27/05/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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in Grimsby say they feared for their children when petrol bombs were


thrown at their mosque last night. The Islamic Cultural Centre was


targeted despite police being on guard outside. Two men in their


thirties were arrested and are still in police custody. This afternoon,


an Imam at centre said people must not link the murder of soldier Lee


Rigby in London last week to Islam. Simon Spark reports. This is the


second attack on this mosque in three days. This time petrol bombs


were thrown while small number of people were inside. You can see


where one has hit here. This is a fire exit. Around the corner you can


see scorched brickwork were another is hit, and a third by the main


entrance doors around here. The attacks have happened since the


murder of Drummer Lee Rigby last Thursday. Police said it was still


too early to regulate on why this fire was started but today the imam


of the mosque urged people to separate what happened in London


from their religion. We became really worried about our children,


our families, our people who attend the mosque because of some people


who did not understand Islam and who did not understand they must not


link such a crime, which we condemn, with Islam or with Muslims.


The mere of Lincolnshire also visited to offer his support and


condemnation of this attack. -- then mania of Lincolnshire. -- the Mayor


of Lincolnshire. I was absolutely sickened by this attack. I have


lived here all my life, we are a quiet, tolerant, peaceful town and


when I heard about this I was appalled. Police are studying CCTV


footage and two men have been arrested.


Police in Grimsby were outside the same mosque this afternoon trying to


prevent a march in support of soldier Lee Rigby from passing by.


Officers failed to persuade some people to take an alternative route


avoiding the Islamic Centre. Between 200 and 300 people took part in the


parade. Volunteer fundraisers for the armed services and former


soldiers were among those who walked from the cenotaph in Grimsby to the


a community coming together. No trouble, we don't want any bother,


we don't want to be represented by the EDL of the BNP, we want to be


represented as Grimsby and Cleethorpes showing we can stand


together as community. It doesn't need to be remembered and stay or


veterans Day, it is something we should have done a long time ago as


a community. Metropolitan Police investigating


the murder of Lee Rigby say they have completed their search of a


house in Lincolnshire. They raided this house in Saxilby


near Lincoln in the early hours of last Thursday. It was family home of


Michael Adebalajo, one of the suspects in the murder. -- it was


the family home. Farms in Lincolnshire are being


targeted by organised gangs who are stealing tractor satellite systems


worth thousands of pounds. At least 17 farms have been affected in the


south of the county this month. Phil Connell reports.


For the modern-day farmer, it is an effective, time-saving gadget using


satellite technology. This GPS equipment enables farmers to


Cloverfield fields quickly and with pinpoint precision. -- enables


farmers to plough fields. They have become a prized target for organised


gangs of thieves. On farms in the area 17 systems have


been stolen in the last three weeks with one farmer in during five


separate robberies in the space of just five days. -- in during. This


tractor dealer has been replacing systems as quick as it has been


fitting them. Seven o'clock in the morning, on the


phone, an unfortunate former telling me his system has been stolen. It is


thought the satellite systems are being resold in eastern Europe with


the gangs responsible organised and knowledgeable. Lincolnshire police


say farmers need to be extra vigilant.


They are not sat down, but they are designed to be removed at the game


-- end of the day like that by forward. The advice is to not leave


these items in the tractors and take as many precautions as you can.


is advice many farmers are taking seriously, there prized possessions


now being closely guarded under lock and key.


Free parking is being expanded in Scunthorpe in an attempt to increase


the number of shoppers in the town centre. The council and traders are


concerned about the growing number of empty shops. Paul Lead reports.


There has been a long-running campaign in Scunthorpe to extend the


one-hour free parking in a number of car parks to two hours in line with


the neighbouring towns. From next month, people here will get the rest


-- wish. We are listening to shoppers, supporting businesses and


I think it is the right thing to do at this moment in time. We have


saved �3 million through e-book you and an fat is money we can divert


elsewhere. -- through electronic procurement and that is money.


We are filling up with pound shops, apparent we? That is the death knell


for any town, isn't it? Having said that, we're just going to the pound


shop! Two hours free parking is fantastic. The extended free parking


is coming into effect before work starts on a new retail park. The new


development has caused concerns are around town centre traders that more


shops could close. North Lincolnshire Council is hoping its


Now the weather forecast with Keeley Donovan.


weekend it is not set to continue, cooler over the next few days. A


fine day with some sunshine but overnight cloud will increase from


the West and by the end of the night there will be showers around in


places. Temperatures falling to around nine or 10 Celsius, the


breeze will lessen through the night. Tomorrow, a cooler, cloudy


day, outbreaks of rain at first, it may pool south-west through the day


and we may see some brightness coming from the north. Temperatures,


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