06/04/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Welcome. BBC Look North has learned that more than 7 tonnes of rubbish


has been cleared from one of East Yorkshire's busiest roads in the


last two weekends. East Riding of Yorkshire council, which is


responsible for the A63, says amongst the rubbish are hundreds of


bottles of urine, which have been thrown from vehicles. Kate Sweeting


reports. It's been called the gateway to


Hull and East Yorkshire, the A63 is one of the areas busiest roads, but


many businesses are claiming the increasing amount of litter is


giving visitors the wrong impression. It's a problem local


MPs are now keen to solve. If you get off the ferry, it looks


unsightly, rubbish blowing around, it has been mentioned by businesses


that are interested in investing. It needs to be tidied up. It looks


as if we don't care about the area. We are promoting the area. It is


not just this road but rural roads people have raised it with me. A


big increase in litter. 40 tons of rubbish is cleared, it costs


taxpayers �45,000. Nationally, the bills come in at nearly �10 million.


We want businesses to be placed in the best possible light. My


business is based on tourism and family attractions. People expect


more. The biggest problem is people are lazy. Passengers chucking stuff


out. It is not a good impression. Amongst the rubbish are hundreds of


bottles of urine thought to have been discarded by lorry drivers,


and even syringes. Some residents have called for community payback


workers to be used to pick up litter - something the council says


isn't safe. It's a dangerous road, a high-speed vehicles and we have


to have restrictions. The staff need to be trained, highly trained,


using the equipment. We need to ensure everything is done safely


and motorists are not distracted. The council is now calling for more


people to report littering in the hope of encouraging drivers, to


clean up their act. An elderly care hospital ward in


Lincolnshire which was strongly criticised by the Care Quality


Commission in February is to close. The Clayton Ward at Lincoln County


hospital will shut as part of a so called site reconfiguration. It was


criticised for unacceptable levels of care of patients and problems


with staffing. Hundreds of people have been on the


streets of Beverley today for the re-enacting of the Easter Story.


The event took place in the open air as costumed actors presented


"The Beverley Passion". The drama ended in a crucifixion scene in the


town's Market place. Our reporter There were seven dramatic events in


the last week of Jesus's life and this morning each one was played


This is the third passion play to be staged in the town. It marks for


Christians regard as the most important date in the religious


calendar. It's a huge reminder and refined as we move through the town,


the public ask meaningful questions about what it is all about and what


we're witnessing. It is quite an amazing way of being an evangelist.


With dramatic impact, Jesus was played by Mark, a role which could


not be more different from his day- job as a flooring contractor.


appearance plays a big part. The first year we did it I was the only


one in Beverly with a beard and long hair. They asked me to play


the part of Jesus. It's a privilege. Beverley passion was performed by


members of seven local churches, a realistic portrayal which was to


move many to tears. It breaks my heart. It is as real today as it


was then. The passion play could be a biannual event in Beverley, a


moving reminder of what Easter is all about.


Hull FC remain second in Super League tonight thanks to a big


derby day win over rivals Hull Kingston Rovers. Robins coach Craig


Sandercock said his team had fallen into a hole. Our sports reporter


Simon Clark was there. This was the 215th running of


rugby's most enduring Derby. It was a cagey first half until this. This


is a fairy-tale. He rushed out of retirement, scoring against the old


enemy. Into the second half and Jordon Turner was on the end of


this. The first of three tries for him. As the half wore on, the black


and white Rovers hit time and time again. Hull FC 36, Hull KR 6.


think we were beaten by the better team today. To be fair, Rovers


looked tired. Rovers went to sleep in the second half! Those last 20


minutes, we fell into a whole. Hull played outstanding rugby league.


gave away a lot of weight and height to the opposition. A bigger


forward pack. I would not swap my blokes anything. You might think


Craig has most to think about, there is work to do. Peter gentle


reminded France this is a typical month coming up for the club


starting with one of their main rivals, Huddersfield on Monday.


Scunthorpe United have gone a long way to securing League One survival


thanks to a victory over Exeter City. Striker Jon Parkin came off


the substitutes bench to score the only goal of the game and fire


United up to 14th in the table. They're now seven points clear of


the relegation zone with five games to go.


It's been an overcast start to the Easter weekend - but will it stay


that way? Lisa Gallagher has the We are looking at cloudy skies


through tonight and the clout will continue to be thick enough to give


rein. -- cloud. The wind is moderate. Temperatures dropping to


45 degrees. Maybe a drizzly start today, the cloud will thicken.


Bright and sunny spells developing. The small chance of a shower. Fu


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