21/03/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hello and welcome to Wednesday's Look North. Tonight, what the


budget means for us in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


Disappointment. I feel very let down. Lots of false promises.


The business owner, the single mum and the industry expert. Our


panel's view on the Chancellor's Budget speech. Lots of investment


in a lot of the major cities in the South East, but we are poor


relations And, will the price rise on


cigarettes stop you smoking? It'll just make people buy knock-


off baccy from abroad. Also on tonight's programme:


Going international - how police hope this website will catch the


killer of a Lincolnshire man. Under the hammer - but did they


sell? The 60 year-old photos of the Queen and her young family go up


for sale. And now fine weather on the way, but, there on the coast. -


- and it now fine weather. Good evening. The Chancellor


described it as a Budget for working families, Labour said it


was a Budget for millionaires. There are changes to plans for a


child benefit, and the richest people will be better off. Tonight


one Lincolnshire Conservative MP has acknowledged that times are


tough. Nick Boles has told us that things are very hard for families


and businesses. We will hear from him in in moment, but first, our


political editor Tim Iredale watched the Budget with a panel of


guests. Watching today's Budget with three


people from different walks of life. Claire Nolan is a beauty therapist


and a single mum of two. She wanted help for low-income families.


feel very let down. Lots of false promises. The amount she can earn


without paying tax will rise to murder �9,000 a year. But that will


indicate in from next year. -- mirror than �9,000 a year. There is


no poet in doing it in more of than 12 months' time. Families want to


pay their mortgages now. Name three macro is self-employed from


Yorkshire. She wants -- she wants help with fuel prices. There was 3p


on the lead to coming in in the summer, so it is going to come up


unfortunately. That will hit us hard. Lots of investment in the


major cities, but North Lincolnshire is the poor relation.


It is quite his struggle. Name four is a business commentator. He


wanted more helpful local businesses to create jobs. There


were good elements, the further cut in corporation tax, and moving


towards 20p corporation tax, that gives businesses confidence. They


have more to invest in business. I thought that was good. There was


also reference to clean energy and support for clean energy. Not sure


what that will turn out to be, but I think it is important that the


Government sets the conditions and sends out the red signals on


renewable energy because it is this region's industrial future. Also


tonight, the decision to reduce the 50 p top rate of tax for the


highest earners has caused some controversy. It was a move


supported by the multi-millionaire Hull City owner. But Labour MPs


have criticised the move. Chancellor has done nothing for


growth, nothing for young people, it really is simply a millionaire's


Budget for millionaires. So the Budget has not pleased everyone,


but I got the impression that while our panel did not feel better off,


they did not feel that much worse off either.


The Chancellor confirmed that petrol prices will rise by three


pence a litre in August. Local businesses and drivers were hoping


that prices at the pumps would come down as the cost of fuel remains


one of the key economic challenges in rural areas. Paul Murphy has


been to the village of Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire to find out what


impact it is having there. In a in the heart of rural


Lincolnshire, change is generally slowed to happen. But rising fuel


prices are changing the way people live. Steven runs the local garage.


Might here revolves around the car. You cannot get to work from here


without a car. The school run, even - it is always more expensive to do


a school run. Every aspect of life in a row what area. Me and I does


not live here. She is driven here to visit her dentist. A round trip


of 60 miles. It is a big problem because we do not live in a village,


we live just outside the village. We have to keep the car for it up


just to go to the shops -- go to the shops. Fewer prices have long


been a major consideration for people here.


But in recent years, the loss of rural services including post


offices, shops and bus routes, has forced even more of us into our


cars. Unless running a car becomes just


too expensive. I met Barry. The price of fuel always heavily on his


mind. Today my wife has gone to Lincoln for a hospital appointment.


Normally I would drive, but today the price of fuel is for too


expensive, so she has taken the bus. And even though the Chancellor has


said he will increase fuel duty in August, when ropewalk MP believes


it could be much worse. -- ropewalk MP. One of the reasons why I think


it is so important, but I was pleased with what we saw today. No


major increases in fuel price is. It is unlikely they will be as


pleased here. When duty goes up, they will be paying in excess of


one pound 50 for a litre of diesel. The Conservative MP for Grantham


and Stamford Nick Boles told me that the three pence rise in fuel


duty is justified. It is obviously very hard for small businesses and


for families, having to get the shops and get their children to


school. The Government has already spent a great deal of money, well


over �3 billion, in getting rid of them rise in fuel duty that was


brought in by the last Government. But that is of no comfort to hard-


pressed motorists watching tonight. Why not hold back on the increase?


I understand, but the trouble is that the country has this enormous


Budget deficit. There is nothing more threatening to the families of


Lincolnshire and the businesses of Lincolnshire than if we do not deal


with our debts and get our borrowing down. Because otherwise


our interest rates will go up. Then people's manages and overdraft


rates will go up. People will not pay tax until the end just over


�9,000, but our single mother will have to wait a year before that is


introduced and actually feel the benefit. Why are you not raising


that threshold more quickly? It is going up quite a lot, in just a


month. It is going up to over �8,000 in just one month's time,


but... But the �9,000.10 is not until 2013. Yes, but it would be


going up a lot further in 2013, much more than originally planned.


So I agree that one cannot necessarily have all jam today, but


that is real help for working people and pensioners on low


incomes, and that is where the Chancellor today has put most of


the money he had to spend. Nick Dakin has claimed it Budget


for millionaires. Well, he is a Labour MP, and that is fair enough.


But the Government has to govern in the interests of our economy. Our


economy is not served by having tax rates that do not raise money...


The rich people are paying quite a lot more through this Budget.


Thank you very much indeed. Let us know your thoughts on the


Budget today. How the Chancellor's announcements will affect your life.


In a moment, still fighting - the workers planning a mass protest


against the closure of their factory.


The torture and brutal murder of Alan Wood at his home remains one


of Lincolnshire Police's once -- most high-profile unsolved cases.


Today, on website has been launched dedicated solely to the case. 2 1/2


years after he was killed in his home in the tiny hamlet of Lound,


officers hope it might move -- bring forward new Leeds for a stop


police say Alan Wood's killing was brutal and disturbing.


Murdered in his home in October 2009. This is their prime suspect.


Detectives believed he tortured Mr Wood for his bank cards and PIN


numbers before stealing just a few hundred pounds. Now, more than two


years on, they hope this website will bring new leads. This website


does not mean there is nowhere left to go, it is evidence of us trying


to reach people, recognising the international aspects, and a


website is the perfect way to do that. The fact this is an


international investigation is reflected on the site. It is


translated into Polish, live the way men and Russian. The violence


was incomprehensible. But it is also appealing to those closer to


home in the tiny hamlet of Lound. Residents there are glad police


have not given up. You forget all about it after a few months, but


the fact they are still working hard two years later is encouraging.


They have been on Crimewatch twice, so anything that adds to that has


got to be positive for. This is the first police website dedicated to a


single crime. This criminologist says spreading the word through


social media could make all the difference. It builds a community


of thought and values in a way that traditionally was much harder to do


and required physical engagement. In this case information can spread


fast and been duplicated. That could be very helpful.


There have been three televised appeals made by the BBC's


Crimewatch. But despite that, and police receiving information from


17,000 people, the killer remains at large. Detectives hope this


internet the -- appeal will change that.


We will continue to fall about history.


They Labour Party has been asked to review a decision to ban Hull's


good mayor from the party's list of preferred candidates for


Humberside's police commissioner role. And the mill has been sent


out on behalf of some party members saying that to not short list him


was a major mistake. The Labour Party has said it was confident it


would have a shortlist of Workers at BAE systems in Brough


are planning a demonstration against plans to end manufacturing


at the site. 850 workers are facing redundancy when manufacturing ends.


The company says it's due to a drop in orders. Today, staff met with


national union leaders to discuss their next move.


Standing defiant. Workers facing redundancy at BAE Systems in Brough


after today's meeting with unions. A few weeks ago, management stood


here and said as far as they were concerned, consultation was over.


We are saying we don't accept that. There is plenty more to talk about


cover the economics are totally flawed. The unions have told us


they have ever accepted the company's position. Aftershave's


meeting, it looks like the work force won't either. They are now on


board and ready to fight on. We've got to get together and it is our


last ditch attempt. I hope everybody comes together. I think


everybody will be down in London. And that will be for a mass


demonstration at BAE's Annual General Meeting. One person who'll


be there is Steve Turpin. He's only ever worked for BAE. For 25 years,


it's been his life. Today has given him and his family hope. We are


very competent. We have always had it deep down that something will


happen. You've got to be optimistic in the circumstances. A lot of


people have been waiting for the next step. Hopefully, everyone will


get behind there. There's no doubt these workers are passionate about


saving their jobs. We are a family business. People have been hit for


a long time. It is not something you come in and out of. Today,


there was a lot of emotion in that room. When there was asked for a


show of support, every hand shot up really quick. The AGM will take


place on May 2nd. BAE says all employees and shareholders are


welcome. But in what capacity will they be expecting them?


Still ahead tonight: It'll be taken across the country but some of our


Olympic torch bearers are told they'll have to travel miles for


the honour. Kenneth Clayton archive of unpublished photographs.


And we're at the auction of the rare Royal photos owned by a


Lincolnshire family and will reveal all in the next few minutes. If


you've got a picture you are proud of, send it in. To mines was taken


by Mandy West. There it is, the sunset at South Ferriby. Over the


cement works. Thank you very much indeed. Nothing wrong with the


cement works. It's all glamour here. The Chancellor missed the weather


forecaster's accuracy. There is a place abroad we have to, they stop


your money. We can't do that here your money. We can't do that here


because you would allow us money! It's not bad. There will be a good


deal of sunshine around tomorrow but an increasing risk of sea fret


coming in to end -- to coastal areas. It will feel much colder


along the coast but the dry weather looks set to continue. It has been


a stunning answer in across all parts of our region. Beautiful blue


skies. There is not a clear weather. Temperatures will drop away quite


sharply. Later on, it is likely we will see some mist and Petit fog,


some low cloud in places. To bridges down to two Celsius. And --


temperatures down to two Celsius. Perhaps a grey start in places. Any


mist will clear. If you live along the coast, it will be a cold breeze


from the word go. The risk of low cloud. A Fed variation in


temperatures. If you live in Bridlington, you will know about it


tomorrow. Eight degrees Celsius. Further west, possibly 15 degrees


Celsius. A fair contrast from east to west. An overcast day on Friday,


or that it should Brighton later. A very quiet, dry pleasant weekend.


That is the forecast. The Fred wasn't out to sea. I'll talk OBE. -


- I would talk over a year. London's Olympic Committee is being


criticised for failing to ensure torch bearers can carry the Olympic


torch past their home crowds. Some of the 8,000 people chosen for the


2012 relay will have to travel miles to take part. Now, one 16-


year-old from Grimsby says her family will struggle to be there as


she carries the Olympic torch through Lincolnshire, as Crispin


Rolfe reports. The view she'd hoped to carry the


Olympic torch past. Amy-Leigh Blackett was awarded the honour on


Friday only to discover she'd have an early morning start to take part


in once in a lifetime opportunity. Instead of Grimsby, Amy's carrying


the flame much further down the coast at Maltby Le Marsh. I am


pleased that I am doing it but the fact that I am doing it there is


that not many of my friends and family can watch it. My grandad has


had a major heart operation, he can't travel, my gran is 85, she


can't travel. If it was local, they could see me. But they are going to


miss it. For Amy's dad, pride mixed with surprise. The logistics mean


friends and close family will struggle to support her in person,


even though there's BBC TV coverage for every single mile. It is a


shame. It is her moment of glory and it will be recorded on TV for


everybody to see. Amy's 30-mile trip from Grimsby to Maltby Le


Marsh is minor compared to some. Torch bearer Lili Curtis from Louth


is having to go to Leicestershire's Melton Mowbray. And Stefanie


Feldman from Borehamwood outside London is travelling over 150 miles


to carry the torch through Grimsby. Puzzling decisions which are also


being questioned in Lincolnshire. We are all rightly proud of them


We are all rightly proud of them becoming torch bearers so I don't


think it really matters. But I think people can't understand why


the peoples who are champions in their areas are not running the


torch in their area. There are eight there are 8,000 torch-bearer


us across the whole of the UK. The organising committee said it has


been a logistical white mayor and they have tried to give people as


close to her as possible. -- a logistical nightmare. Still, the


crowds should still turn out for Amy and the 70-day relay which


comes to us in June. It's just they won't always be cheering a local


Olympic Torch bearer. Hull FC have confirmed they have


made a major signing with England international Gareth Ellis on a


three-year deal. The 30-year-old has played for the past four years


in Australia. He comes to the KC despite interest from a number of


super league sides, including his former club, Leeds. He is probably


the only English player that is in the world 13. He is renowned in


Australia. They would have loved to have kept him there. He has chosen


to come home. I think every single club would have made an enquiry


about him. Probably the top five or six would have been interested.


Hull City are still just outside the Championship play-off places


after losing to top-of-the table Southampton. The Tigers fell behind


after Jack Hobbs scored an own goal. after Jack Hobbs scored an own goal.


Southampton scored in the second half. The match finished 2-0 to the


visitors. In League One, Scunthorpe United


boss Alan Knill watched his team play out a goalless draw against


his former side Bury. The Iron had Mark Duffy sent off in the first


half, but managed to keep a clean sheet with ten men to claim a well-


earned point. In the Blue Square Premier, Grimsby


Town are eighth after beating Hayes Last month, we told you how this


Royal photograph was one of several taken by a Lincolnshire


photographer but kept secret for 60 years. It is a fantastic story.


Danny Clayton from Sleaford believes the photographs are the


first to have been taken of the Queen following her father's death.


Today, the collection was put up for auction but, as Phil Connell


reports, the photos didn't attract the attention they were expecting.


This one-off and and Charles, we still see that look of


determination. The experts have described them as charming and


unique. A recollection of royal photographs today being auctioned


60 years after they were taken. care Clayton archive of unpublished


royal photographs. One of the highlights of our say.


photographs show the Queen in 1952 and were used, its board, for her


first official portrait as Quinn. There are family pictures as well


of Prince Charles and Prince Charles and Princess Anne, taken by


kept Clayton. It's almost as if we are stepping back into the world


that Kenneth Clayton came to. We must wonder how he felt summoned by


the Palace. The Queen looked stunning. She was a beautiful young


girl. She is the Queen but she is not yet the Queen we know.


Something magical has happened there. In the year of the Queen's


Diamond Jubilee, Kenneth's family say it is time to sell. Today,


Kenneth's grandson Daniel travelled to see how much they would fetch.


�5,000. The photographs failed to meet their reserve price of �6,000.


Tonight, they're heading back to the family's House in Lincolnshire.


It was really interesting. It is obviously studied his abiding that


they haven't sold but that is fine for us. It was a win-win situation.


When we went into this, we wanted them to be seen by the public and


with wanted to know how much they were worth and we have a pretty


good idea of that now and every player has seen them.


photographs will be sold, possibly, later in the year. For now, they


will remain in Lincolnshire. A great story. I can't believe they


have been kept secret for 60 years. If you know a story you think we


should cover, let us know. More now on the main story tonight


- the Budget. The Chancellor George Osborne has laid out his plans for


the economy describing it as a Budget for families. Our political


editor Tim Iredale's in Hull this evening. Who are the winners and


losers, Tim? Well, that is a question being asked by people


leaving this shopping centre tonight. Will they have more money


in their pockets to boost the local economy? I would say arguably the


biggest losers are motorists. The cost of petrol and diesel isn't


going to go down. The planned 3p a litre rise in fuel duty will go


ahead in August. Also, on tax, controversially, the 50p top rate


of tax, for highest earners, it will be reduced to 45p. The


Chancellor argues that's low earners will benefit as well


because the amount they can earn before they pay tax will rise to


�9,200. Alcohol duty hasn't gone up but it will still go up by the rate


of inflation, meaning on average, there will be 5p on a pint. Ann's


smokers, always hit hard in the Budget, a packet of cigarettes will


go up by 37. Listen to this reaction from smokers on the


streets of hold macro. I don't think people. Buying. It would just


cost more and more. Will it make you reconsider smoking at all?


It will make people buy knock off cigarettes. Will it make you


reconsider smoking? No. If they do go up, I will be cutting down.


have been smoking since 1973. going to finish tonight with a


little reported aspect of the Budget. The Chancellor has closed


the loophole on VAT which is paid on static caravans. Vat isn't


currently paid on -- Surrey, VAT is paid on mobile caravans so it could


go up as much as 20%. It is the British capital in caravan


manufacturing here. Not good news for that industry. Thank you. Hit


the poorest and give to the richest. We have heard the Budget so it will


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