20/04/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening to you. The headlines: A dry run through Lincolnshire. Dry


plans for the Torch Relay are put to the test. We were getting


prepared as a test. We could not get through, we did not expect this


many people. It is crazy. insurance could cost teenagers a


job. To put someone under 21 years of age insurance went up to over


�5,000. The motorists who are powerless to beat the price of fuel.


Heavy downpours, but some sunshine around. The weekend forecast then


Good evening. It is expected to attract thousands of people and is


being billed as one of the biggest events of 2012. The Olympic Torch


relay will not arrive in our area until June. Hundreds have taken


part in a dry run for an 80-mile section. It was designed to put


logistics to the test. An hour ago, the full rehearsal arrived in


Stamford. What happened? Well, there has been


a buzz of excitement here in Stamford for the whole of the day.


People began lining this route more than two hours before the torch


even arrived. Many people told me they felt this was their chance to


get involved with the Olympics and be a part of it. Many told me they


felt honoured that their town had been chosen out of everywhere in


the country for this rehearsal. Hundreds of people lined the


streets to welcome the Olympic Torch to Stamford.


Arriving in Lincolnshire for the very first time today, young and


old were determined to catch a glimpse. For the lucky few, they


got a chance to hold it too. It is very exciting. I thought it would


never happen in my life. What was it like to hold it in your hand?


Cool! Special. A special moment. Setting off at dawn in Leicester,


the torch began its 80-mile journey across the East Midlands. It left


under the power of steam. Next stop Loughborough and meltonmo bury. It


caught a boat over Rutland Water. This is a rigorous test. It will


allow us to do what we have done in all our testing, which is to go


away, look at things we may need to refine. That illusive chase for


perfection. The torch will light up East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


when it goes through Bridlington on June 18th. It will pass through


dozens of communities, including Hull, Mablethorpe, Skegness and


King's Lynn before it leaves for Norwich. While here it will be


abseiled down the Grimsby Dock Tower and take a trip on the


Cleethorpes Light Railway. People hope it will bring benefits for the


town. We hope it will put it on the worldwide map and encourage tourism.


It is the oldest stone town in the country. The festivities will be


immense. If this reception is anything to go by, when the torch


returns in July, organisers are expecting 10,000 people to be here.


Sarah, what is happening with the torch now then? Well, Peter, in the


last few moments the torch and the convoy of vehicles have all arrived


in the grounds of Burley House, which will play a big part in the


relay on July 3rd before it stops off in Peterborough. This was just


a dress rehearsal today. The torch will arrive in our area for real in


just over a month. Now, if the crowds from today are


anything to go by, it's going to be a huge, huge event for the whole


country. It certainly is. Thank you very


much indeed. Now, in a moment on tonight's programme, from the torch


to the sport - the 2012 hopefuls aiming for gold.


Hull businesses are calling on the Government to step in to help


address the issue of insurance costs for young drivers sms they


say that the charge -- drivers. They say that in some cases


teenagers are missing out on jobs because employers cannot afford


into sure them. Insurers say the number of young drivers involved in


accidents is disproportionately high. They are learning how to


maintain and repair a car, but many cannot afford the cost to insure


one. The majority of these male students at Lindsey college are 17-


19 years old. The costliest age bracket.


This 19 year old earns a car worth �1,000. He pays �3,000 to insure it.


He has opted an education rather than an apprenticeship.


apprenticeship is the best way, but on that wage you cannot afford


insurance. I would prefer to stay at college, work part-time and earn


some money. The insurance costs are hitting employers too. This man


cannot allow drivers younger than 19 to drive work vans as insurers


refuse the risk. It is unfair that the insurance companies tar


everyone with the same brush. There are many 17-19 year olds looking


for work. They are not all mad- heads. They want to drive in an


every day working environment. That is very difficult. The Federation


of Small Businesses say they have seen an overwhelming response to


the problem of high insurance costs and believe it is causing young


people to miss out. They are missing out on the apprenticeship,


on the experience to move forward. The Federation of Small Businesses


would like to see the Government step in, in conjunction with


insurance companies to enable young people to drive at a reasonable


rate of insurance. But the Association of British Insurers


maintains that the number of young people involved in accidents is


disproportionately high. Unless there is other involvement, the


stealmate will continue and young people like this will keep paying


the price. It's not just insurance costs - fuel prices have today


reached a record high, leading to calls for more people to turn to


electric cars. Currently there are just five charge points in the


whole of Lincolnshire. Cars need charging at least every


100 miles. You could not drive from Bridlington to Bourne without


stopping. It's a worrying kiss of deja vu.


Fuel prices are at record highs and fears of another bout of panic


buying due to the continuing threat of tanker drivers striking. For


some, electric cars, like this, which do not rely on petrol are a


liberating alternative. Electric cars are the future. We are


producing electricity domestically. We don't have to import gas or coal


or anything like that in future. We are becoming more independent.


how do these electric cars compare to regular ones? Well, to buy they


are almost twice the price. Once you are on the road they cut fuel


bills by about 80%. Emissions are down and if you listen they are


also a lot quieter. They do depreshyailt faster. This is really


a question of -- depreciate faster. This is a question of green


credentials over cash. These cars need charging around every 100


miles. At the moment there are only five charge posts in Lincolnshire.


Two in Hull and none in the East Riding or northern Lincolnshire.


With all that in mind, are people keen to go electric? I would not


buy one. There are not enough charging points. You don't get the


thrill of driving a car. It is too quiet. The cost of fuel is sky-


rocketing. So long as it could fulfil my daily business on a day-


to-day or weekly basis, then yes,, yes, I would consider it. Seemens


have a fleet of electric cars and charge points in Lincoln. We found


it is beneficial in terms of reducing our impact in pollution.


We can run these vehicles almost for the same price we would a


diesel vehicle. Work is underway to make it easier to charge cars


outside London, in the hope more people will choose electric rather


than queuing at the pumps. Well, Dr Ben Lane is the managing


editor of the website nextgreencar.com. I put it to him


that the electric cars are just expensive vehicles for the rich.


Well, to some extent it is. I mean electric vehicles can be as high as


tpwies the price of a conventional -- twice the price of a


conventional diesel vehicle. Certainly, as of today, the


purchase prices are very high. It's also true that the whole life costs


are higher, even when you take into account the fuel cost is 80% lower.


If we were driving in the rain this afternoon from Bridlington the


Bourne, we would not be able to do that journey without recharging and


hardly anywhere to charge. When will that change? Around 100 miles.


There are an increasing number of vehicles which would be able to do


that on a full charge. You might be in difficulty when you got to your


destination. Most electric vehicle owners recharge overnight at home


and possibly top up at the workplace. Those are the most two


common scenarios. On the on-street rechargers are there partly as a


matter, as a symbol that there is Government support. Yes, electric


vehicle owners will need occasional charging on the street. It is not


the game-change as many people think. With just five points in the


whole of the county, that is not really enough, is it? I don't think


it's enough as a signal from the local authority and the Government


that those organisations are behind electric vehicles. For most owners


hay will re-charge overnight. Six to eight hours overnight. Often at


a low cost electricity. They may need occasional top-ups during the


day. For most it will be enough. There will be electric vehicle


owners vits sitting your part of the world and they may need to


recharge. That is true, for them that will be a difficulty.


Thank you. Maybe you have an electric car? If you have one, are


you happy with it? What measures are you taking to deal with the


A complaint made against Humberside Police by the mum of a teenager


found hanged at his school is to be investigated. 17-year-old bradli


Parkin died at the Lindsey school in Cleethorpes 12 years ago. His


mum complained that Humberside Police did not carry out a thorough


investigation into his death. Now the IPCC says the force must look


into her allegation. A new biofuels factory in Hull has begun to take


its first wheat deliveries from farmers in the East Riding. The


Vivergo site will be the biggest buyer of wheat in the UK. The plant


is running tests before production starts. New figures show 17


children in Lincolnshire have been protected following the


introduction of Sarah's Law a year ago. It alows parents to find out


if someone with access to their children has ever been convicted of


child sex offences. After yesterday's flash flooding in


Pocklington, businesses reopened today. Streets were sub mefrpblged


under 18 inches of water. -- submerged under 18 inches of water.


Thank you for watching. Still ahead: Consultants are sent into a


Lincolnshire school after pupils miss a GCSEs coursework deadline.


We meet the 2012 hopefuls looking to make their mark.


Don't forget, if you have a picture you are proud of, send it in.


Tonight's is All Saint's Church at We will do the same on Monday night


As they were saying on Twitter last night we would be well in credit


here. I tell you that! There will be some heavy downpours.


There has been lots sunshine. Low- pressure in charge as it will be


for Sunday. On Monday, Monday night and Tuesday. There have been


thunderstorms in south Lincolnshire. There has been some brightness.


Some showers are so big, the me last all night long. A mixed bag


first thing. Lincolnshire is the pockets for showers. -- focus. Some


big dry brighter spells. A similar forecast for Sunday.


Mrs Roms to steal, my husband and I love in Taunton.


See you on Monday. If a teacher has defended her


reputation after a school in Lincolnshire admitted some pupils


Some have been sent to Peele Community College to complete their


GCSE coursework. The teacher is at a loss as to why these accusations


have been made. Two Long Sutton students are now


cramming. 3 the other lessons are suffering so they can finish


English coursework. Peele Community College said the aide discovered


he'd things had not been done. have such a short time to do it. It


is wasting a Robert -- opportunity to do what he wanted. The exams are


at the end of May. 32 peoples face extra pressure. The college says it


is doing all it can to get them back on track. Following the


resignation of an English teacher, he it became clear we did not have


enough coursework for examination boards. We thought all the


assessments had been marked. This is not be case. This comes despite


the latest Ofsted reports praising Speaking to BBC Look North, the


academy said she had been given a positive reference by her former


All employer. Peele Community College is an improving school.


Half of its peoples received very big grades. It does seem this year,


the son of those pupils will have to work extra hard.


Thank you for your it meets. -- four Conservative MPs from


Yorkshire have tried to do the Hull City face their last home game


of the season tomorrow against Nottingham Forest. It is possible


for them to get into the play-offs. Mike White is live on Radio


Humberside. They probably have not got it all to play for. They can


still do it. They have a team of them in Middlesbrough. The fat lady


is not singing. We have had her text from an optimistic Hull City


fan. Big debates or card and we can get into the play-offs -- defeats.


What about her non-League sides? Another season in the Conference


for Grimsby Town. Scunthorpe? can still go down mathematically.


He is expected they will stay in number one. There is commentary on


all be fit all games on BBC radio or Humberside.


Hopefuls from the East Lincolnshire are making their final preparations.


Some athletes can concentrate on challenging for the medals.


They have been throwing bar, Rawling hearts and swimming fast.


Three talented young people are closing in on their Olympic dreams.


Next month, he has to thought the qualifying distance for the


Olympics and won the trials in June. No messing around. You have to keep


in good shape. Throwing anything 75 metres is hard enough, but when you


pick one of these up, you realise what skill and ability it needs.


24-year-old Emily Taylor is waiting on selection. She is in a great


position to qualify. I am new to the squad so why have tried my best.


I think it has paid off. Lizzie Simmonds is the daughter of Lincoln.


She just needs to warn her skills. It is great to be thinking about


the games and not just the trials. All the focus is on the gains.


it is gratifying to know or that for this all-important Olympics,


local talent is coming to the fore. All were hopefuls working hard.


You might remember clear Lomas. She lost the use of collects but is


learning to walk again -- clear. She is the first person in the UK


to trial this pioneering robotics suit. This Sunday, she will take


part in the London Marathon. It could take her three weeks. It is a


huge thing for me on the first day. It is bound to be tougher when you


have not got as many people. I have a lot of friends. They will be


pushing me on. Amazing. Formula One bosses insist the race


in Bahrain will go-ahead despite protests.


Hundreds turn out in Lincolnshire to get a glimpse of the Olympic


torch. Saturday, a sunny spells. Some will


be heavy in the afternoon. It will feel mild.


How are people who live in flats or houses without garages meant to


charge the electric cars? Another says I have an electric car. No


road tax, low or insurance. That is great. There is a police or the


electric car in the city. Or rural areas, I would say no.


I would not buy an electric car because there is nowhere to buy or


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