01/05/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Here are the headlines: Reduced to a childlike


state - the rare disease which has affected two previously healthy


brothers. Mentally they are younger than they should be. They are


children. Turmoil at the Tigers. Adam Pearson is sacked.


For the �10.8 million compensation payout for an 11-year-old girl.


Swat by a massive wave - new footage of the stricken round-the-


world yacht. And we will have the full weather


forecasts later in the programme. There are two brothers who have


been struck down with the same extremely rare terminal illness.


Until they reached middle age Michael and Matthew Clark had


enjoyed good health. They have both been married. Michael had even


served in the RAF. But in the space of a few months they have been


reduced to a childlike state - and able to wash, feed or care for


themselves. The brothers, from Lincoln, have been diagnosed with


Leukodystrophy, a genetic condition thought to affect fewer than 100


adults in the whole of the UK. Two brothers who both used to be


healthy young men, reduced now to a childlike state.


Michael Clark, aged 42, had served in that Ali F. His 39-year-old


brother Matthew Clark was a proud father. Now neither can survive


independently. The parents, who had retired to Spain, have returned to


the country to care for them. cannot look after themselves. They


cannot cook. They don't even dress themselves, Bath themselves, or


anything normal. They need help with everything. I have to wash and


shave Michael, and dress them, and get his breakfast. The brothers


have been diagnosed with a rare terminal condition called


Leukodystrophy. It usually affects newborns and it is thought there


could be as few as 100 adults in the UK were affected. Now I cannot


walk. If I do what I need somebody holding me up. I'd get shakes. I


forget things. Leukodystrophy refers to a group of disorders


caused by the imperfect growth of myelin - the fatty covering on it


human nerve fibres. There is no known cure. 2 million people


worldwide are thought to be affected. There is not the support


at their that -- out there that there should be. It puts a stress


on your emotions, I knew well-being, and their well-being. Every day is


a fight. For now the whole family lives in a one-bedroom flat in


Lincoln. They are trying their best to cope with the effects of a


disease about which so little is known.


Still to come - work for the region, or back con job. They renewables


sector sparked a new round. If the orders of Hull City Football


Club have sat Adam Pearson, the man supporters credit with saving the


club from extinction 11 years ago. Adam Pearson was the head of


football operations. The orders, the Allams, have refused to


elaborate on the position of manager Nick Barmby. We understand


he has been expected -- suspended. The Allams say the remaining


committed to Hull City and its future.


Business as usual on Saturday, but today that changed.


A statement from up the orders of the club confirmed they had


terminated the agreement with Adam I spoke to Adam Pearson shortly


after he had issued a statement registering his extreme surprise


and disappointment at what he described as an unjustified


termination of his agreement. He told me all matters were in the


hands of his lawyers as he drove away from the club.


In Hull to the it is the talk of the time. You wish him all the best.


He has done everything for the club. You have got to which Adam Pearson


all the best. I am not happy. He is the main man. I was satisfied with


being just outside the play-offs and was looking forward to next


season. I am not looking forward to it now. It is the issue that has


made it one of the biggest faller in these on BBC Radio Humberside


for some time. The supporters have expressed their


views. Adam Pearson made an immense contribution to Hull City. The oils


the wheels. He was the cog in the machine. It is a great loss to the


football club. The fans respected him. We have received a copy of a


document revealing: I have got to back the Allams.


If it was not for them that we would have been in liquidation 18


months ago. The two men may be doing business


in the future. Us orders of a massive company, the Allams at


effectively landlords to the rugby club owned by Adam Pearson.


We are now joined by an expert on the football and business.


A high-profile departure from the club. Question marks over the


position of the manager. What impact will this have on the club,


the sponsors, and the players? One thing that is bad for any


football club is uncertainty. The more stable the club is, the more


willing sponsors are to get involved, the more willing players


are to join the club. Their owners have stressed that there running of


the club as a sound and proper business is their top priority.


first thing they have to do is communicate to the fans. If the


owners do not communicate with the fans the fans get stressed. The


Allams have put a lot into Hull City. A lot of it was when in the


Duke the club out of administration. -- when it they took the club.


is not a good time to be without ahead of food or a manager.


absolutely. They had a good season. They just fell short of the play-


offs. Nick Barmby has won a lot of support. There are new financial


rules coming into the championship. Those financial rules mean the


ability of the club to carry debt will be more restricted than in the


past. Is there space for emotion in the world of football finances


these days? There is always space for a motion in football. Football


is an emotional game. If we did not support our clubs when they have


been beaten, they would be nothing to underpin the game. But times are


tough. We are seeing major clubs like Rangers falling over the


precipice financially. Orders are realising that they have to manage


the club's tightly, to make sure that they survive as a business.


A second man has been charged with the murder of a Lincoln pensioner.


70-year-old Sonny Grey was attacked last October in his home and died


two days later. 23-year-old Robert Holmes from Wisbech will appear


before magistrates tomorrow. 24- year-old Rocky Curtis has already


been charged with murder. He appeared in court earlier today.


Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder after the body


of a teenager was found near Sandringham. The body of a Alisa


Dmitrijeva was found on New year's Day. The 17-year-old was reported


missing last a temper. The men aged 28 and 31, and from the Wisbech


area, were arrested and are currently being questioned.


A former Police Community Support Officer has been found guilty of


seven charges of sexual activity with children. He denied two


further charges. The 48-year-old was remanded in custody and will be


sentenced in June. A political row has broken out over


the cost of wind energy to consumers in at our area. Speaking


ahead of the local elections, Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP,


described the renewables sector as a con job which has increased


energy bills by 15 %. His colleagues have been criticised by


Green Party candidates. Industry figures say that the Humber region


will benefit from the renewables sector.


Generating cleaner electricity could provide a major jobs boost


for our economy, but at what price? In this East Yorkshire village they


are already feeling the benefits of the renewable energy boom. Here a


fleet of new boats will be built to service offshore wind farms in the


North Sea. The us opportunity has come along.


Hopefully it is a good start. We have three orders. What we will


secure more work. In recent years the main political parties have


been bending over backwards to try to flag up their green credentials.


There is a real feeling that the promise of a new green jobs could


prove to be a vote-winner in the local elections. A big wind turbine


will power 1000 homes. We want to create jobs, not destroy jobs would.


But the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, has warned that green


energy comes at a cost. The biggest con jobs I have seen in 50 years is


the whole renewable energy game and in particular wind turbine is. What


we do is be take money of poor people, they put in a 15 %


surcharge on everybody's energy bill. But the renewables industry


has hit back. The it is good clean energy. It does not have a cupboard


footprint. It creates high quality jobs for British workers at British


businesses, which I presume is something that UKIP would support.


The challenge for many voters could involve separating scientific facts


from Spain. -- from Spain. What do you think about renewable


energy? Will it create jobs? Bears There is more information on the


local elections on our website. Figures show that Bridlington Spa


has lost over �800,000 since his �20 million refurbishment four


years ago. East Riding council says the losses were expected because of


the financial climate and the venue will to sustain itself.


have been delayed by a train drivers' strike. The company put on


replacement buses. The drivers' union ASLEF is striking over


reduced pension contributions. could not get a train. It was a


joke. If I miss my flight it will ruin my plans. I value public


services, so if in the view of the people who were striking it is


worth losing a day's pay for, that Still ahead: New parking wardens


for Lincolnshire. Unseen footage of hour round the World yacht as it is


swamped by a giant waves. Keep pictures coming in. Tonight's was


taken from Flamborough Head looking towards Bridlington. Good evening.


How are you? I am very well. A fax came into my hands from Catherine


who wants to know how she can block very dull tweets From Peter Levy.


The problem is, if she blocks the dull ones there will be none left!


The weather looks like slowly improving. It will turn rather


cloudy but brighter at times tomorrow. It will be drier than


today. A week occluded front will keep conditions slowly improving.


We have had an awful lot of cloud on the satellite picture today. It


is bringing drizzle to many places in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. A


lot of places could become dry will stop temperatures of around seven


Celsius. There is a moderate north- A great start. Perhaps damp with a


little drizzle in places. The cloud will tend to start to break up.


Still be able cloud into the afternoon and one or two showers


but brighter than today and some sunshine is expected in quite a few


places. It will feel cooler along the coast. Inland with a bit of


brightness temperatures will rise to 13 Celsius. Thursday will have a


damp start with a lot of cloud but it should brighten up a little bit.


There will be patchy rain on Friday. Drier brighter and cooler over the


weekend. Can I just say, blue and yellow is not the new uniform, it


is just bad planning. We did not get dressed together! Go away! A


family from Lincolnshire have been speaking about the millions of


pounds of compensation they have received for their daughter in a


negligence claim against their daughter. She was awarded �10.8


million at the High Court for around-the-clock here for the rest


of her life. She is aged 11. She suffered a preventable seizure at


the neonatal unit in Lincolnshire in 2001. Can you tell me what you


want for lunch? AUTOMATED VOICE: Ham sandwich. A mistake by hospital


staff when this girl was born has left her unable to speak and


wheelchair-bound. The equipment was faulty so they had no idea that


things were going wrong. When they did realise and that it was an


emergency they were delayed. Those delays caused the brain damage.


has cerebral palsy and needs 24 hour care. Her father, a former Red


Arrows pilot, had to give up his job in the air force to help look


after her. If you have a disabled child your life changes utterly.


There is so much extra you have to do for the child. We have to be


there every single moment for her. Lincoln hospital has accepted


liability for what has happened and yesterday the family were in court


as a judge awarded �11.5 million in compensation. She has very


significant needs and we had to appoint experts to assess those


needs, how much they would need for care, travel, accommodation and


therapy needs. We just do not have to worry now, we have got toys in


the kind of equipment we would get which is just so reassuring. They


now plan to build a specially adapted home to meet their


daughter's needs and make her life as happy and comfortable as they


can. Why is this settlement so large? The sheer size of this


payout reflects the severity of the girl's needs. As you saw in my


report she needs gear for the rest of her life around the clock. This


money will help to pay for that care and equipment as well as an


new family home. Lincoln County Hospital and the hospital trust


have offered this family their unreserved apology. The EC since


2001 they have changed their working practices so that nothing


like this can ever happen again. -- the sea. Now every town, village


and city could soon be controlled by a new traffic wardens. Police


are passing ticketing duties to the county council. When this happened


in the East Riding the number of tickets issued a rose by 400 %.


Some businesses are worried that their customers will be driven away.


In Louth town centre illegal parking like this is common. In the


narrow streets it can cause congestion but local police say


they do not have the resources to deal with the problem effectively.


I could put all of my officers in there for a week and we could clear


it but then we would go back the following week and it would be


exactly the same as before. county council is to take over


enforcement and the plan to get tough across the county. We will


carry out a higher level of enforcement and rethinks certainly


at first there will be an increase in tickets. In the East Riding when


a similar system came in ticketing went up 400 %. Businesses are


worried their business will be driven away. People will be


frightened to pop into the shop leaving their cars outside. It will


affect us. Some are interested in the enforcement. Effect slows down


the traffic it will be good for everybody, customers, shoppers,


businesses accept a but I think of they are going to do that they have


to provide reasonable parking elsewhere in the town so that they


do not drive our customers away. These days may soon be over. If you


have some thoughts on this, is bad driving blighting your community,


do you welcome more enforcement? There is a reminder of our text and


e-mail address. A woman who lost the use of her legs and learned to


walk again thanks to an East Yorkshire invention is now halfway


through completing the London Marathon. She is using a special


robotic suit. She has passed the halfway point. She has also passed


a target of raising �50,000. An East Yorkshire sailor has shown


Look North some footage from a stricken round the World Yacht race


just there for a giant wave hit his boat. He said it was like a scene


from Titanic when he was forced to take cover. The dramatic journey


was caught on camera. The pictures show the fine line between


adventure and tragedy. 40 foot waves battered B crew. On the right


of the picture almost one member was thrown overboard before another


crew member scrambles across, risking their own life, to stop


them. You can imagine the power, it just comes straight over the top.


This man from Yorkshire wanted to be involved in the round the world


yacht race as part of a retirement project but his trip of a lifetime


became a near-death experience. They shouted weave when they saw it


coming and told us to drop. It was mayhem. That mayhem was caused as a


giant wave struck the boat, completely destroying deep Steering


and injuring four crew members. Below deck, David faced his own


frightening ordeal. Water -- then, alarms were all going off. Stuff


that was weighed down flew across the place. It was like a water


cannon. It was earth-shattering. was an agonising wait to hear that


he was OK for David's family. not expect this sort of thing to


happen. I knew it could but I did not expect it, it was a real shock.


A his next retirement adventure is unlikely to be a cruise! Now a


recap of the main national and regional headlines. A damning


report from a committee of MPs says Rupert Murdoch is not fit to run a


major corporation. Adair disease has reduced two previously healthy


brothers to a childlike State. And talking about the renewables in


energy, someone tweeted to say renewable energy is a short-term


job creator with a short term high price. It is only did it the whole


renewables sector grows in this region. Someone else says at last


someone who tells the truth about wind farms. Jobs from wind farms


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