09/04/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening, and welcome to Look North. Tributes have been paid to a


father and son who were both killed in a crash near Goole on Saturday.


Derek Sarkar and his 14-year-old son Ethan died on the A614 near


East Cowick. Mr Sarkar's wife and daughter remain in a critical


condition in hospital. A third woman, Sheila Stavert-Lee from York,


also died. Our correspondent Vicky Johnson reports.


Close friends of 14-year-old Ethan Sarkar paying their respects at the


family home. The teenager from Birmingham died along with his


father Derek in a head-on collision at the Aire and Calder bridge on


the A 614 near Goole. He was funny, amazing. If you were down, he would


always make you smile. He was always there for you. Hard working.


Tributes to Ethan were also left outside his school. He was a front


seat passenger in his father's VW Golf. The driver of the other car,


70-year-old Sheila Stavert Lee from near York also died. Ethan's 9-


year-old sister Abbey and his mother Karen are still critically


ill in Leeds General Infirmary. People living near the scene of the


crash say it is a dangerous road and more needs to be done to


improve safety. I think it is traffic calming


measures and making people aware that it is a dangerous sport.


Friends back in Birmingham say the Sarkars were in East Yorkshire


visiting relatives when the tragedy happened.


In other news, the National Farmers Union is warning cattle farmers to


look out for cases of Schmallenberg, a disease which causes birth


defects in livestock. One sheep in Lincolnshire has been infected. And


with hundreds of spring calves due to be born over the coming weeks,


it's a tense time for many cattle farmers. Linsey Smith's report


contains a picture of a dead lamb. I just got back and had a look


round to and a cow has second had a set of twins while I was away.


Fantastic. Michael Read's family have been


breeding pedigree Lincoln Reds for over 70 years. Over the next few


weeks, many of these cows will give birth to young worth up to �1,200


each. Meaning Schmallenberg could be an expensive problem for cattle


farmers. Touch wood, we have not had an infection so far. It is at


the back of your mind that there is this disease. Cattle are about 10


times more valuable than sheep. It is obviously very serious for the


sheep for work as well. So far, there have been 176 cases


of Schmallenberg confirmed across England. 164 in sheep, one of which


is in Lincolnshire. Only 12 cases have been found in cattle. But with


spring calving underway, hundreds of cows are due to give birth


imminently. I do not think this is a Schmallenberg Virus stop Nick


Timson is a vet from Louth. He has been asked to examine a dead lamb,


which it turns out does not have the disease. The National Farmers


Union say farmers and vets are the eyes and ears of the industry. It's


crucial any suspected cases are reported to help track


Schmallenberg. There are key signs a farmer can look out for. The calf


is Bournemouth sometimes with a twisted neck or bent legs -- is a


born sometimes with a twisted neck or bent legs.


Scientists in Surrey are still testing midges to better understand


this disease. Until a vaccine is developed, there is nothing farmers


can do to protect themselves. For many, that vaccine can't be


developed soon enough. Linsey Smith BBC Look North.


Organisers behind this year's Hull marathon say it was such a success,


they have already pencilled in another event on Easter Sunday next


year. Around 1,400 runners took part yesterday, helping raise


thousands of pounds for charity. Those behind the race say they're


hoping to at least double the number of entries for 2013.


David Hockney's exhibition of paintings featuring East Yorkshire


at the Royal Academy of Arts ends today. Around half a million people


have been to see the exhibition by the Bridlington-based artist, which


includes many scenes from the Wolds. It's hoped the show will help to


put East Yorkshire on the tourist map.


I think it is very good for people to be reminded of her beautiful --


of how beautiful East Yorkshire is. It is not a conventional tourist


area. I hope now that people will discover the pleasures of rural


landscapes. It has been a busy Easter Monday


afternoon of sport. In football, Hull City managed their second win


in 13 games. Middlesbrough took the lead in the first half, but City


pulled it back early in the second thanks to this from Josh King. Then


in the 87th minute, Matty Fryatt scored the 100th league goal of his


career, to give the Tigers the 2-1 win. City remain four points off


the play off places. It ended goalless between Carlisle


United and Scunthorpe United. It means the Iron are now eight points


clear of the relegation zone. And a good afternoon for our Conference


teams. Grimsby Town beat Gateshead 2-0, while Lincoln City got five


past strugglers Darlington. Danny Lloyd, Jefferson Lewis and Jamie


Taylor the scorers. In rugby league, a disappointing afternoon for Hull


FC, going down 22 points to 4 at league leaders Huddersfield Giants.


Better news for Hull KR though, beating Salford 18-10. And you can


of course catch all the action from today's rugby league games on the


Super League show at 11.40 on BBC one tomorrow night.


And finally, a full size replica of a supersonic car has been on


display at the University of Lincoln today. The Bloodhound will


attempt to break the world land speed record next year by


travelling at 1,000 an hour. It was in the city as part of a special


event aimed at encouraging more children into engineering.


We wanted to put together some kind of event to inspire young children


into engineering and science. That is what the real event is. Between


us, we thought how can we do it? What better way than to bring a


replica of a car that is going to attempt to break the world land


Good evening. Quite a cloudy end to the day with a showery outbreaks of


rain. The winter will increase towards dawn. -- the wind. Quite a


breezy start to the day tomorrow. Variable cloud, sunny spells, but


showers will develop. The wind will ease down later and temperatures of


10 or 11 degrees. As we go through the week, we will keep that mix of


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