12/10/2012 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Welcome to Look North. The headlines: Better transport


links and faster broadband - business leaders reveal their wish-


list for a growing economy. The lollipop man given a camera to


protect himself from dangerous motorists. This is almost making


this the most dangerous school crossing patrol in the county, and


that concerns us greatly. Hitting the ball side with an


international competition. The City Hall in Hull plays host to


the World Darts Masters. Getting the right look, thousands


of fancy-dress costumes will be auctioned off.


And join me in a few minutes for Good evening. Faster trains, faster


internet and using our natural resources, these were some of the


key messages at two economic summits held today. The people


responsible for developing the region's economy have been setting


out their plans for the years to come. Their priorities are to


create jobs for the future and bring much-needed investment over a


longer period. Our business correspondent has been looking at


the ambitions. Visitors to Hull are reminded of


the city's high hopes for renewable energy, and on the Humber, much is


being made of the potential of renewable energy to create


thousands of jobs. Specifically the Siemens investment in Hull. But at


the strategy meeting at the Humber Economic Partnership, the question


was asked, what if Siemens does not happen? There can't be a plan B,


either the Government supports renewable energy or it does not. If


Siemens did not come it is very unlikely someone else would.


Siemens understandably has to have a long-term commitment from the


Government about energy policy. A renewables are not the only game


in town. They have not had much limelight of late but the Humber


ports have more iron-ore, coal and steel than any other area in


Britain. They serve an area rich in manufacturing and food production.


We have lower demand at the moment, overcapacity coming into the market.


We have EU directives coming into the industry which will


significantly increase costs. A different economic team met in


Lincolnshire with the same focus on growth. The area has its own


challenges. In this rural county, improving the rail network is a big


priority. We need better communications with London between


Lincoln, and two issues, containers going across the north from the


port and in the south, a rail road interchange. Business leaders in


the county believe there is another lack of investment costing them


dearly. Market Rasen is at the end of the line as far as broadband is


concerned, the speeds you get do not support modern businesses. If


you have any reliance on technology, you need to transfer data, it's


simply cannot support a business here. Business leaders on both


sides of the humbug are hoping their efforts to create jobs and


wealth can become more focused. -- both sides of the river Humber.


There are some unique challenges for our area when it comes to


future growth, Paul Murphy? local businesses and industry


picture is complex, but you talk to the people involved and there are


key themes, including communication. People say we have historic under-


investment in rave and roll infrastructure, the ability to move


goods and services quickly, and then broadband, people telling me


you cannot underestimate how important high-speed broadband is


to local economies, not just in enabling businesses to operate but


in attracting inward investment into communities. People will not


invest in areas without those high- speed connections, so it is a very


complex picture but one which the local enterprise partnerships hope


they are on top of. We will follow that as we always have done.


In a moment, the mountain of salt waiting to keep motorists moving


this winter. Crossing patrols in Lincolnshire


will be given special body cameras to record the behaviour of drivers.


It comes after one lollipop man in Lincoln was almost hit by passing


motorists on three separate occasions since May. It is a


growing problem. The escalation in the amount of


incidents occurring at this particular school crossing, it is


almost making it the most dangerous school crossing patrol in the


county. The crossing outside the Monks Road


primary school in Lincoln, this is where David Ellis has been involved


in three incidents since May. has broken a bone at the front and


the back of my thumb, there are marks up the pole where the car


caught the bottom of it. There does not seem to be any respect for the


fact it is a school crossing point. People will get hurt. Lincolnshire


Road Safety Partnership want to buy body cameras for lollipop men, more


commonly worn by members of the emergency services. Certainly with


having an evidential camera to use in court, we can make it very clear


that they drive their has not driven to the required standard we


would expect of drivers around schools. It is hoped the new


technology will make roads safer for the children and those helping


them cross it. Joining me on this is Keith Peat,


who represents the British Drivers' Association. Drivers not stopping,


this sounds like bad end inexcusable driving? You are


probably right. What we have to do is focus on the cause, or tried to


get the cause of why this particular crossing is having so


many problems. When you bear in mind there are literally thousands


of police crossings up and down the country where this is not happening.


That would suggest this is not so much a driver problem other than,


of course, drivers will be involved because they are part of the


driving element. It is bound to be effective. It does not matter where


a crossing is, the driver should stop. You can't blame whether


crossing is? If you can. If it is badly sited or being operated


wrongly, citing for the drivers is wrong or whatever, speed limits are


wrong, these can all affect this sort of incident at a specific a


crossing. But it comes to something when we have to put cameras on


crossing patrols because of drivers. We are focusing on one crossing.


This is happening not all over the country but in Lincolnshire itself.


This would tend to suggest it is a local issue specific to that


crossing, which we have to look at. If we don't, we will miss the


actual causes. The point is that none of us in the British Drivers


Association want anyone bowled over by drivers, particularly school


crossing patrols. Very good to talk to you, thank you for coming on.


There has been a big response already.


Nicky on phase but says they are not enough lollipop men and women


as it is, I hope these drivers are We will have some of your thoughts


before the finish at 7:00pm, as always I look forward to hearing


from you. A man has pleaded not guilty to the


murder of a 44 year-old in Lincoln earlier this year. Gary Hayes died


from a single stab wound after being found on Portland Street in


the City in April. 38 year-old Mark Titley, who lives on Monks Road,


was remanded in custody until his trial in December.


A Hull-based charity says it is helping a growing number of


children being brought up by their grandparents because of the


pressures of modern life. The Sailors' Children's Society held


its annual sportsman's dinner today. The charity is increasingly helping


children who are cared for by their grandparents. Grandparents --


parents are finding it difficult in the economic climate, with the cost


of living rising. It is leading to marital breakdowns and also to do


with some drugs and alcohol issues. Campaigners have been staging a


peace walk through Lincoln to protest against the use of unmanned


small aircraft in Afghanistan. A group is going to RAF Waddington,


where they planned to hold a demonstration tomorrow. Pilots are


due to be operating the remotely controlled aircraft from the base


later this year. I think drones are they serious concern in places like


Afghanistan. More often than not, civilians are the target. They are


not an accurate way of targeting individuals and I think it is a


very inhumane way of fighting. MoD said tonight that the majority


of unmanned aircraft flying is in support of our front -- frontline


troops. It said on the rare occasions the same street rules are


followed that govern the use of weapons on the manned aircraft. We


have seen some of the worst snowfall and coldest conditions on


record in recent winters. The teams charged with keeping the roads open


are preparing. In Lincolnshire, they have stockpiled enough salt to


fill 5000 gritters. Ready and waiting. Stockpiles ahead


of the winter. Those in charge of this depot say they are well ahead.


It will have to be exceedingly severe and prolonged if we do run


out. We are also replenishing our stocks. We make the brine solution


ourselves, it is a mixture of water. It is all mix together. That goes


into the tanks at the side of the gritters and is sprayed along with


the salt of the back of the vehicles.


Back in 2010, this isolated village near Grimsby was effectively cut


off. Efforts to get food and supplies to the village were


hampered when even fall by four vehicles struggled to get through


snowdrifts. Back then, we were experiencing the worst weather for


30 years. Hundreds of schools were closed and shelves in the village


stores were being stripped bare as villagers began panic-buying with


supplies unable to get through. But now they say lessons have been


learned. The village now has an emergency


plan and even bought its own snow blower. It is always the case that


Mother Nature can throw things at you you might not be able to cope


with. We are 200% better prepared than we were, and the fact we have


an organisation that will kick in and react his a good thing. What


about other areas? Hull City Council says it will use two


weather monitoring stations to accurately forecast road surface


temperatures. North East Lincolnshire Council


says it has bought extra snow clearing equipment and North


Lincolnshire council has more than 5500 tons of salt stockpiled and


other plans for dealing with bad weather. This farmer is among those


plans, he will be called upon to help clear roads. We have tractors,


forklift sand everything available, if it is snowing and we are not


doing else, we are available to use them to clear the snow. It works


quite well for us. A reassuring message, with winter just around


Still ahead tonight: The darts players hoping to hit the


bulls eye in Hull this weekend. And fancy this dress? The thousands


If you have got a photograph you are proud of, send it in. This is


tonight's photograph. Holme on Spalding Moor taken by


Not too bad this weekend. Sunday is the better day. Tomorrow, there


will be some showers and through the cause of the morning, they


could be sharp but there will be more sunshine. This is the pressure


trod for Sunday. We are in between two weather fronts but a very nippy


start of the day on Sunday. We have got clear skies. The cloud has been


well broken. We have had some showers but it will be a fine


evening. There will be long and clear spells with some mist and fog


and some cloud spreading up from the South keeping temperatures up


across Lincolnshire. The coolest will be across East Yorkshire where


we could get some frost in some rural spots. Tomorrow morning, it


will be misty and foggy in places. The high-water times. It may be a


bit misty. Going through the morning, this cloud extends


northwards with variable amounts of cloud. It will produce a few


showers and across Lincolnshire, they could be sharp with the odd


rumble of thunder, dying out through the afternoon with


increasing amounts of sunshine. There will be a lighter breeze


compared to today. Nonetheless, it will feel no p with temperatures at


around 10 or 11. -- it will feel cold with temperatures at around 10


or 11. On Sunday, a little bit of frost with some mist and fog,


lifting for a fine date. On Monday, a bit more cloud. On Tuesday, a wet


start, Brighton near up, but more rain on Wednesday. -- brightening


There are claims tonight that changes to the rules on house


building could mean fewer affordable new homes in


The Government is reducing targets which ensure that cheaper homes are


built on new housing sites. The change is being defended by the new


planning minister and Lincolnshire MP Nick Boles. Sharon Edwards has


the story. Sarah Williamson is proud to show


off her new home. After years spent struggling affording accommodation,


she has moved on to an affordable housing estate near Lincoln. It is


very rare but it is extremely important to someone like me to get


a House like this. I would be in extreme debt, probably very cold


because I wouldn't be able to have heating. The number of homes being


built in Lincolnshire has fallen by half in four years. Now the


Government believes it has found a way of getting Britain building


again. Allowing developers to build more of these and less of these,


affordable homes that make less money for builders. What we need is


not just affordable housing but all kinds of housing. Housing for


private rent and housing for sale. We have too little of all of it


coming on stream so the key thing is to get sites into development,


get builders building, which will help the construction industry


which is having a pretty to of time. Central Lincolnshire is projected


to get 42,000 new homes over the next 20 years. Lincolnshire Council


has agreed that 40% must be affordable but they have been told


of that is too ambitious and they have to reduce the number by half.


Conservative-controlled Lincolnshire County Council is


concerned the number of affordable homes being built could be cut


further due to the Government proposal. We are a fairly low wage


economy and people find it difficult to rent or by housing. So


it is a retrograde step and it is one I don't support. Just a blanket


statement to say we have to make it less affordable housing is daft and


it means you don't care if people have a decent home. It is one of


the biggest questions facing this and future governments - how to get


the economy moving without shutting out those most in need.


And there will be more on this story at the weekend. That's on


Sunday Politics from 11:15am on BBC One.


The last remaining flying Vulcan bomber is to be grounded after next


year. The aircraft has been one of the star attractions of the


Waddington Air Show. It through vital raids and the Falklands war.


-- it flew vital rates. But the team behind the Vulcan say it's


coming to the end of its safe flying life. Our reporter Jake


Zuckerman is in the Lincoln studio. This is going to come as sad news


to lots of aviation enthusiasts, isn't it?


It will because during the 1950s and 60s, Vulcan bombers were a


common sight in income shares of the last flying Vulcan is viewed as


many -- by many with great nostalgia. It took several million


pounds to get it flying again. The Vulcan was always one of the


highlights when it performed at the Waddington Air Show. The team


behind the Vulcan say the decision to make next year its final display


season is a technical one. The aircraft was always designed to


have a finite safe flying life. It's already done more than 50


years. They say they are actively exploring ways to keep her flying,


but right now they've got no confidence that that will happen.


They're hoping to go out on a high with a packed season for 2013, but,


sadly, it's likely to be the last year of flying for this iconic


aircraft. It costs a fortune every time the falcon flies, but it is a


shame. Some of Lincolnshire's oldest


landmarks have been added to the English Heritage At Risk Register.


Newport Arch in Lincoln is the only Roman arched gate in Britain still


open to traffic but has been damaged by plants growing on it.


Five other monuments in the county have also been put on the list and


a conservation area has been set up in Kirton near Boston.


Some of the biggest names in darts are competing in Hull this weekend.


The BDO World Masters is being held at Hull City Hall, and is


attracting fans from across the world. Our sports reporter Simon


Clark is there. How much of an international event is this?


Well, I think this is an event which is eight years into its life


and it is bigger than ever. The city opens its doors to the world.


There are some Canadian fans down there and a young lady arrived from


Japan earlier and qualified for the knockout stages. The man to beat,


though, lives in Lincolnshire. Practice makes perfect, they say,


and that is wide and a quiet room at the back, the former champion,


Martin Adams was throwing a dart after dark. This year, he reckons


his form is patchy but he has said that before, not least on his way


to winning this free tournament. haven't had the greatest


performances lately. It is getting their. You never know, it could all


come together and I could win it. I have good memories here. So I am


looking forward to playing here. You have to be properly attired at


darts. You might have to have a jester's hat, or a sparkly hat. No.


This is being broadcast worldwide audience and, in some ways, the


world has also come to East Yorkshire this weekend. Three times


in a row we have been here already. It is lovely, close by, so it is


great. It is a tough competition. Very good players. The city is good.


We have been shopping. The shopping is wonderful! It is a wonderful


part of the world to come. From an access point of view, the players


from Holland can come across on votes, they can fight in, they can


drive in. It is a perfect venue from our point of view. Whether it


is Wolfie or one of his talented rivals, Hull takes it stage this


weekend. Hull may be criticised for being at


the end of the line but when you consider the second biggest arts


nation is the Netherlands, Hull is in the heart of it. They don't have


to sell this event any more because the main hall here for the last


couple of years has been falcon and it'll get busier and bigger as


Saturday and Sunday progress. The main thing is that the man to beat,


as we always say is Martin Wolfie Adams.


If you are going to be watching the darts, we will have more on the


radio programme on Monday between 12:00pm and 2pm. If you know


somebody who gives the time as a volunteer for a local sports team,


maybe they deserve to be this year's sports unsung hero. It is


not too late to nominate them by someone who makes a difference in


local sport. If you can think of somebody, go to the website and


From Darth Vader to Donald Duck, a Lincoln auction house is selling


off over 2,000 costumes, hats and masks. It's one of the biggest


auctions of its kind, after a fancy dress shop decided to downsize. And


as Crispin Rolfe reports, historians and theatre groups are


all showing an interest. Everything from Superman, to jesters, you can


even become an Alf. From the scary to the stylish, a


costume or mask for almost every occasion. Tomorrow's auction, an


eclectic collection of period That is the Inverness cape. I like


that. I am doing a Christmas market fair in Skegness on 8th and 9th


December and part of the deal is that we are dressed as Victorians.


Well, what the British forces war in India... Today's it's been try


before you buy. A rail of goods to delight military historians, themed


party-goers and theatrical types alike. A wardrobe you'd dream of


seeing at an LA movie studio. a little bit of street theatre, the


family, all through the summer, so I am looking for new costume ideas.


715 knots, 2000 items which could take a month to sell. This auction


is banking on Christmas and Halloween coming up and expects to


get rid of this entire room tomorrow. We have had many


inquiries throughout the country and a few overseas enquirers as


well. Everything has got a chance of going abroad. But enjoy this


fancy view. Tomorrow, this costume collection goes under the hammer,


as Darth and Daffy get sold to the If you are going there, enjoy.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines:


An investigation is to take place into the police's involvement in


the Hillsborough Disaster and the cover up that followed.


Business leaders have identified better transport links and quicker


broadband as key areas for the region's economic development.


Tomorrow's weather, cloudy with a few showers. The showers will die


out during the afternoon. Various amounts of sunshine, not too bad


with temperatures slightly cooler than today at 11.


We were talking about crossing patrols in England should be given


body cameras to record the behaviour of drivers. There was a


big response to this story. Bob says, the motorist gets the blame


but sometimes the crossing patrol was get carried away when busy.


They stick their pull out without giving motorists time to stop.


Another one, Geoff, says stop Cross personnel are jumping out in front


of traffic when there are no children to cross the road. And the


cameras are a good idea. And yet again cameras are being used to


find out who did it. Better to find out why and solve the problem but


that, of course, costs money. There is a big response to this


story. Me says. CCTV on all school


crossings which set -- which means that the police can catch bad


drivers, the speeders and the criminals. Steve says cameras will


not help prevent collisions. They will help prosecute bad drivers


which should help. Helen says that school crossing patrols need to let


drivers see them. Looking at the lollipop man on your film, nobody


would see him. You have to hold the lollipop high enough and sometimes


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