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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight


A world medical first that gave this woman a new kidney and a new


lease of life. The kidney was available, and I


thought, what have I got to lose? Looks just get on and do it.


No help for heroes - the veterans forced to pay to march though a


Lincolnshire town. We reveal the tiny fat-fighters


clearing Hull's clogged sewers. fight all the way to Bondi Beach


when you can come here, to Bridlington.


And the Harry Potter star telling the world about the magic of the


Yorkshire Coast. All are very latest in the weather


A woman from Lincoln has told Look North she's got her life back after


becoming the first person in the world to receive a donor kidney


treated with a pioneering 'warming' technique. Deborah Bakewell had


been on dialysis for nine hours a day for two years after suffering


kidney failure. But this new method helps boost the effectiveness of


organs which might otherwise have been rejected. It is now hoped the


research could cut the transplant waiting list by more than 10%.


Vicky Johnson's report does contain images of animal organs and an


operation. Deborah Bakewell from Lincoln has


quite literally been given a new lease of life.


The freedom has been amazing, I don't have to plan things so much.


For want to go shopping, I go shopping.


She suffers from a rare genetic kidney disease which meant she was


on dialysis for nine hours every night. But she was the first person


in the world to benefit from a new technique during her transplant.


For a split second I thought, I am going to be a guinea pig. However,


I thought to myself, what am I doing? The Professor is someone I


trust, his team are brilliant, the research he has done seems to be on


the button, and I trust his judgement.


Transplant operations using kidneys from dead donors don't always work


as well as those from living donors. But researchers using pigs' kidneys


have found that a so-called perfusion machine warms the kidney


with oxygenated blood, helping to reverse any damage. A team in


Leicester has recently been using this process on human kidneys.


We can take the kidney and rather than transplanting and seeing


whether it works or not. The kidney is perfused with blood and you can


decide whether it's healthy or not before transplanting it.


Just over a year on and Deborah's enjoying life to the full with her


family. It's incredible - before she was


confined to her room, but now she has new lease of life.


We now have a bike, so we can have a drink or have a meal she has a


chance to see her granddaughter. Deborah's donated kidney had been


rejected by five different hospitals before this new technique


made it viable. It is hoped an extra 500 patients a year could


soon, like Deborah, be benefiting An incredible story, and we wish


Deborah well. In a moment on tonight's Look North


There are calls tonight for East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire


to be represented by its own parliament.


And I am at the official opening of Yorkshire's first ever charity pub.


Join me later at the party. There are calls tonight for East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to be represented by its own Parliament.


Campaigners claim a Yorkshire and Humber regional assembly would lead


to more government money being spent in the North. In a moment,


I'll be speaking to the former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott,


who is backing the campaign. But first, let's get more from our


Political Editor Tim Iredale. More than 5 million people live in


the Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, but the bulk of the


region's tax money is spent by officials in London.


The economy of the Yorkshire and Humber region is worth around �80


billion. That is similar to some small countries, including Ireland,


Greece and Norway. A comparison which has prompted MPs to call for


home rule for the North. The North is actually worse treated


and Scotland, which has its own powers to make its own decisions,


and that energises things. And the areas further south, which is more


prosperous. So, what do southerners think about


the prospect of devolution for the North?


Ridiculous! Unless they want to finance it. No, we want our England.


We have to have areas that are still English. It seems ridiculous


for them to have a separate Parliament.


I am not sure about more than independence, where would you draw


the line? The his idea has been around before.


When Labour was in power John Prescott wanted to create regional


assemblies. The idea was dropped when voters in the north-east


rejected proposals in a referendum and made accusations - -- in a


referendum. Amid accusations of snaps in the trough it was scrapped.


Many places, such as the pink farm in Scunthorpe, would like to see an


assembly fighting their corner. To have a Yorkshire and has --


Yorkshire and Humber Parliament looking after the area would be


good, because only people in the area would know about the area, and


in these stricken times the original theatre best place the


finances. The Government is rolling out the


prospect of giving the green light to assemblies, but campaigners say


they will keep up the pressure for more power in the north. Joining us


now from London is Lord Prescott, the former Hull MP and Deputy Prime


Minister. Doctors caught why do we need more politicians on top of


those we have in Westminster it? We want more powers and resources


denied to us under the present political system. Scotland and


Wales get far more per head than the English regions do. The north-


west, Yorkshire and the north-east, all of them across the North. I put


that case once, it got defeated in the north-east, but let's be clear


- it Wells demolition and Scottish devolution were defeated by a


referendum and came back in 20 years. The movement is now two


regions, so when you talk of quangos, we want the regional


development agencies. The Tories scrapped at, this gap -- except for


Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and we are left with small


localism bodies that Board have the powers to make the difference


between us -- between the north and south.


We had a try of it and people didn't wanted.


They didn't want it in Scotland or Wales, 20 years later they voted


for it. They saw the purpose of it and that is what is happening now.


If you think of the difference in money between Scotland and England,


they get far more per head. They have been able to force more of


those resources at the expense of the North. We need that political


influence and the much -- decision- making at the centre of it to get


our fair share of the resources. When the Scottish Parliament was


built it ended up costing eight times the original budget. How much


would this cost? The sort of Parliament I am talking


about, assemblies, elected regional assemblies. Things are moving to


the region. If you look at police forces, going to regional crime,


the actor Paul was just announced by police commissioners that we


don't have to go through privatisation if we have regional


development. -- th ACPO. And the cost?


We haven't done the cost for it, but with Scotland, and Northern


Ireland, we could certainly do with that in the English regions.


Thank you very much for talking to us tonight. I am sure you will have


a view on this, should East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire be


represented by its own Parliament? What benefits do you think it would


What benefits do you think it would bring? Or be you think the money


would be better spent elsewhere? We would love to hear your thoughts on


I look forward to hearing from you as always, we will have some before


we finish. A multimillion pound investment in


Lincoln city centre has been backed by the council. The Lindongate


scheme is set to include a department store, around 900 car


park spaces and new riverside restaurants.


The A180 near Immingham remains closed in both directions tonight


after a lorry crash. It happened around midday today when a lorry


careered into the central reservation. The driver is believed


to have suffered only minor injuries. The road is closed


between the EuroParc and Stallingborough junctions.


Bridlington's MusicPort festival has been cancelled. The world music


event was due to be held in the resort again this summer, but the


company which runs it has gone into liquidation. The council has said


it is disappointed. There is anger at plans to bulldoze


this historic arts venue in Hornsea, and replace it with a car park.


East Riding Council is expected to demolish the Floral Hall, claiming


it can't justify spending public money on it. But campaigners say it


is at the heart of the community and must be saved. We really need


the Floral Hall to continue to be able to encourage the children of


this town to take part in productions and encourage the


talent we have. prison than pay to hold at the


event. Lincolnshire police used to direct traffic at events like the


parades for three, but they say they can no longer afford it. It


means war veterans are among those who have been told to pay �2,000 if


they want to continue parading. Our reporter has been to Grantham to


find out more. For as long as Remembrance Day has


existed, veterans across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have


honoured their fallen comrades by parading through the streets. But


for veterans in Grantham, this tradition is now under threat.


Each year, hundreds of people take part in the Remembrance Day parade,


marching the length of a high street, their destination is here,


the Cenotaph. But organisers have been told the police will no longer


manage the road closure and they must pay a private company to do


the job at a cost of �2,000. We have no chance of getting it.


The ex service people who come on our parades have all voiced their


opinions and are all of the same opinion - we're having our


Remembrance Day parade with or without permission, and if they


want to arrest us at the end of it, they can feel free.


And it is not just the Royal British Legion - Grantham Scouts St


George's Day parade may have to be cancelled, as well.


We cannot put participants at risk if the roads are not closed, and we


cannot afford to pay for that. This has never been necessary in


the past, why now? We are in a different environment.


Financially we are in a different environment and we have had to


reduce our resources. I have to consider resourcing the parade and


also at the same time policing the community at that time.


In a statement, Lincolnshire County In a statement, Lincolnshire County


But, with better at -- Veterans adamant they will defy the law,


somehow a solution needs to be found.


An interesting story. While Lincolnshire police have chosen to


do this, Humberside have not. They say they will carry on policing


road closures as they always have done, without charging groups like


the British Legion. This is another Still ahead: The bacteria being


released in to halt's sewers to destroy a chip fat blockages. --


Hull's. And the new star in aid tourism


If you have a picture you are proud Good evening. How why you? One of


your it treats last night caused much hilarity when you gut


Scunthorpe wrong. Yes, sorry about that. -- when you got scum or wrong.


High pressure moves that from the south-west tomorrow and it looks


like a prolonged spell of dry weather is to come. With


Lincolnshire, we have a drought situation so that is not what we


want to hear there. The chance of a lot like shower in this clump of


cloud but it is essentially a dry evening for most of us. There will


be clear slots though. Temperatures temporarily dropping back to five


degrees Celsius. A little drizzle, perhaps, over the top of the


Quite a cloudy day on Friday. The thick enough for a bit of drizzle


in places but the emphasis on -- is on dry weather. There will be some


sunny spells around but there will be more cloud than sunshine


A milder feeling day. Quite a spring-like weekender to come.


Cloudy on Saturday morning but it brightens up with sunny spells in


the afternoon. A lot of cloud next That was an interesting tweet from


you. Better than, I can't sleep. Thank you.


Fat-eating bacteria are being put into Hulls sewers to try and tackle


the massive blockages that are clogging up the system. Yorkshire


water is the only company in the country to use this treatment.


Engineers were called to remove 350 blockages from Hull's sewers last


month alone. In the last six months, they've dealt with 1,700 call-outs


in the city. And across Yorkshire, the total amount of fat removed


from sewers last year was the same weight as 400 African elephants.


Our Environment Correspondent, Siobhan Robbins, has more.


It may look like Porto but this liquid contains superbugs, and


greedy bacteria which feed on fat. The superbugs have one mission - to


unblock our trains. We get a small minority of customers pouring hot


fat down the kitchen sink and that built up over time. That is when


you get blockages which is when sewers can blackcap and, in a worst


case scenario, can flood people's homes. This is fat and it sticks


together. Yorkshire Water has already removed some of this, but


every year they take out the equivalent of 250 double-decker bus


loads. This picture shows how clog up the system can get and, in bad


cases, sewage can flow back into homes. It has caused Beer's -- big


problems in the past four this restaurant. The corridors get


flooded when there is a backlog and the toilets get flooded. Everything


is rising when it rains and, on Monday lunchtime, we closed the


restaurant because the smell was unbearable. Although the superbugs


help solve the problem, others think we need more long-term


solutions. The broader a solution is to be considered as to why there


is so much muck down the drains which doesn't need to go there. We


have all been trained and dedicated into recycling plastics and


everything, why not recycle fat? Seven hot spots around the City are


being cleared. It is clear at the super bugs eat the fat and keep our


unwanted waste underground. Thank you to everyone who got in


touch with us after the news that Scunthorpe is to get a new out-of-


town retail development. The plan, which includes a branch of Marks


and Spencer, was given the go-ahead by planners, but shopkeepers in the


town centre fear it could kill the high street. Here are some of your


What do we think about that? Thank you for those.


Lincoln swimmer Lizzie Simmonds could move a step closer to Olympic


qualification this evening. After missing out in the 100 metres


backstroke, she will race in the semi-finals of the 200 metres


backstroke tonight. The event is her last chance to make the London


games. Good luck to her. The hidden gems of our coastline


will take the starring role in a new national television advert this


evening. It features none other than Harry Potter star Rupert Grint,


better known as Ron Weasley, surfing on Fraisthorpe beach near


Bridlington. It's hoped the ad will help boost visitor numbers to this


part of the country. Linsey Smith has been to Fraisthorpe to find out


Why go to Bondi when you can come here? You won't see the Olympic


torch relay in Corfu or creed. The aim... Its aim is to get more


of us to holiday at home. And today at Fraisthorpe beach, the feeling


was that imitation is the highest form of flattery. I have been


serving here for up to six years. It has been good. A bit cold.


passports, jabs... To have Bridlington featured in


this advertisement, alongside the holiday hotspots like the Lake


District and Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway, it cost


Yorkshire's tourism Board a six figure sum.


We are optimistic the campaign will drive traffic to the coast and to


the rest of our county. Tourism bosses hope the campaign is


successful, not only because they have spent so much money on it, but


because tourism is vital to Yorkshire's economy. Across the


county, it is worth �7 billion a year. 250,000 jobs rely on it and


216 million visitors make the trip already each year.


What do you think? I say the same, why go to Bondi a when you can go


to Bridlington? I am OK with the weather. They it is spot-on because


I can't go to anyone with this one. So Skegness will also get his


moment in the spotlight with some short spin-off adverts. It is hoped


that this, the biggest-ever domestic tourism campaign, will


prove to be magic with Hollywood stars.


That is fantastic. The advert starts tonight. Let's hope it does


the trick. A new way of supporting charity is


being tried out in Hull and all it involves is going to the pub! All


the profits made at The Wassand Arms will go towards a children's


charity. The pub is only the third of its kind to open in the country


and was officially opened in the last hour. Our reporter, Emma


Massey, is there for us now. What is going on? Everyone is


celebrating the opening of the The Wassand Arms. It is the first ever


charity pub in Yorkshire. Alan Johnson is here lending his support.


Earlier on, he managed to cut the ribbon to officially open the pub.


The buzz is great here this evening. Everyone is excited about the


Last-minute preparations are well under way at Yorkshire's first ever


charity pub. Almost everything from the pub itself to the drinks on


sale have been donated. And all the profits will go to Hull-based


charity, The Echoes Foundation. aim is for us to become self


sustainable. I don't want to keep relying on the public. They have


been fantastic and are generis and we would not have got where we are


without them but you can't keep going back to the same people.


charity helps families with disabled children. It has its own


therapy room and mobile sensory equipment. One family to benefit is


the Dickens. It gave them advice and help when they disabled


daughter was diagnosed. We would have been lost. The help from then


was done within four weeks and it was an easy transition from nothing


to diagnosis and them helping us. They think the charity pub is a


great idea. It is nice for them not to have to rely on things that are


set-up like hammering parties. They have always had to try and get a


venue for that. Now, they have the venue all the time which is


brilliant. With profit from every pint going to such a good cause,


this is one pub where everyone will leave in high spirits.


So, everything has been donated from the booze-up to the beer mats


and even the bar itself. Clare Stockton from the The Echoes


Foundation was the brainchild but it was Sue Perkins who had the


venue. Why did you decide to get involved? Listening to a speech at


a Women in Business dinner was inspirational. In four years, what


that lady has done is amazing. she make the place work? She has


such a following and to have the venue and know it is going back to


charity will be great. The difference is it's a lovely place


and it's lovely when people are in here. It is great that play can be


here and put her heart and soul into it. A couple of punters want


to have a word. It looks absolutely amazing after all our hard work


helping the charity to refurbish everything. I you impressed?


Absolutely. There is a brilliant turnout and another successful


adventure for The Echoes Foundation. The The Wassand Arms it opens for


business tomorrow. Thank you. A good IT -- idea. I


wonder if Alan Johnson knew he was on the telly.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines: The six


soldiers killed in Afghanistan are named. Three of them were from the


same town, Huddersfield. Five of them were aged 21 or under.


A world medical first has given this woman from Lincoln a new


kidney and a new lease of life. Tomorrow's weather: Cloudy with a


little drizzle possible in the morning but most places dry.


Turning brighter at times. Maximum A response coming in on the subject


of the regional assemblies. We were talking to Lord Prescott. One


viewer says we don't need a separate regional assembly as MPs


already get paid plenty and shipped just shout louder.


From Anthony, long before we think about regional assemblies, which it


should keep England together and create a single English parliament.


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