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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Dealing with the drought, the first hosepipe ban in 20 years starts at


midnight. People are now thinking about it seriously, not just it is


being mentioned more once. People are setting their minds on it.


Spring snow leaves rush hour drivers stranded in East Yorkshire.


We had this lovely warm weather and now what is back to winter. I


cannot understand it, really. A former hostage says the


Government should have done more to save his colleagues in Iraq.


What's in a place? The white phone boxes helping to define a city. It


has been a cold and windy day today, but we will see some sunshine


tomorrow. The full forecast later In a few hours' time, Lincolnshire


and parts of North Norfolk will come under their first hosepipe ban


for 20 years. Lincolnshire has been in drought since last June, in East


Yorkshire since just last week, but the hosepipe ban applies only to


the area south of the Humber from midnight tonight. It comes after


two exceptionally dry winters left rivers and reservoirs well below


normal levels. After the third driest March on record, these were


the conditions facing drivers near Driffield this morning. More on


that in a moment, but our first report tonight comes from Crispin


Rolfe. Too late. Today, water everywhere,


but the cracks are already showing. Winter's trickle has left us with


the worst 18 months of rainfall in the last century, with even local


fish needing to find water. Farmers have seen it all first hand. Up to


the end of the year, we had had three-quarters of the annual


rainfall, which has carried on during last three months. I am


guessing we are needing a wetter back to where we need to be.


with low water, tomorrow Lincolnshire says goodbye to doing


this. Though despite the squelch, some like Lindum Cricket Club have


escaped a complete hosepipe ban. have to look after the water


available to us. We are able to water this square and maintain this,


but the outfield, it looks like the ban will still remain in force for


that. Rain has come in time to fill water butts, but it's watering cans


from here on in. Though gardener Mike Stopper is relishing the


challenge. His village, Caister is competing in Britain in Bloom.


Clearly, the lawns were a concern for people. And one key tactic


there is not remote to short, or the grass grow longer, let it grow.


And you have a pond? There are a number of fish there. So you are


allowed to water it? I think what I will be doing is to try to allow


the plants to survive as best they can. By dry resistant plants will


containers and let's not make a drama out of the crisis. Absolutely


not. At Brigg, the green fingered are also finding ways round. Though


the garden centre here has struggled to keep up with demand.


We have seen an increased number of people coming in poor water butts.


But the typical thing is for us to get the stock came to meet people's


demands. We have been lucky enough to secure Stock, but it is getting


it here in time. Those with water butts are ahead of the game at and


tomorrow's ban comes in indefinitely unless, of course,


water companies see well above average rainfall over the next


couple of months. As Norfolk and Lincolnshire prepare to turn off


the hoses, East Yorkshire is currently avoiding a ban. But it


may not be long before everyone's carrying the can for this drought.


So, what does it mean for you? It means you can use a hosepipe to top


up a pond if there are fish in it. If you're a blue badge holder, you


can water your garden. And hosepipes can be used by businesses.


But you can't use your hose to water your garden. You can't wash


your windows with a hose and you can't wash your car. Let's talk


about all that now with Chris Featherstone from Anglian Water. He


joins me from the Lincoln Water tower.


In a nutshell, how much water will this saved? Well, we do not know


because it is the 20 years since we had a hosepipe ban here. We


estimate about 6-10 % of the water we provide will be saved by people


not using hosepipes. You have to understand they are very wasteful


and can use up to 1,000 litres an hour. We asked for people to send


in their questions. Just a few. How will this be policed? Will people


be asked to spy on their neighbours? No, we are not asking


that but we are asking people to police it with their conscience.


Everyone has seen in the media that the effects of the drought, how


widespread it is, how it is affecting the environment and


depleting resources. We think our customers are happy to support us.


We do not want to enforce it, but we expect people to do it.


Katharine wants to know how you can just a fight a hosepipe ban when


you have allowed a water leak to go unchecked for several weeks. She


says the water is coming up with a road. You do have one of the worst


leakage targets on record. Well, our leakage record is very good and


we had an exceptionally bad year yesterday -- last year. The Severe


weather conditions meant that, unfortunately, we must our target.


No leakage is good, and we are working very hard to address all


the leaks that we can find out their. Or have got another 60


people out and about looking for leaks. We are spending �40 million


at the moment finding and fixing leaks as soon as we can. As we


cannot use our hosepipes, will be get a rebate on our high beat --


high bills? Around 70% of customers are metered and they will seek a


saving automatically. -- they will see a saving. We ask people to work


with us to conserve water and support us in this in what we feel


are manageable restrictions. knee people are not on metres,


though, are they? -- many people. About 70% of people are meted and


the remaining 30% are not. We are not planning to give a rebate at


the moment but we feel people understand the issues. Your


priority these days is to keep your shareholders happy with higher


premiums and customers have to put up with under investment, Steve


says. Mare, not true at all. We are a private company. -- no, not true


at all. Our investors invest in us. Over the half of the investment we


have put into our infrastructure to supply water to our customers has


come from investors and if we did not have investors, customer bills


would be higher. Briefly, several people wanted to know why you are


not building desalination plants to turn salt water into pure water.


have looked at that. We do not feel that is needed at the moment.


Desalination is an energy expert -- energy expensive process. It


requires so much energy and carbon. We want to be a growing company.


Thank you for joining us. We'd love to hear your views on


what you've just heard. Are Anglian Water right to introduce the


Drivers had to be rescued in East Yorkshire following unseasonable


snowstorms during this morning's rush hour. Vehicles were pulled out


of the snow at Garrowby Hill near Wetwang as people were caught out


by the snowy conditions following last week's heat wave. Emma Massey


reports. Stuck in the snow. This was the


scene this morning in East Yorkshire. The accident happened in


freezing temperatures on the road near Garrowby Hill. It caused long


delays for drivers. So much for April showers. In this area at


least there was a blanket of snow. Driving conditions were so bad that


even see snow ploughs and gritters were out. It was a similar picture


a few miles down the road. There is certainly a good covering of snow


here. Who would have thought it but this time last week, the villagers


were basking in temperatures of around 20 degrees. From those that


I have spoken to, this sort of change in temperature is not out of


the or ordinary. We get it every year. Fog, snow, bad weather. We


see little. I was watching a programme about global warming. We


have had this lovely weather, and now back to winter. I cannot


understand that. What was it like here last week? 23 degrees. Just


the height, I think, we are a pair fought at you don't have to go far


before you see the signs of spring. Five minutes down the road, and the


next village along his Wetwang. It is cold and wet, and is very windy,


but no snow has fallen here. Two neighbouring villages, both facing


the return of cold weather, but one bearing the brunt of wintery


conditions. A flood alert is in place on parts


of the river Bain in Lincolnshire where a local hotel had to have its


cellar pumped out by the fire brigade. We had these pictures sent


in by viewers this afternoon of the scene in Horncastle. Thank you for


those pictures. Earlier this morning, here were


restrictions for high sided vehicles on the Humber Bridge and


Ouse Bridge earlier today. And a number of trees were blown over and


had to be cleared from roads, including this one near South Cave


in East Yorkshire. Lisa will be here shortly with the


forecast, but first onto some of the days other news.


A mother of four from East Yorkshire went from being a good


mum, to cruel and neglectful after she became obsessed with a gypsy


fortune teller, Hull Crown Court has heard. Linda Clappison denies


charges of child cruelty to her daughter and her son, Andrew, who's


now 18. He claims their mother punched and hit them and regularly


left them locked in their bedrooms without heating or lighting. The


trial continues. One of Britain's leading charities


is warning that unemployment among young people in Lincolnshire and


East Yorkshire will continue to rise unless more is done to improve


transport links to rural areas. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which


is a housing charity based in York, says the cost of rural transport


has now become a massive issue and could force young people away from


the countryside. Sarah Corker reports.


Amber Roberts relies on the bus to take her the 18 miles from her home


in Baumber to Lincoln for work. But this week, fares went up by nearly


40 pence, blamed on Government cuts and fuel costs. But for Amber it


means nearly a quarter of the wage she earns at this solicitor's now


goes on transport costs. It is frustrating to think that at the


bus fares carry on rising, it might come to a point there is no point,


no incentive for me to carry on working. That isn't what I want to


do. It may be green and pleasant, but rural communities are crying


out for help. If we want our villagers to be thriving


communities with young people, young families, primary-school is,


we have got a look at issues like transport, housing and affordable


child care in rural areas, too. Some feel they are losing out at


the expense of urban areas. If you live in the East Riding of


Yorkshire or Lincolnshire, the most recent figures show the average


amount of Government money spent per head is around �300. But in


Hull, that figure's almost double at around �600. And people living


in the countryside need to earn over �1,000 a year more than urban


counterparts to afford the same standard of living. Here in this


village, there is no bus route and the local Post Office has been


closed for years. It is a similar story for many rural communities


disappearing services and a limit to transport meaning it is more and


more difficult for people to live in the countryside. Urban areas


benefit from the fact that commercial bus services can run to


proffered without subsidies from the local authority. However, that


is not often the case in rural areas, we need to focus on the


rural areas. But Amber's worried if transport costs continue to rise,


she could be faced with the tough choice - to quit her job or move to


Thank you for watching. Still ahead: The excited eight-year-old


making final preparations to meet the Queen. And familiar images of


Act but do they represent what it Thank you very much for that Jenas


there. Now the weather Department have


been busy today, probably. Well, they are always busy. Good evening.


You picked the right week, didn't Bin t? Yes, indeed. We had


Tomorrow promises to be a lot calmer so that is great news. It


looks like we are going to have a ridge of high pressure that will


settle the weather will down but it will head towards us around Easter.


Rain is clearing away from the South now. It is a slow process but


it will do so after midnight. The wind it is easing as well. We will


see a frost tonight. With wet surfaces, they could beat ice on


untreated services by the end of A cold and frosty start tomorrow


but it will be dry and bright. Variable amounts of cloud, probably


sickest around Lincolnshire but soon melting away. A decent amount


of sunshine and not as windy as today so it will not feel as cold.


Temperatures will be higher but Another frost overnight into Good


Friday. The best of any brightness at first in the morning. Most of


the weekend will be tried maybe seeing a bit of rain later on


Thank you very much. You always work hard!


Did you have your fingers crossed behind your back!


A former hostage from Lincoln who was held for more than two years in


Iraq says the government could have done more to save the security


guards with him. The IT consultant, peter macro, was kidnapped but his


four guards were kidnapped -- killed by his captors. He made his


first public speech about the ordeal last night. I remember


thinking, you have made it! Memories of freedom after 946 days


of imprisonment. I have been held here at... Peter macro has been


free now for almost as long as he was held hostage. Yesterday, he


shed his story in public for the first time. I didn't want the


torture to be dragged out, beaten and killed. In 2007, he was working


at this building as an IT consultant in Baghdad. Dozens of


armed men from a militia group pulled up and ambushed him and his


for guards. He was the only survivor.


Good evening. Peter Moore is said to be in good health this evening


after two years of active - back captivity in Iraq. Two years on, he


think -- things things could have been done differently. Fork out of


five people are dead. The Foreign Office obviously needs to do --


look at what they did do. There was a media blackout and I wondered


whether that made us look like like something... It made us look like


we were doing something secret. Foreign Office says all foreign


hostage cases are different and decisions are based on expert


advice. Peter out recalled the low points and the lack of high ones


but at times still managed to raise a laugh. It was pointing at my


groin and I was thinking, it is really going to hurt! He has spent


time travelling since his release and he will travel in America fire


motorbike in May. He says that Lincoln will always be home.


A young girl from Hull is getting ready for one of the biggest days


of her life because tomorrow she meets Her Majesty the Queen. Elysia


is just eight years old and she's one of four children who have been


picked to help the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at the Royal Maundy


Service. The event, where - traditionally - Maundy money is


given out, takes place tomorrow at York Minster. Jo Makel caught up


with her before the big day. I am delighted to inform you that


allies there has been chosen to be one of the Fort...


Her mum had to keep it secret for weeks. But when the letter from


Buckingham Palace came, Elysia was told she was going to meet the


Queen. Her reaction went something like this... Really excited and


fantastic. What do you think she will be like. In a hat. They'll be


lots of hats. As last year's event shows, the Royal Maundy Service is


a very grand affair and a tradition which dates back hundreds of years.


So, what does one do when one is a Royal Almonry child? I'm going to


talk to her, walk around with a piece of nosegay in my hand. It is


fresh herbs and flowers. Preparations are under way at York


Minster where the service is being held this year and Elysia has her


own preparations. Getting her school uniform just perfect for


tomorrow, helped, of course, by her proud mum. I didn't sleep for a


week when we got the letter because I was so excited and nervous


thinking, it is she going to be good, will she be frightened? And


she is not. She is taking it in her stride.


Elysia feels lucky. Her name was picked out of a hat to get to do


this. And meeting the Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year gives her the


chance to ask what lots of children want to know. What will you say to


the Queen? Will you get an Easter egg for Easter? An exciting day


lies ahead. What Elysia and her younger brother and sister need now


is a good night's sleep. No chance! Fantastic! Good luck to her and I


hope she has a great time tomorrow. People can get tickets for a


special jubilee service at Lincoln Cathedral. The free service will


take place on May 19th and will be a celebration of the Queen's 60


years on the throne. People who want to attend need to apply for a


ticket. Emily Taylor has moved a step


closer to a Olympics election. She has been named in the Great


Britain's Women's Eight squad for the World Cup in Serbia. It is seen


as a pointer for who is likely to make it into the Olympic team. Good


luck to have. Forty fibreglass toads which were


hidden around Hull are in line for a national award. The Larkin Toads


have been shortlisted in the Best Tourism Event category for the


Visit England awards. They were on show as part of events to mark the


25th anniversary of the death of the poet Philip Larkin.


And we are, of course, delighted that the two toads named after


myself and Paul Hudson have helped to win that award.


For some people the essence of Hull is its white phone boxes, its


traditional fair or its distinctive accent. Now, a new exhibition is


giving people the chance to hear what the city is all about from the


mouths of those who live there. What is unique about Hull?


people. The people. What makes it what it is? What gives it its


character, it's Hullness. We are friendly and we welcome strangers.


Well, this new exhibition hopes to answer these questions and end any


disputes. Over a year's worth of research and �50,000 worth of


lottery funding has gone into building an archive of Hullness.


They asked the people rather than experts. So, what did they find


out? Some of the things we imagine GROUP MACRO is about didn't come


through as strongly as I thought. It didn't matter quite so much to


their people of the city. Like the Guildhall, for example.


exhibition is interactive. His telephone is playing recordings of


the debate we held about what is special about hell. And GROUP MACRO.


We have tried to use buildings that Of course we've done a bit of our


own research. Here's the newly- crowned Miss Hull and her thoughts.


You have to come to Hull and see it for yourself. There a big open


spaces, shopping centres and I love it. For me, it is the way people


speak. The accent does it for me every time and I have thought of a


couple of phrases. I have bought a pan of -- can of Coke with a five


per note. You see, most of us know what gives people it's "Hullness"


and we love it. Let's have a recap of the main


national and regional headlines. Thousands are left without power as


heavy snow hits Scotland and the North of England. Anglia Water have


denied poor leakage rates has lent -- meant that we have the first


hosepipe ban in years. We're working hard to address the links -


- leaks. We have another 60 people looking for leaks and we have spent


�40 million finding them and fixing them as soon as we can. Thursdays


we don't -- weather is dry with the On the subject of the hosepipe ban,


responses are coming in. One says, why are we not getting a rebate? It


is due to privatise money-making companies not conserving water well


enough. The loser is the customer who pays their bonuses.


Another: Time we had a National Grid. And, I work away for three or


four weeks and are many here for one week so I am saving more water


than most. I will use my hosepipe still and


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