03/06/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Claims from families that are cut in mental health care for children


could put lives at risk. Every time I looked at myself, I cried. I do


not know what I would do now if I did not have that place. I do not


think I would be alive. The wife of a soldier killed in Afghanistan


completes a 200 mile charity walk in his memory. Humber Powerboat Racing


is hailed as a success even though the local boat crashed out. And a


song for the Ashes. The children who have been chosen to sing at one of


cricket's biggest matches. It is a glorious start to June, but how long


will the sunshine last. Join me later to find out. Good evening. The


widow of a soldier from East Yorkshire who was killed in


Afghanistan has walked nearly 300 miles to raise money for injured


service men and women. Samantha Stone lost husband Gregg, who was


from attic near Hornsea last year. She has walked with her baby


daughter from Yorkshire to Wiltshire in his memory. Tarah Welsh was with


her when she completed her journey and sent this report. Smiles all


round despite a year of sadness for Samantha Stone. Strangers came out


to support as she finished her walk in memory of her husband Gregg. He


was shot by the Taliban one year ago today. His daughter was born after


he died. I think he would be very proud. It has been a brilliant


achievement. Everyday they have remembered break stones, as a


husband, father, soldier and friend. We clicked. We had some good laughs.


He was a bit of a prankster. He was a top guy. You could never get him


down. He would uplift you if you were feeling down. He was a bubbly


character. He was excellent. Every step has been for the man that they


once fought alongside. They have battled through the rain and even


marched against the hail to get here. They set off from North


Yorkshire were Gregg had trained 11 days ago. 74 miles later, a few


blisters, a few injuries, they are finally here in Warminster. My feet


are hurting, getting new blisters on my feet. It has been very painful,


but it has been good doing it. injuries will heal but they have


been raising money for the men and women who have to live with their is


and for the families left without their loved ones. It changed his


life massively. It changes it completely. Our main goal was to


raise awareness and to raise money for the Yorkshire Regiment but also


to do it in memory of Gregg. It is worth more. He was a great lad.


many came out to show that he will never be forgotten. Well done to


Samantha. In a moment, the whole MP who says that new businesses are


vital to bringing in prosperity to the Humber area -- Hull. There are


claims tonight that lives could be lost because of a cut in the care


being offered to children with severe mental health problems. One


in ten under 16 's suffer from a mental health disorder and more than


half of adults who have mental health problems were diagnosed in


their childhood. Now residential care that was offered at the West


End Centre in Hull has been cut because it does not meet new


national standards. Parents told us it is a lifeline but the NHS insists


that care can be better provided in other ways. Just one month after


closing the residential part of the west end children's unit, they had


to reopen one of the bed. This woman's 13-year-old daughter


suffered a relapse last week after being treated for severe mental


health problems. Her words have been re-voiced to protect the identity of


the family. It was too dangerous for her to come home. If she was left


alone, she would kill herself. I found a knife under her pillow and I


was worried. They phoned around for a bed but there were no beds


anywhere in the country. This was confirmed in a letter written by her


consultant psychiatrist. Former residents like this girl who has


struggled with body image, claims the units are lifesavers. Every time


I looked at myself, I cried. It is devastating to know it will be shut


down, because they need that placed to survive. Her mother agrees.


are certain children who need that support. I do not think anything


will happen until a child perhaps takes their own life and that is how


bad it can get. Local health officials say they have stopped


offering residential care here because they could not provide a


seven-day service. Instead, all serious cases will travel outside of


East Riding for round-the-clock care. The nearest beds are in your


work, Leeds and Sheffield. Having treatment so far from home can cause


problems according to some experts. You need to make it as easy as


possible for the young person and their family to care for the young


person and just adding that is going to make things even harder. Health


officials insist most young people make a better recovery if they are


treated closer to home. Union officials point out that some


counselling jobs in Hull are being cut. It is a complex service. The


fear is that there are no other services available for these young


people, so where will they go close macro this teenager is concerned.


do not know what I would do if I did not have that place. Patients and


professionals agree that treatment is better if it is carried out


closer to home. They cannot agree on how best to achieve this. Joining me


in the studio is Greg Aitken from the mental health charity Mind. How


concerned are you about the removal of this care? Very concerned for the


people that would access the service and their families. Your report


pointed out that young people particularly respond better to care


and support if it is done in their own home or in their own community.


The big worry with this solution is that families will have to travel.


Whilst concentrating expertise in a location is a good thing to do,


counter to that is you have displaced that young person from


their community and you will have the problems of reintegrating them


back once they are able to leave. the centre does not meet national


standards, it is a good thing that care is provided in other ways?


There are choices to be made. You can choose to invest in a service or


you can choose to invest elsewhere. I am not in a position to comment on


the efficiency of the choices being made, but it has to be recognised,


that moving young people out of area will put pressure on the families


and present additional problems when those young people want to return to


those communities. The NHS says young people do better with mental


health problems if they are around their family, so services let this


one, aren't they a bit redundant? Not entirely. I am sure the


investment will ensure that fewer young people need to go into the


residential services. However, those that do will be faced with the real


problems and there are families will be faced with the problems of


supporting the young person when they come out of those residential


units. Thank you. I would like to hear from you on this. Are the


authorities right to close the services? If you want to get in


Nationaol Executive Committee of UKIP are discussing whether action


will be taken against a councillor in Lincolnshire. It follows racist


remarks posted on the Facebook account of Chris Pain and he says


his account had been hacked. Six people have been arrested on


suspicion of causing criminal damage at RAF Waddington near Lincoln.


Police were called to the base this morning after reports of people


causing damage to the perimeter fence. The station is home to


several operational units including surveillance aircraft and the new


Reaper Drone Squadron. Work has started on the final section of a 40


mile water pipeline in Lincolnshire. The route between carbon reservoir


and Boston is costing �30 million. When it is finished it will be able


to move 26 million litres of water a day. The concept is that they have


got to move water around the country, as many water companies do


and they have surplus water in the Grimsby area and they have got


insufficient water potentially in the future in the Boston area, so


they are trying to get infrastructure in place ready for


that sort of growth. They also will want resilience if we have


droughts. Plans are being drawn up to cut speed limits in Hull city


centre to 20 mph. The council says the move would make the city's


streets safer, but no decision has been taken over which roads could be


included. Organisers of the National powerboat Championships in Hull say


it was a success, despite the local team crashing and forcing the final


race to be cancelled. One crewmember was treated in hospital after the


boat capsised in the Humber. The team are firing to continue racing


in the future. For the two crew members on board, there had been


smiles and celebrations. The city's hopes had been resting on these two


local businessmen, who until 12 weeks ago, had never raced a boat


before. On the second lap of the final race, this amateur video


captures their speedboat crashing. Rescue teams were there within


seconds, pulling both men from the water, shaken and badly bruised.


Today, navigator Sam Whitaker was back at the marina to assess the


damage. Your train to be aware of the potential of these things


happening. Every time you bounce on a wave, you are expecting it and


obviously that is the way you drive and navigate these boats. It


happens, split second, you're in the water, straight back up and we were


OK. Despite their inexperience, race organisers say the crew members had


been trained to required standards. While their first Championship race


did not end the way they expected, both already have plans to be racing


again in just a few weeks time. Despite the local team's unfortunate


end, organisers say the weekend's event was a huge success, attracting


thousands of spectators. I consider Hull to be our home port. It is a


fantastic city to raise in. pilot on board the city's entry has


described it as one Hull of a crash. The boat is on its weight for


repairs in Portsmouth. This new ambitious team is undeterred and


still aiming for their next race at the end of June. This is the third


time the city has staged this national event. It has gone from


strength to strength. This year 30,000 spectators lined the banks of


the Humber, creating what could have been a three and a half million


pound boost to the local economy. Organisers will have wanted this


local boat to have finished. It will be back in action soon. Not just


racing in this country but around the world as well. Despite this


crash, great publicity for this city and that is why so many businesses


have been keen to sponsor the boat and its crew. 12 weeks ago, these


were two ordinary businessmen here in the city. Fantastic achievement.


Thank you, Phil. Thank you for sending in your pictures.


Still ahead: Rugby league teams improve their play-off chances with


winds. -- victories. The Lincolnshire children hoping


this song will help England to win the Ashes this summer.


Thank you for watching. Tonight's photograph was taken by Lester


McKone. He took this of Lincoln Cathedral. Another pitcher tomorrow


night. Lots of e-mails here! -- picture. Just read the forecast,


that is we who came in! For the next 24 hours it is dry, sunny and warm.


This weather should continue well into next week. High pressure is in


charge and we could have a prolonged spell of thing weather. The first


spell since the end of May last year. We have had to wait 30 months


which is quite a while! It has been beautiful today. 19 Celsius, about


average for the early part of June. Do enjoy this evening if you are out


and about. It will be dry and clear. Temperatures will come in at six or


seven Celsius. The sun will rise in seven Celsius. The sun will rise in


the morning at 4:47am. An absolutely fabulous start to the day. It looks


as though we will keep a lot of sunshine throughout the cause of the


morning. It is a nice day. The only thing that might excite you as cloud


that might come into their Yorkshire coast tomorrow. It will be cruel at


times along the East Coast. Inland you will get around 18 or 19


Celsius. Wednesday is a little bit of a setback. On Thursday and Friday


and over the weekend it is fine, long spells of sunshine. Time to


dust down your barbecue, Peter. dust down your barbecue, Peter.


Thank you for giving us that update. A former Cabinet Minister says it is


vital that small businesses are given support to reduce


unemployment. The percentage of people claiming job-seeker's


allowance in the city is more than double the national average.


Speaking at the start of Business Week, the Hull West and Hessle MP,


Alan Johnson, said enterprise was the key to improving prosperity.


Unwanted textiles transformed into fashion items. That is the aim of


Hull's bags for rights scheme. These people are not just learning to


soar. It is to try and get young people informed about business from


things like marketing to design. am trying to get more experience.


am learning to communicate and work with other people. This business


could eventually be owned and run by the young people themselves. It is


showcasing new types of skills to them. A critical part of what we do


is not just for the big companies but the whole of the history of


economic success shows we must help all businesses of all sizes. Some


like Grimsby food exporters Ramsden International drawl to big


businesses. Their overseas sales are already picking up. Look at this


Scunthorpe warehouse, the size of eight football pitches. This is the


type of resources that the government wants to see. You must


make sure you have the supply chain to make this thing work and we need


the government 's support. outlook for Humberside depends on


the overall economy. There are some good signs out there. The Europeans


are rolling back on the austerity programme. The Chinese are switching


away from investments to consumer goods. There are going to be market


is out there for ever products. Whether it is multi-million pound


exports or community schemes, the aim for Humber BusinessWeek is to


bring skills and prosperity to an area in need of jobs and enterprise


in challenging and economic times. The start of BusinessWeek. Perhaps


you run a small business. What help would you like to see? Get in touch


Lincolnshire Police is investigating claims that a student was subjected


to homophobic comments during a job interview. We brought you this story


on Friday. Reece Wilkes apply to be a special constable. He said an


inappropriate remark was made 20 was asked to talk about a time he had


given someone news that they would find upsetting. I had mentioned to


my mother about being homosexual and she did not take that very well.


Immediately the officer interjected and said in a negative tone, "of


course she will be upset, she will not have any grandchildren!"


Lincolnshire Police are taking this claim very seriously. Thank you for


your responses to this story. Paul says the comment made was not


homophobic... Christopher Aggies and says... -- Christopher agrees and


Hull Kingston Rovers moved back into the play-off places in Super League


with a win over Bradford Bulls. That saw the Robins bounce back from


their derby defeat to Hull FC. The black and white are up to fourth


after their win over Leeds rhinos. Hull Kingston Rovers put last week's


derby defeat behind them with an impressive win over Bradford Bulls.


The Robins trailed 8-4 at half-time but a second half performance was


enough to lead them back into the top eight. Two tries were scored at


peace as Rovers produced a stunning comeback. They must prepare for


Friday 's visit of second placed Huddersfield Town new Craven Park.


Hull FC made it nine wins from ten games in all competitions. Their


18-6 win over defending champions Leeds saw them claim to fourth in


the Super League table. This from Joe Westerman was one of three tries


that helped Peter Gentle 's said to victory. Despite picking up a couple


of injuries, Hull FC will go into next week stripped against Catalan


Dragons in good heart following another good performance.


You can see both of the games on to make sure it 11:20pm.


A group of Lincolnshire schoolchildren are preparing to


perform in front of nearly 20,000 cricket fans. The children from


Nettleham Junior School and Lincoln will sing the original song You'll


Never Get The Ashes Back at the first Ashes Test match at Trent


Bridge next month. It is after they won a competition to create a song.


The sun is out, so time for a game of cricket. And where there is


sport, there is usually an anthem. England is a very gracious country!


Could this be the song that cricket fans are singing this summer?


a bit cheesy but it is great fun. There is some funny insult about


shame on! -- Shane Warren! He is too worry about going bald!


The children wrote this song themselves with the help of their


teacher. They have just found out this summer that they will perform


it on a larger stage at Trent Bridge in Nottingham in the England cricket


team begin their defence of the Ashes next month. More than 17,000


cricket fans will hear these children perform this song at Trent


Bridge. The judges chose them because of the originality of their


song and the quality of their vocal performance. I knew we had a good


song and the chance of winning but when you get a phone call, there was


this belief. It felt amazing. It was great. What did you think it will be


like performing in front of more than 17,000 cricket fans? I think it


will be nerve wracking but it will also be exciting and I am looking


forward to it. But first, lots more rehearsals


before that big performance. Gemma Dawson, BBC Look North.


Well done to the pupils of Nettleham junior school.


If there is a story that you think we should know about, please let us


know. A recap of the main headlines: The


two men accused of murdering Drummer Lee Rigby appeared in separate court


hearings in London. There are claims that lives are being put at risk


following a decision to cut a mental health care for children in each


jotter. Tomorrow's weather will be fine and


dry with long spells of sunshine. Top temperatures are around 19


Celsius. A response coming in on that mental


health care unit, Amanda on Facebook says that she attended the West End


adolescent unit as an outpatient and remembers feeling it eased because


she was not alone, she was with other young people who were like


her. She believes this unit must stay open. Good message they are


from Amanda who has first-hand experience.


Frank says that the support was removed and then we complain when


things go wrong. Another man says that these beds are


desperately needed. Another text says this is


disgraceful that these units are being closed. It is about time


everyone had training in depression, it is an unpleasant


illness. Another one, it says her knees had


to go to another hospital, three hours away.


Chloe says it is ludicrous to shut down a mental health unit. We need


units like this. This area has been effected enough.


Finally, this is from Michelle, who says, " if you want more of a crisis


on your hands, and you do already, more self harm, more eating


disorders, more victims of abuse having no voice, more homelessness,


more alcohol abuse, then carry on closing these vital resources. "


Thank you all for getting in touch. If you run a small business you


might also want to get in touch with us after we talked about the


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