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Good evening. Welcome to Look North. The headlines: questions over wind


farms and the sweeteners being paid to communities. These developers


can come along and offer tens of thousands of pounds to local


communities - it is verging on bribery. Doubts over the future of


North Sea Ferries when new pollution rules come into force.


A woman who lost two family members to cancer, calls on the government


to improve survival rates. Another council flies into the row


over garden flags. And a touch of spring this weekend. You weekend


forecast coming up short life. -- shortly. Good evening.


It has been claimed that rural communities are being effectively


bribed by wind farm developers who are offering large sums of money as


compensation. One East Yorkshire village where five giant turbines


are being built has received �60,000 from the developers with


promises of more cash each year for the next 25 years. The practice is


entirely legal and the company behind the scheme says it wants to


be a good neighbour, but some residents feel they have been


bought out. It is an East Yorkshire village with the brand new hall and


rebuilt church and a new children's playground. The �60,000 investment


has since been in strings attached - a price to pay which has left the


village divided. Many of us feel we had been bought out. Aletta they


have money into the they Lench - and that will get used up quickly.


-- a little bit of money. We have 25 years at least of the wind farm


here, I do not think it is right. It is here that the five giant wind


turbines are being built. The developers have paid for that it --


the village facelift. Here in the new village hall, the chairman of


the village committee says it has been controversial but believes the


best deal has been secured for the village. We had no shop, the


village hall was derelict we had no playground for the Kents, so in


reality they had brought her some very useful money to improve things.


-- they have brought us. Cash payments have become accepted ways


of working and in the future payments can be made too many more


East Yorkshire villages. 11 sites are being built in the county and a


further seven are being considered by council planners.


acknowledges that the structures do have an impact on the local


environment. Yes, there should be some sort of recompense to those


local people for that situation. Several windfarms will be sited


close to this famous walking writ. Villagers feel they may be


compromised by the cash payments. Money should not come into it. If I


was to go up to a councillor and offer him �1,000, he would not be


able to make a decision on that and yet these developers can come along


and offer thousands of McCowans to communities. It is verging on


bribery. -- thousands of pounds. Some say Christmas has arrived


early but it is at a significant cost. We would welcome your


thoughts on this one. Should villagers feel uncomfortable about


these payments or should they welcome the investment in local


communities? If you have a view on I look forward to hearing from you.


In a moment - the Lincoln swimmer Lizzie Simmonds has her last shot


at the Olympics. The result of her race is coming up.


The ferry operator P&O is warning that its entire Hull operation


could be at risk if new pollution laws are passed. The company claims


more than 600 jobs and its services between Hull, Rotterdam and


Zeebrugge will be threatened, if the EU asks all ferry companies to


switch to a less polluting and more expensive fuel. One million


passengers per year use the ferries from Hull to is a bigger and


Rotterdam. The European Commission is becoming concerned about the


quantities of it air polluting sulphur dioxide which ships like


he's in it. The new rules will require all ferries to switch to a


less polluting fuel, but there are worries that this is costly and


could threaten jobs. We have to fight her corner to keep a viable.


It is a tall order. Overall, it is hard to say what the consequence


will be. We have to fight it and try and keep going but it will be


very difficult. The new laws on clean air sulphur dioxide fuel


coming up in 2015 but he no says it is more expensive and will increase


their fuel costs by �60 million a year. It says that could mean the


possible closure of its Hull operation where more than 600


people are employed. One of the arguments is that if it has to


reduce its operation out of how all, then more freight traffic will be


diverted to the Channel, thus causing more pollution - the very


thing the government is trying to reduce. The UK already has sulphur


emission limits, the European Commission wants to target


passenger ferries. The move is being investigated by the Transport


Select Committee. It is important to reduce emissions. This seems


that emissions from ships go to form the largest part of those


emissions. This action does have to be taking but it has to be


reasonable. It is about balancing the needs for the environment with


the need to protect jobs. Piano or is not the only company to believe


the proposed European legislation has not got this balance right.


What is the background to this legislation? As I mentioned in the


report, there is already European legislation to which P&O have


signed up. It has no problem with this and says it is a responsible


company. What is happening now is that the European Commission is


imposing an extra layer of legislation on passenger ferries


using the North Sea and the Channel ports. Hal is hit the hardest by


this because these ferries make longer ferries and use more fuel.


How serious a threat is this to jobs? There is no threat of


imminent job losses. Piano is saying it wants time to explore


things like technology and reduce its emissions and to lobby the


European Commission. There are hopes to get the introduction of


this legislation pushed back to 2020. If it is still in place in


2015, the company is saying there will be a genuine risk of job


losses. Thank you very much. A Lincolnshire charity says more


than 300 jobs are under serious threat because vital funding has


been withdrawn by the local authority. Linkage Community Trust


provides education for students with learning disabilities but they


say the county council is now drastically cutting back on the


numbers of students it sends to their Linkage colleges. The county


council say they are committed to providing the service for students


but are reviewing where they spend their budget. I'm joined by a


member of the trust. Good evening. How likely is it that some jobs


will go? It is extremely likely at the moment. We're in A90 day


consultation with her staff. Unless we see a change in policy by the


local authority, it is likely that a large number of staff will be


leaving as. If they're sending fewer students, you do not need as


many staff, is that no right? funding has not been cut. The local


authority makes decisions about which students can come to us. They


understand they said earlier it is about parental choice. Parents will


be delighted to know there is a return to parental choice because


we have worked with a large number of parents over the last year who


have been told there is no choice for that their children. The county


council have tonight issued a statement - young people continue


What is wrong with them doing that? If that was the situation, there


would be nothing wrong with that but as I have said, we work with a


large number of families whose parents had been told there is not


a choice for their children. We are an outstanding college which


specialises in meeting the need of young disabled people. If this


means that you and students with learning disabilities are going


into mainstream schools, we should be welcoming that, should we not?


For many young people mainstream education is absolutely appropriate


and we would not question that. But families with young people


themselves are telling us that for a certain young people, mainstream


colleges are a challenging environment in which they do not


thrive. We had a large public consultation event last week when a


young man told us he had found mainstream totally confusing.


must leave it there, thank you for joining us tonight. If you want to


be in touch, you know what to do. One of the government's top


ministers has told Look North the Humber can be one of the world's


leading sites in offshore renewable enemy.


The Chief Secretary to the Treasury has visited the area to launch the


new Humber local Enterprise Partnership. He says the government


is committed to seeing industry develop here. The Humber has


everything you need to be a world leader in this business. The port


facilities, the businesses, the skills, they all come together in


this region. It is one of the best places in the UK to do this work.


Police say the lorry driver who was injured in a crash on the A180 near


Immingham has died. The lorry driven by Mark Edgar from Suffolk


crashed into the central reservation yesterday lunchtime.


The road was closed between Europarc and Stallingborough for


several hours. A workman has been airlifted to hospital, after a


trench collapsed on him in Lincolnshire this afternoon.


Police were called to help the man, in his forties, who was working for


Anglian Water in Holbeach. He was taken to the Pilgrim Hospital in


Boston with a suspected broken leg. The Health and Safety Executive is


looking into the incident. An agreement has been reached over


who will fit the bill for directing traffic during parades in Grantham.


Last night we heard from an organiser of the Remembrance Day


parade who said she would rather go to prison than have to pay to hold


the event. Today at a meeting with their local councillor,


organisations agreed to stick to a parade route that requires minimum


policing and the council will fund cost of traffic signs. We have


agreed to have a common writ, all of the organisations will stick to


it. They will go down the high street. We were seriously


considering cancelling the pay part of St George's Day and just having


a service. -- the parade part. But as a result of this meeting, piece


seems to have broken out. They prefer watching. Still ahead -


another council warns a member of the public not to fly a flag in


their garden. We're back at the swimming pool in


London to seek Lizzie Simmonds Keep your pictures coming in. Thank


you for that. Apparently there is someone else in


Scunthorpe who does not have a son called Darren! Were they talking


about you last night? about you last night?


Here is the weather: There is a touch of spring across East


Yorkshire. This high pressure will drift up towards us. Most of next


week will be dry as well. There is a complication in the next few


hours. There is a band of drizzle coming down from the north-west. A


mild night to come. The sun will rise in the morning at 6:27am.


There might be the odd bit of drizzle first thing tomorrow. Good


sunny breaks coming through. Temperatures will respond. The


average for this time of the year is nine Celsius. It will be 15


across Lincolnshire. What ever you are it will feel like spring.


Lesson breeze on Sunday. -- lesson I like that line, dry for the whole


of next week! Have a good weekend. A woman from Scunthorpe who has


lost two family members to one of the most aggressive forms of cancer


is looking at ways to improve survival rates. Maggie Watts'


husband died from pancreatic cancer three years ago, 40 years after his


mother died from the same illness. A cancer charity says that survival


rates have hardly improved in recent decades.


Kevin Watts was a fit and healthy 45-year-old. When he started


getting stomach pains nobody thought it was serious. Just weeks


later he was told he was dying from pancreatic cancer. I have lost a


husband. We then found out that his mother


had also died of pancreatic cancer. It is often termed the silent


killer. We wanted to be a cancer that people survive. Typically


people have just six months to live after diagnosis. Only three % of


patients are still alive five years later. There were 8,000 deaths in


2009. That is nearly 22 people per day.


Actor Patrick Swayze's public battle with their illness a couple


of years ago highlighted how tough the disease is.


Maggie Watts is now try to collect 100,000 signatures to force MPs to


debate the condition in Parliament. Survival rates have hardly changed


within the last 40 years. I am happy to support her in her


campaign to raise awareness. Sandwiched between the stomach and


the spine, by the time malignant cells are detected, it is often too


late. The pancreas is quite deep in the


body, so you cannot actually see it. By the time it has been diagnosed


it may have spread to the liver and lungs.


He did not crumble when he was dying. Kevin fought to stay alive


as long as he could. In his memory Magee is determined to improve the


chances of survival for others. Thank you for everybody who got in


touch regarding regional assemblies. Campaigners say and regional


assembly would lead to more government money being spent in our


region. We want a regional development agency. The Tories have


scrapped that. We are left with small bodies that do not have the


resources or the powers to make a difference.


That was John Prescott talking to me last night.


We have had some a reaction from Thank you for all those. Within the


last few minutes Lizzie Simmonds has been swimming for a place in


the Olympic Games. She was in the final of the 200 metres backstroke


at the British Swimming Championships. Our correspondent


has been watching her. How did she This is live. You could find it on


the red button right now. This is the final of the 200 metres.


That lady out in front goes by the name of Lizzie Simmonds. There she


is qualifying for the Games. You can see the big smile on her face.


Look at that. She has qualified for the Games.


The person beside her beta at the start of the week. -- defeated her


at the start of the week. Ms E Simons is now one of three


former Lincoln Vulcans to have qualified for the Games. -- Lizzie


Simmonds. It was all allies on the 100 metres


breaststroke when Kate he would an Sophie Allen went for glory.


It was an opportunity to cement an Olympic place.


A place in the top two was required. She did it. Sophie Allen was third.


This is all lot of other moment. They will be so many more people in


here. It will be awesome. She has put everything into training to get


to the Olympics and she has done it. Sophie Allen's big chance came in


the medley event. The nation concentrated on the talented leader,


but Sophie Allen finished second. Sophie Allen is a new member of the


British Olympic team. I knew I could do it. I knew I had the nerve


to do it. I am chuffed. Now they hoped to repeat the


achievement at the Olympic Games. We should also give credit to the


coach. He coached all three youngsters.


Another Olympic hopeful has been an action in the last few minutes.


Richard Buck just failed to make the final of the 400 metres at the


World Indoor Championships in Istanbul. He finished third in his


semi-final. Tomorrow Hull City welcome Ipswich


Tomorrow Hull City welcome Ipswich Town to the KC Stadium. There is


live commentary of that on the radio.


radio. Grimsby Town's batch is OnDigital.


Hull FC face one of the hardest challenges of the season when the


challenge -- win in the face St Helens.


They still have work to do according to their coach. I am


happy with our defence. We have put a lot of work into that. We have


got a long way to go obviously. could follow that game at live on


BBC Radio Humberside from 8pm deceiving. -- tonight.


The flying of pirate flags has become something of an issue over


the past two weeks. Someone else has now fallen foul of the lot.


This time it is a pub owner from East Yorkshire. He has been told to


take down his Jolly Roger flag from a children's play area or face


action from the council. Remember Anthony and his private


flag? He received a full apology from East Lindsey District Council


after they conceded that they were too heavy handed. It was an


unnecessary approach. I am very happy that I can take the flak up.


But there is another problem now. Meet Vito. He runs a pub. He has


been flying a Jolly Roger flag in that the children's played area for


the past year. Be said to me that a complaint has been made about the


flag. They said they will have forced it if we do not take it down.


I question that. It was for real. The council has given the same


reasons as the reasons given by East Lindsey council. Only certain


flags are permitted to be flown. To recap, the only facts that can


be flown our national flags, the flags of the Commonwealth, the


European Union, the United Nations, any English county, and the flag of


any seemed. The fact that Vito cannot fly a Jolly Roger is winding


up the locals. It is supposed to be a free country. It is a waste of


public money. This country has gone mad. This man is a flag expert. He


has been tried to get things changed. It is silly. There should


be some kind of flexibility. There is now a stand-off. I will not take


it down. Until the law is changed it seems that this problem will


keep getting flagged up. AB vexillologist. We have all


AB vexillologist. We have all learned something new.


A round-up of the headlines. Italy condemns Britain's decision


to try and rescue the hostages in Nigeria.


Whether for Saturday - dry and bright with sunny spells. Very mild.


Top temperatures in the brighter spots around 15 Celsius.


spots around 15 Celsius. That is the weather.


A big response on the subject of sweeteners and wind farms. Somebody


said, why not cheap electricity for life from cheek turbine?


Another person has said it is a good idea for villages to get money


from wind farm companies. Somebody else said, their energy


company is coming in with 30 pieces of silver, betraying the national


beauty of our countryside. Somebody else says, villagers and


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