18/04/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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North. The headlines tonight: Presenting a united front - the men


in charge of policing Lincolnshire insist it's business as usual.


Hardwick and I are both firmly committed to improving the quality


of policing in this county. Cattle farmers in our area are told they


must act to stop TB spreading. have got to work as a community and


in that way they will keep it out. royal seal of approval - the


Lincolnshire school that has been opened by the Duke of Edinburgh. And


the choir that's singing it's way in Lincolnshire Police and tonight


the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner say they are


the spread of bovine tuberculosis. Our rural affairs correspondent is


at a farm near caster. What is being done to help the farmers tackle the


disease? The Government are spending �15. 5 million on trying to develop


a vaccine to protect animals. They have granted two culls in the South


West, where TB is rife and it is believed that badgers are causing


that. Some research suggests that. DEFRA have given permission to use


trials for night vision CCTV to help with badgers and help them when they


are carrying out the culls. Because TB isn't in Lincolnshire yet, the


precautions are different, but just as important. It looks like a scene


from the foot-and-mouth crisis, farmers disinfecting their boots in


fear of infection. But as tuberculosis in cattle creeps closer


to Lincolnshire, farmers are being warned to take precautions. It is


like a silent killer. You don't know where it is, you don't know what is


happening. The little precautions that we can take now are probably


going to be painful, but not as painful as if tuberculosis gets into


this county. It is going to devastate a business, an industry -


it's going to be awful. Some scientific research has linked


badgers to the spread of TB. But culls have only been approved in the


South West. That means in Lincolnshire our only defence is


diligence. That means being incredibly sure where your cattle


come from, incredibly sure what their TB status is and being doubly


sure that you don't bring it into the county. Because that is how it


with will come, it will come in a cattle lorry. Last year 5.5 million


TB tests were carried out in England. 28,000 cows were


slaughtered as a result of testing positive and in the last decade,


�500 million of taxpayers' money has been spent on trying to control this


disease. Vet James Russell has been advising Lincolnshire farmers on how


to stay TB-free. Today, he is testing cattle outside of the


county. At the moment this animal doesn't look like she is going to


pass, sorry mate. This animal is just ten months old and was destined


to stay on the farm for breeding. This is about the hardest part of my


job. I'm telling Nick now that any animals he had ready for selling, he


can't sell. That is over and above the loss of the animal that is going


to be taken off and slaughtered for TB. It's not a nice part of the job.


Everyone's talking about the price of food going up. Well why? There


was nearly 10% less cattle killed last year, no wonder beef's more


money, because there's less of it. And it is dirty, it's dangerous,


it's demoralising if I had known what my career as a cattle farmers


was going to be 20 year ago, I would have gone into banking. The NFU


warns if Lincolnshire farmers want to be avoid being in the same


situation as Nick they must take bio-security seriously. James


Russell, the vet you saw there said it is possible if Lincolnshire


farmers work together to lock Lincolnshire down against this, but


he said it would only take a few rogue farmers acting irresponsibly


to let this disease creep in. And if it did, not only would it cripple


cattle farming, but it would push beef prices up at the supermarket,


which unless you're a vegetarian, is not good for anyone. Thank you. Now


concern is growing for a 76-year-old woman who has not been seen for more


Nan a week. Dorothy Brewster was reported missing on Monday. Police


say she doesn't have any of her medication and her family have


appealed for information. A legal challenge to try and stop an out of


town shopping park being built in Scunthorpe has been dismissed.


Planning permission for the �20 million development was granted a


year ago. But opponents said the plans would damage businesses in the


town centre. They were refused permission to take the case to the


Lords. Hundreds of people have lined the streets of Bourne for the viz


tit othe -- visit of the Duke of Edinburgh. A small cheer, then


silence as the Duke of Edinburgh arrived in Bourne. He is the most


senior royal to visit the town and he is here to open this school's new


building. Wow, it's just amazing! I mean I never thought he would come


here. It has been nice he has come, because he has a lot of other things


to do. I think it is special he has come here in a little town and is


acknowledging our centre. The Duke has now headed inside the school and


will spend an hour having a look around the new touring centre, which


has new computers and new classrooms. It was a delight. The


students were delighted, he was on great form. He is great company and


a nice guy. guy. Est a number of hospital visits last year. --


Despite some hospital visits last year, the Duke is not slowing down.


Yesterday he was at the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first


female Prime Minister who grew up in Grantham. It was brilliant. I didn't


get to talk to him, but he seemed very approachable. He asked me about


my project and how it works and I took him through it. He was happy to


see what we were doing. He asked if I rode to school on my bike. Said I


catch the bus. He said you're very lazy. And I laughed. After an hour,


the Duke emerged from the school. Students waited to take his


photograph. A reminder o' after day here many will never forget. A big


day for Bourne. Cardboard police officers are being used at Hull


royal infirmary to twrie try and cut down on crime. Its hoped they will


act as a deterrent and a calming influence. Our correspondent has


been to find out more. This is the hi-tech approach to security at


Hull's hospitals. 120 cameras monitoring visitors. But this weapon


is less hi-tech. The cardboard police officers are an added measure


to help as a calming measure. than a quarter of hospital staff


have reported incidents of abuse and harassment. It is hoped the new cut


price coppers will help reduce such behaviour. Hospital have reported


they seem to have a reduction in anti-social behaviour incidents


reported in those locations where the cut outs has been used. It is


early day and we have not got figures to support that. But it


seeps positive. The cut outs are already a common sight in local


stores. But are they a good idea for our hospitals? The amount of people


that are watching you, they are looking at you. I have noticed them


in the supermarket and it does just make you think. So I think they are


a bit of a deterrent. These police officers are just �57 each w the


cost shared between the police and the NHS. Both say it is a small


price to pay for safer hospitals. Well you might have a view on that.


If you want to be in touch, just Or is it policing on the cheap?


Thank you for watching. Still ahead: Before the London Marathon, we meet


the dad running in memory of his daughter, while battling his owner


issious illness. -- own illness. And the choir that has reached the


finals of a national singing competition. Keep the pictures and


photographs coming in. Tonight is of Spurn Point and the old light house


there. It was taken by Mandy. Thank you for that. Another picture


tomorrow night. Good evening young man. A reference to Stuart from


Goole, he said, I am a man and I have knitted for many years, I'm six


foot two. Has Paul got anything to say. You need to get out a bit more.


At six foot two you probably wouldn't say anything. I have some


pictures of Leeds Bradford airport. You will like this. A Boyning 727


coming in. Very strong winds. Not at coming in. Very strong winds. Not at


the airport, There was a gust of 73mph. I am sure you're excited by


those shots. A Boyning 737400.Here is the league table for our part of


world, Waddington 60mph this morning. A rough commute. The winds


are still gusting in the 40 to 50mph range, but they will ease and


tomorrow we have a damp start. But it will brighten up and become a


nice day. A ridge of high pressure. This will be with us over the top on


Saturday. Saturday will be the best day of the weekend. This front may


spoil things later on sonned. -- Sunday. But the first part of Sunday


will be fine. There is the satellite. We have some sharp


showers. There is one in sot Yorkshire and may come into


Lincolnshire tonight. Elsewhere there is a lot of bright and windy,


but sunny weather. The showers will die away and it becomes dry with


clear spells, breakfast this front brings -- before this front brings


rain. So a wet period to come. the sun will rise in the morning.


That is around 5 to 6. High water in Cleethorpes at 25 to 1. A damp start


with rain in Lincolnshire. But it clears southwards. And then skies


brighten and the afternoon looks pleasant. Dry with some sunshine. A


cool on shore breeze, but inland it shouldn't feel too bad and less


windy than it has been today. Top temperatures 11 Celsius. Saturday, a


lovely day, light winds and dry with sunshine. A fine start on Sunday.


With some patchy rain later. That is the forecast. I was on the key board


there sending David your address. Six foot two! Serve you right.


should get together. Being excite -- having these exciting hobbies.


you tomorrow. They are the two most powerful men in Lincolnshire police


and the Chief Constable and the crime commissioner say they are


focussed on working together. It's the first time Neil Rhodes has


spoken about Alan Hardwick's decision to suspend him, a decision


which was eventually over turned by a High Court judge. Today they have


appeared in public together as it appeared in public together as it


was announced that crime is down in Two men, one message. That the crime


rate is down in Lincolnshire. But beneath the smiles, there is a


history. Alan Hardwick suspended the acting Chief Constable over conduct


matters earlier this year. But today speaking for the first time since


going back to work, Neil Rhodes said he is looking forward. Alan Hardwick


and are both committed to improving the quality of policing in this


county. And I think it is important that the story moves from the


personalities involved, and focuses again on the quality of policing.


But Mr Rhodes is still being investigated for his alleged role in


a racial discrimination case at West Yorkshire Police. Mr Rhodes was


suspended in February. No reasons were given, but Mr Hardwick referred


to matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. In March the


IPCC sent the case back to be dealt with locally and Mr Hardwick


launched an independent investigation. In March a court


overturned the suspension and Mr Rhodes went back to work. Hind sight


is a wonderful thing isn't it? The outcome of course is something that


both are going to draw a line under. But you have regrets? You are asking


me if I have regrets, I have said... About suspending him? That is all in


the past. The press conference was held here, because this area was


targeted by one particular burglar and since he has been locked up the


crime figures have come down here. And people living in the area say


they care about the amount of police on the ground, but are they bothered


about what has gone on at the top of the force. I don't think a lot of


people are bothered. As long as crime is fought by police and there


are police still. Good relations would lead to more harmonious work


and should be of benefit. outcome of the investigation is


expected within week and it will still be some sometime before they


It is quite difficult, morale has been reported as low nationally.


The frontline police want to get on and do the job. This does not help


to encourage police officers to do a great job. We have the police


commissioner out there in front of the media, is this a good thing?


think these people are appealing for the wrong reasons. They are


winded in the wrong ways. -- wounded. Now is the time to get on


and do what the public want which is to get policing and the morale


of officers up in Lincolnshire. see these people are wounded can


they work together and get on with it? These individuals are paid an


awful lot of money to do a job, they need to get on and do that.


There is no room for sentiment. They have to put this behind them


and move forward. There is a lot of work to be done in Lancashire.


the commissioners working? I think the jury is still out. Some good


things have come out in some areas of the country but there is


inconsistency. There are 39 police and Crown Commissioners. The jury


is still out on them. -- police and crime are commissioners. I would


like to know what you think of this one. Five months on from last


autumn when the police and crime commissioners were appointed and


started work, do you think it is going well? Text us or send an e-


mail. I look forward to hearing from you. Within the last hour it


has been revealed that an appeal has been made for the NHS to look


again at plans to halt children's heart surgery at Leeds Royal


Infirmary. A judicial review found that the process was flawed and a


panel has been set up to look at the issue. Campaigners say the


challenge is a waste of time. We will continue to follow that on the


programme. A father from East Yorkshire who's daughter died last


year will be one of those taking part in the London Marathon this


weekend. David Pudsey is raising money for the hospice which helped


care for his daughter Hannah who was a heart transplant. But David's


run is all the more poignant because of his own health problems.


Amy Cole reports. The London Marathon is a major event in


Britain's sporting calendar and attracts thousands of athletes.


Supporting each other during the ruling run will be this father and


son who hope to raise as much as they can for the hospice which


cared for their daughter and sister. David has another reason to run


this year. It might be my last chance to actually run it because I


have multiple sclerosis and it takes a lot even now to do it.


is a charity that was very close to my sister's heart. It has been just


one year since she died. I think doing something like this is like a


great tribute. She was 12 when her heart started to feel. Her heart


transplant gave her a decade of life during which she urged others


to become organ donors. People never get around to doing it. They


say they will sign up but they will do it tomorrow and sometimes that


tomorrow never comes. This link in based cafe owner is running for his


first time and he is not prepared to give up now it despite the fears


after bombs at the Boston Marathon. People have supported me for months


and months and sponsored need to raise thousands of pounds for my


chosen charity, I am more determined than ever. For many it


is an experience they simply do not want to miss out on. Good luck to


those who are running at the weekend. A new flag for East


Yorkshire has been unfurled for the first time. The design was chosen


after a competition following legal changes last year which meant the


area can now have its own flag. It was hoisted to the top of Beverley


Minster this morning. It is from dead people and it is for the


people. It could be about commerce and business. It is about branding.


We have to project who we are. Hull City manager Steve Bruce admits


there may be a few butterflies ahead of the game with Bristol City


tomorrow. They will take an enormous step towards the Premier


League if they can win at the KC as they lay six points clear of


Watford with three games to play. think it is quite healthy, it gets


the adrenalin pumping and we have a wonderful opportunity. We have been


in the top six for the best part of six months and we have to see the


job through. It will be a big step forward tomorrow if we can get the


right result. And if you can't get in to the KC tomorrow you'll find


commentary on BBC Radio Humberisde with kick-off 7:45 A Hull choir has


sung itself right into the finals of an elite choral contest. Hymers


College Junior School Choir is in among 3 finalists in the Songs of


Praise School Choir of the Year contest. The final will be shown


this Sunday on BBC One as Amanda White reports. Meet Hymers College


Junior School choir. Their hard work and talent has earned them a


place amongst the elite in the Songs of praise School Choir of


year. This performance, broadcast almost two weeks ago, was their


best shot of making it to the grand final. You are at the last choir


going through. It was absolutely brilliant. We were crying. It was


one of the best things to happen in my life. I had butterflies in my


stomach. They it was amazing to go to Liverpool and be on television.


It would seem that choral got cool, trailblazed by Musical Director,


Gareth Malone he's proved that anyone from a soldier's wife to a


bunch of lads from a housing estate can sing in a choir. And Last Choir


Standing proved a welsh male voice choir could almost be a boy-band.


But there are no TV Divas at rehearsals in Hull, where they just


enjoy singing the song we'll hear them perform at the weekend.


have got some very talented singers in the school which really, it


really helps. Also we have got dedication and enthusiasm and that


is what we really need. We will have to be tuned in to the


competition on Sunday afternoon to find out the result. How exciting


is that? Well done to those pupils. It is a fantastic success story and


you can see how they get on on Sunday afternoon. Let's get a recap


of the national and regional headlines. A massive explosion at a


chemical plant in Texas, residents nearby said it was like an


earthquake. And cattle farmers in Lincolnshire are told they must get


together to stop TB spreading. Now that report about cardboard police


officers in hospital. One person says the a ragged idea but how can


it be a replacement for police officers. Someone else said a great


idea, where can I buy one for my shop? Another person says we got to


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