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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Police make two arrests as they continue their search of farmland


for the body of a suspected murderer. Luke Campbell - hoping


for another winning performance for his home city fans. Air feels like


that have a responsibility to make them proud, to show what talent has


come out of hole. Wintery showers, a fine day to come tomorrow. The


four forecast to follow. An energy company which wants to


build a wind farm with almost three hundred turbines off the


Lincolnshire coast has been told to expect massive opposition to its


plans to bring the electricity it creates onshore. RWE has revealed


new details on where it thinks it could lay 25 miles of cable and


build an electricity station the size of 30 football pitches. It


says it will bring hundreds of jobs to the area at Bicker near Boston.


Off the Lincolnshire coast line, developers say it will look


something like this, only visible on the distant horizon. It is on


land where the public's concerned are beginning to show focus. We are


fed up with these kind of companies and corporations making lots of


money from public subsidies, trashing our countryside. They will


not get away with it. The power generated will come ashore on by a


cabling under the seabed. It will be transferred to to an electrical


compounded Skegness. 25 miles will be laid under the Lincolnshire


countryside to way sub-station the size of 30 football pitches. The


developers say the power generated could enter the National Grid by


the end of the decade. The amount of power which can be produced by


the complex is really important for the UK economy. It is still in the


planning stage, the scale of the project is difficult to imagine.


Out at sea, 288 wind turbine is, generating enough energy to power


850,000 homes. A project that will create more than 300 permanent jobs.


In the village close to where the sub-station could be billed,


residents need convincing. I did not find it acceptable. It puts a


big blot on the village. There is no way you can put a structure of


that size down on to defend, people love that landscape. For many, it


is an environment will -- dilemma. A public consultation starts on the


15th the debris. -- 15th February. Phil's with me in the studio now.


Do you think that this will be the first of many battles about


windfarms around our coastline? still has to go through the


planning procedure. A promise that Lincolnshire County Council that


they will fight the application to the nail. There is growing


controversy in the towns and villages. The developers are very


keen to try and reassure people when they go out to public


consultation in a fortnight's time. Let's not forget the coastline


still has a further five wind farm as going through planning


procedures. The damage to our environment may be a recurring


theme. -- wind farms. We'd love to hear your thoughts on


this one. Is the disruption to the countryside a price worth paying


In a moment: Patient care is the top priority says the hospital


trust accused of putting targets Two men have been arrested on


suspicion of killing James Brodie as police continue their search for


his body on farmland in Lincolnshire. Mr Brodie went


missing ten years ago - he was wanted for the fatal shooting of a


jeweller in Nottingham. Police believe he too has been killed.


Specialist teams have been searching for Mr Brodie's body in


East Heckington near Sleaford for the last several days. Gemma Dawson


is there tonight - Gemma what's been happening with the search


today? We are now at the end of day three of the search, - has been a


lot of activity in the grounds of the property behind me. -- that has


been. Search teams have left for the day, and the police are


searching again the morning. Day three of a windswept farm, the


search for remains of a murder suspect. Police brought in radar


equipment that can search under ground. We have been supported by


the Centre for Applied Science and Technology, they have been using


techniques to penetrate under the ground. They are looking for this


man, James Brady, who has been missing for more than nine years.


Tonight, two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder. We have a -


- and rested two men, one was initially from Nottingham. Police


believe that the killers were involved in the murder because of a


bungled robbery on a jeweller's shop. There is a lot more work to


be done for the remains, experts are still planning where to start


digging in the grounds of this vast farmyard property. I'm told the


search could continue until the end of the week.


A search will begin again tomorrow for a dog walker who went missing


in Lincolnshire two days ago. David Leman - who is fifty-one - had


taken his dog for a walk near the coast in Skegness on Monday morning.


The dog was later found alive. Police have spent today searching


the salt marshes around Gibraltar Point.


The new Chief Constable of Humberside Police will be Justine


Curran. Her appointment was confirmed this morning by the


Police and Crime Panel. Justine Curran has more than 20 years


experience, and is currently the Chief Constable with Tayside Police.


She's also a graduate of the University of Hull. She will


replace Tim Hollis who's retiring in March after eight years in the


job. Justine Curran was questioned for


an hour and half by members of the Humberside Police and Crime Panel.


She was the commissioner, Matthew Grove's choice. But before agreeing


to her appointment, they quizzed her on a whole range of issues from


PSCOs to privatisation. And it is a whole new era, and I'll be working


in partnership with the commissioners, and my priorities


are about how we can have delivered the police and crime plan which she


has consulted on widely among Steve region, which represents all the


things you want to achieve. Other parts of the stats which you want


to improve on? They have done a lot, but there is more to do. The


figures are quite high. We need to look at the causes, and how we can


stop people being subject to violence. Ms Curran will take over


from retiring Tim Hollis. The Police Federation, which represents


officers, says his are big shoes to fill. They want the same strong


leadership and support at a time when the force is facing savings of


�30million by 2016. We expect strong leadership, fairness, and to


maintain police numbers to provide an effective presence on the street.


We want them to be investigation capable, which is what the people


of the region deserve. So do the public have ideas for the new chief


constable? We gauged opinion about police performance on the Orchard


Park Estate in Hull. This estate has seen some investment in recent


years. If you look at Statistics, There are still policing challenges


here. It is not really bad, it is the same as anywhere in a. In a mix


of the community a bit more, they need to get to know people. They


are not doing anything really. There are lots of car crimes and


theft. The balance in such different views is something she


will be used to. She joined the force in April. -- she joins.


In a moment: Skating to impress - the Olympic champion practising his


latest knockout routine. Cup triumph for Gainsborough Trinity as


an all-Lincolnshire Wembley final moves closer. A we are really


excited. We're definitely going to Wembley. And a excellent result.


Well done to gains brat. A double treat for Gainsborough, the picture


tonight is also from there. -- Gainsborough. Here's a question


from Brenda, is one of the Lady forecasters Paul's wife? We have a


wager? The female presenters are more your line command a? That is


more your line command a? That is Tonight: Scattered wintry showers


continuing, frequent in places at first but clearing later, with all


parts then dry and clear spells. It has been really cold. Showers,


sleet, even a whisker some snow. -- even a whisker of some snow.


Minimum temperature -1C. Strong northerly wind moderating. Outlook


for tomorrow: A dry bright day with sunny spells, although cloud will


tend to increase later. It is dry, bright, some sunshine, a welcome


change. Staying dry, much less windy. Still cold with a maximum


temperature of 5C. Moderate Northwest wind. Friday: Cloudy with


a little patchy light rain or snow mainly in the west dying out. Not


announcing too much, Saturday, a lot of cloud, allow to dry weather.


Colder air pushing in, the risk of sleet and snow.


80 wheeze last night, the tablecloth looked like something


out of Little House On the Prairie. That is rich coming from you!


Today's report into failings at Stafford hospital says that care


and compassion is being overlooked, and other hospitals could also be


failing. A former health manager says that hospitals are still


prioritising targets over patients' safety. Nursing leaders say that


The David Bowles is the former chairman of the United Lincolnshire


Health Care Trust and he feels managers are more concerned and --


more concerned about hitting targets. I think the staff are too


good for what has been in the report but I think the evidence


is... It paid the Ogden kept a diary after her husband's say and


she says care for him was lacking doing his final weeks. When I left


him at night, I knew he was not looked after. Fluid had come from


his legs on to the sheets. The nurse said she had Bath Tim but


they never noticed all these horrible things on his legs.


spokesperson for the trust said a new management team came into place


two years ago and many steps have been taken to improve the care


provided. But unexpectedly high death rates are a problem that many


local hospitals are having to tackle still. Nicky Moreton works


at Scunthorpe General in critical care. Hair care -- team had to


intervene when Maureen's breathing worsened yesterday. Make sure


intervention is put in as fast as possible to stop patients


deteriorating and that will result in a better standard of care and,


therefore, decreased mortality rates. Today's Francis report


called for compassionate and committed nursing so every patient


receives a patient -- the care they deserve whichever hospital they are


Earlier, I spoke to Eiri Jones, the Director of Nursing at the United


Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, and asked her if she was now concerned


about a report into Boston Pilgrim Hospital 15 months ago which


highlighted dangerously low staffing levels.


I am not worried at this point in time. We have undertaken work that


refuse ward staffing on a daily basis and we have plans in place to


make sure staffing stays. One of the main things to come out of the


France's report is that management must admit when they have failings.


You have been good at saying things that the trust are getting better


but will you admit patient care has not always been what it should have


been? It is always important to admit when something has not gone


right and that is how we work currently. It is important to focus


on that and also to say when we are doing things right as well.


nurse who works at Lincoln County Hospital could text it to say some


staff are so busy they don't know which way to turn and she says it


is unfair on staff and patients. What you say to that? We are clear


that if any staff have individual concerns they are welcome to speak


to us directly, they can speak to their senior professional lead -


either a mate and or consultant - and we want them to tell us when


they have concerns. "come passionate and committed nursing"


his what has come out of this report today. Have you got that?


are one of the first to launch it internally. The three providers in


Lincolnshire have launched it together. That is something I look


for every day in all of our star -- staff, care and compassion and good


communication etc. It is fundamental in getting good care


right. A very emotive issue at the moment.


You might have some thoughts on that. What are your experiences in


Yesterday, MPs approved same-sex marriage in England and Wales in a


key Commons vote. On Look North, we reported that eight conservative


MPs from East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North West Norfolk


voted AGAINST the plans. Henry Bellingham, David Davis, John Hayes,


Greg Knight, Edward Leigh, Karl McCartney, Sir Peter Tapsell and


Martin Vickers registered their The Great Grimsby Labour MP, Austin


Mitchell, decided late on to vote There was a big reaction. Here are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


There was a huge reaction and thank you for all of those.


Fans of Gainsborough Trinity are planning a trip to Wales after


their latest victory which sees them move a step closer to a final


at Wembley Stadium. Trinity beat Barrow in the quarter-finals of the


FA Trophy and they will now play Wrexham in the semi-finals in ten


days' time. Amanda White reports. Could Gainsborough Trinity be


heading for Wembley? This 2-0 victory over Barrow last night


means the FA Trophy final is in touching distance. We are through


to the semi-finals and one game away from Wembley. Andrew Stothard,


who's written a book on his beloved club, hopes they're off to the


promised land. It is massive. We have never been anywhere near


Wembley. I don't think we've been passed the last 32 before. One more


round to go. The club's manager has lived the dream before, in the FA


Vase final with Brigg Town. It is a great atmosphere. Even for a small


town, we took lots of fans are and I even scored in the game. We want


more of that success. Around 400 or 500 will be here on a normal


Saturday but they hope it will be filled to capacity when Wrexham


visit in a fortnight. It's buses to Wrexham that Trevor is hoping to


fill. Fantastic. Can we use our bus pass? The last time they had some


success it did good things. Do you ever get down there? I used to go


were locked at one time and I would go on the bus. The only place I


never went was anger. Sorting out the travel sort -- falls to fan,


Trevor. We are hoping to better our last good result. With Wembley


beckoning, possibly in final against Grimsby Town, this is a


Let us hope the Bangor Tourist Board are not watching.


Scunthorpe United were also in action last night as they beat


Portsmouth 2-1 at home. Two goals from Akpo Sodje, including this


winning effort in the 84th minute, gave the Iron the win against their


fellow relegation strugglers. The win has now lifted them out of the


The Olympic gold medallist Luke Campbell may have reached the


halfway stage of ITV's Dancing on Ice, but this week will see his


biggest challenge yet. Simon Spark met up with the Hull Boxer at his


It is one thing doing well in the competition, but it is another


staying in. There's the expectation We've met up with Luke Campbell


near Manchester for his latest training session and this week, he


says, he will be really going for it. We've got a massive lift in our


next routine. This will be the hardest routine coming up this


Sunday. So far, he's avoided every skate off and last week, with one


for it spins and Dove lift, even Mr hard to please was pleased.


performed very genuinely it, I thought, and you looked beautiful


with your partner. I am not the best skater but as long as people


enjoy it I am happy. I am trying. I am putting 100% into this as I do


in my boxing. All the people that voted for me, thank you very much.


What you may not appreciate when you see him on screen every week is


how much effort goes into each routine. He told us earlier he has


been practising seven days a week and this is a two-hour session.


Although there were smiles today, last week cracks were beginning to


show. Just go! What's up with you? It ended up working out in the end.


20 minutes we -- later we were fine. He has been brilliant. I knew him


from the Olympics as a team mate. Suddenly, you don't want to see


anyone get hurt on the ice or see anyone leave. He's been brilliant.


Expect to see love and romance in the next routine and expect to feel


Well done to look. He's never actually been in the skate off at


all. Good luck to them for Sunday night. Let's recap the main


headlines: A damning report into the failures at Stafford hospital


calls for fundamental change across the whole of the NHS. Campaigners


are divide developers over plans for a massive new wind farm off the


Lincolnshire coast. Tomorrow's Told to start and then Calder all


Their response on the subject of the wind farm. "if they are not


built in Winchester -- Lincolnshire, they will be built elsewhere. Why


don't we capitalise close quotes. Another says any idiots would close


this down. Another says isn't it funny that the people who one win


funds don't live near the proposed sites. Another says it is hot air.


Another: I don't know why people kick up a fuss about offshore wind


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