27/04/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: "Serious Failings". - A report criticises


financial management of a group of Lincolnshire academies. I believe


the action plan is in place and I hope that the appropriate steps are


going to be made. Cleaning up following the flood -


now there are warnings of more to come. About nine inches of water


inside. Luckily with the flood defence at the front, it stopped as


being totally underwater. Warnings about a housing crisis


because of a shortage of council homes in Lincoln.


The new mural summing up the spirit of one of Hull's most famous roads.


It has already been the wettest April on record across Yorkshire. A


The Department for Education says there have been "serious failings"


in the financial management of a federation of academies in


Lincolnshire. The Priory Federation of Academies Trust runs four sites


- three in Lincoln and one in Grantham. The chief executive


resigned last month. Today the trust has said "mistakes and errors


of judgements have been made" by two individuals. The police are


also investigating. Phil Connell reports.


Before his resignation, Richard Gilliland was the federation's


respected chief executive responsible for four academy


schools in Lincolnshire. Tonight, though, he's part of a police


investigation into the mismanagement of school finances.


A report for the Department for Education reveals: He spent �53,000


decorating a school property for his own personal use. Employed his


family - including his daughter as family - including his daughter as


a �55,000 pound a year consultant. Had used the federation's credit


cards to buy sex games and other items. Used company resources to


buy training worth around �4,000 at an equestrian centre for his son.


All public money with none of the All public money with none of the


transactions being shown in any school accounts. The chief


executive employed his wife, son and daughter. I could go on.


Parents need to be assured that lessons have been learned here. We


need many paid back, without doubt and we need to make sure this can


never happen again. Today's report also cites the


trusts former finance director Steve Davies, who retired last year,


the report says he's currently away in the Caribbean. The trust has


apologised to parents tonight some have been telling us of their


concerns. We all thought it was mental when they said they were


getting a polo team. And an equestrian centre. We could not


really believe that he would be buying this stuff with school many


when they are things already wrong in our actual school.


In response to the government's report the chairman of the priory


federation has today issued this three page statement in which he


admits mistakes and errors of judgement had been made by two


senior individuals. He said changes, though, had been put in place to


their financial management and a new accountant had been appointed.


He added from 85 previous audits no issues had been raised before.


There is an action plan in place. They will take the actions that are


needed and I believe there will be examined in depth again in four


months' time to make sure that the action plan has been acted upon and


these things don't happen again. With its shutter in France, the


federation's expenditure has already been seen as controversial.


Tonight's report will cause fresh concerns as Lincolnshire Police


begin their own investigation. The Schools Minister, Lord Hill,


says he thinks this is a one-off case and doesn't undermine the


academy ethos. I spoke with him earlier this afternoon. I think


that as soon as concerns are brought to the attention of the


department, feet wide P L A went in straightaway and carried out an


investigation. We have taken swift action and the chief executive have


gone so I do not think that shows there is a gaping hole in our


system. Has the shaken the department because it is not great


publicity for academies, is it. don't think that is right.


Academies have actually got more rigorous systems of financial


management. It doesn't sound like it with this, does it? I think that


what the system has demonstrated, in this case we have identified a


problem, it is certainly the case that you cannot have any system


that is 100% guaranteed to work. To pick up if someone sets about to do


wrong doing. You have systems that make sure that the financial


reporting is as rigorous as it can be. If someone in the Academy or in


any other school set about to do wrong doing, you cannot have a 100%


secure system. Opponents of the academy system claim that they are


not accountable enough. Hasn't this proved those fears absolutely


right? I don't think that at all. I think it has proved that when the


concerns are bought to the attention of the department, we at


very swiftly to address them. The fact is that the reporting system


and financial monitoring in place in academies are more rigorous than


in maintained schools. These problems are fortunately very small


in number, but they have happened just as they have been maintained


schools as in this case. And your message for the parents? The four


schools in this federation are excellent and the improvement in


performance I really welcome. That is the thing to focus on. They are


strong schools and should be confident in knowing that.


I'd like to hear your thoughts on the issue of academies. Is your


child at one or maybe due to start one in September? Maybe you're a


pupil who's watching tonight? Do you think they're a good thing for


our education system? Please contact us. I look forward to


hearing from year. You can read more on this story on a website.


In a moment: How cruise liners could help Hull to bring in more


tourist money. Businesses in part of East


Yorkshire have been clearing up after heavy rain saw the River


Derwent burst its banks. There's been more than 40 millimetres of


rain in some places over the last twenty four hours. The worst


affected area was Stamford Bridge, where people staying at one caravan


park were asked to leave for their own safety. Our environment


correspondent Siobhan Robbins has spent the day there. Siobhan,


what's the situation there now? It is actually just started to rain


here, bad news for Stamford Bridge, one of the worst-hit areas in our


patch. The water level has gone down a little. At lunchtime the


level was about here, after a few hours of pumping it has gone all


the way back to hear. It is quite shallow at the front and a little


higher further back. Most of the flooding in Stamford Bridge seems


to have been isolated to this area around the River Derwent and the


caravan park behind me. Much of this morning was spent clearing up.


This is the result of one of the wettest April as on record. After


weeks of heavy rain, the River Derwent broke its banks in part to


Stamford Bridge. Tenants at a nearby caravan -- caravan site were


forced to leave. The warden came in at 8:30am and


said they had been advised by the fire brigade to evacuate the site


because in the next 12 hours it would probably end of the site.


was going to say it -- stay on the best of the toilets my back up.


Around the corner, the local pub had been hit, but the landlord was


prepared. We are used to it by now. As soon as the pump start, half of


this water will have gone. A couple of hours and hope the back to


normal. Stamford Bridge has always been prone to flooding so many were


not surprised. Norman Smith watched all morning as though water lapped


up the drive of his home. First thing this morning it was running


along the brickwork here and now it is going down very slightly. It is


getting better. Proms have been pushing the water back into the


will rebel all day and away from the town. The race is on to remove


all of this flooding before there is more rain.


As you can see, the river behind me is still quite high and this area


is on a flood warning which means that action needs to be taken like


the pumping that is happening there. Around the low-lying areas there is


a flood alert which means the Environment Agency will be my


knitting those areas and in Lincolnshire, the RAF are just


three mm of their record rainfall level and there are concerns that


if there is more rain on the weekend, situations like this could


get worse. Thank you very much indeed. Paul


will have the forecast in a moment. A man has been jailed for 12 months


after he abandoned his car on a railway track during a high-speed


police chase through Hull. This police footage shows the chase,


which took place through residential areas at more than


twice the speed limit. 41-year-old Gavin Steed drove onto the train


line, an approaching train was only stopped after a police helicopter


alerted the driver. Steed had admitted all the charges. A train


travelling from Lincoln station has been derailed after a landslide. It


is thought that a number of people have suffered minor injuries.


A A �44 million reservoir is to be built near Lincoln. Anglian Water


says it will supply homes and businesses in the city. It is


suspected to be finished in the next two years.


There's a warning this evening that a "drastic shortage" of council


houses in Lincoln will lead to a crisis in the city. It's one of


many issues being debated by politicians ahead of the local


elections next week. Managers at the YMCA have told the BBC that


unless there is more investment in housing stock the crisis will only


get worse. Sherron Edwards reports. Been Clemence moved into the


Lincoln YMCA a year ago after becoming homeless. He said he is


now ready to move on but is stuck because of a lack of council


housing. He has been warned that he could face a wait of three years.


If I could move out now and free up the space and free up the support,


I definitely would. Obviously circumstances are, I can't because


of the waiting-list. The Lincoln YMCA offers more than a place to


live, it helps people look for work and permanent accommodation. It is


fall and has a waiting list. It is seeing more people stuck in the


system waiting for a council house. If I were to use the word


catastrophic, that would be a strong word in relation to the


situation, but across the country there is a dire need to enable


people to be able to move be moved from places like the YMCA.


Lincoln? There is more accommodation required and


currently there is a dry sticks shortage. There are around 2500


people waiting for a property owned by the city council. The authority


has seen its stock dwindle under the right-to-buy scheme. 20 years


ago, it own 20,000 homes today, just 8000. Housing is one of the


most important issues facing the authority which goes to the polls


next week. One third of the seats are up for re-election this year.


Currently Labour controls the authority with 17 seats. The


Conservatives have 14. One Liberal Democrat and one independent.


would look at all the empty properties around the city and


bring those back into use. That would read it -- reduce our housing


issue by a considerable amount. key theme for us has got to be


helping people with the impact of the current recession and that


means, essentially, addressing the housing crisis. There is no reason


at all now the government has bought in a better policy for


letting us keep council house rents that we can use that income to


build more council homes. This week, the Lincoln YMCA moved five people


from the hostel into this city centre house, but there are many


other people waiting for the authorities to build enough homes


all. They could be waiting a long time.


And if you want more information on the local elections next week,


there's much more on the website at bbc.co.uk/vote2012.


Still ahead tonight: The little football club ready to join its


bigger neighbours. The art work bringing back memories


The Port of Hull has ambitions to become an important cruise ship


Peter says, airport is spot on with his forecast.


A goodness me, can I keep that? Do you want to read the forecast?


Do you want to read the forecast? Watchet tonight! Let's have a look


at the headline for the next 24 hours. It is a very unsettled one.


Tomorrow will be the best day of the weekend with a lot of cloud,


but hopefully brightening up after the weekend. Look what happens on


Sunday, an intense low-pressure bringing heavy rain and strong wind.


The Met Office have a warning in place already. Yorkshire has had


its wettest April on record so far and Lincolnshire will follow. An


incredible month. You can see the cloud but bought the rain today. It


brightened up at times and has not been too bad. Overnight, the cloud


will thicken with it some pieces of rain especially across Lincolnshire.


Further north, a lot of drier weather to come. Temperatures


around 5 or 6 degrees. The sun will rise in the morning at 5:31am and


setting at 8:28pm. A largely cloudy start. I think there will be a


little bit of patchy light rain across Lincolnshire. And in


consider -- M insignificant amount. Skies brightening across Yorkshire


with hazy sunshine coming through. Eight chilly wind coming in from


the north-east. We will seek top temperatures around eight or nine


degrees. Who might squeeze 10 Celsius further north. The early


warning for heavy rain on Sunday from the Met Office. It looks to be


a miserable day with gale-force wind in exposed places. They could


be localised flooding to come, but next week shows a big improvement.


Things settle down. I saw that coming. We got away with


I saw that coming. We got away with that. Go a way!


Have a nice weekend. It is hoped that the increase and the number of


cruises in Hull could bring millions of pounds into the city.


The liner Ocean Countess has been visiting the city to announce it is


to increase the number of sailings. The ship's current destinations


include Scandinavia, Northern France and the Channel Islands.


Tourism bosses say cruise ships have the potential to significantly


contribute to Hull's local economy. Here's our Business Correspondent


Paul Murphy. Cruising is a multi-million-pound


industry and Hull wants a slice of the action. 700 passengers were


returning from a week-long cruise this morning. The first time we


have been on a cruise and it was wonderful. Out of this world.


are a lot of people that have come on this simply because it was easy


to get to. The industry is more readily associated with ports like


Southampton, but interest in sailing from Hull has been growing.


This year, around 15,000 passengers are expected to travel through a


hole but the ambition is to do things on a big gap scale. Just


today we are turning around 1500 passengers, 70 -- 700 this morning,


700 this afternoon. All of which I using local facilities in the towel.


And across the Pennines they have already shown how cruise ships can


transform an economy. Welcome to be sunny city of Liverpool! Here, much


larger vessels carry up to 2000 passengers each. The industry is


worth millions. You get people coming to stay for one or two


nights before. You also get the opportunity for maritime industries.


But something needs looking at, maintenance on the ship,


potentially feed supplies, there are other areas that will benefit


from those kinds of things. That is why in Hull they have been giving


serious thought to the idea of the best boat cruise terminal close to


the city centre will. The cruise sector is a massive growing


industry in the UK. We have got longer term aspirations for a city


cruise terminal. In the meantime, we are starting small. We seem to


be having success. Tonight, another 700 passengers were boarding the


ocean Countess. This is a local industry in its infancy, but one


with big ambitions. Hull City manager Nick Barmby says


he wants up to six new players in his squad for next season. The


Tigers just missed out on the play- offs this season despite this win


against Nottingham Forest last weekend and Barmby believes the


squad will have to be strengthened this summer. A good four or five


editions, we need to be stronger. It caught up on us in March with


the amount of games, so we know our targets and we know how strong the


squad needs to be. Well, of all our teams, it's


possibly Gainsborough Trinity who are facing the biggest and most


important tomorrow. The non league side need just one point from their


game at Altrincham to qualify for the promotion play offs. It means


they could be facing neighbours Lincoln City and Grimsby Town next


season, as Simon Clark reports. Gainsborough, a humble ground for a


humble team, but could it now be hosting clashes against its


neighbours Lincoln City and Grimsby Town? Promotion seems an accessible


when Brian Little was sacked weeks into the season after a poor start,


but since Steve took over, there has been a transformation. The


former Scunthorpe United player found the winning formula. I took


over the reins as a caretaker and it was a joy because I live in


Gainsborough. Everything felt right for us. We were on a great run and


only lost once in 11 games to start with. Trinity needs just 11 points


in a dramatic race for promotion. This is no collection of butchers,


bakers and candlestick makers. Local talent is sprinkled with


League experience like shame Clarke and X tiny gap Ryan Williams.


them to come here, it would be fantastic for the town and great


for the football club. I think it is something they can be proud of.


Peter Swan bankrolls the club and he has done the maths. We had a


good result earlier in the season and it is in our hands. If we win


the match or draw the match, we are in the play-offs. We don't have to


rely on anyone else. Preparations for this game have been far from


ideal. Last night, an artificial service in the town was the only


patch of ground these hopefuls could find.


There's full commentary of Gainsborough's big match tomorrow.


The match at Altrincham will be on BBC Lincolnshire. The game kicks


off at 3om. Before that, fans of Lincoln City


can listen to the Imps game against Ebbsfleet.


On BBC Radio Humberside there will be coverage of Hull City's match


against West Ham. And Scunthorpe United's home game against


Bournemouth. Saturday Sport will begin at noon


with Grimsby Town's match against Southport.


A mural showing the life and times of one street in Hull is almost


finished - 20 years after it was first started. This huge painting


is aimed at capturing the spirit of Hessle Road - which was once the


very heart and soul of the city's fishing industry. Simon Spark has


been along to see the final touches. It is an idea thought of 20 years


ago, but only now or is it getting its finishing touches. It is aim to


capture the spirit of one of the most famous roads in Hull, has all


road. Once the heart of Hull -- Hull's fishing city and most


importantly its people. A History George Michie thought was too


important to forget. I just wanted to capture the spirit of the road.


Hessle Road was a separate community and it is a shame if


everything about Hessle Road is forgotten. We remember Lou blocker,


she voted for the rights of the trawler men to get better


facilities. But there is still one more face to paint and that will be


of Jack Harrison, that legendary X Hull FC player who scored 52 tries


in one season. He was killed in World War One, but was awarded the


Cross for bravery. It is a bit of a challenge trying to paint from a


black-and-white with the Tote's -- with no tones and skin colours, but


an enjoyable challenge. We were there to see it take shape. It is


absolutely great. Brilliant. It may be finished much later than they


had hoped, but the memories painted here will keep the spirit of has


all rode a live for many more years to come. The man who thought of the


idea will be there too. -- Hessle Road.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines:


A report find serious failings in the financial management of a group


of Lincolnshire academies. Outlook for tomorrow: Most places


dry with some sunny intervals although one or two light showers


are possible. Maximum temperature 10 Celsius.


That Academy story, an interesting e-mail here. I am a teacher and I


would like to express my dismay at the findings today. It is never


could -- negative publicity where staff and students give everything


to achieve good results. It is clear our results have improved


since becoming an academy. That is from a teacher.


From a 12 year-old: The Priory has supported me through my GCSEs and I


cannot fault the school and its teachers for the outstanding


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