19/03/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Welcome to the programme. The headlines. Hope for


the future - the local companies helping to lift the country out of


economic gloom. Small and medium-sized businesses


have always been the powerhouse of the British economy.


The owner of Hull City reveals he has made a six-figure donation to


the Labour Party. Round your way - the route of the


Olympic torch relay is revealed, and who will be carrying it.


would take it in her stride and love the fuss. If anyone wants to


come up and give her a pat, she will love that. Three from three -


Hull FC make it a hat-trick of wins by thrashing Super League's bottom


team. Little rain to come. The full forecast shot -- falls short life.


-- follows shortly. A small number of highly successful


businesses in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire could be the key to


lift in the UK out of the economic downturn. That is the finding of


research carried out exclusively for BBC Look North. The researchers


looked at the national economy and found that even though this area


was faring badly compared to the south it contains the highest


proportion of fast-growing, export based firms. Here is our business


correspondent. This office equipment supplier in Hull is


identified by the Experian research as what it calls a business


champion. It is young, fast-growing and has potential. When the budget


comes along on Wednesday, what does his company want? Has it would be


nice to see some creative measures by the government to trying


stimulate growth rather than adding extra businesses to -- extra


burdens to businesses. Experian says high-performing business


Champions are crucial to or our economy. There'll be one in 10


companies being referred to as business Champions. They are huge


drivers of local GDP growth and of local employment. Here is another


star performer - a Lincolnshire- based grain exporter. There has a


strong message for government. are a green business. We have gone


from employing 50 people five years ago, to double that. We might do


that in the next five years but we need help. We do not need to be


hampered by red tape and buy things like national insurance. Despite


individual success stories, the wider backdrop remains in. The


research that it is this growth over last two years in 324 local


authority regions. Many of our regions are lying -- ranked in the


bottom quarter of this table. Crucially, the research concludes


that these worst performing regions are worthy appetite and potential


for growth our greatest and where British -- business Champions are


emerging. Companies like these are beacons of hope in a bleak economic


landscape. Research suggests they need all the government help and


support they can get if they are to fully unlock their potential.


Whether it is help in exporting, by cutting red tape or additional


lending, all of these contribute. We have to ensure we understand the


opportunity for these big growth champions represent and we help


them as much as possible to realise their ambitions. Ahead of the


debate tonight on the economy, we asked Sir guess how growth is best


achieved? Economy will grow with small companies, with the digital


economy ticking off. Small and medium-sized businesses have always


been the powerhouse of the British economy and that is where it will


come from. I cannot see a prospect of growth over the next year. I am


sorry to say that. Despite challenging economic times,


Experian's research concludes there are some signs of recovery but


makes it clear this is something that the South of England will


experience of well before East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


Joining me in the studio is Carolyn Burgess from the World Trade Centre


in the Hull and Humber. Why is there this potential for growth in


this area? Good evening. De UN key there is potential for growth?


Absolutely, but it is up to all of us to make it happen. A had been


job losses and firms closing down, it is quite a poor outlook? When


you look at the picture, more people have lost jobs than gained


jobs and more companies have gone bust that have started up. We


cannot let that put us off at all. We have fantastic opportunities.


heard in the report about a business Champions, can they help


turn the economy round? That is the first time I have ever heard that


term, but let us hope so. Do people in this region have the right


skills to attract businesses? they do. We have this idea that we


are very low skilled economy but we are not. -- yes, they do. Fantastic


people are coming out of education. There are specific skills we need


to. Science, maths, really important skills. I encourage mums


and dads to get behind their children and tell them how


important it is to take exams because a lot of businesses which


will be coming to employee our people, our businesses that will be


looking for all sorts of skills and for people who can pass exams. In


the past, families have said it did not matter about going to college


and getting skills, it is more apparent that qualifications like


English, maths and science are vital. If you are one of the many


looking for work at the moment in this part of the world, should


those people be optimistic? They have to be. For the whole time I


have been in this region, this is the one time I feel that people are


all coming together and we can make it together. Thank you very much.


Is it over optimistic too reliant a small number of successful


companies? How much can the Green Energy Industry help improve the


economy in places like Hull? Your thoughts on this issue are welcome.


Business leaders and local people will be debating the economy in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in will stop


in a moment: The battle for business in Mablethorpe with a new


superstore on the way. A Lincolnshire coach firm has been


saved from going into liquidation, saving 25 jobs. AC Williams coaches


in Ancaster went into administration in December after


its sister company closed. An investor has now come forward and


the company has a healthy order book to ensure its survival.


Commuters using trains services from East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire have been getting their first view of the revamped


concourse is now enclosed by a steel web-like roof. The multi-


million pound facility will more than double capacity at a central


London station, which used by 47 million passengers every year.


Opponents of plans to close to heart surgery unit that treats


children from East Yorkshire say new evidence shows it should stay


open. Leeds General Infirmary could lose its heart unit, but an


independent report has suggested that rival hospital Newcastle would


not be able to meet its target for operations. Campaigners say this


shows Leeds is a better option. Where the patients will come from,


is fundamental to the future of children's heart units in this


country. If the information they used was wrong and our information


is right, there needs to be a complete rethink.


The precise route is out for the Olympic torch for its 70 day


journey around the UK. If you live on London Road in Long Sutton or


Boothferry Road in Goole, you can find out exactly what time a runner


will be passing where you live. On 18th June in Bridlington, the torch


will enter our area for the first time - staying overnight in Hull.


Over the next two weeks it will travel on the Cleethorpes Coast


Light Railway and will pass key landmarks in Lincoln - including


the cathedral. 296 local runners will carry the


torch on its way to the Olympic Park. Phil Connell reports on the


route and the runners making history in our area.


It is the first detailed route of the roads, towns and villages where


the Olympic torch will be coming. In our region it arrives in


Scarborough Road on 18th June. 13 weeks to go, but already a date in


they died a here which has everyone talking. Things like that do not


normally happen here. -- at date in the diary. It will be geared and


show people what we have here. A I am looking forward to seeing it.


The torch will spend seven days in our region, visiting towns and


villages on both sides of the Humber. A journey which will see it


carried by hundreds of nominated people. Each one will have their


own story. In Seaford, the torch will be carried by Lincolnshire


firemen Neil. He has a special partner, Holly. She is an


international rescue dog and has saved numerous lines over the years.


Her work is being recognised by the Special Olympic corner. She would


take it in her stride. If anyone on the day wants to come up and give


her a pat, she will love that. about you? I cannot wait. To


actually hold the flame, it will be a great honour. On its writ, there


are some spectacular moments planned. It will absinthe 300 ft


down the dock tower in Grimsby. -- at Sale. It will be in Cleethorpes,


hitching a ride on one of the best known attractions in the region. It


will travel on the theme is Light Railway. A short ride along the


seaside which aims to get Cleethorpes noticed. Many people


throughout the world and in the country will be watching the


Olympic Games and following the torch. Cleethorpes will be


fantastic. It will do very well. The torch will be carried across


our region by 296 nominated people. This is a judo player is one of


them. Jack is 15 and has Usher syndrome which affects sight and


hearing. He's seen as a future contender for the Paralympics.


got asked to go into the Paralympics in 2016 and 2020.


will be relief proud of him. Hopefully, all the family will


watch them and we hope he understands his achievement that


not many people get. It is a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity.


torch will leave Lincolnshire on 4th July before heading to King's


Lynn. A chance for all parts of her region to shine and create our own


Olympic memories. -- our region. You can get street by street


information on-line. Still ahead tonight: Your guide to the best


places to see the Olympic torch as it passes through East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire. Unbeaten in 10 - but Hull City drew


a blank once again to fall out of the play-off places.


I prefer watching. This is tonight's photographs. -- thank you


for watching. Please send in your In Switzerland we were visiting


family and we found a town called Belmont!


The picture for tomorrow is one with a lot of cloud. Yet again that


we are looking at the week without any rain fought at all. And this


area of high pressure could now be with us for the rest of March. That


is worrying news. There has been some speckled cloud around. Quite a


pleasant end to the day in spite of the breeze. Clear spells at first


tonight and later on a touch of ground frost. It is a predominantly


dried picture. The sun will rise at three minutes past six in the


morning, setting at 6:16pm. Not a bad day all though there will be a


lot of cloud at first which could lead to some patchy rain and


drizzle. Temperatures around 15 or 16 degrees. So it is a bright


afternoon with some sunshine. On Wednesday, looking pleasant with


some sunshine. But then a switch in the wind direction brings in a lot


of cloud from the North Sea. And of cloud from the North Sea. And


The owner of Hull City Football Club, Assem Allam, has confirmed to


BBC Look North that his company has made a donation of �100,000 to the


Labour Party. Mr Allam has denied suggestions in the national press


that the money could influence Labour councillors in Hull to allow


him to buy the KC stadium. And he said he would be donating the same


amount to the Conservative Party. Vanessa Clarke reports.


He is a multi millionaire that has given away thousands of pounds to


organisations over the years. But it's a �100,000 donation to the


Labour party that has come under scrutiny, one which Assem Allam has


defended. I do not discriminate in politics,


colour, or anything. When I am in a position to contribute, it is based


on equal payment to both the Labour and the conservative parties.


Mr Allam was joined by the leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband at


the KC Stadium last weekend. He'd pulled out of an NHS rally early


because he was ill. It is the first time I have been


accused of putting football ahead of the NHS!


The Conservative Party says questions need to be asked about


whether the donation could influence Labour councillors here


to allow him to buy the stadium. How can a Labour-run city council


deal with these planning applications in an unbiased way


when he has made this massive donation to the Labour Party?


But the Labour leader of the council disputes the claims. I do


not think that is the case with Assem Allam. He's just pleased to


donate this money to causes that he is supporting and good luck to him.


What would you say to suggestions that he did this to gain the


backing of Labour? I do not know how any sensible person would think


this way. These are cases where I am donating money, not gaining


money. Tonight the Labour Party is says details of donations are


reported to the Electoral Commission in accordance with the


rules. Assem Allam says he will continue to support democracy.


It is a decision that has split a town. For some and of the town


supermarket on the outskirts of Mablethorpe will save a struggling


seaside town from terminal decline. Others say the development will


kill remaining businesses in the town centre.


Some locals are concerned that a supermarket away from the high


street here will harm what is already the seasonal economy.


People will go up there and do their shopping, fill the car with


petrol, broke for a meal and go home again. They will not come into


this town at all and it will die. The district council has approved


outline plans for a supermarket, homes and a petrol station. But it


is about a mile out site of the town centre. The high street is


already suffering. I think any development will help the town but


I think people are taking outside the town, if there is free parking,


it will affect the town centre. None of us want to be in charge of


a declining town centre. The town centre at the moment is busy but we


would like to make it busier. some residents say they fear for


their homes as well as the shops. To stop the site from flooding the


development would lead to be built about two metres of the ground,


about as high as that fence. People living around the site cent that


puts their homes at risk. These are the houses we considered to be most


at risk of flooding. There are other areas where they could build


where there are no houses surrounded the area. And therefore


it would not put more houses at risk. But developers say they have


already thought about that and there will be sufficient drainage.


Detailed plans still need approval from the council but this is one


issue that leaves this seaside town of Split.


-- seaside town split. Hull City can move back into the


Championship play off places with a win over the league leaders


tomorrow night. The Tigers are unbeaten in ten


games, but had to settle for a nil nil draw against Crystal Palace on


Saturday. Nick Barmby has a plan to beat Southampton tomorrow.


We have to utilise our winners tomorrow. We are learning every


week, different styles of play. I believe they can score at any given


moment. Scunthorpe United manager Alan


Knill says his players are proving the pessimists wrong.


United earned a point against top of the table Charlton over the


weekend thanks to a John Parkin penalty. They play Bury tomorrow


looking to go six games unbeaten and the manager says he never


worried about his side going down. Everyone else has talked about


Scunthorpe going down but I have never really mentioned it, I always


had faith in the players. It is just that we could not get the


squad together through injuries or suspensions. But once we had I


always felt we would be strong. In rugby, Hull FC are up to sixth


in the Super League table after thrashing bottom-of-the-league


Widnes. Yesterday's win was also the Black and Whites third in a row.


Across the city though, it wasn't such a good weekend for Hull


Kingston Rovers. Mike Morris reports.


The Robins trailed early on in France, but hit back when Michael


Dobson went in for a try. Rovers fans had smiles on their faces at


half time following Kris Welham's length of the field run, which put


them twelve six up at the break. The French outfit dominated the


second half and levelled with a contentious try from Damien Blanch.


Two penalties edged them in front and Thomas Bosc's late try


condemned Rovers to defeat. Danny Tickle was the star of the


show for Hull FC as they hammered Widnes 58-10 at the KC Stadium.


He scored four tries and nine goals for the Black and Whites. Willie


Manu scored twice in the club's biggest win of the season and Hull


forward Sam Moa completed the scoring for them. They're now up to


sixth and have lost just once this season.


Back to the route of the Olympic Torch when it comes to East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in June. Phil Connell is live in the village


of Withern, near Louth. Phil, how easy is it going to be to see the


torch relay? Well it will visit 51 different


places in the region. And not just the big towns and cities. As we


have just been hearing, it kicks off on 18th June. It will be in


Bridlington, Beverley and then in Hull in the evening. Then on the


Tuesday it is in three places. And then we next see it on Tuesday 26th


June. That ends with the second evening party in Cleethorpes. On


Wednesday, that is a full day for the Olympic torch in Nantes region.


the Olympic torch in Nantes region. It passes through all these towns


and villages. Almost 20 of them in all. On June the 28, the torch will


leave Lincoln and then moves into Nottinghamshire before moving back


into Grantham of later that day. On Tuesday 3rd July 2008 you can see


the Olympic torch in Stanford as it makes its way towards Peterborough.


And then on the Wednesday it will pass through all these villages in


Lincolnshire before heading out towards Norfolk. You can check all


of these dates and places on the BBC website. Will hear it is about


14 weeks until the Olympic torch a 14 weeks until the Olympic torch a


rise but already it is a massive talking-point. What is it going to


be like when it arrives? It is a great opportunity to be part of the


history of the Olympics. What will the turnout be like? Hopefully,


really good. It is going to be great for the local community, we


will have a massive party. Organisers say that it should pass


within 10 miles of 95% of Britain's population. So there is a pretty


good chance that we will all get the chance to see it.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. A gunman


leaves four dead at a Jewish school in southern France. Three of the


victims were children. President Sarkozy calls it a national tragedy.


Research for the BBC says a small number of highly successful


businesses in our area could be the key to lifting the UK out of the


economic downturn. And tomorrow's weather, partly cloudy with sunny


spells. The risk of a few spots of rain in the morning, but most


places staying dry with a moderate Southwest wind. A maximum


temperature of 15 degrees. Now responses coming in on the


subject of businesses and skills. This one is quite interesting, it


says as a highly qualified computer program or I tell children to get


as many qualifications as they can. They will not get you a job but


they will get to the interview from the job, from there it is up to you


to sell yourself. Another once says there's not much hope for jobs in


this area. And another saying that councils should put their full


financial support behind existing tidal power companies to make the


area world-beating in the field of renewable energy. We have the


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