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North. The headlines tonight: Hour-long waits for drivers trying


to get across the Humber Bridge as work begins on a new toll system.


Having been able to view the traffic this morning, we think we have a few


solutions. On a visit to a new power plant, the


Business Secretary says the Government's doing all it can to


bring Siemens to Hull. The mother told by a train conductor


that the toilet was a better place to breast-feed than the carriage.


was humiliated and I do not want this to happen to anyone else. It


was mortifying for May. Inspired by Andy Murray's win,


tennis fans take to the courts. a difference a year makes. This time


last year we were in the middle of a summer monsoon. Tomorrow it is the


great Yorkshire show and it looks set to be one of the hottest first


days on record. Join me live on the showground later in the programme.


Good evening. It's supposed to make crossing the Humber quicker and


easier but today work to install a new toll system on the Humber Bridge


caused delays for hundreds of commuters. Many were stuck in


traffic jams for three miles and delayed by an hour-and-a-half.


Tonight, the Humber Bridge Board say the problems were unacceptable and


won't be repeated tomorrow.in a moment we will hear from the bridge


master. But first Caroline Bilton has this report.


They queued from one side of the river to the other,bumper to bumper


- some for over an hour. This was the problem. Work had started to


replace the 30-year-old toll booths with a new electronic state of the


art system, one designed to make the journey across the river quicker.


But today it brought traffic to a standstill not just on the bridge


but the surrounding roads too. it took just under an hour, for some


of my colleagues it longer. Many took to social media to express


their frustration. James, who was graduating from Hull University


wrote, "When I finally get across the Humber Bridge I should just make


the post-ceremony reception." Some had to change their plans


completely, avoiding Hull and going to Scunthorpe instead. Karen from


Grimsby tweeted, "As much as we love the Humber Bridge we don't want to


queue all morning. Sorry East Park another time, but Normanby Hall here


we come." And for Samuel he said, "I think it's diabolical that they are


still charging people to cross the bridge, when the works are crippling


traffic flow." For bus companies who have been working to improve the


service across the bridge, there's concern longer term delays could


have a damaging effect. Certainly, we have got the concerns that it


will put people off using the buses. Travelling across the bridge and


taking jobs on both sides of the river. The work will eventually lead


to this - a system that will mean customers can cross the bridge


without having to use cash or tickets. It's hoped it will lead to


faster journey times, quite the opposite of what's happened today.


As we heard today drivers were unhappy with the delays. The Bridge


master Peter Hill told me they had made mistakes this morning: not


happy, I must admit. A lot of our customers suffered delays. You know


how many people cross the bridge, but no thought was given to how much


disruption this would cause this morning? It was thought about, we


had a plan, we had a back-up plan. With traffic management, you have


got to do it safely and not just quickly. Here is an e-mail from Rod


asking why it were only two booths open when at peak time that is not


enough? That is obvious, isn't it? For the replacement toll system


which will benefit customers magnificently in the future, but you


cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. It will certainly a


big omelette this morning. This e-mail is from Cheryl, why not let


the traffic through without paying to clear the congestion. That is a


good idea. That is an option which has been suggested several times


before. Unfortunately, it is not an option for me. I am going to make


sure we do not have access or delays for the customer. I left at 8:20am,


it took me an hour and 20 minutes to get across the bridge, will it be


sorted tomorrow morning? That is another e-mail. It is sorted now.


The traffic management has been modified. We had the back-up plan in


place. So tomorrow morning we will not see the problems we saw this


morning, is that what you are saying? We are still only utilising


three lanes essentially because we do have the works to undertake. So


there may be some slight disruption for people but nothing like this


morning which anyone would accept is unacceptable. Thank you for talking


to us tonight. We want to hear from you on this


story. Were you stuck on the Humber Bridge this morning? What do you


think should be done to minimise the disruption while the new toll system


back open five months after a landslip closed the line.


Business Secretary Vince Cable opened one of the biggest bio fuel


production plants in Europe today in Hull. Vivergo Fuels has cost �350


million to build and will use a million tonnes of wheat a year to


provide a green alternative to petrol. Mr Cable also told Look


North that everything possible has been done by the government to bring


energy giant Siemens to the Humber. Our environment correspondent Phil


Connell has this report. The fuel that is used to power our


cars is changing and on the outskirts of Hull, road is


converting wheat into ethanol which is seen as a more sustainable way of


fuelling our cars. At this stage it is unlikely to be any cheaper.


bring feed wheat into farms, we made it into flour. We add water and


yeast and brewed beer in these tanks here. We take that beer, we separate


the alcohol out and that is the fuel for your car. The plant was opened


this morning by the business secretary Vince Cable. It is one of


the biggest of its kind in Europe. As well as making biofuel, the wheat


is converted into animal feed as well. I think it shows that big


investors are willing to invest large sums of money on Humberside.


The plant needs to source a million tonnes of wheat from local farmers


every year. Fraud that -- from that, 420 millilitres of biofuel


we'll be produced. That could see 10% of Britain's transport needs


being met by green technology. Some groups say it is morally wrong to be


using wheat as feel where 30% of the world's population has insufficient


food. It encourages food crops being burned in our cars at a time when


food prices are going up. Hunger is increasing in the world. For farmers


it is a win-win situation. Cheaper animal feed and a reliable source of


income for those growing wheat. After recent poor harvests, can


enough be grown to feed us and fuel our cars? You can relate it back to


the days of farming with horses when Robert the third of the farm was


there to produce food for the horses to work the land. In one sense, we


are probably going back to that in a different way. It is claimed that


biofuel could reduce car emissions by 50%, confirming Hull's 's edition


as a leading player in the energy industry.


Earlier on his visit to Hull, Vince Cable told me he was hopeful that


Siemens would commit to building a wind turbine factory in Hull.


We certainly want to see them in Hull. We think there is a good


industrial reason to being here. We think there is a good market with


the wind farm is going up in the North Sea. Hull has marketed itself


very well as a centre for green energy and I am hoping we will


succeed. The decision is down to the company itself. Indeed it is. Why


haven't we heard it is a yes before now? There are a lot of issues to


work through with them, in terms of the return they would get on the


North Sea, the conditions under which wind farms would be


developed, the details of their relationship with the port in whole,


government guarantees. There are a lot of moving parts. We think we


have created what is a very good offer and we are looking forward to


getting a good result. It is down to that. Is the answer, yes you think


it will happen, or are you a bit worried? There is no point in me


trying to predict things. We have done everything we can at government


level to make this work. Siemens are very good company. I know they are


very interested. The decision is down to their board and we are


looking forward to a good outcome. Minister, thank you for talking to


us tonight. Thank you. We will continue to follow that story.


Rail services have resumed between Cleethorpes and Doncaster, through


Scunthorpe, exactly five months after a land slip blocked the line.


Passengers have been forced to take buses since a slag heap collapsed at


Hatfield Colliery in February. Originally it was feared the line


wouldn't be open until September. Our reporter Simon Spark was on


board one of the first trains to run along the re-opened line.


At 6am, the first train to Doncaster since the 9th of February at


Scunthorpe Station. Passengers here relieved to finally board a train


instead of a bus for this 38 minute journey. Earlier, Cathy was one of


the first to collect her tickets. The service we have had with the


buses has been really useful but it is nice to have it back. There are


international travellers as well. I am from Vegas. I am trained King a


train to Manchester to head over to Italy. Some have saved money by


being able to take a direct journey. I had to go to London last night.


Now I can go straight through. much better. This is the reason why


people have been so delayed for so long, 1.4 million tonnes of spoil


material moved all four tracks five metres vertically and 15 metres


laterally. As far as I know it is one of the biggest jobs network rail


has been involved in. They do massive projects across the country


but this is something which was really different. A lot of


engineering expertise was needed to get this line back open again.


we are passing through where the landslip happened. You can see the


volume of material they had to shift. We are still on a temporary


speed restriction but it has taken five months to get this far. We are


passing through it in just a few seconds. It is not just the


passengers who have been disrupted, it is the businesses as well.


think the closure of the rail line has had an impact. I estimate about


2000 visitors have been lost as a result of this. The weather has


always -- the weather has helped us. There will still be a risk this year


continuing to move spoil from that site to across the road. Doncaster


to cool services are still affected but a full service will resume by


the end of the month. Thank you for watching. Still ahead


tonight: Inspired by Andy - tennis fans take to the courts after


Murray's Wimbledon win. And almost 150,000 enthusiasts enjoy the sun,


sights and sounds at Waddington Airshow.


We will have some pic shows in just a moment. Mr A Smith took this of


two of the Red Arrows at Waddington yesterday.


Here is a shot of a smug face. OK, you got it right! We do not need to


hear you loading. What did you say seven days ago? You said I would


leave the country. A public apology is issued. Your punishment was going


to Harrogate. I did not mean that! You have viewers in Harrogate as


well. Let me give you the graphics for the Great Yorkshire Show. 28


degrees here. Cloudy and cooler on this evening, finance any


overnight. Eventually, we will see temperatures drifting back to 11 or


12 -- fine and sunny. Don't panic if you have been in Lincolnshire today


where it has been great all day. We will all enjoy lots of sunshine


tomorrow. It will be cooler along the coast. It looks cooler and


cloudy again on Wednesday. Thursday, a bit of an in between sort of day.


We see some sunshine coming through. On Friday, we will have another


sunny hot day. It may well be the hottest day of the year on Friday in


land. A hot day tomorrow and on Yorkshire Show, they know where to


find you. The beer tent is a long way off! A few complaints from


Harrogate coming in. Thank you very much indeed. See you tomorrow.


A mother from North East Lincolnshire has received an apology


from a rail company, after she was asked to go into the toilet to


breast-feed her baby by an employee on the train. 23-year-old Chantelle


Nichols, from North Somercoates near Louth, says she was humiliated. Jill


Archbold reports. This is Morgan. At four months old


she's starting to communicate with adults. Her vision is developing and


she's growing fast, and her mum has to cope with her demands for


feeding, whatever the time or place. 23 roll Chantelle was travelling on


a Northern Rail service when she needed to start breast-feeding her


four -month-old daughter. She was approached by the conductor who is


said to her she might be better breast-feeding her daughter


somewhere like this. I was completely humiliated, completely


mortified. I have breast-fed both my children in public and I have never


had this before. I went bright red and I could see everybody turning


round and staring at me and smirking at me. I was really embarrassed. The


benefits of breast feeding have been well publicised by the NHS, but


still only one in every 100 women managed to exclusively breast feed


for the recommended six month. of the things that women often say


to us is that they feel areas are not suitable. We need to make that


major culture shift to make it the most normal thing to do. That will


ultimately help women. What do women at this mum and baby group think?


is quite discreet when you do it properly. As for being asked to move


to the toilet, I think that is disgusting. I would want to get off


the train. No one would eat in a toilet so why would you send a baby


there, of all people? Would men feel the same as Mac I think it would be


a bit embarrassing if she was right next to me. Everybody has their own


reference. Personally, I have not got a problem with that. Chantelle


who has since received an apology from Northern Rail, says she's been


overwhelmed by the response from people commenting online. But will


three months' free rail travel ever take away her embarrassment?


I spoke to Pete Myers from Northern Rail. I asked him why the train


conductor had challenged Chantelle. Challenged is probably a strong


word. The conductor offered her a quiet place to go. He asked her to


feed the baby in the toilet. That is right and that was the wrong thing


to do. Quite places on trains are hard to find and he thought


misguidedly it was the right thing to do. He did not understand that


leaving aside basic hygiene, he did not understand common sense and the


law. He thought he was doing the right thing. He probably did not


understand the ramifications of asking somebody to feed a baby in a


toilet which of course is not appropriate. Is it difficult for


train companies. Some people will feel uncomfortable sitting opposite


somebody who is breast-feeding. do you answer that? We rarely, if


ever, get complaints about that from the public in that situation. I do


not think it is difficult. So that does not justify why he decided to


do this? He was concerned to the lady as opposed to complaints from


anyone else. Do your conductors need a bit more training to move them up


to 2013? We have got to make sure they are fully aware of the


equalities act and what it means. Because he obviously was not? He was


mistaken. The equalities act is a big old piece of legislation and we


have to make sure that every aspect of it is covered. This woman is very


upset and shocked. And for that we genuinely apologise. Train travel


should be an easy and pleasant experience and where it is not, we


have done it wrong and we are genuinely sorry. What would you like


to say to Chantelle? It is an easy thing to say but we genuinely mean


it, we are sorry and we apologise. Thank you for coming in. Thank you.


That was very good for him to come in from Northern Rail. You might


have a view on this story as well. Should mums be free to breast feed


where ever they want, or maybe you think it should be done in private?


Tennis fans East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been taking in


Andy Murray's Wimbledon win. His victory, added to the achievements


of teenager Kyle Edmund from Tickton near Beverley, could give tennis a


boost. Our sports reporter Simon Clark has been to find out how their


successes have been received. It was a moment when the nation came


together. Andy Murray's wind, the first 477 years for a man. Touch


tennis slows down the game so all abilities can play. They were


inspired by the Scot. I have been watching Wimbledon for the last two


weeks and I was definitely inspired. I could not wait to come down to the


court today because Andy Murray won yesterday. The enthusiasm here today


is wonderful. It is part of the world, someone extra to latch onto.


Kyle Edmund 's, a doubles semifinalist did not need reminding


how it all started in Beverley. could look up at someone and see how


they would doing. Hopefully I can keep on improving to inspire more


kids. And in Beverley today, Kyle's mentor or is taking a new generation


through their paces. For people here, it is Kyle as much as Andy and


Laura that gets them winning. Hopefully there will be a lot more


people interested in tennis, especially people from around these


parts were Kyle is from all stop hopefully we can keep them for a lot


longer this year. Whether you are called Andy, Kyle or Nora, this is


how it begins. Whether you become a Wimbledon champion or not, what


these children are learning is what a great game tennis is. It is real


fun and it is a good sport. It just makes me happy really. You feel


proud of them because they are from your hometown. They are quite a lot


of money and I would like to have that amount of money when I am


older. It is Andy today but could it be Kyle tomorrow?


The world awaits. Rugby League and Hull KR have moved four points clear


of their city rivals, Hull FC. The Robins trailed at half time but


fought back to beat Salford by 28 points to 18. This Travis Burns try


sealed the team's fifth consecutive victory. Across the city, Hull FC


lost their fourth straight game. The Black and Whites went down 22 points


to 16 against Huddersfield at The KC Stadium and are now eighth in Super


League. Hull City defender Paul McShane has


signed a new two year contract with the club. The 27-year-old joined the


Tigers when they were last in the Premier League and has been rewarded


for his consistency last season. It's been a fantastic weekend of


warm weather. Thousands have been out at events in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire. Our cameras were there Vulcan. I was at the end of the


runway when it took off. It was fantastic. The biggest clap today


was for the heart in the sky. have had a fantastic weekend. There


were 42,500 cars. The weather is great. Lots of nice people here.


is good. It is great. Nice to have something like this in Hull.


first time here, I am really enjoying it. It was the best we have


seen for almost 20 years. People were queueing from quarter to eight


in the morning and not leaving until ten o'clock at night. It was


absolutely brilliant. It is really good to be doing it. It feels good.


Support the community and everyone fighting cancer, it is brilliant.


Everybody knows somebody. I just try and keep fit, good fun, excellent.


For everyone affected by cancer, it is a great event. It is good.


a weekend people will not forget. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. A special celebration for Andy Murray. The


champion is welcomed to Number Ten as the Prime Minister says he


deserves a knighthood. After hour-long waits for drivers


crossing the Humber Bridge, managers say delays were unacceptable and


won't be repeated. Tomorrow's weather: Low cloud and


fog burning away through the morning leaving a dry, fine and very warm


day with plenty of sunshine. Light breeze and a maximum temperature of


28 degrees C. Let's go back to our top story now


and the delays on the Humber Bridge today, Caroline Bilton is at the


bridge tonight. What's traffic looking like now? It is the quiet.


You will have to take my word for it that traffic is moving freely up


there. The Humber Bridge board tell us tonight that they are confident


that things will improve tomorrow but they have not ruled out some


delays. They are telling people to go to their website which is


dedicated to the works here. Sadly, that was not running live this


morning but hopefully it will be tomorrow. This is the first day of a


long process because we will not see those tolls open until autumn 2014


so lots of delays to come. John has tweeted to say, an easy


answer to the bridge problem, make it free until it works. Mike says, I


have seen your interview with the bridge master, could he be any more


out of touch with reality? If that interview was to film a confidence,


it has failed. It will be the train tomorrow.


Michelle says it is hard work feeding your little one and


distressing when they cry. To write the rail company have apologised.


Disgusting treatment from the member of staff. Charlie says women all


over the world breast-feed in public. We are to prudish for our


own good. Dom says when babies need food they should be fed but mothers


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