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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


The mother described as evil by her own son after claims she fell under


the spell of a gypsy fortune teller. A round-the-world sailor describes


the moment his yacht was hit by a giant wave as his family wait


anxiously at home. You might be fine, I am a nervous


wreck! The Yorkshire filmmaker back from


Yemen, Syria, and a prison cell. How to marry a millionaire - the


couple tying the knot after winning the lottery. She basically said we


had got six numbers, I didn't believe it. It is a wet end to the


day, possibly even some snow in places. I will bring you the


forecast later in the programme. A mother is on trial at Hull Crown


Court accused of child cruelty against her son after claims she


fell under the spell of a gypsy fortune teller. Andrew Clappison


from Keyingham in East Yorkshire, who is now 18, has told the court


he was physically abused by his mother, Linda Clappison, to such an


extent that he needed to have a toe amputated. He described his mother


as evil. She denies child cruelty. Our correspondent Vicky Johnson was


in court. Linda Clappison from Keyingham had apparently been a


good enough mother until around 2002 when her marriage broke down


and she became friends with a gypsy from Hull. Hull Crown Court heard


how Andrew Clappison's attendance at school dropped from around 95%


to less than 43% as she allowed him to accompany the gypsy family on


holidays to Scarborough, Cornwall and Whitby. Her 18 year old son,


though, tells a different tale. He insists he was made to work for


nothing, setting up stalls at the resorts and also at Hull Fair. He


also claimed his mother would punch, slap, and kick him. He told the


court, "I was scared of her. I was treated like a dog, basically." But


his mother told the jury, "I never hit him - not once, I didn't


believe in smacking." However, she did admit regularly locking him in


his bedroom for about 20 minutes at a time. The court heard how Andrew


was treated for frostbite and needed a toe amputating because of


freezing temperatures in the homes. His mother said it was because he'd


spent too long playing out in the snow. When asked whether she was a


good parent, Linda Clappison replied, "I can't think of anything


I'd have done differently. I would say I'm a good parent." But she


admitted that having heard the "wicked lies" told about her in


court, she'd no longer be having any contact with any of her


children. And Vicky joins me from the newsroom now. Vicky, a claim


was made in court by the prosecution that Linda Clappison


had fallen under the spell of a gypsy fortune teller - how did she


respond to that? Linda Clappison said she became friends with a


gypsy fortune teller called Liz in around 2002. But she denies


prosecution claims that she'd fallen under her spell. But she did


concede in court that whenever her friend Liz offered to take Andrew


out of school for holidays and day trips she readily agreed. She


meanwhile would stay at Liz's house to look after their animals. Linda


Clappison has now admitted that maybe she should have put her foot


down more. The jury also heard that despite concerns being raised about


attendance she thought Andrew was doing all right at school which is


why she stopped going to any parent evenings. She also denies Andrew's


claims that there wasn't enough to eat at home or that he wasn't


allowed to have free school meals. She says he simply didn't like them.


The court was told Andrew left home as soon as he was able to.


In a moment: As Lincolnshire prepares for a hosepipe ban,


researchers investigate new ways to cope with drought.


An East Yorkshire man taking part in a round-the-world yacht race has


said the moment his boat was hit by a giant wave was like "being on the


Titanic". David Hawkins from Little Weighton was on the Geraldton yacht


when it was hit off the Californian coast, injuring four crew members.


Today he and the team arrived back on dry land in America and managed


to call home for the first time. Phil Connell was there. You might


be fine, I am a nervous wreck. was the telephone call David


Hawkins's family had been waiting for. A phone call to confirm he was


safe and back on dry land. I bet you needed good sleep, don't you?


These are the dramatic scenes in which David was unexpectedly caught.


His yacht had been caught by a massive wave. Its steering was


destroyed, and two crew members had to be rescued. Today, with


temporary steering in place, the yacht limped into Oakland where he


called with news of his escape. vision was like scenes from the


Titanic, with water bursting through the doors. They came


straight through the hatch. We were crouching down, and swimming in


water. David was taking part in a round-the-world yacht race, and was


in the closing stages heading towards California. These pictures


show the kind of conditions they had been facing. At the family's


East Yorkshire home, David's wife and daughter have been monitoring


his process closely, and they say the incident was a sharp reminder


of the dangers he has been facing. I know it is dangerous but it is


still a shock when it happens. I was afraid that people were injured


so the hapless crew, and if it happened once it could happen again.


I am so pleased they are on dry land. Dad will have coped


brilliantly. He is a very strong character, they have been


fantastically trained, and I would say he would step up in an


emergency. The yacht's arrival marks the end of the journey.


Having realised a life's ambition, he will soon be heading home with


one dramatic story he will never forget.


A Hull MP has written to Comet requesting an "urgent phone call"


after the firm announced it's shutting its call centre with the


loss of more than 200 jobs. The company announced at the weekend


it's closing the site in order to concentrate on its offices in


Bristol. In the letter, Alan Johnson claims he was under the


impression that the final announcement wasn't due until May.


A union leader has been found guilty of stealing from a care home


charity on the Lincolnshire coast. Neil Greatex, the former president


of the Union of Democratic Mineworkers, stole almost �150,000.


The charity ran the Nottinghamshire The court heard he used the money


to pay for work being done on his own property.


A biker safety campaign has been launched in Lincolnshire. The Road


Safety Partnership has created special road signs in accident


black spots to show the number of motorcycle crashes which have


happened there. An autopsy on a dead mink whale,


discovered near Spurn Head yesterday, has been cancelled after


its body was carried back out to sea on the tide. The Yorkshire


Wildlife Trust says it can't establish exactly why the mammal


died, but says it looked like a juvenile and may have been


dependant on its mother. With Lincolnshire and East


Yorkshire officially in drought, and a hosepipe ban affecting


Lincolnshire from Thursday, farmers in the region are closely


monitoring water levels at what is a critical time of year for them.


Rainfall over the coming the months could make the difference between


success and failure for many crops. Here's our correspondent, Paul


Murphy. There was light rain today but it has been one of the driest


years for a generation. This farmer has been attempting to store what


little water there is. Freshwater is a precious commodity to


everybody so all we can do is prepare for every eventuality. If


it keeps dry, I will be holding water back. We are now using the


satellite system to steer the tractor. Here in Spalding, this


sat-nav means more potato planting -- more accurate potato planting.


We are trying to minimise cultivation so we don't drive out


the soil as much but we are harvesting water from the buildings.


It is not just crops and vegetables being affected - by now these


Lincolnshire Red cattle should be out in the fields eating grass.


Instead they are indoors consuming expensive feed. Supplies are being


closely monitored, but if the drought continues farmers will face


tougher restrictions on using river water to grow their crops. It is


serious. It is causing some farmers to delay planting in the hope there


will be some water coming down from the sky, but we have not seen it


yet and some farmers are getting desperately worried about their


livestock. Farmers are concerned about how the drought could impact


on livelihoods and consumer prices. I'm joined now by David Armstrong,


who's a farmer near Bardney and also the Lincolnshire County


Chairman for the National Farmers Union. David, is the drought as bad


as we are led to believe? As we stand here in the rain, I am


wondering if it is because it is raining quite heavily! What could a


long-term drought do to production in our area? Until now, the drought


has not had too much of an effect. Crops growing overwinter have not


needed much moisture, but from now on we do require a reasonable


amount of rainfall. We were in a similar position last year, then we


got a very wet period in June and July, and consequently we had no


issues. We heard about some farmers preparing for a more drier climate


- is technology the answer? I don't think you heard me, David - is


technology the answer to prepare for a drier climate in the future?


I think we have lost David, he is struggling, but thanks to David for


trying. And do get in touch with us on this. Are you worried about the


drought? How is it affecting you? Or do you feel its all a lot of


fuss over nothing? We will be talking to Anglian Water tomorrow


night ahead of their introduction of the hosepipe ban. If you have a


question you would like us to put to them, send me those in the usual


A lady sent a message this afternoon to say she had seen the


first swallow of the summer, but You have still managed to top up


your town, haven't you? In the long range, it looks like low-pressure


could dominate April so we could see a return to average for


rainfall figures this month. We are starting tonight with a warning for


snow, and this is particularly for the higher ground of the Yorkshire


wolds. Lower than that, we may see snow but it will not be settling.


It is all down to this weather system, slowly pushing south,


bringing much colder air behind so that is why we are seeing some of


that rain turned to snow. The cloud will build through the afternoon


bringing the rain south. At the moment it is all falling as rain,


and will continue to do so this evening. Maybe in some of the


heavier bursts, falling as snow at lower levels, but not settling. We


will see a strengthening north- easterly wind as well, with


temperatures down to freezing the further inland you are. A


thoroughly miserable start to the day tomorrow. Cloudy, wet and windy,


we will see a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow flurries which will


stay with us ruin to the afternoon, pushing southwards. It will be


later in the day until it starts to clear away from Lincolnshire.


Strong wind will take the edge of the temperature, it will feel


significantly colder tomorrow. Eight degrees in Bridlington, but


further south only six degrees, way I don't expect those cheap jibe is


Still ahead, the Yorkshire film- maker who is back home after being


released from a prison cell in Syria.


And the lottery winners tying the A mother from East Yorkshire says


access to Therapy for autistic children should be improved. Laura


Murrell's daughter has the abilities of an 18 months old girl.


She is a fund-raising so she can afford special therapy privately.


At four years old, Aveline should be a reading and spelling her name


that life with autism means things are different. With no


communication skills, it is impossible to teach anything. She


is still in nappies because she doesn't understand about potty-


training. I dream to read her a bedtime story. Laura believes


Applied behavioural analysis could transform her life. Seeing -- seen


here in Surrey, it is based on rewarding basic commands. Well done,


that was lovely. East Riding Yorkshire council told us that


schools have staff trained in Applied behavioural analysis and it


Before Aveline can begin a therapy for free, she needs to be fully


assessed. That takes six months and experts say timing is critical.


Church shows that the earlier you start this intervention, be more


effective it is. Friends and neighbours of fund-raising for the


next month so she can start lessons privately.


Is the council alone in making her wait for this Therapy? Not at all.


It is normal for children to have to go through an assessment and for


them to get a statement of their needs. What she believes his


parents should be made aware of the therapies out there so they have


choice. She only found out about Applied Behavioural Analysis while


searching the Internet. If she had known about it sooner, she wouldn't


be in such a rush to get her child started on it. Where is it


available? She can have it in the leaves and her mother and carer


will undergo a training so they can carry on those specific teaching


techniques once Aveline has finished her sessions.


If you have got a story you think we would be interested in and you


want to tell us about it, get in Thanks for their responses last


night after we told you that the organisation which represents


independent petrol stations in the UK have been warning of fuel


shortages until after Easter. They are the Retail Motor Industry and


some of its members are being forced to put up pies -- prices at


the pumps. There was a big response on this story. Carol Sayers, the


panic last week gave the petrol stations around here a licence to


put the fuel up to whatever price Thank you for all of those. Just to


clarify a,, it has announced it is closing its call centre on George


said -- George Street in the centre of whole.


He is being caught up -- he has been caught up in a riot in Syria.


Sean McAllister picked up a camera and is now an internationally


acclaimed film-maker. He is back in Hull before heading off abroad


again. Return to Hull for the Easter


holidays but Sean McAllister is used to more hostile environments.


The most dangerous things were the crowds. It is when it moves and you


can't escape that. I get claustrophobic being in crowds.


latest film, The Reluctant Revolutionary, looks after a tour


guide in the Yemen and how he makes ends meet. They are volatile places.


I am interested in these areas of conflict because most of the time,


we see it as a news agenda, we don't see the human stories behind


This is how he goes about making award-winning films. The game is


over. I had a small camera and dress like a tourist. I never


really appear like I am TV. Does that help getting to the heart of


things? I don't want people to take me seriously. People think you are


television and either want to start behaving differently or show you


different things and not merely the truth. He has returned from Syria


where he's be -- he has been arrested for filming undercover.


got arrested for filming. It is something his two children find


difficult to get used to. There is a lot of war going on so he could


be kidnapped or anything could happen. I don't really like it.


is called because he gets to see these places but I sometimes don't


like it in case... When he went to prison, I didn't think he was going


to come back. I got scared. parents are little more


understanding. He gets his passion for travelling from his father who


was in the Navy. My wife worries more than I do. He gets a lot of


grief from his sister's. They think he should be going with a family at


home. He is not always in war zones. He has made many films here at home.


I try to make films here. Every film I have made in England has


been in Hull. If I am going to make a film in England, I might as well


hang out with friends in hell. next stop is a film festival in


Florence and then to Canada. Good luck to him.


Hull FC assistant coach Lee Radford is making a return to the first


team for Friday's Derby despite being in retirement. The former


player has been coaching since the start of this season but such is


the depth of the club's injury crisis, he is set to play against


Hull Kingston Rovers. We are light on numbers and experience at the


moment. We have lost Eamon O'Carroll and Chris Green. They are


a couple of others. Anyone that can play front row is going down at the


moment. I didn't have to ask him trot -- twice. Hull Kingston Rovers


captain is set to return in Friday's game after missing all of


the season so far. Coach Craig Sandercock said both Galea and


Green will be on the sidelines. They will be back in the next week


Corsair which is pleasing. They are coming on really well. Derby Day is


on Friday. In football, Lincoln City take on


Cambridge United tonight hoping to make it four wins in 10 days.


Commentary is available on BBC A couple from Beverley are


celebrating after winning more than �2 million on the National Lottery.


Wayne French and Becky Harrison matched these six numbers in


Wednesday's draw. I have been together for 13 years and say they


can finally afford to get married. Meet Yorkshire's newest


millionaires. Wayne and Becky face the cameras today to pick up a


cheque for �2.2 million. She tapped the lottery tickets before we went


to bed and told me we had six numbers. I didn't believe have. It


just doesn't happen. -- I didn't believe her. On Wednesday, they are


lucky dip ticket lived up to its name matching all six numbers. The


couple have been together for more than a decade and have four


children that have never been able to afford to tie the knot until now.


I said to him that we can get married now. It has gone from there.


We will get married. A dream wedding? We can afford to now.


kind of wedding can you get for 2.2 million? A day like that Beccan's


would set them back �530,000. Matching be Rooney's will cost �5


million and if they want to save money for their honeymoon, they can


get hitched at Hull register office for �130. The couple say it was a


difficult decision to go public but admit it would have been possible


to keep their new fortune a secret. When plans to retire from his job


as a support worker and spend more time with Becky and the kids.


can give their children what they want and need without having to


worry whether money is coming from. Top of Wayne's shopping list is a


ringer for his fiancee. Then a holiday to Barbados for them all.


What a fantastic story. The headlines now. A-level students


could face tougher exams after the Government signals a radical shake-


A mother on trial at Hull Crown Court is described as evil by her


own son after claims she fell under the spell of a gypsy fortune-teller.


Cloudy, wet and windy start with snow. Top temperatures tomorrow of


seven Celsius. A response come in after we were


talking about the drought. Jimmy says, not worried.


A usual mountain out of a molehill. We will probably have the wettest


summer for years. If we are told we can't by Lord use


water that we pay for, if we are not on a meter, do we get a


discount? It has been raining in Lincoln for


two hours. Hope this makes the farmers happy. The water butts here


are filling up nicely. Tomorrow night, I have been -- I


will be talking to Anglian Water say you if you have any questions,


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