04/06/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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North. The headlines tonight. MPs vote against plans which could have


secured massive investment on the banks of the Humber. You make your


money back after 15 years and not five minutes. We do need good


long-term commitment from the government. The holiday park


homeowners fighting to avoid being evicted by their local council. How


businesses across East Yorkshire are being told to get on board with the


Tour de France. And as the sun comes out, so do the holidaymakers.


Lincolnshire basks in the first signs of summer. Much more Clyde


tomorrow but the fine weather will last for a few days. All of the


gambling with hundreds of jobs in Hull after a decision which puts


further doubt over investment in the Humber. MPs have been asked to sign


up to a long-term commitment to renewable energy - a commitment


which would secure jobs and businesses in the Humber's Green


Port. But this afternoon they voted against the plan. One Hull MP says


the money and the jobs may now go abroad. More from our Business


Correspondent, Paul Murphy. It took less than 15 minutes for MPs to


throw out the attempt to change the energy bill. 267... 290. Why does


this matter? These are the plans for an offshore wind turbine factory in


the hole and the one thing investors behind this want is certainty that


the government will commit to renewable energy in the long term.


Today, they did not get that. have billions of pounds of why that


investment looking at this, you make the money back after 13 years and


not five minutes so you need that good, solid commitment from


government for carbon reduction because that is the strong


argument. A seminar on green jobs, part of business week. The local


colleges are gearing up for what it calls a new industrial revolution,


but nothing is certain. These are big issues and I can understand the


government has to make a decision that all of us have to live with for


13 years and that could it have a huge impact. Renewable energy would


be good for people like me, school leavers, going for apprenticeships,


who can transfer from one industry to another. All of these skills I


have learned, if renewable energy is required, I should have a good basis


for moving on. But it has been claimed that today's vote could send


green jobs abroad. Siemens is very clear and that is a problem because


the government has not been consistent in their reproach.


Siemens and other companies have been concerned they are not getting


a clear message of commitment. those pinning hopes on green energy


jobs, this will be a disappointing day. If the industry is to create


large-scale opportunities on the Humber, investors will need more


positive signals coming from Westminster. I asked the


Conservative MP for Brigg and Goole, Andrew Percy, why he's against any


commitment to end coal and gas energy by 2030. Because we do not


know what decarbonisation targets would mean or if they are


deliverable. And in any event, there will be a big expansion of green


energy so it is unnecessary. have little belief in green and wind


energy? Remember, thousands of people in the region work in the


coal and gas industry and they will continue with that and I don't want


them put out of work but the bill that is before Parliament sets out


the subsidy system for the next few years and it is part of expanding


green energy, not one or the other. This is your chance to show public


commitment to securing jobs that this area needs. We will get the


growth in green energy but I am not prepared to say to the people who


put me in Parliament that at any cost and any prize on fuel bill, we


should set an arbitrary target for 2030 and ends: Gas generation based


on technology we don't know is available and we don't know the


cost. This would give a chance to encourage Siemens and others to


commit to the Humber region? money is there for the energy


subsidies, this is about a fraudulent debate about whether we


have green jobs. We will, but what this red herring of an amendment


says if we set some arbitrary target that could peppered the area with


wind farms, and is based on technology we don't know will work,


and... Lord Haskins says it is only a small window of opportunity that


the government has too proved its commitment to green energy and you


are not doing that. I don't agree with him on this. You only have to


listen to business leaders who say that the bill is welcomed anyway.


ABP did not sign the recent letter demanding MPs vote for this so there


will be an expansion and this is a red herring and most people want


their fuel bills kept time. We'll Siemens come? It is there, with or


without this and I hope they will. Very much so. Let us know what you


think about this story. Would you like to see a more definite


commitment from the Government to green energy or are they right to be


cautious? Does the future lie in wind turbines or is there still a


place for more traditional coal and the former soldiers being helped


into a new career. People living at an East Yorkshire holiday park have


begun telling a government planning inspector why they should be allowed


to stay in their chalets all year round. About 70 owners at


Lakeminster Park near Beverley have been told they'll be evicted because


the site was only granted permission for holiday homes. Crispin Rolfe


reports. Are they expensive static caravans or 78 permanent homes for


more than 100 pensioners? That's the decision for a planning inspector at


the end of a two-week inquiry into Lakeminster Park. People living at


the Woodmansey site south of Beverley say they were sold


properties to live in all year round rather than holiday homes in which


they can't. All of our money has gone into this for retirement, which


has blown up in our faces. But the council maintains they're living


there illegally. We granted planning consent for the use of this site for


holiday purposes and not for permanent residential occupation and


clearly, to allow that to happen, it could set a very dangerous precedent


for the many other sites that we have across east riding. It's a


wrangle that's been going on for more than two years now and has seen


in November 2011 Lakeminster Park Ltd apply for retrospective planning


permission. An application rejected by the East Riding Council in May


2012, issuing enforcement notices in September. Residents lodged an


appeal against that in November and in December 2012 a public inquiry


was granted. Millions of pounds worth of money rests upon the


outcome of this enquiry. As well as upon a separate legal case being


mounted against the developer of Lakeminster Park. Ultimately, it


comes down to the decision of a planning inspector as to whether or


not these pensioners have to move out of their homes for ever. That's


what will happen if the council wins its argument to remove all the


properties from this site. Though the High Court could still reverse a


decision which is expected a month after this inquiry concludes. This


is another story we'd like your views on. Should the people living


at Lakeminster be allowed to stay or are the council right to apply the


planning laws in this case? A 42-year-old man has been charged


with causing death by dangerous driving of a cyclist from


Lincolnshire. Timothy Osborn, who was 27, was found by his mother on a


roadside in Spalding last September. It is thought he had been struck by


a vehicle hours earlier. A man will appear in court later this month. A


man has been jailed for life for the murder of a bricklayer from Snaith.


Dale Partington's body was found outside a house in the town in


December. He'd been stabbed. 38-year-old Leon Rushworth from


Snaith was today found guilty of his murder and told he'd have to serve


at least 20 years behind bars. Last year, James Story from Hull was


medically discharged from the army and since then has struggled to find


work. It's a familiar story for hundreds of other ex-forces


personnel in our area. But thanks to a Yorkshire-based charity, James has


been given the help he needs to start a new life after the army.


Sarah Corker has been to meet him. When James Story joined the Army he


thought he had finally find himself a career. But months of physical


training left temporarily able to leave -- move his legs. His life in


the forces was over. I was gutted, not just for myself but my family.


Settling back in his home town proved difficult. I have been


applying for every sector of work, from cleaning, manufacturing, and I


have not been getting any replies for anything. That is where this


charity has helped, offering careers management to those who have left


the Army on medical grounds. some, robins exist, whether it is


for homelessness, housing issues, whatever. At the top of that spiral


of dissent is often the failure of having the right equipment. --


employment. More than 4000 Army personnel have been medically


discharged over five years and 60 present are due to muscular and


skeletal disorders. The MoD says it plans to spend �226 million helping


injured and sick personnel with recovery. Gulf War veteran Bob


shakes his says it needs to do more. He became depressed since becoming


discharged and has not worked since. They have created this killing


machine and know they have finished, they don't want to know.


For James, there was good news. He has been offered an internship at


this IT company. It is hard coming back out of the services and the ink


reemployed. It can be a long process and if we can give something back,


that is important. He is hoping to raise the funding needed to take up


his training and begin a new life and a future after the Army. The UK


Independence Party says it will wait until after a police investigation


before commenting on racist comments posted on the Facebook account of a


Lincolnshire councillor. Chris Pain appeared before the party's national


executive committee in London yesterday. He says his account was


hacked. Our political editor, Tim Iredale, is in our newsroom for us.


What has the party said? UKIP has issued a statement saying that it


has suspended judgement on the allegations until the conclusion of


a separate investigation by Lincolnshire Police. Councillor Pain


said after the hearing that he'd step down as regional chairman for


the party in the meantime but would remain as the party's group leader


on the County Council. Lincolnshire Police says it takes all forms of


harassment very seriously but says it could be some time before a


decision is made on the case because of the complexity of investigating


this kind of allegation. Councillor Pain insists his Facebook account


was hacked and denies making racist comments. UKIP won 16 seats in last


month's County Council elections and is the largest opposition party on


the authority behind the Conservatives. Thank you very much.


Still ahead tonight. Why East Yorkshire businesses are being told


to get on the Tour de France bandwagon. And why this �7 million


swing bridge is finally opening - three years late. Keep your


photographs coming in. Stuart Rogerson took this of 22 ducks off


to the Beck for a wash in Dunston in take their Audi TT car! That is


great television! Hired you make a duck saying? Put it in a microwave


until it is Bill Withers! Oh, dear! until it is Bill Withers! Oh, dear!


Now the We won't have clear blue skies tomorrow, it has been


forecast. Something of a change. The sunshine will return as we head into


the weekend, and that is looking great. We can pick up this localised


in the North Sea, curling around and already gloomy in Boston, and whole


is cloudy and that cloud is heading westwards so if you have sunshine at


the moment in Scunthorpe, it won't last. That cloud pushing all the way


inland overnight and it will be accompanied by a little drizzle in


places and temperatures down to around nine or 10 Celsius. 48


Fahrenheit. The sun rises in the morning at 4:35am, setting at


9:29pm. And the high water times... Grade to start the morning, result


in places but otherwise dry and this cloud should slowly break up, some


sunny breaks coming through and it might be a very slow process,


coastal areas might stay grey all day. What a contrast with today.


Let's look at those top trumpeters, struggling. -- temperatures. 16 or


17 degrees. Thursday, grey to start, by turning up and the weekend


experiments, warm with some put himself in front of that sign


that's it lifeguard! -- that's it. Go away! With just over a year to go


until the start of the Tour De France, businesses in East Yorkshire


are being told they can make money out of the event, even though it


won't be coming to the county. Tens of thousands of visitors are


expected next summer in North, West and South Yorkshire to see the


world's biggest cycling race, as Emma Massey reports. It's the most


famous cycle race in the world and the start of the tour de France, the


Grande Pass, is coming to Yorkshire in 2014. The first stage on the


fifth July will be from Leeds to Harrogate. The second stage will


wind its way from York to Sheffield. But it won't be coming any closer to


East Yorkshire than that. Many local businesses feel that's close enough


for there to be benefits all round. As far as retail or producers are


concerned, individuals and schools and communities, everybody can get


involved, if they like. It is an opportunity that we should be


grabbing. As far as bringing income to the area is concerned, it is


important. This afternoon, Welcome to Yorkshire has been hosting an


event in South Cave near Hull aimed at convincing other local businesses


that they can reap the rewards of the race. The arts festival will be


across Yorkshire, the business opportunities will be right across


Yorkshire so he will invite businesses from all across the great


county to get in touch to say they want to do more business in France,


weather in the supply chain whatever capacity. If it all goes to plan,


the race could bring in �100 million for Yorkshire's economy. But some


businesses in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have yet to be


convinced about what it'll do for them. Work is not really that close.


Will they come this way? Will be benefit? There is a big attraction


in north Yorkshire, will we be able to draw people to east riding?


this restauranteur remains sceptical. I will not see the


benefit in the slightest, I think coming around this area, through


Beverley and the Humber Bridge, I thought there was a good chance it


would have come here as well and that would have brought people to


use torture. -- East Yorkshire. Whether it comes past your street or


not, the organisers say you'll remember the Tour De France coming


to Yorkshire for the rest of your life. I'm joined by Gary Verity from


Welcome to Yorkshire, who organised today's event. How can businesses in


East Yorkshire be expected to buy into this when it is not coming to


the county? It is straightforward, if you are in Yorkshire, it is a


Yorkshire section and the average distance spectators travel is 135


kilometres everyday so that includes Liverpool, the whole of the North of


England. We expect people right across the North of England to watch


the tour France so here, South Cave, it is 40 kilometres from where the


nearest stage will pass by and when I went to one day in 2011, we were


staying at a hotel base with one of the teams, 65 kilometres from the


start. But you heard some of those people, some of the traders, there


is a good deal of cynicism any structure and we're still feeling


pretty sore that we missed out? people are, it is a mixed picture,


let's be careful. We have had a lot of cycling clubs getting in touch


from his daughter saying they think it is fantastic. Today's event was


about inspiring businesses to understand what the two references,


it is greater than just the route, the arts festival, the business


opportunities, Pan Yorkshire, and all of those providers in that


sector, they will host people. All of those opportunities apply to


everybody. Very good to talk to you. Good luck. The Health Secretary,


Jeremy Hunt, has ordered a review into plans to reorganise ambulance


services in Lincolnshire. An independent team will now look at


the way East Midlands Ambulance Service carried out its


consultations. EMAS wants to close several ambulance stations across


the county and create new hubs. But Lincolnshire's Health Scrutiny


Committee has raised concerns about the plans and there are demands for


Lincolnshire to have its own service. Again, being fined �3.5


million for the third year, which is over �11 million in fines, which


could have been invested in the service. At the end of the day, the


goal has to be, can we have our own and billing service back? To provide


a better service for the residents. Three years after it was due to


open, a bridge in Hull will finally be brought into use later this


month. It is shaped like a pinball flipper but that unique design has


caused a series of technical problems. Linsey Smith reports. It


promised to be a bridge to be proud of. Pedestrians can ride on it as it


swings open for river traffic will enjoy a coffee inside. �7 million it


and three years overdue, the newest bridge over the River Hull will


finally open this month. I drive my bike around here so I will be using


it and there is a cafe in the middle. What about �7 million for a


bridge? That does not sound excessive in today's money.


bridge to nowhere. Not much on the other side, just the hotel. And it's


a bit run down. The bridge was part of a regeneration plan for the East


bank and it was meant to lead to apartments and cafes. The bridge


went ahead because it was paid for with public money but those other


ventures collapsed but the recession, leaving the land here


empty. In a statement, Hull City the bridge to nowhere, but it's the


bridge to this land. Land that Hull City Council hope will now become


more marketable. So the regeneration can continue - if a little late.


Summer has finally arrived and across Lincolnshire, those who can


have been having fun in the sun. The sunshine has brought out the


visitors. Gemma Dawson spent the afternoon in the county. Summer has


arrived. And those who can have been having fun in the sun. In Woodhall


Spa, when the sun comes out people strip off and go for a dip. The pool


was redone last year and since then we had a record year and this year


we are on for the same again if the weather holds. And the did today. In


the shade it reached 16 degrees today but the water here is nearer


30. It's wonderful, this pool is lovely, warm. It is great to get


outside and make the best of the weather. So nice having this


facility on our doorstep. The pool is wonderful, so warm. She enjoyed


it. Lovely. Lincoln's Brayford Pool looked like a Mediterranean marina


this afternoon. Here, too, people were making the most of the


sunshine. It has been so miserable and cold and overcast and we have if


you days of sunshine and it makes you feel wonderful. It makes you


feel better. And businesses here hope the warm weather continues


because tourism is worth more than �1 billion to the county's economy.


Businesses notice the differences and people want to enjoy the city


centre and the attractions and when it is raining, people do more


inside. When the sun comes out, this is when it works. It was cooler by


the coast but in Skegness people were still making the most of the


sunshine. And businesses here are thankful the sun has finally


arrived. It is nice and we are trading or cable before, it was


terrible. It has totally killed trade for everyone on the coastal


area. So many here hope this warm weather continues. Fantastic


pictures. We should be so proud. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. 60 years on - the Queen marks her decades as


monarch in a special service at Westminster Abbey. Warnings that


green energy jobs could go abroad and the Humber could miss out after


MPs vote against plans to commit to the renewables industry. Tomorrow's


weather and it'll be a grey, damp start but will slowly brighten up.


Sunny spells later. Cooler with highs of around 16 Celsius. 61


Fahrenheit. And the green energy comments. Jim says, another kick in


the teeth for the region, jobs shot down in flames. David says, common


sense at last, a vote against green energy and wind power. Fracking is


the only solution to the energy needs and it is high time we realise


that. John - the proposal was earmarked for the Thames and there


would have been no hesitation. They know what - South divide rules. And


Barry in Bridlington says, we should stop lighting the countryside with


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