10/04/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines: The plan


to ease the drought by pumping millions of litres of water into


Lincolnshire. We will be able to use that water


to set about 100,000 homes. There death of a grandmother is blamed on


failures at an East Yorkshire hospital.


5,000 tickets in five months. Claims that fines are harming East


Yorkshire's economy. And how the Wolds masterpieces by


Hockney have brought in the crowds in London.


And we have a week of April showers, but there will be sunshine at times.


I will have the forecast later. Good evening. Millions of litres of


water could be pumped into Lincolnshire every day from


Birmingham to ease the effects of the drought. Anglian Water is in


talks with Severn Trent Water about the plan. It told us it is looking


at using the canal network to transport water. The company


insists customers will not bear the cost of water transfers. Tarah


Welsh reports. He on the banks of the River Trent


in Gainsborough, we are in track. Over the bridge in Nottinghamshire,


they ran no water restrictions and no hosepipe bans. A further down


river, there is even a surplus, and it is hoped millions of litres will


head this way. Severn Trent do not have any restrictions. We are


moving water around our region, so we have enough for our customers.


We also have a bit of surplus. We are looking to cover costs and make


a small profit. Water would come from boreholes and the Birmingham


area. It would go into the River Tame, then that would flow into the


River Trent, 80 miles across the country, ending up in Gainsborough.


It would be cleaned and process as normal at this treatment plants in


Lincolnshire. A 30 million litres of water would make the journey


across the country every day. That would be enough to supply 100,000


homes, helping to ease the shortage here. If the deal goes ahead, this


process could begin in June. While the hosepipe ban would remain in


place, businesses whose survival depends on water welcome it.


Obviously, we are a garden-centre and we need water. Anglian Water is


also considering using canals to move water across the country.


Moving it across counties is already happening. In East


Yorkshire, extra water is being pumped in from the West and the


North. The water companies still meet to agree a deal, but say


sharing supplies could bring bills down. Not all customers are


convinced. They need to find some way round it, putter realistic


system in place that will last. -- put a realistic system in place.


You should not have to buy water. It should be going where it is


needed. My concern would be, being selfish, will we end up with Severn


Trent have been a shortage, and will we have a hosepipe ban?


According to experts, water trading could save millions of pounds, but


say we are still in drought and all have to continue to try to save


water. I asked Mike Cook from Anglian


Water how likely it was that the transfers would go ahead.


prospects are changing all the time in terms of the drought. We are


likely to face quite a dry summer. We need to be prepared for a third


dry winter. These options are proving to be quite important.


that, you were going to bring water in from the Midlands?


necessarily. It depends on what happens through the summer and next


winter. It is a scheme that is under consideration along with


others. What else is under consideration? We are looking at


options to move water using canal systems, and talking to whether


water companies about sharing resources. It sounds quite


desperate. Canal systems have been talked about a lot in terms of


forming part of a water grade. It would seem quite a logical step.


you do this, with bringing water from another area, Anglian Water


customers pay among the highest in the country, could you guarantee


that their bills would not go up? There is a lot that is transferred


very close to Lincoln. Some of that water is sourced from the other


side of Birmingham. I do not see any additional costs due to this.


Will this mean business is definitely will not face a ban on


using water this summer? These schemes are very much at a concept


stage. It will take some time to get all permits in place from the


Environment Agency that need to support such transfers. Also, a lot


of discussions need to be held with the water company. Very good to


talk to you. Thank you. It thank you. If you want to comment on that,


our details coming up some. In a moment: Staff at Lincoln Prison say


a rise in foreign inmates is making their job more difficult.


An investigation into the death of a woman at a hospital in East


Yorkshire has found serious failings in her care. Joan Fisher,


who was 83, died of a cardiac arrest. Her son convinced the


Health Ombudsman to investigate. Emma Massey reports.


My mum was very proud of the garden she had. She continually entered


the Hull in Bloom competitions. years today since her death, Dave


Fisher fondly remembers his mother, Joan. She was taken into hospital


suffering from a short of breath. Two days later, she died from a


cardiac arrest. All medical expect that reviewed the case said had she


been treated for heart failure more aggressively from the start, she


may have survived. Jen was first treated here at Castle Hill


Hospital, but then moved on to read Janet logical -- then move on to a


gynaecological ward. They said it was because they had a bed crisis.


I said, why had she been moment a few times? Why would you choose to


pick my mother? She is 83. So sure that her death was due to a


catalogue of errors by NHS staff, and despite his grief, Joan's son


complained to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. It


investigate complaints about the NHS in England. His report, it


found what it called service failure in the treatment provided


to adjourn -- in its report. expect them is always someone to do


things. You do not expected to go that far. It was a tragedy after


tragedy. In response to the case, Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust


said it would be inappropriate to comment until the coroner's inquest


has concluded. That is expected in the coming months. Until then, Dave


and his family will continue to wait answers from the hospital


where Joan died. A mother and her nine-year-old


daughter I said to be improving in hospital following a car crash near


Goole on Saturday, in which three people died. Derek Sarkar and his


son Ethan, who was 14, were killed in a head-on collision on the A 614.


70-year-old Sheila Stavert-Lee, who was travelling in another car, also


died. Ethan's sister Abbie is in a stable condition in Leeds General


Infirmary, while his mother Karen is described as poorly.


BAe has pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety regulations after


a worker died. Garry White Singh was crushed in a metal press at a


factory two years ago -- Gary Whiting. The company accepted his


death could have been prevented. The Health and Safety Executive


caught the fire should be at least �100,000.


Concern is growing about the number of parking tickets being handed out


in East Yorkshire since the council to cut the responsibility for


parking from the police last year. Figures show the Council wardens


are issuing four times as many tickets as the police state. -- as


the police state. Dave Brown says trade at his


motorbike accessory shop has been badly hit by a council's strict


enforcement of parking regulations. His customers say parking


attendants are putting them off going into his shop. If people


deserve a ticket, they should get a ticket, but I strongly believe


there should be some leeway for people who just want to nip into a


shop. If they are five minutes late back to their car, I do not think


they should get a ticket. Parking in East Riding is now dealt with by


the council after they took over from police last autumn. Much of


central Bridlington has a one hour maximum for us -- maximum for


visitors which is strictly enforced. Nobody disputes traffic wardens


have a job to do, but what seems to be the case is that the town is


becoming a victim of their efficiency. Across the East Riding,


around 1,000 tickets are issued every month. They are driving a lot


of people away. You cannot like anywhere for more than an hour.


council says it's parking policies are not about making money, and its


wardens are trained to use common sense. The wardens are expected to


use appropriate common sense in terms of their approach. We


received positive feedback about that. The message is, we have had


hundreds of requests from residents across these Riding FA help with


people who were parking indiscriminately. We need to make


sure we have safety for pedestrians and motorists. The council believes


it has the balance right between enforcement and commonsense, but


clearly, not everyone agrees. It will be interesting to get your


thoughts on this one. Do you agree that rise in the number of fines


can harm business is by putting off shoppers? Are the drivers to blame


Thank you for what shame this Tuesday night. Still ahead: Half a


million people take the chance to see David Hockney's pictures of the


East Yorkshire countryside. And how the weather failed to ruin


the Easter holiday for our work If you have a picture you are proud


of, send it in. Thank you for this one. Good evening. From the cruel


emailed department, I do hope Lisa Gallagher's stand-in is enjoying


his wet week. That sums it help! It does. I am sure he is having to


rest a bit longer. The weather turned out a bit wet for Easter,


but there was a bit of sunshine. This week, April showers. We will


seek sunshine at times. You can see no pressure is never going to be


far away. Tomorrow will not be as breezy as today. You can see the


speckles their, they are shower clouds. They will fade away.


Overnight, it becomes dry. The gusty winds will ease. We will see


a touch of frost. Looking at the sun times, the sun will rise at


6:09am. It is going to be a bright start to the day. A few showers


will develop through the morning. By lunchtime, though showers will


really get going. They will be more frequent than the showers we have


seen today. There will still be some sunshine. If you manage to


avoid the showers, it will be quite pleasant. Temperatures are around


10 or 11th. As we go through the week, little will change. It will


get cooler as we head through the You're so charming and polite. At


the Easter egg anecdote was all about it he has another week off!


Bosses at Lincoln Prison say they're facing added challenges


because of an increased number of foreign prisoners. About one in


seven inmates at Lincoln Prison is a foreign national. They are from


36 countries, but most are eastern European. Jake Zuckerman was given


access to the prison. Lincoln Prison is home to around


7,000 inmates at any one time. -- 700. Today, 94 of those held here


are foreign nationals, mostly from eastern Europe. And that can make


it difficult for staff. Many of them do not speak English, so how


do you teach them what the prison regime is and how the British could


do so system works? We have to explain to them what will happen to


them in prison and rehabilitate them and get them work. The prison


aims to rehabilitate all those in its care. Here at an on-site skills


academy run by partners from the construction industry, both British


and foreign prisoners learn new skills. We take on the challenge


and enjoyed teaching them up and it helps them to adapt and learn


English and feel more incorporated into the community here. When a


foreign prisoner has served their time, the immigration service must


decide if they can stay in the UK. It's not always a speedy process.


Lincoln has 15 foreign inmates who've already finished their


sentence, but are still locked up awaiting release or deportation.


Foreign about deals, I suppose it would be frustrating at times if


they had a view that they would be detained for a certain period and


then either released into a detention centre or the community.


If that transpires not to be the case, that could get a bit


frustrating for them. As the makeup of the local population has changed,


so has the mix of nationalities being held at Lincoln Prison, which


continues to mirror the community in which it stands.


And all this week BBC Lincolnshire are focusing on different aspects


of life inside Lincoln Prison. Their breakfast presenter Rod


Whiting joined two prisoners in their cell. You can hear that from


six in the morning. Organisers of the first Hull


Marathon have been responding to criticism of the race following


complaints from some runners. Stewarding problems sent a small


number of runners the wrong way while others complained about a


lack of signs. The organisers have promised to improve for next year


as our sports reporter Simon Clark explains.


They were off and ahead of them up 26 miles and some 385 yards. This


first running a marathon in the city since the 1980s was not


without teething problems. There were complaints about a lack of


stewarding and course markers. Some markers were sent the wrong way and


end up doing fewer than 26 miles. Experienced brother Jonathan Frost


finished first. He enjoyed it but identified deficiencies. The main


thing was the lack of marshals. You need a lot of marshals for the it


and I was lucky enough to be running with a couple of runners


who knew the course well. There was a few twists and turns where it was


confusing as to where you were going. Also, the mile markers -


people who a competitive one to deal to time themselves.


organiser except that in this first year there were problems. Issues he


believes can be rectified for future races. There were always


going to be unknown something's not working the way they should have


done or could have done. Mistakes were made and as part of the review


I am going through now, we will address every one of those mistakes


and make sure it does that happen again. The marathon was officially


licensed but issues raised by this case will have to be corrected


before another is granted next year. I don't regret issuing a licence


but I wish we had been involved much easier -- early and throughout.


The F3 and myself and the starter we up the only people who were


qualified officials will stop despite the shortcomings and the


drizzle, most were happy to be a part of it.


Well, Simon is close to the marathon finishing line. Simon, is


there any possibility that these complaints could stop the marathon


from being run again? There is a possibility but I think it is for


the licensing of authorities and the local authority and the police


to be satisfied that safety is going to beat all right next year.


My main concern in the race was when the lead runners and their


real runners were running counter to one another. For me, that was an


issue that needs to be addressed. Meetings are under way to try to


rectify the situation is for last - - next year.


Hull City got back to winning yesterday, with a 2-1 victory at


home to Middlesbrough. The Tigers went behind on 13 minutes. However,


second-half strikes from Josh King followed by a hundredth league goal


for Matty Fryatt gave City the win and ended a run of five straight


defeats. In League One, Scunthorpe United are now eight points clear


of the relegation zone following their goalless draw at Carlisle.


Their best chance came in the second half, however. Cliff Byrne


hit his shot against a defender's legs. It was the Iron's 20th draw


of the season. In rugby, Hull FC missed the chance


to go top of the Super League after they lost to Huddersfield Giants


yesterday afternoon. The Black and Whites were beaten by 22-4 at The


Galpharm Stadium. The two sides meet in the Challenge Cup at the


weekend. But Hull Kingston Rovers had a better day as they won 18-10


away at the Salford City Reds. And there'll be more from both of


those games tonight on the Super League show here on BBC One at


11:40. An exhibition by David Hockney


featuring many paintings of the Yorkshire countryside has been


described as a huge success. Half a million people have seen the


pictures at the Royal Academy in London making it one of the most


popular exhibitions. Since the 21st January, it's been


the hottest ticket in town. Queues have been starting here at 7am and


in its final few days last week, continued until almost midnight.


This technique exhibition at the Royal Academy has been a phenomenal


success for David Topping. Landscapes inspired by a quiet part


of Yorkshire that on admirers from all over the world. I am from


Argentina but living Year City. am from Arizona.


The art works that have sparked the scenes were all inspired 200 miles


from here in that David Hockney's Yorkshire. It is an Bridlington


that he now spends most of his time. What is it about this quite part of


Yorkshire that has caused all this excitement? It is a combination of


things. It is never possible to know exactly the comp -- chemistry


of something like this. It is incredibly enjoyable and everyone


who has come has felt a terrific sense of pleasure. In terms of


image, what can this do for Yorkshire, do you think? I get the


press cuttings every day and there is a big spread about travel to


Yorkshire, bed and breakfast and Yorkshire beer. Come and stay at


Bridlington. I hope people will go. David Hough they have's vision of


their Yorkshire Wolds has been described as breathtaking. Will


these creative landscapes tempt people north and put Yorkshire and


the tourist map. It makes you want to go there, absolutely. At all


times of year it can look wonderful. It gave a really good impression of


Yorkshire and we have only just booked to go to Yorkshire for


holidays. After 10 sell-out weeks, the exhibition now Mr Spain with


East Yorkshire's to his industry ready and waiting for any potential


spin-offs. The it wasn't the wettest for the coldest Easter Bank


Holiday but if you're planning a barbecue or at the on the beach,


you're out of luck. In Skegness, many of the guest


houses were full. People had been making the best out of the


miserable beach weather. You could tell the donkeys weren't


impressed. Skegness's Easter Weekend was a washout. At least for


those risking a trip to the beach. After all, no-one really wants to


ride a damp donkey. If it rains, we can't operate. It has been a slow


week this week. As one of England's most visited resorts, it does not


lack for visitor numbers. For beach-side kiosks one of the worst


weekends ever. And a stark contrast to last year's late Easter. It was


a terrible weekend, especially after having a bit too if the wax -


- weeks of sun before it. It has been a terrible weekend but


hopefully it Opera Cup. It is early. If we were a rich, we go of rot but


we're not. We spent most of the afternoon yesterday in a caravan.


You can't blame the weather all the time. Of course, the East Coast's


endless caravans means most can escape the rain in comfort. So if


the seafront suffered, then still Skegness claims to cater for all


seasons. We find and bank holidays that people read it and everybody


arrived and we were awful. It was great and people enjoy their time


when they are here. The resorts had developed things to cope with the


British weather. Like the weather, Skegness's


fortunes are seasonally unpredictable. But with visitors


turning up by the spade and bucket load, the town is still busy with


people. Even if they're having to find shelter first. Hope you had a


good Easter. If you have a story we should know about, send us an e-


mail. Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


At Jed says that the radical cleric Abu Hamza and four others can be


sent to America to face terrorism charges.


Millions of litre of water could be pumped into Lincolnshire by bit


river network will stop another unsettled day with sunny spells and


scattered showers, some of them heavy.


Top temperatures around 11 Celsius. Big response on the subject of the


growing number of parking tickets being issued in Yorkshire.


We visited Bridlington today and it paid �4.32 per for three hours. The


wind had blown affected over on closing the car door and we found a


parking ticket on a return. Common sense was not used.


Parking wardens affecting business. I have not been fined yet but I


don't go to Bridlington to shop. The Old Police traffic wardens at


least use common sense, it is all about money now.


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