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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Confusion after a hosepipe ban is announced across Lincolnshire - the


area faces the worst drought in more than 30 years. It is


ridiculous. It is better to save early. Doesn't mean anything


Gainsborough man crossing county borders to get the cancer drugs he


needs to prolong his life. On the seafront for almost a


century - now campaigners fight to save a Hornsea landmark.


Kits will be missed by Eid the older people and the kids. Will be


a tragedy if it closes down. Back in time - the golf club


celebrating 100 years in existence. Your one affair cast is coming up


shortly. -- your weather forecast It's been the driest 18 months for


more than a century and today a hosepipe ban has been announced in


Lincolnshire. Anglian Water is one of seven companies to impose


restrictions which will come into force in April. Siobhan Robbins


reports on how the ban will affect It has been on the cards for months.


Dehydrated roads cracked by drought and reservoirs running low. After


speculation, Anglian Water announced a hosepipe ban affecting


all of Lincolnshire. Today's announcement reflects how seriously


we are taking it. We are talking about the lowest rainfall in over


100 years. That has affected our ability to refill our reservoirs


and it is affecting our ground of the sources. This is action to


ensure we have supplies for our customers through this summer and


into the winter. From 5th April, this is out. Anglian customers will


either have to use a watering can or a bucket. Anyone breaking those


walls could be prosecuted. Yorkshire Water says groundwater


supplies are lower than expected but at the moment the company


doesn't see any pounds. For businesses like this garden centre,


a hosepipe ban is the last thing they need. It is limited currently


to domestic customers best if it is extended, will be a disaster.


means things like watering overnight instead of watering in


the day so we are avoiding too much evaporation. That is going to cost


us Fawley Pat early and late in the day. This map shows the area in


drought. Many customers are against restrictions. No need for it at the


moment. It is best to save early. For myself, a doesn't bother me.


is ridiculous. I don't understand why they do that. It has been


raining all winter, the -- it has been snowing. In the Nineties,


bottled water was stored and their work standpipes in the street. More


rain is now vital. Paul Valleley is from Anglian Water


and joins us now. Why have we got to this stage? Shouldn't you have


been doing more to avoid this situation? We have been working to


avoid this situation. It is down to the amount of rainfall we have had


and we have not had enough in the last 24 months. We have had 18 of


those mum's with less than average rainfall. Anglian Water was


highlighted as having been third worst leakage from pipes in the


country. Why aren't you doing more to hold the water you have? We had


a bad year last year because of the winter we suffered. Our leakage


performance is good. We are always working hard to avoid leakage. We


have employed 62 additional people to look for leaks and every day, we


have 142 people out on the ground looking for leaks. We need to do as


much as we can and ask customers to do -- to help as much as they can.


How wrong were you extend this to businesses and commercial users?


this stage, it is focused on domestic users and we hope we will


see some benefit from that in a reduced consumption of water. We


will monitor how the water position goes from here onwards and will


take a precautionary approach to any further restrictions. People


have been messaging in to us. How do you know who is using hosepipes?


This isn't about the restrictions the hosepipe ban bring us, we want


people to think about the way they used water in the home. If somebody


is caught, will they be prosecuted? If somebody is using a hosepipe, we


will be advising them of the ban. We will try to work with our


customers to minimise the water they use. Thank you for joining us.


We would like your have you won less. If you are and Anglian Water


customer and will be affected, tell In a moment, the Great Grimsby MP


calls for an increase in parliamentary salaries.


A former soldier who is dying from brain cancer is being forced to


spend part of every week in Sheffield to get the treatment


which could prolong his life. Mark Bannister from Gainsborough has


been refused the drug Avastin by health officials. Almost as soon as


you've registered with a GP in Sheffield, he was given the drug.


He doesn't know whether it will be too little, too late.


It is painfully obvious that the past few months have taken a toll


on Mark Bannister. Last September, despite terminal brain cancer he


was still able to play with his children. In November, he was still


able to work in his garden that his deterioration now is down to the


six-month delay in prescribing the drug, Alvaston. It feels like I


have wasted six months where the trim has been going. I have lost


all feeling in my left arm and left leg knife. I don't think that would


have happened personally. -- left leg now. NICE has ruled that


Avastin should be routinely prescribed but a spokesman for the


Mark lives in gains brand the East Midlands Cancer Fund has refused to


fund his treatment but as soon as he started living part-time in


Sheffield and registered with a GP there, he was able to stop the drug.


It is very distressing when Mark has to go. He would be preferred to


be with his family -- he would prefer to be with his family but he


didn't have a choice. The experts that have agreed to fund his


treatment say each decision is based on local factors and the


views of local council experts. He is relieved he has been given a


Avastin bet is angry he has had to leave the family when he needs them


most. They have backed me into a corner so it has been a nightmare.


Mark is not sure how long he has got even with the Avastin that he


is determined to publicise how unfair the postcode lottery of


health care is. Tests are taking place on the body


found in the Humber thought to be that of the missing Holman, Stuart


Gilson. He disappeared after a night out in the city six weeks ago.


The body, which has not yet been formally identified, was recovered


from the hammer between Brough Haven and Gilberdyke.


A metal thieves are thought to have caused an explosion which destroyed


a bungalow in a village near Wisbech. The building in


Leverington was empty at the time. It is thought there theft of gas


pipes caused the explosion in the early hours of this morning.


It has stood on the seafront at Hornsea for 100 years. Tonight, the


biggest threat facing the Floral Hall comes from councillors in East


Yorkshire who may vote for its demolition. East Riding Council


meets tomorrow morning to discuss its future. Residents and the local


MP have been rallying to support the venue that they say is the


focal point of town life. They have got to put back any


thought of bulldozers coming onto this site. Emotions are running


high in Hornsea for those who live here. Life without the Floral Hall


has become a real possibility. At the weekend, hundreds turned out to


raise their concerns and voice their objections. When you are a


small community like this, the facilities are critical to a


community staying together. Shock, absolute shock. It will be a


tragedy if they close it down. after seven years of wrangling, a


final decision on the building's future will be made tomorrow. Those


advising men have recommended it is demolished and placed with --


replaced with a car park. One council has called for a local


buyer out and at tomorrow's meeting, she will ask the council to


transfer control to that committee. I believe we have people who will


make a great success of this hall. In July of next year, we can


celebrate 100 years of the hall for that grand old lady. During his


lifetime, it has been the hub of this local community, staging


hundreds of plays and pantomimes. Local amateur dramatic groups now


stage productions here throughout the year. Members are increasingly


concerned for their future. There isn't another building big enough


to stage our productions. The only other venue would be a building


that we can't afford. In a After 99 years, campaigners won't


be going quietly. Here in Hornsea, the Floral Hall is no ordinary


Phil is live at Hornsea now. What hope is there that the building


could be saved at this 11th hour? Standing outside, the building is


clearly seen -- the building has clearly seen better days. It is


using thousands of pounds a year. There is a tremendous sense of


feeling here to save this building and campaigners will be fighting to


the bitter end. With regards as that meeting, the council should


expect a big turnout. Coaches are being laid on to transferred


protesters to the meeting. Cabinet members will want to make this


decision free of any emotion and say they will be -- it will be


based on economic grounds. Bearing that in mind, the campaigners need


to be realistic with many still pinning their hopes on this


possible community project idea. As the residents of Hornsea fight


to save the Floral Hall, what landmark places in your area do you


wish had been saved from the Still ahead tonight...


Hull FC continue their good run, but across the city Hull KR throw


away another lead. The golfers going back in time to


celebrate their centenary - with Tonight's photograph was taken by


early hard and is a panoramic picture. There is the shot with the


But first, let's get the weather. That was impressive! You could do


one of the Humber Bridge! What a lovely day in places it has


been. With variable cloud with some sunny spells. What a variation we


have had across our region. Waddington, six degrees at 3


o'clock this afternoon, compared with about 15 degrees in East


Yorkshire. The Sun has been out all day across western parts of the


structure. We will be playing around with areas of cloud for the


next few days. That high pressure area again means a generally dry


week. The weekend does look unsettled. There could be some use


for rain to come by events. Clyde has been clearing across western


Lincolnshire. What we will find overnight is some of these gaps


filling with cloud. Be clear skies could produce ground frost. Down


across the south, it will be six or seven Celsius. The sun will rise up


the morning at around 6:20am. Sunset at six so 3pm. Eight-day a


variable cloud tomorrow. We will see breaks showing up, just like


today. Some decent spells of sunshine. Where it does stay cloudy,


it will be fairly chilly. There will be some variations in


temperatures. A bit of a sea breeze on the coast. Quite chilly. The


best temperatures are in the western part of the Stuart Archer.


15 degrees. -- western part of the East Yorkshire. There should be


I am watching very closely after Friday's prediction! I might get it


here about! We want to argue about it! See you tomorrow.


The Grimsby MP, Austin Mitchell, claims the life of a politician is


not attractive to Britain's top graduates any more. He has blamed


the lack of a decent pay for the problem. Leanne Brown has more.


Austin Mitchel has said there's been a decline in the quality,


ability and IQ of those coming into politics. He's blamed that on a


lack of pay, saying talented young people wouln't settle for an MP's


salary of �65,000. Now just to give you a comaprison


to other top jobs, Chief Executives of major organisations earn around


�112,000. Aircraft pilots get �71,000. And doctors and


consulatants are paid more than �69,000.


But one local recruitment firm I spoke to said money isn't usually


the reason people choose to become a member of parliament. I don't


think people going to the profession thinking of salary. They


going because they are passionate about politics and because they


want to make a difference to the country and the business community.


Well, since the expenses scandal, confidence in MPs has reached an


all-time low. The former Scunthorpe MP Elliot Morley was sent to prison


for falsely claiming more than �30,000 in mortgage payments. And


many residents we spoke to in Grimsby were outraged at the


thought of MP's getting more money. I think it is absolutely disgusting,


to be honest with you. We are in a recession and the MPs are getting


paid that much?! I don't have a problem with that, as long as they


do the job. They get too much money. I know they put the cars in, but


they get too much. We are having to suffer.


Austin Mitchel says salaries in the Commons needs to catch up with


other professions. Young talented people were less interested in duty


and service and more motivated by money.


Thanks, Leanne. Austin Mitchell joins us from Westminster now.


Given that the public's opinion of MPs remains pretty low in the wake


of the expenses scandal, this isn't a great time to suggest a pay rise,


is it? What you think you should be earning?


The job has got harder and there is much more work. There -- it is much


more like a glorified social worker's job. We get a lot of


stress. MPs are just punching bags. We are subject to abuse and we are


not very well paid. I am thinking of people graduating from


university choosing a career. Now, at too much of the talent is going


to the bar and then to the media, like yourself, Peter! But surely,


it is a vocation? They're not going into it for the money.


I came in as a naive idealist. People come in wanting to change


the world. But on the other hand, they have to live and have an


existence. It is less attractive than my thoughts. I think they find


this out pretty quickly. It is the combination of the role, the


difficulties of doing it and the salary. We do face a problem of


being less attractive as a career. This was a submission to a upset


about how I'm confident we are. My wife has to travel in a guard's van


as unaccompanied baggage! They want to pay me to move out of my flat!


What do you think they should be paid?


I will not put a figure on it. Everybody will say it is too high.


It is just a question of being helped through the job.


Thank you. Cleethorpes has been given the go-


ahead to hold its first air festival this summer. Among those


taking part at the Festival of Flight will be the Red Devils


Parachute Team and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. It's hoped


the event will bring thousands of visitors to the resort.


It will be huge in terms of the revenue generated. We also think it


is a key factor in terms of putting Cleethorpes on the tourist


destination map. More importantly, it is sustainable.


Hull FC pulled off one of the wins of the season when they beat last


year's grand finalists St Helens. That was in stark contrast to the


emotions at Craven Park as fans saw Hull Kingston Rovers throw away a


16-point lead against Bradford. More from our sports reporter,


Simon Clark. Hull FC plan some early match


nerves. Although the home side took the lead, it was Hull FC who took


control. St Helens scored early in the second half, but Jordan turn


its struck to put Hull FC ahead. The lead was extended and a second


try from making rounded off the game. We're still not doing exactly


what we want to do with that. We're bringing it into the game gradually.


We are still finding each other. Clare Mackie ease their way into a


comfortable lead. In the second have, Rover's lead by 24.28.


Suddenly, their defence of guard slipped and Bradford ran riot.


Bradford won 36 the 24th. 2048. We should have put the game and the


bend and that we should have done that. Are they got the momentum. We


could not take it back. Full credit to them.


Next week, Hull Kingston Rovers go to Catalan.


Onto football now, and although Hull City are now unbeaten in nine


games, their draw with Ipswich Town will feel like a defeat. The Tigers


were two up with just over half an hour to go, through goals by Robbie


Brady and Robert Koren. But the away side scored twice in three


minutes to take home a point. In League One, Scunthorpe United


also had to settle for a point against Preston North End. Andy


Barcham came closest, but was denied by the keeper.


Grimsby-born athlete Richard Buck has won a silver medal at the World


Indoor Championships in Istanbul. The 400 metre runner anchored the


British relay team to second place in the final event of the


championship. For a short while, they were promoted to the gold


medal position after the United States were disqualified, only for


that decision to be reversed on appeal.


100 years ago, this would have been the scene as golfers teed off at


the brand new Market Rasen Golf Course. And today, they celebrated


their centenary in style. To mark the occasion, a match was held with


opposing teams using clubs from 100 years ago versus modern kit. As


Linsey Smith reports, it's not the It was the year the Titanic sunk


and when Captain Scott's doomed expedition to the South Pole ended.


And following a boom in golf courses springing up across the


country, 1912 saw the birth of Market Rasen Golf Club. It is 100


years today since Market Rasen Golf Course was formed. To celebrate, or


we have the British golf collectors Society here, dressed and the


fashions of the day. We will play a match against them. They will play


with their old style equipment. We will play with our modern gear.


And it seems using wood rather than steel isn't the only difference.


You can see the sheer size of the modern club. It is a great deal


more forgiving. You have to hit them right in the middle with these


old clubs. They have a very small sweet spot. If you miss it, you


finish up at stinging hands. There is a different level of skill


required. 1912 was also a turning point for


the Suffragettes in the UK. They turned to using more militant


tactics to gain the right to vote, to be considered equal to men.


Women were allowed in Market Rasen Golf Club, but equality there was


not. 100 years ago it was one guinea for the men to join and half


a guinea for the ladies to join. The joining fees are high the same.


A hundred years ago, they had to play in long skirts and ties and


shirts and hats. Night, they can play in shorter skirts, shorts, so


there is and as many restrictions. Women certainly had an equal place


in today's match. In fact, the ladies' captain claims to be a


better player than the mens'! And as for the antique versus modern


equipment? We're told the result was an honorable half - that means


a draw to you and me. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines... Hosepipe bans are to come into


force as soon as next month across south and eastern England. Two


unusually dry winters have left reservoirs and rivers far below


normal levels. Lincolnshire is one of the counties


affected. Anglian Water says it's bringing in the hosepipe bans in


the first week of April. the first week of April.


Tomorrow's weather - dry and bright with variable, sometimes large,


amounts of cloud but also sunny spells in places. Maximum


temperatures of 15 degrees in sunnier spots, but nearer 10


On the subject of the hosepipe ban... Will Anglican water it was a


reduction in our water bills? If the gas companies can pipe gas


from one end of the country to another, bike and the water


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