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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


There's anger at the decision to allow thousands of gallons of water


to flow away to the sea in drought hit Lincolnshire. Why can't they


set a bit aside for making a reservoir for a certain area and


pump the water there? A teenage girl tells the police she's the


mother of the baby whose body was found at a recycling plant. Jailed:


Seven men go to prison for their part in a major drugs operation.


All the fun the fair - we're with the revellers preparing for an


event going back generations. more heavy rain in Lincolnshire


tonight. Join me for the latest. month after the hosepipe ban was


introduced across Lincolnshire, the Environment Agency is being


criticised for wasting water by allowing gallons to flow out into


the sea. Despite the fact that the county has been in drought for


almost a year, they say it's necessary to prevent flooding.


Critics say the water should be stored on land to help ease the on-


going problems. Our Environment Correspondent, Siobhan Robbins,


explains. Gallons of water heading out to sea at Boston Lock. As it


flows out, up the road, water courses are low and will drop


further. It is crazy. Why can't they set a bit aside for making a


reservoir for a certain area and pump the water into the reservoir?


And then we are keeping some water and it is not going to sea. Why is


all this water being pumped out to sea, but we're facing a hosepipe


ban? The Environment Agency said this is necessary to protect areas


further upstream from flooding in the future. They also say despite


all the rain, the land still isn't wet enough to reverse the ban. No


one wants homes put at risk of flooding, but some claim during wet


weather, we should store the water. During April we haven't used


anything from the mains top up. It has all been rain water.


Lincolnshire council saifrs money each year harvesting water in this


tank and it ends up in here. We're not flushing mains water. It is all


rain water. That helps sustains and to save money on water bills and


that the help people pay less rates. Reservoirs are one way to store


water. Why can't more be siphoned off and used during droughts?


can consider putting in more water storage reservoirs, they're costly


to build and take up a lot of land and you need to be certain that is


the right way to spend money. The other thing we need to look at is


making use of water we have already got. A pipeline is being built to


move water from near Louth to boston. But some believe we should


store the water already flowing into the town, rather than piping


it down. In a moment, how a cleaner sea could help some of our resorts


to bring in more visitors. A teenage girl is being cared for at


Scunthorpe General hospital after a baby's body was found at a waste


recycling plant. She contacted police last night after an appeal


for information. It's not clear how the baby died and detectives are


waiting for the results of a post mortem examination. Amanda Thomson


has more. A detailed forensic examination of the recycling plant


has kept police officers busy all day. The operation has been on shut


down since the discovery of what is unds to be a baby boy yesterday.


The buy that -- guy that found the body is distressed. He is being


looked after by police. Across town the young mother is being scared


for at Scunthorpe General Hospital. -- cared for. In a statement we


learned that police received a telephone call from a girl who was


The caller was identified as a local teenage girl. We don't know


how the infant came to be at the recycling plant, but locals told me


they fear the community might have let this young family down. It is


something big that we need to look into and something we need to, I


think as you do, it is a good idea and people need to talk to each


other and try and find out. If there is people like they should be


helped and there should be a community standing together to find


why this can happen. It is our children and our future.


postmortem and detailed forensic investigations like those that have


been going on here for most of day will reveal many of the facts. But


truly understanding the tragedy that has unfolded here is going to


take time. I've been speaking to Alley Lofthouse from the charity


Afoundling, which supports mothers who've abandoned their babies and


the children involved. She's been assessing the young mother's


emotional state. I think she will be distraught. I think she'll be in


shock. I think depending on whether she knew or whether she didn't know


she was pregnant, she will have the shock of actually having the baby


and then the shock of what she's actually done and the reality of


what she has to come to terms with now. What would you like to see in


circumstances such as these? Because it is illegal to leave a


baby? It is. It is, in this country. Do you think that's right? I don't.


I think the law is right, but there needs to be an amendment on the law.


If somebody does leave a baby maliciously, I do believe thigh


should be charged and prosecuted. But if you have somebody in such a


distraught situation that they have no option but to leave a baby,


whether it's left out to be found or not, then they should be you


know they shouldn't be prosecuted. In many countries abroad, there are


baby hatches, what are these? baby hatch is like an incubator, it


is somewhere, normally attached to a hospital, where people can go in


through a separate door and they leave the baby in the incubator.


And just leave the baby and walk away? Yes. There is an alarm set


off. There is information inside them, they can leave as much or as


little as they want. Would you like to see that here? And there is no


breaking the law. No there is an amendment to the law that says


they're free from prosecution if they surrender their child safely


that. It is classed as a safe situation. Would that be ideal for


here. It would be. I think you need a mixture. Because there is a cost


implication and the way we're at the moment financially, I think you


need two parts. You need the baby hatches and you need what the


Americans have which is a safe haven. Very interesting to talk to


you. Thank you very much indeed. Train drivers in Lincolnshire are


on their second day of strike action in a row over pensions. East


Midlands Trains says it wants to resolve the disagreement as soon as


possible. It's the second time in a week that ASLEF members have walked


out. The union says their action is not aimed at upsetting travellers.


I apologise for any inconvenience they're experiencing today, but


they must understand that we don't take this action lightly. This is


the last resort and we don't want to alienate the customers. The


customers will be with us as train drivers, they have been all my


career and they will be even after these trains have gone. We're not


trying to do that, we're trying to inconvenience the employer. A year


after a series of arson attacks at a house in Castle Bytham and police


are again appealing for information. Peter and Sylvia Cox are in their


70s and 80s and were forced to move away and live in hiding. One of


their dogs was killed the fourth time their cottage near Grantham


was targeted. Lincolnshire police say they would like to hear from


anyone with any information. Two farmers have today each been


sentenced to 11 years in prison for running a major drugs operation


across the East Midlands and Yorkshire. It's been described as


the biggest operation by Lincolnshire police in more than a


decade. Drugs with a street value of �1.1 million was recovered. Our


correspondent, Vicky Johnson, was in court today, she joins me now


from the newsroom. On the face of it they were two hard working


family men who lived in the Louth area. Philip Cox ran the Joy of Koi


fishing lake, while Stephen Payne helped run his family's farm. But


they became the ring leaders of a huge wholesale drugs operation -


supplying drugs to mainly to the Grimsby area, but also to the rest


of Lincolnshire and parts of the Midlands and Yorkshire Timothy


Louth, from Wyberton near Boston was described in court as a


talented musician and charity fund raiser. But he was sentenced to


nine years for his role in the drugs operation. Another four


defendants - Simon Godwin, Jamie Milne, both from Lincolnshire, and


Liam Buckley and Rashpal Singh, from Yorkshire - were all jailed


for between 12 months and three years. Today's convictions were all


down to Lincolnshire Police's Operation Atlanta which began in


late 2009. Around 100 covert operations were carried out during


the long investigation. Police today released some of their


surveillance footage, showing packages of drugs being left in


remote location and being retrieved by another member of the gang. The


police said the success of the operation was down to joint working


with the East Midlands special operations unit. It has been a big


police operation. I followed it personally since it started in 2009


and it has been the biggest operation of its kind in recent


years and the sentencing we have seen today shows the amount of


effort that has gone into the investigation. Seven men have been


jailed and another six are expected to appear in court tomorrow. And a


further two men will be sentenced at a later date. So as we have said,


this has been a major and very successful Lincolnshire police


operation. Thank you. Still ahead tonight: How the Diamond Jubilee


celebrations have grabbed the imagination of people across East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. All the fun of the fair - The Lincolnshire


town preparing to enjoy an event dating back almost 1,000 years. And


we were excited by this photograph taken. This is bluebells at Lund.


Thank you Jeff for that. Another picture tomorrow night. Roger says,


do you think it is right a presenter like Paul Hudson should


appear not only not wearing a tie, but a ski jacket two sizes two


small. Can you turn side ways, you're getting the old Michael Fish


corporation. What did you think? enjoyed every second. You were


washing your hair - or taking it washing your hair - or taking it


off! It is unsettled, with more of that useful rain, but some of us


are sick of it. Some more patchy rain and this weekend it is colder


with frost at night. But importantly it looks much brighter


and in fact not too bad a weekend. More of that in a moment. You can


see how much cloud is on the satellite. The thickest is running


still through central and southern parts of Lincolnshire, some heavy


rain in Skegness and it will continue to run in from the east.


There could be some decent rain fall in Lincolnshire. Getting as


far north as the Humber. Yorkshire should be dry with temperatures


around six Celsius. So the sun will rise in the morning at 5.19. Your


high water time at 10 to 6 tomorrow. So mostly cloudy, still some patchy


rain in Lincolnshire. Sinking southwards for for Evers Yorkshire


A dry morning, but in the afternoon some rain and drizzle. Not too


clever, still a cold day, it has been a cold day today, we're


looking at single figures temperatures tomorrow, nine Celsius


is just 48 Fahrenheit. But then skies clear on Friday night and we


should wake up to blue skies and sunshine on Saturday morning. But


that will be with a frost. Sunday very similar. So all in all a cold


weekend with some wintry showers. But the emphasise is on -- emphasis


is on fine, bright weather before See you tomorrow. Now the bridge --


the beach at Bridlington has been given top marks for the quality of


its water in a new survey. Last year, the town's 0 beach was


criticised for reaching the minimum legal requirement, but now


standards have improved. Our reporter is there now. How big an


issue is the water quality there? Considerable. When you think that


Bridlington is the birthplace of British surfing, it is an issue.


Last year, the beach at last it's blue flag because the water quality


was not good enough. This year though, the Marine Conservation


Society says these beaches are to be recommended. That is good news


for businesses, who rely on money generated from the tourist trade.


Although in 2015, those water quality standards are due to double.


Let us find out what Bridlington is doing about it. What are you doing


to make sure Bridlington complies? We are looking to the future and


are hoping to achieve the higher standards in water quality. We are


investing for �2 million. What will that money deliver? It will allow


us to deal with storm water flows. And are you confident you can do


that in time to bring Bridlington up to standard by 2015, this


crucial date? We are confident. We are looking to start work at the


end of the Year and complete for the 2014 bathing season. And you


are asking people to contribute to this process. We have a concept and


we are keen to get feedback from people who live in Bridlington. We


are holding an open day where people can come and look at our


plans. Businesses are hoping that Yorkshire Water will deliver for


the 2015 deadline. Please send us your thoughts on the hour beaches.


We look forward to hearing from you. Voting has been taking place in the


council elections in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Voters in hole,


North East Lincolnshire and the City of Lincoln are going to be


polls to elect councillors. Our political editor will be here with


all of the news from away election battle during a special programme


tonight called Vote 2012. It begins at 11:35pm.


There are just a few weeks left to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


Councils are reporting an increase in the application for street


parties. Almost 150 have been made so far. Many local communities have


plans well under way. It may be their first experience of


the Jubilee party, but at this school in hole, the children are


well aware of what is required. Bunting is being made here at the


rate of knots and be just a few weeks left to will the Jubilee,


these tiny fingers had been busy. - - left to the Jubilee. We are going


to send out was to Buckingham Palace. On 31st May we are going to


have a street party. Local residents will be aware something


is going on when the tables and bunting go out. But what we wanted


to foster is part of this a real idea of community that we have lost


over time. Across our area, applications for street parties


have exceeded all expectations. 144 have so far been made, more than


double the amount for the royal wedding last year. In Hull and East


Yorkshire, 67 parties had been planned. Across the whole of


Lincolnshire, celebrations will take place in 77 towns and villages.


Make your plans early, get your application in as soon as possible


because we do not want to run out of time. Have a great events, but


plan for it and plan early. Are we going to taste each cake? And in


this village, or the residents had big plans for the Diamond Jubilee


with a four-day festival. We have the crowning of the Carnival


Queen... In it is a village with a lot of experience. There have been


celebrations here for the Queen's silver and golden jubilees and a


street party for the royal wedding. It is just an excuse to have a


really good party. So with a Royal plans in place, it is the day these


children will always remember. Stories which may be recounted to


their own grandchildren in years to If you are doing something for the


diamond jubilee, do let us know. Bosses at BAe have confirmed there


will be no compulsory redundancies at its Brough factory this year.


The announcement follows the company's Annual General Meeting in


London yesterday, which saw hundreds of staff gather outside to


take part in a rally to protest against job cuts. We are confident


that there is interest in the skills on site. The plan is to


convert that into actual contracts. We are further on in that process.


Well lots of you got in touch about this. One viewer who calls herself


Mrs J texted in. She says more than just the BAe staff will be affected.


There are another 300 sub- contractors who will also lose


their jobs.' Martin Credland emailed us saying


he's a former BAe worker. The government wants the best value


from all its defence contractors, so why does it let a manufacturing


complex like Brough go to the wall? But Tony telephoned to say, a lot


of the armed forces are cutting back. If there are no armed forces


then there's no need to make planes. That's life, unfortunately. Thank


you for all of your responses. There has been a call to make a


former Bishop of Lincoln into a saint. A leading academic in the


city has written to the Vatican asking for 13th Century Bishop


Robert Gross-Test to be canonised. Lincoln Cathedral say he was an


important figure. Bishop Robert Gross-Test is important in Lincoln


and the country. He was bishop here at the beginning of the 13th


century, but more important than that, he was one of the greatest


scholars of the medieval period. Nick Barmby's future as manager of


Hull City remains unclear this evening. The BBC understands that


Barmby was suspended by the club's owners on Monday and head of


football operations Adam Pearson was sacked. It's thought Barmby met


with the club's owners this afternoon, but his position remains


unchanged. Gainsborough Trinity have kept


alive their hopes of meeting Grimsby Town and Lincoln City next


season. In front of their biggest crowd of the season they drew with


FC Halifax in the first leg of the play-off semi-final as they bid for


promotion to the Football Conference. Here's our sports


reporter Simon Clark. It was a match that caught the public's


imagination, so instead of the usual few hundred, there were a few


1,000 people they are hoping to see history being made. The manager and


chairman must have been dreaming of money-spinning clashes when, struck


again. Se Halifax, who finish the season on the same number of points


as Trinity, scored a vital goal before the break. In the second


half, Gregory was the scourge of an erratic Trinity defence. He


equalised to set up a second leg semi. This goes down as probably


avoid game. We go there now in a one of the shoot-out. They


supported ours, there was a buzz around the town and everyone seems


to be enjoyed the football. Hopefully that can last and we can


go up there with a big fan base and get the results we want at Halifax.


Well done to them and BBC Lincolnshire will have for


commentary of the second leg at Halifax on Sunday afternoon. The


game kicks off at 3 o'clock. If you live in Boston, you may have


noticed a piece of history returning to the town. The May Fair


was brought in to entertain the local people. These days, the main


focus is on fairground rides, but they is plenty of history to the


whole thing in Boston. It is called the made fair and it started in the


early 1100s. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. America says it's found documents


that show Osama Bin Laden wanted to assassinate Barack Obama.


There are claims that thousands of gallons of water are being wasted


in drought hit Lincolnshire. That outlook for tomorrow - another


cloudy day with a little patchy light rain or drizzle in places.


Feeling cold, top temperatures of ten Celsius. As I said, if you live


in Boston, you may have seen this bit of an your history returning to


the town. -- Annual history returning to the town.


Despite the cold and rain, preparations are in place for the


annual fair. It has had to change with the times. This Market Place


would have been fought of shows. You would have the menagerie show -


20 cages of wild animals and 50 horses. There were theatres,


illusions, but with the invention of steam and the steam engine, the


bigger rides came and we would have seen the early signs of the


gallopers and other rights such as that. This man prides himself as


being the last local showman of the fair. He has had a stall here for


the last 25 years. It is in my blood and the people of Boston are


fickle. They will come out rain, hail or shine. With the fair been a


charter, it is granted to the people of Boston. This is that very


Chartered that establishes the right for the Boruc of Boston to


hold an annual fair. Drawn up in 1545, with the seal of King Henry


VII. It gave the right for self governance of the borough and for


asked today it incorporates the writer had an annual fair. It is an


important document for giving context to the evolution of the


fair. It does not sustain a fair itself, but it gives us that


fantastic tie in to the authority to continue that great tradition.


And continue it well. It starts today with its official opening


tomorrow. Over the next nine days, it will adds a colourful beat to


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