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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Fears for the East Coast Caravan industry following a VAT rise in


the Budget. Anything that pushes that price up


for the public in the current economy has to be bad news.


After a search which ends in tragedy, a community comes together


to say goodbye to Stuart Gilson. At the mercy of the level crossing.


How a solution may be in sight for shoppers in Lincoln


Famous names at a Grimsby Art Gallery, but are the paintings what


they seem? More fine dry weather to come. The


latest coming up shortly. Good evening. The leaders of one of


the most important manufacturing industries in Hull and East


Yorkshire say they face an uncertain future after George


Osborne's budget. The makers of static caravans will have to charge


thousands of pounds more when a VAT loophole is closed in October. Nine


out of ten caravans sold in the UK are made in this area, and the


Government believes sales could fall by a third. It's more than 24


hours since the Budget and the effects on our lives, from


transport, to leisure and the family purse are still emerging.


First tonigh,t Anne-Marie Tasker reports on the caravan trade.


For caravan builders big and small, it's the worst news they could have


been given. Here at ABI in Beverley, they make a quarter of the UK's


holiday homes. And they fear charging VAT on selling these


static caravans will hit jobs. have 350 employees. Statistics are


stating that they expect the market to reduce by 30 %. As a


manufacturer, parties probably Elise 1,000 jobs that will


disappear. And the news couldn't have come at


a worse time for Victory Leisure Homes. Today, they rolled the last


van out of their old factory in Hull, having spent millions on


bigger premises to make more vans. Anything that pushes the price up


to the public in the current economy has got to be bad news.


Around 17,000 caravans are made in the UK every year, 90 percent of


them in East Yorkshire. The price will escalate. It is feared that a


hike in prices could reduce the market by as much as 30 %.


East Yorkshire's caravan industry is still recovering from 2008's


recession. Credit was hard to find and hundreds of jobs were lost.


Hull MP Diana Johnson says this is the last thing the industry or this


area needs. At last the government to think again about this, and


consider whether this is the thing to do for a mummified in part of


industry that is just getting on its feet again.


And this could impact on caravan parks up and down the East Coast.


Here in Hornsea, they're spending four million pounds on expanding


the site. Now they're worried about filling it. We would have preferred


to see something like that introduced over time, to allow


businesses to plan. Tomorrow, the heads of caravan


companies are meeting to try to fight this tax change. There may be


a rush in sales before October, but the industry fears it could wipe


away jobs and profits next year. I will be talking to Graham Stuart


about the impact of this short eighth. -- shortly.


A look now at some of the other effects of the Budget. The owners


of amusement arcades along the east coast have lost their battle


against having a tax imposed on slot machines. A 5% levy will go on


earnings from all gaming machines with a jackpot of less than �25.


Small businesses will be much worse off. Bolt of them are based at the


coast. -- a lot of them. Moving onto transport. Toll prices


on the Dunham Bridge in Lincolnshire are set to rise from


April the 1st. The increase is a result of the Government scrapping


a tax reimbursement scheme, so VAT will now be charged to bridge users.


The charge for a car crossing the River Trent into and out of


Lincolnshire will go from 30 to 36 pence.


And some bus fares in Hull and East Yorkshire are to rise by up to 10%.


East Yorkshire Motor Services blames the increase on higher fuel


duty and a cut in Government subsidies to bus operators. We have


lost roughly �700,000 a year through one scheme. Now, from next


month, we are losing �600,000 a year in the grant we get to offset


against your duty. It is just not possible.


It's been called a "granny tax". George Osborne has reduced a long


standing tax allowance for pensioners. The Government says


they won't be worse off in cash terms, but campaigners say over 65s


will be worse off by up to �285 in future years. We have been through


the hard times. Now, we should be... Well, we should be not living in


paradise, but we should not have to worry. We should not have to worry


about the next Budget and in taking a little bit more, if you get away


with this. Besides, millionaires do not need the money.


An increased tax allowance from next year will put more than �200 a


year into the pockets of millions of workers. We met one family from


Horncastle in Lincolnshire who say their finances are so tight, they


would almost be better off on benefits. They're worried about a


rise in petrol prices. Here's Jake Zuckerman.


8am in the Hobson household. Dad Stewart gets the kids ready for


school. As he's setting off to work, Helen gets back from her night


shift at an old age home. To get to work, both need their own car.


Helen says the Government should have cut fuel duty.


We probably spend around �80 to �100 a week running two cars. That


is a lot of money off our wages. Oil has increased as well. We are


in the country and we have to run on oil.


Stewart works 38 hours a week. Helen works 22 hours. Including


wages, tax credits and child benefit, the family of six


currently live on �620 a week. If Helen gave up her job, they would


still have �612 a week to live on. Despite their best efforts, Helen


calculates that, financially, the family might even be better off if


she gave up work. I am bringing in an extra �8 a week


working, if you take into account benefits and everything. So, I am


actually not working for anything, apart from I enjoy my job.


With petrol duty due to go up by around 3p a litre in August, the


Hobsons, like many in rural areas, feel more could be done to help.


The Government says the rise is fuel duty in August is smaller than


the previous Labour administration had planned and that it's put a


system in place to stop above inflation rises in the future.


I'm joined by the Conservative MP for Beverley and Holderness, Graham


Stuart. Good evening. Hello. I want to start with caravans. The


government acknowledges static caravans sales will fall. Do you


support it? I am very concerned about that particular aspect. David


Davis and I have requested a meeting with the Chancellor. Do you


think that can be changed? It comes in on October 1st. We did not know


about this until it came. I hope to learn more about it, and with David,


we will be putting a strong case. The caravan industry in East


Yorkshire is very important. Places that will be have been a three-day


working for a while. I think we need to make sure people like the


family you were just talking To will be better off working. We need


to make sure it does not have any inadvertent impact on an area such


as East Yorkshire. Using their caravan thing is probably a


mistake? -- you think the caravan thing is probably a mistake? I


think it's a has the potential to have a big impact on the local area.


We will address concerns. Briefly, those who turn 65 next year, they


will not be overjoyed by this tax allowance. What you say to these


people? We are lifting 2 million people out of tax altogether. We


are lifting how much you can earn before you pay tax to �9,200. We


are looking to lift that further in future, accelerating that whenever


we can. In the future, hard-working families will be on the same tax


band as those who were retired. That will be fair. We want to make


sure those on low incomes are are rewarded for having worked, having


saved, and that is why we are lifting the allowance. This is a


Budget for jobs. I think it is one we can celebrate, not withstanding


issues such as the caravan one. Thank you very much for talking to


There's been a big response from you to the Budget. Robert in


Did George Osborne have any choice but to make unpopular decisions on


tax allowance, VAT, fuel duty and cigarettes? Do you support their


decisions? Will have a few thoughts And tonight's Question Time here on


BBC One is from the Grimsby Auditorium. The Business Secretary,


Vince Cable, is one of the guests, as well as the local MP David Davis.


A funeral for Stuart Gilson has been attended by more than 300


people. Mourners said the 21-year- old from Hull touched the lives of


many people. The searches during the six weeks Stuart was missing


drew huge public attention. Jo Makel spoke to people who attended


today's service. So many came, the large chapel


couldn't hold them all. Mourners gathered in the corridors. They


watched on TVs in the waiting room. And all for a man whom many of them


didn't know. I have got a lot myself a round about his age. I


would not have wished it on anybody. We were searching all the time, so


we wanted to pay our respects. the city of Paul, they look after


their own. -- City of Paul. The strength and determination of


Stuart Gilson's family inspired the community. Hundreds of people


joined them to scour Hull and the surrounding countryside. A Facebook


page attracted 25,000 members. They hoped to find him alive, but his


body was finally discovered in the River Humber. Drypool Bridge, where


he was last seen, has become a focus for tributes. Today, his


mother tearfully reflected on her son's cheekiness and


irresistability. He was a nuisance and a great listener too. The


funeral was very personal and yet important too for the family, that


anyone who wanted to come was welcome. He has touched many lives.


It is nice to think there are all these people prepared to come back


today. Maybe if some other person goes missing, these people might


help to look for them as well. Not every missing person attracts


the same attention as Stuart Gilson did. His family made sure he was


not forgotten. And now in his memory, they've asked for donations


to a missing persons charity, to help other families in the future.


Still ahead tonight: Hull finds out which games it's got in the Rugby


League World Cup. Looking for the genuine article.


The art gallery with a display that Tonight's photo of a small yacht


arriving at Brough Haven during the With some strata cumulus. You are


not very popular today. Fiona from Bridlington runs an ice-cream stall.


She said, I had no day-trippers today despite the sunshine, the


cast Paul forecast fog. She got a lovely day! What's cope


with her? I think there is a bit of cloth ear syndrome going on here.


You cannot call our viewers cloth ears!


Why not! The headline for the next 20 FA powers. It is quite decent,


because it will be dry but I suspect there will be more cloud


around. The club should break-up and there should be sunshine around.


There will be a breeze along the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire coast.


You can see them is not a cloud in the sky. It has been a beautiful


day across all parts. Temperatures have ranged from nine in


Cleethorpes to 15, 16 in Bourne. I think it will be clear for the


first part of tonight, but later it turns misty and grey. Like last


night, there will be a widespread ground frost. It got to-one in


letters feared last night. There is a chance of a touch of frost in


rural areas. I think the morning will be variable. There could be


the odd spot of Giselle. It looks like all of us will be dry. --


there could be the odd spot of drizzle. We will have a breeze from


the North Sea, so the coast will be a little chilly. Highs in


Bridlington, nine Oct 10 Celsius. Inland, West is best. A fine


weekend. Pleasance bowls of Fiona the ice-cream seller put on


thick trousers today and has been very hot all day!


An official report has been released into an explosion at


Scunthorpe's Pods leisure centre last summer. It concludes that the


cause was a worker mixing chlorine tablets with another chemical. The


explosion delayed the opening of the swimming pool by seven days.


A solution could finally be found to level crossing closures in


Lincoln. The barriers can close up to ten times an hour at busy times,


splitting the city in two. Now, talks are taking place to look at


two new footbridges. Here's Leanne Brown. It's a familiar sight in


Lincoln City Centre, shoppers waiting at the level crossing.


delays my journey to work and home again. I have to time mice that


time and finish time. It is a general in convenience. It seems to


be down every time you are coming along. Very annoying. The mass of


people you get here, you cannot walk. The majority of Lincoln's


high street shops are run that side of the crossing, so retailers on


this side fear that people stop, get bored and walk off. This health


food shop has been feeling the effects of the crossing for years.


It has affected business a lot. People do not tend to come across


the crossing, because they get stuck by a train if not one way,


then the other. Lunchtime trade has definitely job. People cannot


afford the time to get stuck by the trains. There has been some


benefits for the sweet shop. means that we have mad rushes.


People walking into town come in sometimes. Other times, we do not


have people in four or five or 10 minutes. Network Rail said a bridge


will cut waiting times, and it would improve safety.


Leanne, people in Lincoln will want to know how soon the footbridges


could be installed? Well, I must stress that the plans


are in a very Elise stages. The idea is to build a footbridge here,


where we are now on the High Street, and another one further down there


track near the university. Network Rail say they are working closely


with the university and the city Council, and are planning on


putting a planning proposal together and submitting that in the


summer. As you know, these things do take time, but some retailers


are I spoke to say it cannot come soon enough. One shopkeeper who did


not want, camera said he had kept a record, and over one hour's period


on a Saturday, the barriers were down for a staggering 38 minutes.


Thank you. We will follow that story and let you know what happens.


A swimmer from Fulbeck in Lincolnshire says she has been


inundated with support from her local community since qualifying


for the London Olympics. 19-year- old Sophie Allen says her dream has


come true after officially becoming part of Team GB's swimming squad.


Vanessa Clarke went to meet her. After qualifing for her first


Olympics, Sophie Allen is home for a rest. But her now professional


swimming career all started in Fulbeck with some sibling rivalry.


The competitive edge between me and my brother made me get better and


better! That is how it started for Three years ago, a hip operation


set Sophie's training back, but at the British Swimming Championships


two weeks ago she overcame all the obstacles to qualify for the 200m


individual medley. She... When she got halfway through the race, we


knew she had it. It was frightening to see her completed. Tears filled


up in my eyes. It was incredible. Years of dedication and commitment.


After the operation, she has come back. She has made it. It will be


an experience of a lifetime. Not many people get to do it. I am very


excited to be one of them. Sophie will be back in this pool in


London's Aquatics Centre at the end of July, when the world will be


watching. Plans for the BBC's Olympics


coverage have been revealed. Here in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire,


there'll be a special programme on Monday, June 18th. We'll be live


from West Park in Hull as the Olympic flame arrives.


Hull has failed to be selected to host either the quarter finals or


semi finals in next year's Rugby League World Cup. The city will


host three matches in the early stages of the tournament, and


France and Papua New Guinea will base themselves here. Officials at


Hull City Council admit they're disappointed. Linsey Smith has more.


Pupils at the Sirius Academy have long had a passion for rugby league.


But in October, they'll welcome the French national side to share their


facilities. Just one way Hull will be involved in this year's world


cup. To get three, I think it is outstanding.


Craven Park will host two early stage matches - France v Papua New


Guinea and Samoa v Papua New Guinea. England v Fiji will take place at


the KC Stadium. Is it is appointing? It is a big


disappointment. We are the hub of rugby league in this part of the


world. We expected if we didn't get the semi-final, we would get a


quarter-final. The last time Hull hosted rugby league World Cup


action was aimed 1995. A young Stanley Gene was spotted playing


for Papua New Guinea. He went on to enjoy a long playing career in the


city, a world away from his home in the Papua New Guinean mountains.


It's hoped Hull's place in this World Cup will provide more


inspiration. Not only to visiting players, but the young spectators


set to enjoy it. A small art gallery in Grimsby


thinks it may have a collection by some of the world's most famous


artists. The pictures, from the collection of one man from Louth in


Lincolnshire, contain what some experts believe are Van Goghs,


Picassos and Manets. Emma Massey went for a look.


Could this be the work of world famous artists? It seems unlikely


to find paintings by Vincent Van Gogh in a gallery in Grimsby. The


paintings form part of a collection which belongs to Mandy


Cruickshank's husband. He suddenly started looking through auctions


and things, to see what was there. Every so often, one would jump out


at him as being something special for stopped -- special.


Although these paintings might look authentic to the untrained eye,


none of them are actualy signed. But that doesn't seem to bother the


curators here. There are so many ways an artist can sign, it does


not have to be his signature. It can be the way he addresses his


subject, the way he places his still lifes together. Painter


almost acts like blood at a crime scene.


Such is the intrigue behind unsigned work, there's even a BBC


programme, Fake Or Fortune, which investigates the mystery behind


paintings. Picasso, Van Gogh, this exhibition is potentially worth


millions and millions of pounds. But perhaps it isn't. One thing is


for sure. The people that are coming to see these paintings do


not seem to mind if they are authentic or not. I'm really like


the mystery. Some of the magic is the unknown of the exhibition. That


attracted me. There is so much energy in it. The call has bounced


off the screen into your eyeballs, so to speak -- the cause. That is


why are like these particular a. It'll cost thousands to attempt to


authenticate this collection. Maybe what'll make it so special is the


not knowing. Then again, maybe it doesn't even matter.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The man alleged to have murdered seven people in France is killed


following a siege. Caravan companies in East Yorkshire


say a new tax could hit them hard. Response coming in on the subject


of the Budget. Josie said, this government had no choice, let them


do what they think will help, they will make a difference. Jillian


says, I am fed up with the moaning about the Budget, most of the


moaners have fruited the Government's aim, so why now


complain? Roy says, what is wrong with our society when a family


cannot manage on �600 a week? Derek and Chris say, although we are


retired, we worked on our lives are saved. Because we have contributed


to pensions, we are not a burden on the benefits system. It seems there


is no incentive for people to save as we have, because we are then hit


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