16/03/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening from Look North. The headlines: After a race cyclist was


killed when a lorry shed its load, the victim's family hit out at the


driver's sentence. She got crushed to death by his trailer. He has 27


months. I am disgusted. The owner of Hull City claims higher taxes


for millionaires are proving to be in on goal for our economy. Six


weeks after he disappeared, the family of a missing man are told


her a body found in the Humber is his. He was full of life and he had


a cheeky grin. It is a tragedy that such a young life has ended so


abruptly. The school children taking inspiration from one of our


best Olympic hopefuls. I will have the weather. We will see some rain


at times. A tragic day for two families. The


words of the judge at Hull Crown Court after he sentenced a lorry


driver to 27 months in prison. Mark Smith was riding his lorry through


Hull when a container slipped off the back and fell onto cyclist


Susan Russell. The court was told how Mr Smith had a previous


unblemished record. On the day in question, his load was secured by


just two straps. Our reporter has been speaking to two Susan


Russell's family. She has been my sister for 54 years. We have always


been close. She was fun a loving. Loads of friends. A a hard-working


mother, a fun loving grandmother and a good cyclist. Susan Russell


was cycling to work when it this eight tonne blast brief Cabinet


fell off the lorry which was carrying it. It landed on its


season, killing her instantly. This is one of the busiest roundabouts


in Hull. It was not the traffic that caused Susan's death. The


cabin was only secured with two straps, one of which was not


fastened properly. Hull Crown Court heard from an expert, he said it


would have taken at least 40 to make it safe. Driver Mark Smith,


seen here on the left, was described by the judge as a


candidly honest gentleman with an unblemished driving record. In 27


years, he had not even reached a regulation. Failing to inspect the


load he picked up was negligence. A warning, the judge said, to the


haulage industry. This case highlights the responsibility that


drivers of all vehicles, whether they are cars or large goods


vehicles, has to the public. They need to be driven safely. They may


not be the person paying the ultimate price. The judge told Hull


Crown Court how this had left two families in grief for different


reason. Susan, because they had lost her, but for mild, it was


because he had been left hopeless and riddled with grief. She is dead.


She got squashed to death by his trailer. He has got 27 months. I am


disgusted. Susan's daughters have told us they plan to appeal a


sentence, believing 27 months is too short a punishment for taking


their mother's life. The boom in offshore industries


boosting business is in a our area. There is a warning tonight from one


of the richest men in East Yorkshire the business owners will


leave the country unless the government cuts taxes for the


wealthy. The chairman of Hull City, Assem Allam, is urging the


Chancellor to cut to the top rate of tax in next week's budget. It is


reported George Osborne is considering cutting the 50% tax


rate for people who earn more than �150,000 a year.


The recent Sunday Times Rich List suggested Assem Allam was worth


little under �300 million. But to the east Yorkshire-based


businessmen and Hull City owner says he is fed up with handing over


half he income to the taxman. Do you think is right wealthy people


should pay their fair share? Yes. But if you tell me, you work hard,


and a 50%. But I can go to Holland and I will pay 30%, you are


risking... It is actually happening, many people with billions of pounds


are leaving the country. There has been widespread newspaper


speculation that the Chancellor will cut -- will cut taxes for high


earners. At the moment, there is a debate going on in government over


the future of the 50 pence top rate of tax which applies to people who


earn over �150,000 a year. There has been talk of a mansion tax and


some Lib Dems would like to see how a player to net tax. It is one that


could help to ensure the wealthiest of this country pay their fair


share. Although he says he does not support one political party, Assem


Allam invited Ed Miliband to watch Hull City's match, despite the lido


cancelling an appearance as a protest against health reforms due


to ill health. There was doubt about him coming to the rally. The


football match is there, regardless of him coming or not. We cannot


cancel it. The success of Assem Allam's regenerated company has led


to the Egyptian-born businessman becoming as wealthy as the Queen.


It will be up to the Chancellor to decide how much he and many others


paid to Her Majesty's Treasury. Joining me is John Robinson, who is


a senior Liberal Democrat in Hull. Judging by reports, it looks like


the Chancellor is poised to cut the top rate of tax. Does that please


the Lib Dems? If we have a Budget where wealthy people are taxed in


an additional way, I will be happy. That has got to happen. It could be


a mansion tax. I am not privy to the discussions. I want to make


sure richer people do pay more tax. Are you worried if these successful


people are penalised, they will take, as they heard, their business


abroad? With all respect to Assem Allam, who I admire, he has proved


you can build a successful business here. The enterprise zones that we


are developing in Hull should mean people find it easier to develop


business. If reports are accurate, George Osborne will be cutting the


top rate of income tax but he is not in favour of a mansion tax.


will have to wait and see. The Lib Dems are arguing strongly for this.


That is the advantage of having the Lib Dems in government. Otherwise,


the Tories would have things their own way. How do you strike a


balance between showing we are open for business as a country but also


we are all in this together? think you make sure people pay a


reasonable amount of tax and if people with a home over �2 million,


why should they pay the same amount of council tax as people living in


a three-bedroomed home? The system has to be fair and people have to


create businesses. Do you think you will be shoulder to shoulder with


the Chancellor? We will be arguing for a fair distribution of wealth


in this country. I am proud to do that. Thank you. We would like to


know your thoughts on this. Is it right to hit for the super-rich


with higher taxes? How worried are you able take their businesses and


their jobs abroad? You can e-mail us. And you can call or textiles.


All follow me on Twitter. -- text us. This is one of the topics that


will be debated on Sunday Politics. That is at 12 noon.


For a man has been charged with murdering a baby. Six-month-old Ian


-- Ethan Hopson died before Christmas after his life support


machine was switched off. Ian Redgrave had been charged with


grievous bodily harm. He appeared in court this morning. More than


�100,000 is being invested in a failed Icelandic bank has been


repaid. -- that had been invested. Are they invested before 2008.


Glitnir owes the council �1.2 million.


The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has emerged as one of the


frontrunners to succeed the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has


announced today that he is retiring. Dr Sentamu, who was in Tadcaster


today, paid tribute to Rowan Williams and said he was very sad


to hear the news. A campaign for better rail links


between Hull and north-west England has failed. A new Trans Pennine


train will be introduced in 2014. Hull council hoped it would run to


the city. A provisional timetable shows the service will go to York


instead. The body of a man found in the


River Humber at Brough Haven on Saturday has been formally


identified as missing Hull man at Stuart Gilson. He was last seen on


the Drypool Bridge in Hull more than six weeks ago. Family and


friends are leaving their tributes. Our reporter is there. Have the


family given any reaction to today was no news?


Of course this is an incredibly difficult time for the family. It


is the news they have been dreading for weeks. They had never given up


hope of finding Stuart so they want some privacy to come to terms with


this terrible news. The police say they are not treating the death as


suspicious. The confirmation of his body will put an end to what has


been a huge and heartbreaking search. Devastated and desperate,


but Stuart Gilson's family refused to give up on him. With friends


they search the city, hoping to find their boy. The worst pain for


us ever. Come home, Stuart. Today came the news his mother hoped she


would never hear. His body was discovered in the river humbug on


Saturday. This morning, police confirmed it is her son. -- River


Humber. His colleagues say his death is a huge loss. He always had


a smile on his face. He worked really hard. He had a lot of time


before his colleagues. He is such a nice man. It is a tragedy that such


a young life has ended so abruptly. He was full of life and he had a


cheeky grin. He was a ray of sunshine. These sentiments have


been echoed in more than 1500 messages on Facebook, all


expressing how much Stewart will be missed.


As well as the online tributes, how are the public reacting?


Behind me there are many tributes and balloons tied to Drypool Bridge.


This has become a memorial to -- a memorial spot to Stuart because it


is the last place he was seen. I have seen it several people today


and it seems to be a story the people of Hull have taken to their


hearts. Many of them were involved in the search. Stewart's sister


described the support from the people of Hull as amazing. There


are 25,000 members of a Facebook group dedicated to Stewart. Denied,


the messages are flooding in. One of the latest says, you are the


brighter start in the sky. -- tonight. Thank you.


Still ahead: Find out why a these Don't forget, if you have a picture


you are proud of, then send it in. Tonight's was taken by Mark. This


could be abroad, couldn't it? Thank you for that. Lisa, good evening.


Good evening. You're a fan club have been lobbying need to know


that you on tonight meet you will be pleased about that. Have you


forgotten my barometer check? haven't. It is not the best time to


be checking it, because the pressure is falling, but it was


1011 at 6:00pm. We got there in the end! With pressure building, that


will be a much better time to search your barometer, but for the


weekend, the weather will be unsettled, and we will see some


rain, some welcome rain for some others. The high pressure has


drifted away, at the weather isn't settled anymore, and there is a


weather front pushing him on Saturday. A fair bit of cloud, and


a bit of brightness at times. One or two clear spells, but on the


whole, cloudy skies tonight. For Looking at the Sunday Times


tomorrow, it will run at 6:10am. Tomorrow, a fairly mild start the


day, but a drizzly and dull start as well. It will Brighton and


little, with the sunshine, triggering after some drizzle. --


triggering off. There will be a moderate breeze from the south-west.


We will continue to see showery outbreaks of rain overnight into


Sunday. It quickly brightened up, still one or two showers around on


Sunday, but not as many as on Saturday. Some decent spells of


sunshine, temperatures around 10 1011, there we are! Have a good


weekend. Business leaders in East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire say offshore industries are continuing to create


jobs and wealth despite the economic downturn. An increase in


oil, gas and renewable energy activity in the North Sea is


already being seized upon by companies around the Humber. Here's


our Business Correspondent Paul Murphy.


In this warehouse to you will find everything from a bottle of ketchup


to a life jacket. They provide their services to more than 1000


vessels every month. The company is growing fast because offshore


industries like gas, oil and wind turbines are also booming. There


has been some good exploration in the North Sea recently, and we have


gained some contracts to supply oil and gas companies on a worldwide


basis. Our product range is internet, we provide anything the


customer wants, but we do keep certain items on stock. -- is


infinite. Oil, gas and renewable energy are the offshore industries


which have shown it resilience to the economic downturn and a


continuing to create onshore opportunities. And one of those is


a new business here at Humberside airport, where offshore workers fly


in and out every day. This specialist hotel was built in


consultation with the oil and gas industry, which meet its workforce


close to the airport, well looked after and available at short notice.


A lot of our guys are there for two weeks, then go home for two weeks,


then come back, this comes -- becomes a second home for them. We


like to think our staff treat them in a manner they expect, they are


not just a passing guest. companies in this area are of


international quality, doing work all around the world. Right around


the UK and further afield as well. In the next five years, more than


�20 billion will be spent by the renewable energy industry alone in


the North Sea. Marine based companies around the Humber ignore


these opportunities at their peril. Last night, we heard about two


areas of Hull which are amongst the worst places in the country to get


a job. It is estimated that more than 35 people are competing they


each vacancy in East Hull. In North Hull, the figure is about 31. There


Our business correspondent Paul Murphy is with me in the studio.


You have been reporting all week on businesses which are growing. How


confident are local businesses feeling at the moment? The business


you saw in the film is perhaps the exception, generally, there isn't a


great deal of confidence around. I talk to about 20 a month, and 1500


businesses surveyed over the next three months, 19 of them expect to


create jobs -- 19%. 22% of them expect to shed jobs. So we are


still on dodgy ground here. What sort of encouragement will there be


for them in the Budget regarding tax? Two headline things for local


businesses, they will be looking for something to be done about the


price of fuel, particularly the haulage industry, which is it


really struggling. A penny on a litre affect them in a big way.


Something on National Insurance, the cost of employing people to


stop people I talk to say it is it stopping them from expanding.


budget is next Wednesday. The Hull City manager Nick Barmby


has a fully fit squad to choose from ahead of this weekend's match


with Crystal Palace in the Championship. The Tigers moved into


the play-off places after this 3-0 win midweek over promotion rivals


Cardiff City. Barmby has warned the players who aren't in the team to


A team of Filipino sailors are starting to make their mark on the


East Yorkshire sporting scene. They are all basketball players, the


national sport of the Philippines. Our sports reporter has been


finding out how they divided their time between duties on board ship


and playing their favourite game. They sailed daily between Hull and


the Continent. These Filipina sailors look after passenger needs


on the ferries that travel to Rotterdam and sabre. But never far


from their minds is Saturday afternoon in Hull. Every Saturday,


the Filipino sailors leave the ferry for their most important


appointment of the week. A with the basketball court. It helps us


develop our teamwork. It is a good exercise for us, but only mentally


but it is a Belleek -- physically as well. They played in the


burgeoning Humberside League. a passion for us. For them, it is


only basketball, but for us, it is at passion. It is a serious


business, with tactical plans outlined before the game, against


today's opponents, themselves made up of mostly Lithuanians. In the


future, we could be a bit more competitive than now, so I could


say it is a good game for us. I think we have already shown the


best we can do. In this game, it is the opponent to win, in a


competitive contest. They want to win. As do the opponent today.


is so much fun. But unfortunately, it was a bit of a disappointment.


Back on board, there are a few minutes to contemplate the game


before they set sail, waiting for the next Saturday, when they can


take Hull by storm. With 133 days to go until the start


of the London Olympics, much has been made of the legacy for young


people. Youngsters from Hull and East Yorkshire have been speaking


to one local Olympian to find out The legacy of the Olympics will


inspire people into sport. It here at this gym in Hull, these new


boxes are the ones to watch. -- boxers. They trained at the same


gym as this a Hull box, hoping to win a gold medal at the Olympics.


How Kenyan people be inspired to do what you do? The Olympics is the


biggest events on the planet, the biggest sporting event, and I'm


just a normal kid that comes in here and works out, so anyone can


do it. It just inspires you to train harder, I would get as far as


he does. Their trainer is Mick. He hopes the Olympics will inspire


even more young people to take up the sport. I think it is great for


kids, sport, health, when you are healthy, you feel confident, you


can go out there Brett Deacon meet things in the archive. Not just the


-- for sport, but for life. government is going to increase


funding for elite sport, and get more people involved in community


sports. If you want to be involved in sport, now is the time to


restart to get involved. So even if you're not an Olympic hopeful, it


is time to get your kit on and be I have to say, I think the pupils


did a fantastic job. Well done to all of them.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is to


step down. After a cyclist was killed when a lorry shed its load,


the victim's family criticised the driver's sentence.


Tomorrow, some rain and drizzle at first, turning brighter in the


I have to say, a huge response coming in on the subject of the tax


rate and whether the Chancellor should cut the 50 pence tax rate in


next week's budget. "This is how the rich get their own way, by


threatening to go elsewhere, and the government just Devine of." "we


should not tax at 50%. We rely on entrepreneurs to provide us with


employment and we need to give them the incentive to do so." "they get


paid more, so they can afford it, not struggle to make ends meet".


"of the rich should pay the same tax as the rest, they earn it, they


pay tax and everything they buy come expensive houses and cars".


"their right taxes that deserve to be cut before, like the VAT rate


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