doncaster Road in and out of


the town, it is already congested at peak times -- main. They said it


could be worse. There is now talk of challenging it it legally, so it


may not be the end of the story. A little earlier, I spoke to the


Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin and asked him whether this was good news for


Scunthorpe. What is certainly good news is that


Marks & Spencer and the developers want to invest in Scunthorpe, that


is very positive news. As you say, it leaves the question as to


whether it is the ideal location for such a development. There are


many people who think it would be better placed within the town


centre. What do you think? Good news or not? It is good news that


Marks & Spencer want to invest in the town, it is good news that that


the developers want to invest in the town but it would be better if


it was happening in the town centre. But these are commercial decisions


and careful consideration has been taken place by the planning


committee, which I understand has been voted by the casting vote of


the chair to go ahead with the development. Do you think the town


centre of Scunthorpe will just to die? This is a planning decision,


and there has not been... I know that, I am asking you... It is the


job of the people in the can. The retailers in the town centre will


be determined to continue to make the town centre work. They, quite


properly, have said it makes it a very challenging environment if


this planning decision goes ahead of in the end with this development


taking place on such a scale, down by Glanford Park. Marks & Spencer


said they would not consider another site. They have had the


planners over a barrel, they have held all the power. Developers will


always say they will not go anywhere else, that is the way they


do business. In reality, Marks & Spencer left Scunthorpe over a year


ago and they said it wasn't an appropriate business then and they


now want to come back into the area. There a change in circumstances and


there will be changing decisions in commercial interests, but this is a


situation we find ourselves in today and it is positive news that


Marks & Spencer want to come back to Scunthorpe. It would be better


if it was in the town centre but we bossy what happens as things before


would. If he were not an MP and you ran a shop in the centre of


Scunthorpe, would you be a worried man? -- if you were not. Certainly


shopkeepers and the town centre have made very clear, they have run


a brilliant campaign and I suspect they will continue to campaign.


They have made it very clear that they see this as a negative


development but they are determined entrepreneurs and they will look to


continue their business in Scunthorpe into the future. Good to


talk to, thank you very much. We would like to know what you


think about this one. Will town centres like Scunthorpe die as more


and more out-of-town developments and more out-of-town developments


appear? Or do you welcome the investment and the jobs and the


We look forward to hearing it from here, we will have some before we


finish. In a moment:


The night-time operation to remove the huge sperm whale from Skegness


beach. As you've been hearing in the


national news, six soldiers have been killed in the single worst


enemy attack on UK troops in Afghanistan since operations began


11 years ago. Five of those killed were from the Yorkshire Regiment.


They died while on patrol in Kandahar province on Tuesday.


Tragic events such as these serve as a reminder of the dangers our


armed forces face. Kevin Shoesmith is a reporter with the the Hull


Daily Mail and he's just returned from spending a fortnight with the


Yorkshire Regiment in Afghanistan. He is with us in the studio. Kevin,


good evening. You spent some time in Helmand province, what is life


like that? Long period of inactivity, followed by sudden


bursts of activity. Conditions out there are very basic. The security


situation does seem to be improving slightly. I was last there in 2000


and during Operation Panther's Claw, there has seemed to have been


slight progress. What did the troops think of some of the


primitive devices, these dangers in century devices? Do they feel as if


they are fighting fair? -- incendiary. They do not. They


believe that it is a tenacious and skilled NME. These are not guys who


won not well-trained, these are insurgency of a spelt years and


years fighting that these are sergeants that have spent years and


years fighting --. They know the rules of engagement, they know that


soldiers do not follow routines and they exploit that, particularly


through the use of improvised explosive devices. What goes


through your mind when you hear news like today? The first thing is


obviously the family back home here in Yorkshire. We don't yet know


where the soldiers were from, possibly even East Yorkshire, of we


need that information to come out. -- we need. Then obviously, the


thought turnout -- 10-the soldiers themselves. -- thoughts turn to the


soldiers themselves. I have just returned from Afghanistan and I am


wondering whether I knew any of the soldiers, whether I saw any of them


out there. What will they be feeling out there tonight? It is a


difficult one. It is hard for civilians to fully appreciate. The


first thing that the soldiers will be doing is having a talk, the


commanders, it will be a time for strong leadership. They will have


to rally the guys, but also get them back out on patrol again very


quickly. Good to see you, Kevin, thank you for coming in. We will


continue to follow that story. Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue's


control centre is to be linked to centres in three other areas -


Humberside, Hertfordshire and Norfolk. Each area will continue to


answer their own 999 calls, but staff in any one of them would be


able to handle calls from across all four areas. The government has


allocated more than �7 million for the plan.


Significant progress has been made to improve patient care at the


Pilgrim Hospital in Boston over the past 12 months, according to a new


report from the Care Quality Commission. The report highlights


improvements to nutrition and hydration as well as extra training


that's been put in place for staff. Last year, the watchdog raised a


number of concerns. United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust


says it's pleased by the findings and it's continuing to work to hard


to provide high standards for patients.


The 30-tonne body of a sperm whale has finally been taken away from


Skegness beach. Contractors removed the whale in an operation which got


underway in the early hours of this morning. The body has now been


taken to a specialist waste 3am and in the distance light


approach, ready to tackle a huge problem on the beach. It began as a


race against the tide. We went to get past the end of the


peer before the tide comes in. Once we are past their tis not quite so


serious. We would sit chain of the whale up and push it with a


bulldozer. We went to get it up there with as much dignity as


possible. The carcass of the spear it -- the


sperm whale beached on Saturday. 0 in now was the paperwork in place


and the time right to move it. -- only gnarl..


We wanted to do it when there was as least people here as possible


really because it is not a happy occasion.


Now comes the real test. They have to get 30 tons Of Whale on the low-


loader that waits over there. Thief it was near it and come has put in


place. At half-past five it was time For a


carefully co-ordinated Minoo there between machine and mammal on to


the trailer. Even at this early hour people turned out to watch.


I was down to the peer and looked at it being uncovered and stride


onto the beach. It is amazing. Really bake.


It is only a baby one, I am led to believe. Good job it was not full


size. This once graceful giants will now


be taken to a landfill site. Thank you for watching this


Wednesday night. Still ahead tonight:


Scunthorpe United move further away from the drop zone but Hull City


draw a blank once again. DISCORDANT PIANO MUSIC PLAYS.


Musical scales - the orchestra playing to a rather unusual


Tonight picture was taken by Rob Andrew's in Hornsea. This is the


sunset over the Brandesburton gravel site. Thank you for that


much -- thank you for that one. Another picture tomorrow night


around the same time. This will cheer you up. My daughter


now lives in New Zealand and has downloaded Peter Levy because Mac


voice for the Sat Nav in her husband's traffic police car.


I am very big in Welling so it is just here but I struggle!


You are telling me! It will be dry with some sunshine every next 24


hours. A lot of dry weather coming up through the weekend and much of


next week. That is bad news for drought-stricken Lincolnshire. This


high-pressure will push back across as over the next few days. After


that wet morning it has been a pleasant afternoon with some


sunshine. Still a risk of an isolated shower coming through but


basically it is a dry night for most of us with just a pleasing


shower in the far west of Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.


You have shelter from a strong wind further south and it could get cool


enough for a ground frost around Gainsborough. Thief the sun will


rise in the morning at 6:32am and set at the by 50 4:00pm. Here are


the high-tide times. So not a bad day to come. It will be hazy


sunshine at times tomorrow but generally very dry. It remains


bright. There will be further spells the sunshine and


temperatures will be close to normal, around about nine Celsius


in Fridaythorpe Anna's at the same in Gainsborough. -- at answer the


same. Temperatures on the up. 15 What you do not know is that he is


in a lot of pain today with that to take. Did they put a lot of wisdom


teeth in it? Yes, thanks.


Farmers in the Lincolnshire could see a big increase in demand when a


new buyer plants his belt. Be firmer building yet it says it will


protests more than a million tonnes of grain every year.


It is one of the largest plants of its type in the UK. In a few months


wheat will come in here, be ground down and brewed into alcohol. It


will then go here to be purified into 100% bioethanol to run a car's.


The stuff left over will come here and be turned into animal feed.


We employ 70 or 80 people ourselves and be on that support around 1000


jobs. I think for local farmers it is about being there continuously


for them so that they know they have a market place for the


products they are producing. This may sound like feel for the


future but some of the fuel we use that the future is made from


bioethanol. That needs to rise from 5% to 10% by 2020. Firms like


Vivergo will be vital in ensuring that supply.


Local farmers will be among the main ones to benefit because most


of the wheat needed by the site will be grown within a 50 mile


radius. Beefeater made there as by product can also be used to feed


local cows. The East Riding of Yorkshire


produces wheat really well. To have a producer on our doorstep to deal


with this amount of wheat is good news for farmers.


The weeks may be grown locally but has for some of it poses an ethical


issue of growing crops for a fuel rather than food.


If you use foods to fuel cars, you are taking food out of the mouths


of people. I understand this refinery will use 1 million tonnes


of wheat. If you turn that wheat into food, that would be enough to


feed everyone in Kenya for one month.


The owners say they are balancing the issue by making both food and


feet -- fuel and feet. This area and civvy -- this plant adds to the


area's renewable fuels. Widening need feels like this?


This is all about breaking our reliance on fossil fuels. Oil is


very expensive and a reliance on it means we are dependent on surprise


from a board for -- from abroad. By a fuel fans say that the more fury


make at home, the more we can break away and secure half your security.


It cuts down the amount of carbon dioxide being produced by engines.


For example, Vivergo say that it is the equivalent of taking 200,000


cars off the road. Sandhu disputes the claims that those by a fuels


are greener and many feel that with so many people starving in the


world, is it right to grow fuel rather than food?


Disabled bike riders from East Yorkshire have been showing off


their cycling skills in support of Sport Relief. People who attend the


Parishes and Orchard day care centres regularly use the


specially-adapted bikes in Hull's East Park. And today they stepped


it up a gear to race a mile. I find it really inspirational and


it put things into context. And if you're taking part in the


Sport Relief Mile we'd like to hear what you're doing. Email us at


[email protected] Onto football and Hull City are now


unbeaten in eight games. The 0-0 draw with Yorkshire rivals Leeds


United means that they remain ninth in the Championship table. Leanne


Brown has more details of that and the rest of last nights football.


Unbeaten once again but Hull city have also not want for several


games and their outside the play- off places in the championship.


They fail to make the pressure tell in the first half. They were denied


by good saves from the Leeds United goalkeeper. Off the field, the


manager was being his usual less than a calm self- as city pushed


forward but they could not make the breakthrough. The second half was


more even with Hull city reverting to long-range shots. The manager


regretted lost opportunities. I thought we were the better team.


I thought some of the football we played in the first half was great


and Roche. A couple of good saves kept Leeds in it tonight so I am


disappointed we did not get three points.


Meanwhile, scum part unite it got a second successive win in League One.


Benn now four points clear at the drop zone after winning 2-1 at all


done. You'd expect to see plenty of


scales at an aquarium but the ones on show at the Deep in Hull today


have been of the musical kind. Performers from Hull's Philharmonic


Orchestra have been practising a brand new piece of music, specially


written to celebrate ten years of the aquarium. Anne-Marie Tasker has


been to listen. Practice was going swimmingly today


- as two members of Hull's Philharmonic Orchestra rehearsed


part of "Sounding The Deep". Their audience - the ocean residents that


helped inspire it. We are standing here today in this


building, the deep, playing a piece called sounds in the deep. We are


using a lot of instruments that are buried deep in pitch.


The new composition's been written to celebrate 10 years of this


aquarium, the Deep. And it's certainly given the musicians


something to get their teeth into. It is different to anything we have


ever done be far. It is one of the most complicated face scars I have


seen for some time. I am in far a challenge in night but it should be


fun. And some will be making waves by


swapping traditional instruments for computers. Laptops playing


cells from under the seas will help to liven up this building.


The deep is a wonderful, iconic building. It is a great piece of


architecture. Thought 170 musicians and dancers from


across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire will perform this


piece, and other shorter compositions, at Hull City Hall


next saturday. That time, it'll be in front of scores of people,


rather than shoals of fish. Do send us an e-mail if you have a story


you think we should report. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Six soldiers have been killed in


Afghanistan - five are from the Yorkshire regiment. It brings the


death toll of British soldiers since the war began to more than


four hundred. There are fears that Scunthorpe


town centre will die after a decision to allow a new out-of-town


shopping development. Tomorrow: Dry with sunny spells,


although skies will tend to cloud over later. Maximum temperature 9C


(48F). Fresh Southwest wind. A big response coming in on the


subject of the out-of-town shop plan from Scunthorpe. Lucy said, at


"I think it is great news. These new developments are perfect."


another correspondent said that people in Scunthorpe should be


pleased that this will create extra jobs for the town. Anna has text


did and she said that in Grimsby there are two big retail parks away


from the town centre but it has not had an adverse effect on the town


centre itself. I'm sure you'll have used on those texts. The planners


do not have a clue, is what someone said. Martin has e-mail to say that


he welcomes the development but why build a new out-of-town shopping


area when the steelworks is in decline? When that goes, Scunthorpe


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