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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The Headlines tonight:


has the set too much? Question is Albrecht Nick Barmby is a teacher


at Hull City. I am at the KC Stadium to see what the future


holds. Campaigners celebrate after plans


for a more wind turbines in East Yorkshire are rejected.


Claims that cuts in the number of its sheltered housing could cost


the council more in the long run. They have not had the decency to


come and explain everything to rise. And find in the sun, but there is


more rain on the way. Who took advantage of the break in the


clouds? It has been the wettest April ever recorded.


There is speculation tonight concerning the future of the Hull


City manager Nick Barmby. He took charge in December and is due to


meet the club's members this week after the Tigers missed out on the


chance of promotion to the Premier League. It is also his comments in


the media in recent weeks but have led to unrest at the club. Our


reporter is that the stadium right now. What details to we have?


all started this afternoon when they get social media lines started


buzzing with a remote that are the had been suspended by the owners.


Since that time, we have had a statement from the owners who have


said that they are aware of the speculation and are not in that


position to make any comment. Tonight at the KC Stadium there is


doubt over Nick Barmby is future. He joined the club eight years ago.


All smiles for Nick Barmby. He joined in 2004 and was given


managerial responsibility in December. This is the club for me.


It is the club that I want to stay at. I have never thought about


anything else. Even if I stopped as a player I do not think I would


play for in other club. Soon he had the team on a winning streak. But


this afternoon, then media networks started buzzing with rumours of his


suspension. He was expected to meet owners about the club's future. He


explained after their defeat to West Ham. We are nearly there. It


is very important in to have meetings on how their club is doing.


What you think about your own future? It is not what I want, all


I want is what is best for the player's first and foremost. It is


not a rallying cry. We're all trying for one thing and that is


for at their club to do well. developments today have come as a


shock to Tigers fans. He was doing a really good job. There have been


a few rumours of things going on behind the scenes. There are


meetings with them to discuss the future, but I take it it hasn't


gone well. You will have heard my colleague


speaking to him at the end of the West hand game he is with me now.


Is this a shot you? I did wonder whether it he would be the manager


at the end of the season and the beginning of next season. I did not


see it coming today. I would say now that this is the end of the


road for a Nick Barmby. I would also say that my expectation is


that it will be the end of the head of their operations as well. What


you think brought this about? not think the owners were impressed


with what he was saying to people like me in the build up to getting


future funding and making sure that promises that they had made to play


most -- players were still in place. It is all about money. Let me just


tell you that here at the KC Stadium Nick Barmby was due to be


here because it is the official supporters' club end-of-season


bonanza. Some of the players may be here we will try and get them later


on in the programme. I do very much indeed. If you could give us your


thoughts on this one please e-mail and.


-- e-mail it in. In a moment on tonight's programme we will see


them take their fight to the at top local MPs. The meat they BAE


Systems chief executive. Campaigners against wind turbines


in East Yorkshire are celebrating after proposals for at two sites in


the Wolds were it withdrawn. It comes on the day that I knew


reports on the Campaign to Protect Rural England says that parts of


rural England are being overrun with plans to make more wind


turbines. In the heart of the Wolds they rely


on wind energy as an important source of extra income. 1 wind


turbines dead as half of this man's allergist he needs.


It is a really important part in managing the costs of the business


and making sure that we are competitive in the marketplace. In


doing that, we have shielded ourselves from the inevitable rise


in costs of energy. With these breathtaking views campaigners want


the Wolds protected from the wind turbines. Today it two applications


were withdrawn. Another two were rejected. They are saying that they


are sorry but we -- value are landscapes. These people are making


money. That is money about a of tariffs at the expense of this


beautiful landscape. With any decade it is set to triple. At the


moment there are a lot of turbines in a UK but to meet Government


targets they will have to generate 15 % from renewable energy.


It is expected that 10,000 wind turbines need to be built across


the country. We're keen to see a strategic approach happen. It needs


to filter down to local level to ensure that we do not see these an


appropriate sites come in forward in the first place. Campaigners


want to see a better balance between the concerns of those who


live here and the demands for a renewable energy. Two men who


attempted to smuggle nine Kuwaiti nationals into Hull have been


jailed for 11 years. The core 18 nationals were found in


the back of this and on its way back from Rotterdam by UK Border


Agency officers last year. Tariq Mohammed and Muhammad Al-Kulefi


were found guilty after a breaching immigration law. They have no


regard for those people. They have no regard for concern for them. All


they are is a commodity. And 11- year-old girl from Lincolnshire


suffered injuries at birth and is to receive compensation of nearly


�11 million. Milly Evans was born at Lincoln County cost -- Lincoln


County Hospital. It is one of the highest negligence


payments ever made. How much of the battle has this been? Lincoln


County Hospital has not always looked at this case in the same way,


but they have always admitted their negligence. It was more about how


much they would get. She was transferred to any NATO


unit once she was born but then had trouble breathing. The midwife


should have stopped -- spotted sooner that there was a problem and


that she was in distress. The claim that then she would have been


delivered sinner and not suffered such a catastrophic injury. She now


has cerebral palsy and needs 24- hour care. She cannot speak but can


communicate with specialised equipment. We were at court date --


today to see the settlement. What did the hospital have to say about


the case? The trust paid tribute to the family and said that no amount


of words could put right what had gone wrong. They said that the NHS


Trust admitted liability and apologised. It said that in the 11


years since her birth the guidelines and practices had


changed significantly. The trust hopes that the settlement will


assessed Milly Evans to achieve a full potential. Her lawyer has said


that the money would ensure that she had a positive life experience


as far as possible. It has been confirmed that no compulsory


redundancies will be made in Brough from BAE Systems.


David Davies and Alan Johnson net worth company chiefs of BAE Systems.


They say that the problem with jobs at the site is intensifying this


week as workers prepare for a protest at the company's AGM on


Wednesday. Recycled to Manchester to see the Prime Minister and plot


their fight to Downing Street. As the battle to save Brough enters


its 8th month the MPs continued to keep pressure on the bosses of BAE


Systems. At last the company are beginning


to engage constructively. They are still not keeping all the jobs at


Brough. But they are looking at supply jobs and assembly jobs and


other engineering jobs being kept their which were not be for it. We


are having some progress. They have effectively gone back into


consultation. They are now doing things to investigate those job


losses which they should have been doing what -- three months ago.


They have said that manufacturing will stop here next June and there


will be more than 800 redundancies. There are still options to go


forward. We won its to keep these people


together. There is a high skilled work force here with a lot of


skills. It is an ideal place to put work into what every aircraft in


the street or any other industry they have planned for us. Workers


like Steve are queuing up to do their bit. These buyers will be


held -- handed out at the next AGM. They will be protect the --


protesting against job cuts there. It is a big wide world out there


for us. Progress might seem slow but MPs and workers say that


meetings like today are vital to their fight. They are playing the


long game. There are sustaining pressure or on BAE Systems in the


hope that they will keep jobs local in the future. The story that we


have followed since the start. Flat water in a foot deep has been found


on a winter just reach this morning. The emergency services say that


they found many other places that were affected, lots of houses had


been affected. We will have more on the forecast in just a minute.


Still ahead on the programme tonight, wardens are cut in Hull


and there are claims that elderly accommodation will be lost. And who


has made the most of the good weather before the rain returns?


Thank you for what in this Monday night.


If you have a photograph descended 10. We found this one from Wolds.


We will have been other picture a roundabout the same time tomorrow


roundabout the same time tomorrow night. It has been the wettest


April on record. Let me show you the headlines for the next 24 hours.


The weather is not changing there is more rain to come. It is


smashing records for rain for a people. Over 150 mm have been found


in the month right across the region. Tomorrow it will be cloudy


with patchy rain. The high pressure continues down from the North.


There will be more rain coming with that. Early this evening we will


see more of that also. Especially over Lincolnshire. You can see the


downpour is coming out going across East Anglia and clipping into North


West Tonight. It is fine at the moment with 17 degrees across the


region. But we will see showery outbreaks. That is especially in


southern areas. In the North, it looks mostly dry though Wendy. They


will be a strengthening easterly wind. It will be around 45 degrees


Fahrenheit. The sun will rise in the morning and there will be high


water at in Skegness. On the 1st May we will see mostly cloudy skies.


It will not rain all day. It will not be like it was yesterday. There


will be dry spells in between but there will be rain never fired a


way. There will be a strong easterly wind that will ease later


on. It will be around 10 or 11 degrees Celsius. There will be dry


spells as well. On Wednesday it will be a cloudy and damp start


although it will become brighter. Its tents much colder in May. The


bank had -- the Bank Holiday Say here tomorrow. -- see you


tomorrow. Politicians in Hull are being warned that 45% cuts to


sheltered accommodation warden service could end up costing the


authority more money than it is saving. The Labour-run council says


it needs to save around half a million pounds from the service to


save money and it is blaming the cuts on the coalition government.


But opposition parties say core services should be protected. Steve


Wilson is a regular visitor at his mum's flat, but he fears the loss


of the Daily warden service at her sheltered housing complex could


mean she will have to go into residential care. I know the scheme


isn't good enough and doesn't provide the confidence and the


back-up that we need for my mum. It should totally be financed by the


council. Funding sheltered councils properties like this come from


their council budget which has seen cuts of almost half a million


council. Elections are taking place next Thursday, so you have the


biggest leveraged possible on your local councillors. A union leaders


are worried about job losses, but they are more concerned about the


safety of the residents. Potentially, the could be at risk.


People could fall in the home and not be able to access help and lie


there for days. Daily wardened visits are being replaced by weekly


visits at best. They just men con - - they just knock on the door to


see if you are OK. Anger, real anger, because they have not had


the decency to come down and explain everything to us. A trend


that is one of 800 people who live in sheltered accommodation in the


city. -- Brenda is. These voters could prove crucial in the


elections. If I had a fall, and could not get up, and could not get


a life line, I could be left there for more than 24 hours. The Labour


group are in control of the council at present. All three main parties


insist the service is safe with them. A we should look at her core


services, which is looking after elderly, and the vulnerable and


street lights. That is always first and foremost in our budget. Where


there are needs which need to be met, and where they are the


physical disabilities that need that extra attention, I will make


sure that happens. The warden service is vital for those who live


in sheltered accommodation. It is human contact that they need on a


regular basis. Those affected by the cuts see if it is not reversed,


it could end up costing the local- authority more in the long run.


Earlier, I spoke to Age UK on the issue and asked if they had some


busy for the financial position of the council? I said so -- I think


so but it can be up conundrum. The local council needs to bring


everything into the equation, it will it make a saving? Is it


safeguarding of the welfare of people living in those games?


only the number of visits of wardens which will be cut, is that


not a sensible compromise? It may be a sensible compromise depending


on the needs of individuals in that scheme. They need to make sure they


are talking to individual residents in that scheme, assessing their


needs and talking to their families and ensuring it can guarantee the


well-being of all those people living in those games. They cannot


take a blanket approach. Another of wardens and visits are being cut,


but we heard from the council leader that where there is a


medical lead, it will be met, are you reassured by that? -- medical


need. The role of the warden is providing people with the Daily


point of contact and support. Often a warden provides many different


functions, acting as a good neighbour and monitoring and making


sure that they can respond to the needs of the individuals in those


schemes. It is not just about emergency situations. It is also


acting as a point of contact for people who might be vulnerable or


isolated. A used see it as a mistake? It depends on how far they


have actually spoken to the residence and negotiated that to


ensure they can guarantee the support and safety of those


residents. Thank you very much. You might want to comment on that,


so send me an e-mail. On Friday we reported on alleged


mismanagement at a group of academies in Lincolnshire. Report


by the Department of Education described serious failings at the


Priory Federation of academies, following allegations that the


Trust's former chairman had spent public money employing his daughter


and on items including riding lessons for his son. A big response


to this after the programme, here Thank you very much.


Grimsby Town's joint manager has told Look North the mariners can


challenge for promotion back to the Football League next season.


Saturday's 1-nil home defeat to Southport in the club's last match


of the season means they finished 11th in the table, and 11 points


off the play-offs. I lookout where we are and the teams we were up


against, how far away from them? Certainly, we can compete to get


back consistency throughout the season. After weeks of rain, we saw


some rare sunshine today. Have people been making the most of the


warm spell while they can? Our reporter has been out and about to


see what has been going on. There is something different about


today. Maybe it is because I do not need this raincoat for the first


time in about a month. With this short break of fine weather, how


are people making the most of it? Jean and Ernest Henderson are


finally getting their late -- their roof done. We started in April,


stripping it down and then the rains came and everything has been


held up ever since. It is unbelievable how much she can get


done when it is not raining. It is fantastic. I hope it will be like


this all week. And Nick Marshall can now start to sell some of his


open-top cars. We might have all the doors open and the roofs of us


like you can see M8 such a difference, the place looks alive.


Yesterday was a washout. Children at the local primary school are


finally playing outside and doing some local support. We get to play


games. We had to wear trousers, but now we can wear skirts sore shorts.


Eight is good playing outside, playing football and playing with


your friends. When it was raining, we were stuck inside doing nothing,


we were bored. What a difference a bit of a dry weather can make. Let


us hope the last long enough to fix that roof. -- it last long enough.


Let us recap with the headlines. Ministers say they will do more to


ease the emigration queues at Heathrow as they are accused of


damaging Britain's reputation. Questions tonight over the future


of Nick Barmby at Hull City. The club refuses to comment.


Tomorrow's weather - showery with outbreaks of rain. Temperatures


outbreaks of rain. Temperatures mild with the strong Neth -- note


easterly wind. Some of the assaults on Nick Barmby. Jane has treated -


shocking, I think he has done Hull City proud this season. Another


viewers says I think he has done a great job, he has done very well. A


another text says he is not experienced enough for the job and


that shows this with the six -- with the situation which has arisen.


I another pure says Nick Barmby is Hull City and always will be.


Finally, he is a younger manager with a lot to learn and should not


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