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The headlines tonight: Thousands of rail passengers face


summer disruption an hour will be added to some journeys. What an


inconvenience. He did -- Claims teachers could lose their jobs if


they don't agree with gay marriage. Closing the stable door. Humberside


Police face the future without any horses. Standing up for Comic


Relief. Could you perform a routine for charity? Your detailed weekend


Up to 20,000 rail passengers a week will be forced to take a bus


instead of a train for six weeks this summer. Network Rail is


planning work on a bridge which could add up to an hour onto some


journey times in and out of Hull. It means passengers travelling to


West Yorkshire and on to Manchester will have to use buses between Hull


and Selby while those making the journey to London will be diverted


through Goole. In advance of the work, the rail


companies and Network Rail are apologising. But there are already


fears that business and tourism could suffer. Phil Connell is at


Brough station from where passengers will be taking buses


when the work is taking place. What have they been telling you? There


has been a mixed response from rail passengers. I think most people


accept that this work deeds to be carried out. The swing bridge at


Selby has failed on several occasions in recent years, but


there will be no quick or easy fix to this problem. The swing bridge


is a major route for passengers travelling to and from home. There


it seems to be no alternative. The bridge is 160 years old and needs


urgent repairs. The job of minimising the destruction falls to


this man. He told me that work on the bridge was important. You get


to a point where you have to keep tinkering with it. We have to do a


major rebuild. This is a large project with a lot of money


involved. This is an inconvenience that this couple is prepared to


accept. They travel frequently from Hull to see their family in


Yorkshire. You have to take account of it and realise it will take


another half-hour or an hour longer and just work around it. It is not


so bad if you are expecting it. Wales companies will be affected


between 29th July and 8th September. -- four rail companies. Northern


rail and first transport -- first try as benign will face major


disruption. Horrendous. If that is the alternative then it is not a


great idea. Not very good at all. It has to be done, I suppose. What


an inconvenience. Officers from Hull City Council are concerned


about the impact on business and tourism. They have written to


Network Rail to ask if the work can be less disruptive. Can they be


done at weekends or in the evening? We are not certain. But we would


rather that we were not cut off from the rest of the world for six


weeks. Expect more of this. Diversions will bring an extra 30


trains to the town every day. For six weeks this summer, the level


crossing he will be very busy. How important is this work to the


Selby swing bridge? The bridge is 160 years old and a series of small


repairs have a really failed to tackle the problem. What will


happen now is that this multi- million-pound project will


virtually rebuilt the bridge from scratch. Most of the destruction


will take place during the summer but the project will in fact take


around two years to complete. In a moment: Under the hammer. An


historic east coast landmark is up for sale.


Supporters of gay marriage are stepping up their campaign to


persuade MPs to back a change in the law. The vote to legalise same-


sex marriage takes place next week. But one Lincolnshire MP says some


workers could lose their jobs, if they don't agree with gay marriage.


Gainsborough's Edward Leigh believes there's a danger that


people in some professions could be reprimanded if they speak out


against the proposals. More from our Political Editor Tim Iredale.


Sharing memories are friends Ian Bower and Kelly Hubbard, who live


with their respective partners in Lincoln. They're both in civil


partnerships, but hope the law will soon allow them to marry their


other halves. For a section of society, probably 10 % of society,


they are being denied the right to get married, something that


heterosexual people have taken for granted for hundreds of years. That


is a question of equality. I am very happy being in my relationship


with my partner but it is not equal and I do not think it is viewed by


the general population as being equal. You say you are married and


people have certain viewpoints on marriage already, whereas there is


no historical stigma attached to partnership as opposed to marriage.


More than 100 Conservative MPs are expected to oppose the government's


proposals when same-sex marriage is debated in the Commons on Tuesday,


including many Tories from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. But


opponents of the bill are seeking assurances from the government that


people who continue to believe in the traditional definition of


marriage shouldn't be penalised for their views. Conservative Edward


Leigh wants to amend the Equality Act to protect professions such as


teaching. There is a real danger that if the government succeeds in


redefining marriage and next week and same-sex marriage comes in,


teachers will feel an obligation to say that a gay marriage is just as


equal and just as valid as traditional marriage. Kimmeridge


still divides opinion. -- gay marriage still divides opinion.


believe in gay marriage. Not in a church. I am not religious or


anything but I just don't agree with it. Simple as that. Despite


opposition from some, MPs look certain to support same-sex


marriage, changing for ever the way this ancient institution is


recognised by law. Luke Tryl is from a group which


campaigns for gay and lesbian rights. He joins me now from London.


Is this amendment needed? Absolut Lee not. -- absolutely not. The


minister trying to push this through has been absolutely Queer


that teachers will still be able to express -- absolutely clear that


teachers will still be able to express their beliefs about a


marriage under the proposals that are being put forward. Obviously,


it would be very odd if equal marriage goes through if teachers


deny it exists entirely. I do not think Michael Gove's initiative


will mean that teachers are actively telling lies. Should


teachers still be able -- expected to educate on this issue? Teachers


should be there to educate young people about the world around them,


and that means recognising that marriage exists for straight people


and hopefully will exist for gay people as well. But that does not


mean that they cannot express that some religions believe that


marriage remains between a man and a woman. A housing worker has


already been demoted because of comments he made about gay marriage.


Edward Leigh has a point doesn't he? He took this to court and he


found that he was entirely entitled to express his beliefs. We do not


need to go back and demand anything yet to change the law. Should


teachers be reprimanded? Teachers in faith schools should be able to


express the views of certain views on marriage. If a teacher was


actively denying that gay marriage existed, then they would be doing


their students a great disservice. My view about teachers is that they


are there to prepare young people to go into the world around them


and they are there to make people well-rounded citizens. Very


interesting to chat with you and your views. Do you have a duty to


acknowledge same-sex marriage? Your thoughts on this, for teachers and


others, it can be sent to us 3 E- mail, text or telephone. -- to us


And Tim will be back with the Sunday Politics, from eleven on


Sunday morning on BBC One. Guests include Cleethorpes MP Martin


Vickers and Hull North MP Diana Johnson.


We'd love to hear your views on this story.


People in Hornsea have been given more than �350,000 to refurbish and


run the town's Floral Hall. Campaigners prevented it being


bulldozed when they agreed to take it over from the local authority.


East Riding of Yorkshire council is now giving them the money to help


Market Rasen has been named as having the UK's best small


speciality market. It's won the award from the National Association


of British Market Authorities. The organisers were congratulated on


their pioneering local entrepreneurship and for creating a


theme to each market. Humberside Police is to close down


its Police Horse section, saving the force �2 million over the next


four years. It's the latest example of how they're sharing some of


their services with neighbouring forces. The Chief Constable says he


needs to protect front line policing as Sarah Corker reports.


A centuries old method of crowd control. They're a common sight at


football matches, public protests and on nights out. But from March


next year, Humberside Police's Mounted Section will be no more.


Its Chief Constable said it's too expensive to maintain. Given the


scale of budget cuts this force has to make, the amount of money we


will save after removing the branch after 12 months is a key


contributor, and if we do not cut it, we will have to get into some


real core pits of frontline policing. The unit currently has


six horses. In the future it will buy in mounted officers when needed.


Sharing resources between neighbouring forces is seen as a


way to save money. Last year, the four Yorkshire dive teams were


combined into one county wide unit. While two years ago, Humberside and


South Yorkshire Police merged their HR and training departments. And


nationally there are plans to create a country-wide police air


service. Big budget cuts mean forces face tough choices.


courses are a frontline police source and this is a case of the


austerity measures that the police are facing. This is a loss, and the


only way we can get that the source now is if we try to buy it in from


another force. What this damage the ability of the force to deal with


public order problems in the future? No, not at all. Fewer than


a quarter of the police forces have -- police forces in England and


Wales have mounted forces. Humberside Police has to save up to


�25 million over the next four years and today wouldn't rule


sharing other resources in the future.


Still ahead tonight: The new Rugby League arrivals hoping to make


waves in Super League. If he has a son and does not call him one, he


has missed a trick. And calling all stand-ups. Could you face an


audience for Comic Relief? Cuba photographs coming in. This is a


photograph -- keep your photographs coming in. This is a photograph


coming in to the docks and Hull. One of our viewers has said that


her friend has made a picture of you that she has stuck to her door.


What do you call a group of people that forecast the weather? A shower.


that forecast the weather? A shower. That is quite good, that. We will


be having some sunny spells and scattered when a showers. -- winter


showers. There is a ridge of high pressure toppling in from the West


will stop this weather front will bring some rain and a bit of sleet


on Sunday morning. Behind that, it will turn dry and bright from the


West. It is very changeable indeed. We are looking for a showery night


across the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The showers will


creep down eastern parts of the area. Increasingly, there could be


some hail, and do not be surprised if you wake up to a slight covering


of snow by the end of the night at, especially towards the coastal


strip. Wherever you are, lowest temperatures will be zero war plus


one. The sun will rise in the morning at 745 -- 7:47am. A cold


and windy day tomorrow but bright with some sunshine. Everywhere will


be CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And Sonny for Saturday afternoon, --


everywhere will be cheery and sunny for Saturday afternoon and drive.


It's a cold night on Sunday night and we will seek some -- we will


see some snow. Next week looks cold and windy with showers of rain and


slow -- snow and sleet. That is the Have a nice way again. See you


later! -- have a nice weekend. See you later!


One of North East Lincolnshire's most famous landmarks goes up for


auction tomorrow. Cleethorpes Pier has a guide price of �400,000 and


bids are expected to come from across the UK. Many local people


would like to see the new owner turn it in to an entertainment


venue attracting big acts to the town. Tarah Welsh reports.


It's been standing here for 140 years. And now it's up for sale.


Most recently the pier's been used as a night club. This brings us out


to the main pavilion and bar entrance. The auction is being held


on the pier and those behind it say there's a been lots of interest in


such a rare opportunity. Over the past few years there has certainly


then three available for sale. It is immaculate in its condition,


whereas the previous two appears that have been offered on the


suckers have been derelict shells. Pier sale costs are rarely


disclosed, but more than 20 years ago this one sold for �1 million.


Back in 1873 it was built for just �8,000 and was a huge tourist


attraction. 30 years later it was destroyed by fire, but it was fully


restored and has since hosted some famous names including the band


Blur. He whoever buys this peer will be buying their own little bit


of history. During the Second World War, it was taken down to stop the


enemy from getting too sure. Now this is the shortest peer in the


whole country. And it's one of just 37 piers still in private hands.


First and foremost, we do not want to see it right away. If you


compare its two Winter Gardens, that wasn't there as a car park,


and we do not have -- and we do not want to have it what a way. We want


to use it for pantomime. The chuckle Brothers could come.


Whether it will sell and who to, is impossible to predict, But it's


hoped a new owner will bring a bright future to this much loved


landmark. Let's hope it goes to a good owner.


Rugby League's new Super League season begins tonight with 14 teams


all hoping they'll be crowned champions in October. Hull FC are


involved in the first match tonight at Leeds. Along with Hull KR, Hull


have brought in new players, hoping to improve on last season. Our


sports reporter Simon Clark is live at Headingley. Simon, how important


is 2013 to the sport of Rugby League? It is absolutely vital.


Cobol and rugby were pushed out last year due to the Olympics. --


football. There is a big season coming up. I have met up with a


player who is looking to make a name for himself. It is a day off


of training, so this player is enjoying family time with his wife


and his two-year-old son. But it is a homecoming as well. His


grandparents and even his great grandmother live in Liverpool.


suppose a British passport helps with getting everyone down here. It


has been good. He is really tough and aggressive and uncompromising.


I thought that was very valuable. I thought that was what we lacked


last year. He is one of the key signings this year along with one


from London and one from Huddersfield. Across the city, an


Australian man has been signed, and has been welcomed by one of his


oldest friends. It is good to be back with him and playing with him


again. He is a natural half-back and that is what we have lacked,


someone to take control of the team and be able to have a good kicking


game. Everyone we have got on board brings something to the table. It


is a team sport. The familiar sight of the trophy being lifted is


something that all of the players are trying to prevent, and players


alike this man hoped that he can be what the big fish this season. --


be with the big fish of the season. You introduced us to some of the


new stars for both Hull sides in the report. Will they win some


Hull have made it their mission statement to be at the top four.


That shows their level of high ambition. I can tell you that they


had just opened the gates here at Headingley. A handful of us -- a


handful of fans are drifting in. A look at the Big Clock out there and


it tells us that we have just over one hour ago to the Super League


season. How -- one hour to go. For The Hull City manager Steve Bruce


says he's disappointed at the behaviour of a player he was trying


to sign. Bruce claims while he thought striker DJ Campbell was in


negotiations with the Tigers, the player was actually driving across


the Pennines to talk to Blackburn. Live go the way they handled the


whole situation, to say they regard -- the way they handled the whole


situation, to say they were going for lunch, and then to be gone for


two hours, that is nothing short of shocking., belief is coming up with


lots of challenges and -- Comic Relief is coming up with lots of


challenges and ways to raise money. Everyone has their favourite


comedian but we're giving you the chance to show your funny side and


Stand up if you Dare for Comic Relief. We've enlisted the help of


a local comedian, who will run work-shops to help you put together


a routine. Our reporter Amy Cole has been to meet to him. I know


that you are rich, you do not need to bring your cash with you? One


day this comedian had see Ken joined the top league of


entertainers. -- one day this comedian hopes to join the top


league of entertainers. I am prepared to perform for two minutes


in Lincoln four or Comic Relief and manta people and give some stand up


tips. -- and mentor people. A knock knock. Who is there? For she asked


if we could do fieldwork on the mountain. That was a bit stupid.


Her long heavy binge merit? years. -- how long have you been


married? 62 years. Yes, I have tried to stop him now and again!


Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. Pretty


bad. And are you a funny guy? really. Have you got any funny


gags? A not really. Keeper then descend. -- keep them a decent.


Back in 2011, one at Arab reporters did her own comedy routine for


Comic Relief. -- one of our reporters did her own comedy


routine for, police. Now is your chance to get involved and work


with a professional. Well, if you think you can do


better and want to get involved, you can visit the Comic Relief


website or call your BBC local radio station during office hours.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. Two hitmen


are found guilty of stabbing a schoolboy to death by mistake in


front of his parents. Thousands of rail passengers face major


disruption this summer while maintenance work is carried out on


a bridge. Tomorrow's weather: Sleet and snow showers dying out, then


all parts dry cold and sunny. Maximum temperature: five Celsius.


Talking about gay relationships and teachers a few minutes ago, Anne


Marie is a teacher and she says that teachers should never present


their personal views on their students. Brian says that you


cannot allow 2000 years of religious teaching to be destroyed


by allowing same-sex marriage. Another one from Diane says that if


public sector workers do not believe in same-sex marriage they


should have a right to say so. I thought this country was part of


its free-speech laws and no worker should lose their job simply


because they do not believe. Robert says that people should be able to


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