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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Why some children starting secondary school in Hull are six


years behind with their reading. have had children about 25 each


year that have joined us, with reading ages of less than five.


The tanker driver dispute which started in North Lincolnshire


results in a national strike. Hitting out at police commissioners


- Humberside's chief constable is the latest senior figure to


criticise the changes. This is a system that is untried and untested


in this country. It is fundamentally a different style of


policing. Taking to the streets for charity -


thousands of people run the Sport Summer in March and there is more


to come. Your weekend weather BBC Look North can reveal that some


children are starting secondary school in Hull with a reading age


of five. Levels of reading and writing in the city are still well


behind the national average. The city council has given �10,000 to


every Hull secondary school to help raise standards. Our correspondent


is balls from the serious academy. The average reading age of children


entering school here is nine years five months. But a significant


number is below that, which means that the struggle with the rest of


the curriculum. Why are we going ever these? Some people cannot read.


We have had children, approximately about 25 each year, that have


drinkers with a reading age of about five. So the school set up a


special nurture group. The group is taught by a teacher specialising in


primary school methods. There have already been drastic improvements.


Where have put support in two groups have to enable a large


number of children to make progress. Every pupil here, whatever their


age or level, now takes part in the accelerated breeding programme,


which regularly monitors their progress. Quite a few of these


people's -- pupils here today had lower levels of reading but with


the accelerated reading, things have improved. Literacy is the


cornerstone of a good education and around one in five children are


simply not making the grade by the age of 11. Even those who do are


not guaranteed to pass their GCSEs when they are 16.


This group of boys are all currently sitting on a D grade for


their GCSE English but they all recognise how important it is to up


their game. You are speaking and writing and you will never get a


job. If you get the qualification it opens a lot of doors. I want a


future with the job I have wanted since I was little. So in a city


with some of the lowest literacy levels in the country, there is


growing confidence that real progress is now and being mate.


Councillor Helene M Mallon is responsible for education at Hull


City Council. -- Councillor Helene O'Mullane. Why have so many


children, literally possibly hundreds, slipped through the net?


You have to remember that school, children come in at varying levels


of education. We have always had a problem of children coming into


school with very poor pre- literacy skills. They perhaps have not had


the nurturing at home. Perhaps English is a second language. There


are lots of emotional reasons why children do some can start at a


disadvantage. The average reading age for an 11-year-old in many Hull


schools is around nine. Can parents be confident that Hull's primary


schools are digging their job? think they can. The fact they are


coming in extra numbers to bring children into school. In secondary


schools, they are bringing back children. We have to ask parents


and guardians, over the last two years, we have put a lot of extra


work into giving children literacy time, giving them support as


analysts and at a children's centres. But you think primary


schools are doing their job and his is the parents letting the children


down? I think it is both. Some children come in and they have had


a lot of reading when they were young, talking, communicating,


playing with a loss. They come in their the to learn to read. Others


do not have that advantage and we have to work with them at much


slower levels to make sure the literacy is well implanted in them.


What can you and the primary schools do to make sure that in the


future the levels of reading and writing in this city are not be led


the national average as they are now? For the last three years we


have had a special scheme. Unfortunately, the Government


funding for this was pulled this year, but the head teachers


themselves have found money for that to continue for another year.


In Key Stage One last year there was an a % rise in the level of


Reading, which is now starting to work through to key stage 2. We


have teachers in the schools with extra expertise. It should improve


gradually over the years, as it is at the moment. Let's hope so. Thank


you. Let's throw this one open. How can


reading and writing be improved? How much responsibility should the


parents take? Are they doing their bit? Or will more spending in


schools are really make the difference? Our primary schools the


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finish at 7pm. In a moment, as fans protest


against the club's board, businesses claim they are being


heat for by Lincoln City's poor form.


Political pressure is mounting on Chancellor George Osborne to


reverse the VAT rise faced on static caravans in the Budget. It


is one of the area's largest manufacturing industries. Today


Labour politicians visited Willerby Caravans in East Hull and heard how


closing a tax loophole would hit sales and jobs.


The these workers at Willerby holiday homes have already agreed


to go down to a four-day week from five days, in order to prevent


redundancies. 90% of static caravans sold in the UK are made in


East Yorkshire. Now there are concerns that the caravan industry


will face further pressure following the Government's plan to


add VAT to static caravans, which would make some on average �6,000


more expensive. We are finding it a little bit more contradictory with


the Government saying they are trying to get staycations, UK


holidays, and here we are making the equipment for those holidays


and now we are being penalised. Workers fear this could lead to


further caravans being sold and consequently it job losses. This


prompted them to get in touch with their local MP, who today brought


the shadow minister for regional Price to halt. There has been no


consultation. I do not think people in the industry would be adverse to


consultation and discussion. But in this case there has been no


consultation or discussion and they are introducing it at the worst


time of year when we are about to enter the holiday season.


Government says finally adding VAT would bring sales of static


caravans into line with mobile ones. It is an issue that will be raised


in the House of Commons, with the Chancellor being asked to look


again. That is a story that we will


continue to follow here on Look North.


Some more stories tonight. A bad manager has been jailed for 21


months for stealing �100,000 from the accounts of five elderly


customers, one of whom was dead. -- a bank manager. Owen Danter from


Beverley stole the money when he was manager of Santander in


Driffield. The bank has been as the customers and taken �30,000 from


his pension fund. Lincolnshire County Council has


asked the Government for more than �6 million to repair drought-


damaged roads. More than 150 sites have been identified as priority


areas, mainly around Holbeach, Spalding, Boston and Bourne. The


council received �5 million following a similar -- similar bid


in 2004. Engineering company is investing in


Lincoln. Bifrangi says the deal will invest in new jobs and


investment. It involves begin one of the world's biggest metal


presses to the site to build a tractor axles.


The industrial unrest among petrol tanker drivers, which started on


the south bank of the Humber, has now become a national dispute.


Drivers who voted for strikes, prompting fears of fuel shortages.


The dispute is over terms and safety but employers say that many


of the drivers earn more than �45,000 a year. Our reporter is a


live near the Conoco Philips oil refinery right now.


How has this dispute escalated to the stage tonight? Just to explain,


it is separate to fuel distribution companies that take fuel from oil


refineries like these and distribute it across the UK. The


drivers are those vehicles side that it is supermarkets and garages


-- as they try to compete for the lowest price, it is affecting them.


The companies they work for asking them to work longer hours and meet


tighter deadlines and Murray say that health and safety is taking a


back seat as a result. -- they say. Drivers he went on strike for a


whole week over cuts in their pay at the beginning of the year and


that has led to a national ballot. The tankers stood idle. In January


of this year, drivers at the Coreco Phillips oil refinery -- Conoco


Philips oil refinery went on strike. They are offering us a reduction of


�4,000. The other reductions are around our pensions and our terms


and conditions. A those protesting said it was a wider problem within


the industry and one of their drivers is now in a national video


which has been released to highlight their case.


This is not about our pay. This is about having a safe environment for


the workforce. A whenever we fill up at the pub, it is oil truck


drivers working in what the world's most dangerous professions baccy


company -- the country on the road. But today, as oil companies push


for even higher profits, health and safety is being compromised. I have


been driving for 18 years. We go through extensive training. We are


constantly monitored by it are companies and health and safety


teams. We drivers across the UK now


agreeing to go on strike, there are fears it could lead to the


destruction we saw in the year 2000. That was over the cost of petrol


and diesel and electric pumps being empty and chaos on the roads.


these strikes likely to take place, when? I have spoken to the union


Unite and they say legally they have to give its seven days' notice.


So it will not happen soon but they say that what happens here is


likely to be the epicentre of any strike action. The Government had


said that they are ready and that troops are in place to deliver fuel


if necessary. The haulage company in Wincanton who delivers the oil


has said that the strike is politically motivated and it is


impractical and we cannot do it. Grass years.


That is another one you might want to comment on. There is a reminder


of our e-mail address and the tax Still ahead tonight...


As crowds dwindle at Lincoln City, businesses say they are being hit


in the pocket. And raising millions for charity -


people across our area take part in the Sport Relief Mile.


Tonight's photo is of Grimsby Dock Tower. Thanks to Richard Enderby


for that. Ahir please send us your The I got this letter about the


Sport Relief Day. This year said you were looking very fit and


wondered if you worked it out? Now, it looks as though some are has


arrived. As you can see the Airport a a at it was up to 19 degrees


Celsius. It has been very pleasant whenever you have been. Tomorrow


very similar tomorrow, up with not a cloud in the sky. This high


pressure covering virtually all of the British Isles. But that is


going to clear by the weekend, when temperatures will back to a more


normal. It is dry and clear overnight, but there could be the


odd bit of mist and fog. The low temperature overnight could jot


down to minus Zero degrees at Gainsborough. Any mist and a patchy


fog a rapidly dispersing and it will be spot the cloud time. It is


going to be clear blue skies with lots of sunshine, with the light


variable biddies. On the course, slightly cooler, with the likes of


Bridlington probably maybe only getting up to 15 degrees Celsius.


On Wednesday, the temperatures even higher, getting up to 21 degrees


Celsius, before dropping back as the week progresses. See you


tomorrow. It is an easy job for you just now, just saying it is dry and


The Chief Constable of Humberside Police has become the latest seeing


officer to attack the government's plan for police commissioners --


senior officer. Tim Hollis says the move is not tested in the UK and


will bring politics into police and. He is also concerned that the


future of the country's police forces will be dictated by the


personalities of the commissioners. The government says commissioners,


who can hire and fire chief constables, will make the police


more accountable. I will speak to Mr Hollis in detail after this


report from Phil Connell. He is one of the most experienced policemen


in Britain and the latest two raised concerns about the


controversy over police commissioners. Today, he said


commissioners where untried and untested and called for significant


change at a time when the police force does not need it because it


is doing well. If the person is there on an elected manifesto, it


is where problems could arrive. Of the five people to have expressed


interest in the job, most have done that background and politics. The


concern is that the candidates may be voted them on their political


views rather than their ability to cut crime. The most high-profile


candidate is John Prescott, the former MP and Deputy Prime Minister.


Elections will take place in November. The salary is around


�75,000, but they will have paid responsibilities. He will have set


budgets and priorities and be able to hire and fire chief Constable's.


But ministers say there will be no interference in operational matters.


Some people think it will leave the stronger and more transparent force.


For a I think it will make the police force a lot more accountable.


A they will have to account for the way the spend money and their


performance. Mr Hollis is standing down at at the end of this year,


but says it is a coincidence. Earlier, I spoke to Chief Constable


Tim Hollis. I asked him what his main concerns were about


commissioners? A I do not have a problem with the candidates. I


think they will be good people who will want to do their best for the


police force. 180 years of tradition down into the past - does


the current system not work quite well? Well, it is very hard to


judge these things until you look back on them.


What about the cost? At least �70,000 for the Commissioner and


then all the support staff they wall need? If that justified?


all a question of how it the money is used to focus on improving


policing in Humberside. N o u years of being the chief, how would you


have felt if politicians were telling you how to do your job?


will work in practice is very much down to the personal relationships.


How much is your decision to step down to do with police


commissioners? It would be unfair to say that was a major part. I


will have been it eight years in charge of police and Humberside by


that point. It is a good time to hand over the baton to someone else.


There are changes nationally and locally, so it is time for some


fresh blood and fresh ideas. Now, all an update on a story we brought


you on Friday. Ticketholders and caterers who had paid money to


attend a cancelled music festival in Lincoln have been promised they


will get their money ban. -- money back.


Future Entertainment cancelled plans for the festival at the


Lincolnshire Showground earlier this year, but tickets were still


on sale at the end of last week. Danny Brewster, who says he has


sold the company, has promised to refund the money.


A driver had a lucky escape today after his lorry overturned in


Goole.The accident happened this afternoon near to the river which


runs through the town. The driver was uninjured, but traffic was


disrupted after the load he was carrying fell out of his trailer.


Businesses in Lincoln say the decline of the City football team


is hitting them in the pocket. The Imps, who fell out of the Football


League last season, are now just two points above the Conference


drop zone. On Saturday, fans protested Ed of the match against


Newport over how the club is being run.


Seven years have passed since Lincoln City's glory days, when the


team reached the League Two play- offs twice in three seasons.


Now relegated to the Conference, the Imps sit six places from the


bottom of the Blue Square Premier. Fans chose Saturday's game against


Newport County to call for the chairman to resign -a protest which


was daubed disgraceful by the board. If we have got good going, there is


not going to be any club life. We need to sort it out now. In are the


years I have been coming to watch the team, I have never seen at this


bad. A 2-0 win over Newport was little


consolation to local businesses, who say they are suffering because


of Lincoln City's decline. We when they were doing well in the league,


they could get crowds around the 5,000 mark. But all this there,


with the cows going down, or profits drop.


And a return to League football still looks a long way off. They


have not adjusted well to non- League football and are struggling


with the finances. There are simply not good enough and there is a long


way to goal. The chairman condemned the process the protest, saying


that this was the time for everyone to stick together.


Scunthorpe United hit the bar twice, but had to settle for a draw


Portsmouth to get back in the play- off places, after losing 2-12


Leicester city. -- 2-1. Our passing was a bit sloppy and we simply did


not do enough to win the game. In rugby league, Hull FC are up to


third in the Super League after their fourth straight win. The


Black and Whites beat Castleford yesterday. Hull KR beat second


place Huddersfield at Craven Park. Hull KR stunned Huddersfield with a


dominant second-half performance to end their two-match losing run and


deny the visitors top spot in Super League. The scores were level at


half time 18-18, both sides scoring three tries in the perfect


conditions. After the break though it was a different story and Rovers


ran in four second-half tries from Josh Hodgson, Scott Taylor, Sam


Latus and Mickey Paea. At Castleford, Danny Tickle helped


inspire Hull to their fourth straight victory. Tickle was one of


six try scorers and kicked six goals for the Black and Whites. He


has now scored more than 2,000 points for the club, who are third


Too many tries to show in David's report, but you can see them all on


the Super League Show here on BBC One later this evening.


Thousands of people are recovering from taking part in Sport Relief


events across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. More than 30 of the


Sport Relief Mile events took place yesterday and helped raise over �50


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


We have had a lot of fun and raised money as well. He is "the youngest


and I'll probably the oldest. people of the city always come


together for this. I am really proud of them. Well done to


everyone who took part in the events. We get a lot of people at


in the centre of the city yesterday. Now let us get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. The Prime Minister has admitted


that some of the party's biggest donors have been to private parties


at Number 10 Downing Street. Tomorrow's weather - mist and


patchy fog quickly clearing, then another dry, sunny and very warm


day expected, with a high of 20 Celsius. Now, back to this problem


about illiteracy. If we do not educate youngsters to basic levels,


there is a chance they will turn to crime. Another says, parents are


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