13/04/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines: Their balloon


crashed into power lines, but an East Yorkshire family escapes


unhurt. I lost sight of it from the road.


It drifted over to the lines. The situation, they have been very


lucky. The Government asks for this school


in Lincoln to answer questions about its financial management.


The churches which could miss out on vital repairs because of changes


in VAT. A adding 20% to any deal is going to make any parish look


carefully at what he does. And one double-act at the one show.


Beryl and Betty prepare for their network premiere.


It is looking showery for the weekend. Before full cast later in


A group of balloonists have escaped injury after their hot air balloon


came down on power lines. The pilot and his nine passengers, including


three from East Yorkshire, had taken off from York racecourse and


crashed one hour into their flight. An investigation into the accident


at West Haddlesey near Selby has begun. The company has blamed


strong winds as the pilot tried to land.


Anything but a safe landing for the passengers on board this pleasure


flight. The pilot and his nine passengers left York at at 7:30am


today. The hot-air balloon travelled 20 miles and weather


conditions were fair, but the landing did not go as planned. I


spoke to the pilot this morning and he said that he was planning to


land the billion here by the road, but sadly it was not to be. All


nine passengers were carried in this direction, around 200 metres,


missing the pond, but hitting the power lines. It was just before 9am


when the balloon landed here near West Haddlesey. Richard Watson who


lives nearby saw the drama unfold. It happened just before the road.


It seemed to bans -- bounce back up. It hit the flood bank at and went


over the bank and that is when I lost sight of it from the road. It


drifted over to the lines. As you can see from heiresses, they have


been very lucky. The power lines carry 66,000 volts, but the


electricity supply would have disconnected it as the balloon hit


the wire. It is a big job. It is a long feed from Ferrybridge going


towards Selby. We have the over- hyped -- over headlines dead now.


No-one was available for comment from the balloon adventure company


which runs the flights, bed in a statement, they said there was an


increase of surface winds when landing and that no-one was injured.


It is not the first time an accident like this had happened. A


balloon crashed earlier this week in Northamptonshire. An


investigation into what happened here is now under way.


Tonight, our reporter is live at the scene of the crash. What is


happening there to like? The balloon came down in this field


behind me, just a few feet away from the water. As you can imagine,


a traumatic experience for the people involved. This afternoon,


investigators have been taking photographs. Within the last half


an hour, the balloon has been taken away. Three of the people on board


were from East Yorkshire, and we have been speaking to them. They


have been shaken by what happened. It was a birthday treat. They said


they had a wonderful time in the air. As they looked for somewhere


safe to land, a gust of wind blew them into some cables and they came


down. We also spoke to the pilot on board. He has been doing this for


25 years and nothing like this has ever happened to him. I also spoke


to some villages today who were waving at the balloon as it went by


and did not realise that anything had happened until the power went


off in their homes. Everyone is relieved that no-one was injured,


but that does not make it any less upsetting for those involved.


Thank you very much. In a moment, how millions of litres


of water are being saved in parts of drought-hit Lincolnshire.


The Government has asked a Lincolnshire school to respond to


concerns over the way it manages its finances. Two weeks ago, the


chief executive of the Priory Federation of Academies, Richard


Gilliland, steps down suddenly. It is emerged that that was as a


result of an investigation into the school's financial management.


The Priory Federation is one of the biggest and most ambitious academic


projects in the country. They have four schools in and around Lincoln.


It is now at the centre of a government enquiry. Its chief


executive's -- executive has resigned. Richard Gilliland was one


of Britain's highs pays civil servants. His departure was an


expected, but it coincides with this investigation into possible


financial irregularities. Academies are not controlled by the


local authority and critics say the Government's enquiry highlights


concerns. These allegations are serious. This is public money that


we are talking about. It is vital that we get to the bottom of what


has happened, who sanctioned it and how we can move forward and prevent


this happening in the future. Funding for academies comes direct


from the Government. Richard Gilliland has overseen a multi-


million-pound budget in his time. In France, his chateau was


converted into an overseas Learning Centre, whilst in Lincolnshire they


have been Olympic-sized running tracks, state-of-the-art gymnasiums


and at a science block with a planetarium. Supporters say that


these kinds of facilities have turned round failing schools. The


Department of Education are awaiting a response of its findings


-- to its findings, but management have be unavailable for comment.


Plans for a multi-million-pound energy plant in North East


Lincolnshire which could create 200 jobs has been given the go-ahead.


The �130 million biomass station would be built at Immingham, using


wood pellets as fuel. It would power 90,000 homes. Directly, it


will create about 200 jobs in the construction phase and about 30


jobs when it is operating. It is not just this business on its own.


It is part of a wider renewables cluster that we have in North East


Lincolnshire. It is helping to bring those industries into the


area. There are claims that many churches


in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire will not be able to afford vital


improvements when new tax changes come into effect later this year.


The Archdeacon of Lincoln is one of the campaign is trying to stop the


introduction of VAT on alterations to listed buildings.


In many leafy parishes, a quiet revolt is gaining momentum over the


latest government tax changes. Soon, alterations to listed buildings


including churches will no longer be free from VAT. In recent years,


people in this village near Sleaford have raised thousands of


pounds to pay for repairs for the church spire. The trouble is it.


Parishes wanting to help their churches and make them available


for community use. They are going to be cautious about taking on any


sort of expenditure that will anchor -- in care this new VAT.


many cases, extra grants will be available to cover the extra cost


of approve alterations to listed places of worship. This latest


controversy about VAT on repairs to listed buildings follows the row


about VAT on hot snacks, the so- called pasty tax. There was also


the rout on VAT on static caravans, which will have an effect on that


industry. The highlight these -- the whole idea is that people


should have enough money to keep historic buildings in a good state


of repair. Taxes should be transparent and simple. They should


not be used as a -- an excuse for the Chancellor to grab more money.


Thousands of churchgoers have signed a petition calling on the


Government to keep alterations to listed buildings free from VAT. In


the age of austerity, it could take more than the power of prayer to


force a rethink by the Treasury. We are interested in your views on


this one. Should churches be a special case when it comes to


paying VAT on repairs, or should There will be more on this story on


the Sunday Politics this weekend at 12 noon on Sunday on BBC One.


Still ahead: The family of the Yorkshire fundraiser eight Jane


Tomlinson prepare for their own charity challenge.


On their way to the big-time, we follow the pensioners who are


Tonight's photograph was done by Richard Brooks, he took this of


Nettleham Beck Ford near Lincolnshire -- in Lincolnshire. If


you have any pictures you are proud of, send them into words. We will


Today, we have seen showers once again and there is little changing


as we head through the weekend. We will have a mixture of Seychelles


and scattered showers tomorrow. -- sunny spells. There is an increased


risk of showers later on in the day. This is the satellite picture.


Tonight, skies will clear from the North. Gardiner's beware, there


will be a widespread frost. Temperatures will drop to one


Celsius. The sun rises tomorrow morning at six at 2am tomorrow.


Tomorrow, the there will be a bright start with sunshine. The


cloud that will increase from the North, pushing southwards and


bringing some bursts of rain with it. It will continue to New South


West, so it may be that across East Yorkshire it brightens up with the


best of the sunshine returning towards the end of the day. The


temperatures are still struggling because of the northerly wind. The


wind will be fresh and gusty. Temperatures will be about a


degrees Celsius, below average. Showers will clear to the South


towards the end of Saturday. There will be sunshine on Saturday


evening. There'll be more frost overnight on Sunday and Monday. Wet


and windy into the start of the next week.


On Wednesday, we told you how East Lindsey District Council were


confused as to whether they could use hosepipes to water their plants


on the seafront in Skegness. They said they'd had no clarification


and so that was a question I put to Anglian water.


Perfect does not matter who is doing it. It is the use of the


hosepipe that is prohibited. I have a statement here from Anglian Water


customer services. They say that if the contractor is hired to do such


activities, then the use of a hosepipe for a hanging basket will


be acceptable. Therefore, it is the sole purpose of their business


because they are hired for the job. If you are using a hosepipe in a


public garden, which is classified as a garden in this situation, if


you were not able to use a hosepipe to water the plants. So this


statement is wrong? It sounds like a days.


Well, we've now had this response from Anglian Water. They say a


hosepipe can be used in the course of a business to clean a private


motor vehicle, walls or windows of domestic premises, paths or patios


or an artificial outdoor surface, where this is done as a service to


customers. It doesn't apply to gardens, hanging baskets or


flowerbeds. That was in East Lindsey on


Wednesday. Elsewhere in Lincolnshire, millions of litres of


water are being saved as measures are in place to deal with the


drought. They're cutting back on washing council vehicles and


planning how to save water in parks and gardens, as Jake Zuckerman


reports. At this swimming pool, there is


certainly no shortage of water. But that has not stopped the District


Council looking for ways to cut back on the amount it uses. We have


for maximum Pools across the district. We're using lots of


things like using a pool covers, only cleaning our filters when we


need to, we have Federation in our taps and showers to reduce the


volume of water used by 60%. comes in the week when the East


Lindsey District Council said it was worried the hosepipe ban could


damage tourism in Skegness at the time's florals displays die off. It


has spent more than �70,000 and plans to beautify the time and


needs to keep them watered. Here, the scale of planting is more


modest, but the time Council are still looking at ways to avoid the


problem. We have to rethink this year and probably for future years.


One of our senior operatives is actually a qualified Gardner. We


will be taking his advice as to drought-resistant plants, mulching,


gravel, Park. The counsellors encourage and all employees to do


their bed, with a message on every council computer. Each of their


toilets has one of these flaws reducing devices and it has also


cut back on washing its vehicles. One of the key things we have done


is to change the frequency of the washing of RFU's fleet. Once upon a


time, we go doing it once a week. We're now doing it once a month.


They will not look quite a smart, but it will save quite a lot of


water. With these measures being taken by that the District Council,


they are making a real difference. Over the last 12 months at this


site alone, they have saved the equivalent of 2.5 million litres of


water. And by setting a good example, on the council hopes it


will encourage others to look at their water use.


The whole story of that right, I'll be will continue to follow that.


The family of the late charity fundraiser Jane Tomlinson are


setting off on an epic challenge this weekend, to help raise money


for good causes in Yorkshire. Jane's husband Mike and daughter


Rebecca will run a marathon in Paris on Sunday, before starting a


600 mile cycle ride. They'll head to Zeebrugge to get the ferry to


Hull. They'll ride through the city on Wednesday, across Yorkshire and


down to London for another marathon, all in just eight days.


Jane's daughter Rebecca has been to visit Sunshine House in Hul, a


charity that's benefitted from the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, and has been


looking at what difference her Mum made. We now run, I think of her


and what she achieved and everyone she inspired.


Ten years ago, I watched Mum run the London marathon. It was the


start of an incredible journey. It was a journey that swept us all up


and I know what she did made a difference to people's lives.


People like 25-year-old Jema, diagnosed with thyroid cancer last


summer. Her treatment left her exhausted and depressed, so she was


prescribed what she calls the Tomlinson treatment. My doctor


tells me to exercise all the time. She is constantly telling me to


exercise, to a point where I cannot exercise any more! If you are


stronger, you can get through it easier. That is the point they are


trying to make. Jema's not unusual. Last year,


research highlighting the benefits of physical activity alongside


cancer treatment was published, findings that have been embraced


here at Macmillan. Over the last 10 years, there has been increasingly


powerful evidence that shows that moderate amounts of exercise will


both reduce the chances of cancer coming back and reduce the chances


of you developing heart disease, thin bones, diabetes later.


Keeping healthy, keeping positive and changing perceptions were all


massively important to Mum, but the challenges had another, possibly


greater, effect. They raised money. What will the Jane Tomlinson fund


provide for the house? One of the things we wanted to do for the


children is make this area into a multi- sensory room.


Organisations like this respite facility have benefited from over


�3 million raised to date. It's humbling to see the impact the


money has and it's the reason Dad carried on. To I would not


recommend this life for anyone. You have to accept that this is the


path we chose. It is the path I am choosing to stay on. I could walk


away. I would feel like a was not doing the right thing, in terms of


June. And so we keep pushing the limits, as she would have done.


It's not the only fundraiser that Jane has inspired in Hull. On June


the third, thousands of runners will be taking part in the Run For


All. Our reporter Anne-Marie Tasker is on the course. How big will this


event be? When the 10, to race starts here


outside the hall, they're hoping it'll be even bigger than last


year's event, when they attracted 4,000 runners. The rich will be the


same as last year. They will be heading out to the East of the city,


back past the marina, through the city centre for and then back here


to the finish line. The charity is aiming to bring its fund-raising


total to �5 million this year. They're asking anyone who still


wants to take part in the race to apply. You can do that on their


website. Jane Tomlinson had strong links to this city. She studied


here and received an honorary doctorate from the University. A


her eldest daughter graduated from the university as well. That was


back in 2007. Because of those strong legs, Mike and Rebecca


wanted to bring their big fund- raising challenge back to the city


next week. They will be cycling through the city on Wednesday and


heading out across the East Yorkshire countryside towards York


on arguably what is their most tough challenge yet.


The coach of Hull FC, Peter Gentle, has called on the Rugby League to


look again at their Easter scheduling, saying teams are too


tired to play two matches in three days. Speaking ahead of their cup


game with Huddersfield, Gentle says the spectacle is spoilt by players


not being at their best. Our sports reporter has more.


It was this game on Monday which got Peter Gentle's back-up. This


match against Huddersfield was played only three days after his


side had beaten Hull Kingston Rovers in an energy-sapping he is


quick to point out that it was not only Hull FC but were below par.


The game at the -- for the game the other day was slow and riddled with


errors. As a sport, and the fans and the spectators are up. But the


spectators would rather see a bed of spectacle rather than what they


got on Monday. Keith Walker has spent 30 years


patching up sports men and women. Including the Great Britain rugby


team. He is well qualified to comment on Peter Gentle's remarks.


There once was a day when we played two days a week from the beginning


of the season. Clearly, you cannot do that anymore. Possibly come


lobby have got to the day when this activity, which is our tradition,


possibly needs to be looked at for the benefit and good of the game


and the players. Both sides can concentrate on


winning Cup ties this weekend, but the road to the final has been a


rocky one. Hull FC have only had to three wins from 14 finals. Hull


Kingston Rovers have only one at one side of six attempts. For both


of them, even beating Salford on Monday, they have had nearly one


big's recovery before the cup games. Lincoln City can secure their


Conference safety but they need a win at leaders Fleetwood. BBC


Lincolnshire will have full commentary of the game on FM and


online and the programme begins at 7.00pm.


They keep thousands of radio listeners entertained every


Saturday night but in a few minutes time, two Hull pensioners will make


their first appearance on live television in front of an audience


of millions. BBC Radio Humberside's Beryl and Betty are going to appear


on The One Show here on BBC One. They've been nominated for one of


the biggest awards in the radio industry and they're the oldest


ever nominees. Our reporter has spent the day with them.


Do the public know if you're single? We are both singles. I have


had four very long relationships with men. Yesterday, at The One


Show came to Beryl and Betty. Today, Beryl and Betty come to The One


Show. We're about to head off to London to the BBC. Howdy feel about


that? It is quite exciting. I have not slept properly on white. For 19


year-olds Betty and 86-year-old Beryl, they have to get used to be


injured said after being nominated for a prestigious award! That is


alongside BBC Radio Humberside presenter, David Reeves. To I was


so lucky to strike gold with these two, really. They bring an energy.


The two Yorkshire ladies are the eldest nominees the awards have


ever seen. We cannot believe it. I do not want it to end. Meeting


Chris Evans and the other lady... And in just a few minutes' time, a


Beryl and Betty go live on The One Show. His The One Show capable of


coping?! And the One Show is next here on


BBC One, and you can hear The Ladies That Listen tomorrow night


on BBC Radio Humberside at 6.00pm. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines... And historic trip. David Cameron


becomes the first British Prime Minister to visit Burma.


An East Yorkshire family survives despite their hot air balloon


crashing into power lines. Tomorrow's weather - cloud and


showery rain spreading from the north, falling wintry across higher


ground at first. Sunny spells and a few showers. Highs of 9 degrees.


We have been asking whether churches should be exempt from VAT.


Keith has treated to say, the Church pay their taxes the same as


everyone else. Sirte disagrees and said there


should be a special case especially for a grade one listed classics.


And this is from the Reverend Mark Cooper - contrary to what many


people think, local churches receive no income from the


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