27/08/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to Look North. It's been confirmed that a


body found in woodland in Beverley is that of missing teenager Jessica


Blake. The 14-year-old disappeared on Saturday. Her body was found


yesterday afternoon. Her disappearance sparked a huge


reaction from members of the local community, who volunteered to help


find her and last night lit candles Sarah Corker reports. Coming


together to pay their respects to Jessica. Close to where the


teenager's body was found, today friends made a small memorial to


her. Amongst those laying flowers, people who had never met her but


had helped in the search to find her. Being parents, your heart has


to go out to her and her family. We came down to lay some flowers and


show some respect, really. Described by friends as a quiet,


shy girl, her disappearance on Saturday sparked a major search,


including the use of a helicopter and specialist search teams. But on


Sunday, a body was discovered near to where Jessica was last seen.


This afternoon, Humberside Police confirmed the body found in woods


near Chester Avenue is that of Jessica Blake. They say they are


not treating her death as suspicious. This is now a community


in mourning. At Beverley Minster last night, 200 people attended a


candlelit vigil in her memory. it comes to a community, everybody


sort of gathers together. Last night, people just having a chance


to express the inexpressible, almost, where words will not do. To


be able to light a candle. On a special Facebook page for Jessica,


words of support and sympathy for her family. The outpourings of


concern and upset and grief seen in the community, I think, shows just


how much the community cares. is now a town coming to terms with


the loss of one of their own so young. In spite of recent


investment on the roads, motorists in North Lincolnshire say potholes


are still making driving hazardous. The council says it has increased


its maintenance budget by nearly �1.5 million to help repair road


surfaces. But a recent report by the GMB union said road surfaces in


the area are among the most deteriorated in the country. Nicola


Hudson reports. Cracked, crumbling and littered with potholes. The 889


miles of roads here in North Lincolnshire are rated as some of


the worst in the country. Potholes are having a noticeable effect on


business at this garage in Elsham. Last year I think we saw between 60


and �70,000 worth of business directly due to tyre damage and


wheel damage caused by potholes in the roads. Andrew Horner hit a two-


inch pothole, leaving him with the repair bill running into hundreds


of pounds. Councils haven't got the money to repair as much as they


want to, but I wonder if they prioritise the right stretches of


road. Investment in the road network in North Lincolnshire is


increasing. This year's repair budget is �5.5 million, an increase


of nearly �1.5 million on last year's spending. Last month, the


council earmarked �580,000 for further improvements. Despite this,


47% of roads in the area show some sign of deterioration. We can see


broken road springs, suspension unit $:/STARTFEED. For this company,


three call-outs each week are related to pot holes. Minor role


roads are more likely to catch motorists out. This causes issues


with suspension, coils and spring failures and steering geometry. You


do tend to find the Sun rural roads like this with lots of Patches that


have been repaired. But there are still quite a few potholes.


Throughout the summer, teams are out improving the road network. But


as the council struggles to keep on top of the ever growing list of


repairs, it's the motorists who are left to pick up the bill. There are


fresh warnings of job losses and the impact on Hull's economy if new


pollution control measures for ships are enforced. EU governments


want to restrict the sulphur content on shipping fuels. The Hull


Chamber of commerce is warning that extra costs will be passed on to


shipping and freight firms, which could mean job cuts and some


companies pulling out of Hull. Hull City's manager says the Tigers need


to take the chances they are given if they are to be successful in


future. Hull had plenty of shots at the Valley on Saturday but none


beat Charlton's goalkeeper. Amid thunder and lightning, the game


finished in a goalless draw. Today, Steve Bruce says it's important the


players turn chances into goals in tomorrow's match at Doncaster We


have to take our chances. It's as simple as that. We have created


enough away from home to come away and win the game. Particularly in


the second half. We must persevere with that. It is a bit of a trait


that has unfortunately set in. But as I said, let's hope we can start


taking the chances that we are creating, because the longer it


goes, the more frustrating it gets. Hull's match against Doncaster is


tomorrow night. You can listen to the action on BBC Radio Humberside.


They'll also have commentary from Scunthorpe's League Cup match at


Norwich. Kick-off in both games is at 7.45pm. Just two of our teams


have been in action today. It was an emphatic win for Grimbsy in the


conference. The Mariners beat Mansfield 4 - 1 in their first home


win of the season. Meanwhile, after a disappointing defeat to


Macclesfield at the weekend, Lincoln City managed a 1-1 draw at


Gateshead. It's not been the greatest Bank Holiday weather.


Let's see what the rest of the week It has turned out to be a typically


wet Bank Holiday Monday across many parts but at least tomorrow will


show a significant improvement. Dry with sunshine. We have further,


patchier outbreaks of rain spreading in from the south-west at


first tonight but it turns drier with clear spells and temperatures


down to 13 or 14 degrees. Tuesday, much better. There is a chance of


the odd light shower but many parts will be dry and bright with some


decent spells of sunshine and that will make it feel pleasantly warm.


Let's look at tomorrow's maximum temperatures. Moderate south-west


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