29/07/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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headlines: Volunteers are drafted into a Lincolnshire hospital to help


feed patients, but managers say they will not replace nurses.


volunteers are for support, not instead of nursing.


Hope that success for Hull FC in the Challenge Cup could help raise the


profile of their home city. Brilliant! 70 years after escorting


Russian convoys, a veteran is finally recognised for his wartime


service. And 200,000 people flocked to the


coast for the most successful you thought airshow all time. I am live


in Cleethorpes assessing the impact the air show has had on the local


economy. Join me later in the programme for


the full cast. -- forecast.


At a time when 3 million people in the UK are suffering from


malnutrition, one NHS trust in Lincolnshire Police it has found a


way of easing the problem. Managers at Boston's Pilgrim Hospital and


volunteers to come in and help feed patients at mealtimes. It is already


being trialled in Lincoln that has attracted criticism and one nursing


union has today described it as worrying. The trust, which runs


hospitals, -- the trust which runs the hospital was recently put into


special measures because of higher than normal death rates.


Volunteers helping patients at Lincoln Hospital. I did not spill as


much. Gene can feed herself but many others can't. More than 1000


patients have died of malnutrition in hospital in the past four years,


according to Government figures. is a part of what we are doing here


and it is important to recognise that the volunteers are not here to


replace nurses. Rebecca is interested to learn more about the


scheme. Her mother died after she refused to eat following surgery.


would be easy to say, let's get the volunteers in the problem with the


NHS is solved, but it is not going to be as easy as that. It is just


feeding. It is caring vomit it is attitudes. Nurse managers insist


that those who need specialists help at mealtimes will still get it.


it is caring, it is attitudes. with the most physical or specialist


needs will be supported by the nursing staff and the clinical


support workers. Senior nurses insist the social action of the


volunteers with patients is crucial, too. A lot of patients with dementia


do react better to social interaction, encouragement. A lot of


patients forget that they are hungry or forget to eat. This project is


the subject of University research to see how valuable it is. The


results of the research should be known later this year.


But with the trust in special measures and concerns already having


been raised about local patient nutrition, management have decided


to act now so the volunteers scheme will be rolled out to Boston.


I spoke to David Harding Price from the Royal College of Nursing and


asked him whether nurses felt they had time to look after Food & Drink


for their patients. We have been saying for some time that nurses are


under a lot of time pressure and we have to ensure that they have all


the time they need to provide all the care, and that includes time to


do the feeding and hydration. accept this is nursing on the cheap,


or this is how it will be seen? Ann it is a worrying development and the


royal college nursing is concerned that it could lead to people seeing


it as nurses on the cheap. We would like horrified nurses paid for to


provide sufficient care. -- we would like qualified nurses.


Do they feel but feeding patients is beneath them? No, they do not. What


we are saying is you have to ensure there is sufficient staff so we can


provide the 24-hour care. Everything through feeding to sleeping to the


pounds on, whether it is changing addressing... Watt we heard in our


report, one patient who died because the feeding was not being monitored


in Lincoln. Will this scheme work? It will work


if the volunteers are suitably trained, if they share the


information about what the patient has eaten and drunk and if the staff


are able to work with them. It will not work if we have a situation


where it is seen as a means of doing things on the cheap.


They have been doing this at Lincoln County Hospital for a while but the


Care Quality Commission want them in January this year they still were


not feeding patients properly. Why can't hospitals get a grasp of


this? The difficulty is we have seen increasingly be NHS budget cut and


what we are having is instead of employing sufficient nurses we have


had a situation, we have senior recently with the care report where


management are being told they have too employed more qualified staff.


Would you prefer the beating of patients done by volunteers or your


own nurses? -- the feeding of patients.


By nurses. Is this a sensible way to make sure


patients in hospital after police or is it nursing done on the cheap with


volunteers coming in, feeding on volunteers feeding patients in


hospitals before 7pm. Still to come, one step closer to a


memorial to Hull's fishing past. With a trip to Wembley Stadium at


the end of next month, Hull FC have become the city's latest sporting


success. The team secured their place in the belief iss Challenge


Cup final -- their place in rugby league's Challenge Cup final. It is


another boost to Hull, which is also in the running for the UK City of


Culture. This is what sporting success looks


like. Fans and a whole city on a high. For the thousands who make the


70 mile trip to Huddersfield, they came with Wembley in their sights.


But it was a nervy start. When the black-and-white is finally woke up


they showed what they could do. This from Holt Poster boy Tom line. And


the tries kept coming. Could they hold an? A late surge from


Warrington was not enough. Cole's 16-12 win and Wembley is calling. --


Hull's. Wembley! Brilliant. Everything we expected. And the


party continues back in Hull today at the victory is about more than


what just happens on the pitch. put it down to a sleeping giant over


the years. We are now waking up. We are on the move and moving forward


very fast indeed. There is a growing sense that Hull is a city on its way


up. A string of sporting success is helping it to shed old stereotypes


and reinvent itself. With a Premier League football team, and Olympic


gold medallist Matt hosting world-class sporting events, there


is a City of Culture bid, too, and national recognition for Hull's


architecture. The next challenge, a date at Wembley. It is not just a


little town on the outskirts of the river now. It will get people from


down south to come up here and see what Hull has got to offer. It puts


us on the map. All eyes and expectations of a city now turn to


the final. Whole FC against Wigan on the 24th of August.


-- Hull FC. Bob Barton is a travel writer. You have recently done an


article and been very complimentary about Hull. Are we on the up?


my first visit and I was impressed. When I told people in London I was


coming up for a short break in Hull I had some very funny looks but


those people have not into Hull. does it have a certain image? Is it,


because as the Observer newspaper said yesterday, it has the


misfortune to sit on the word latter tween dull and held? I am not sure.


Many people have not been. The problem with whole is it is not on


the way to anywhere else so from a tourist point of view you cannot


latch it onto a round Britain itinerary, for example. How much is


sporting success important for a city? Will that help us? I think it


will help, and not just sport but if you are used in film and TV


programmes that is shown to bring a lot of people. But a lot of it is


word-of-mouth and I'm certainly spreading the word. The maritime


quarter of Hull is fantastic. You have the Philip Clark in Trail am a


wonderful selection of museums and there is so much to offer. It is not


just Hull, we have got Beverley, Barton, nearby some great places.


This is your namesake, Barton, and you like it too much yes. I am


pleased that my namesake town is a very handsome place. The long art


gallery built of Rick where they made the ropes, that is just a


unique building. -- built of bricks. It is a very pretty place. Crossing


the Humber Bridge is magnificent and if that could be used as a cultural


icon I think it would become world-famous. Thank you for writing


nice things. Continue your missionary work done there about


Hull! An investigation has begun after a


van carrying cash was robbed by men carrying a hammer. Police were


called to McDonald's in Trinity shriek in Gainsborough just after


9am this morning. The robbers threatened the driver before making


off with cash. Two men have been charged with


murder following the death of a 30-year-old man in Grantham at the


weekend. Daniel Walsh died in hospital after a violent incident.


Ben Croft, 24, and Sam Croft, 21, have been remanded in custody. Two


others arrested have been released without charge.


A helicopter crew from RAF left and filled in East Yorkshire has rescued


a woman and two children from a river in North Yorkshire. All three


were winched to safety. 6000 men from Hull have died in the


last 100 years working on trawlers in some of the most challenging


conditions on Earth. Today it has been decided what memorial -- a


memorial to honour them will look like.


For years, hundreds of people from Hull have gathered on wasteland to


remember those lost at sea soon it will be this Memorial Day gather


at. Called Fathers, Sons and Mothers, it's designers say it could


be a teardrop representing lost or a fishing net landing on deck. Inside


it will be words chosen by the people of Hull. It has to have a


memorial for the thousands of fishermen lost. It has to be a place


of contemplation. It also has to be educational for the future heritage


of the city. We feel that this design does just that.


Memorial's designers have already made their mark on Hull, giving the


city its Fish Trail as well as giving Blackpool the Comedy Carpet.


It is a memorial but more than that. It is where people can go to


remember those lost. But also it could be quite an attraction for the


centre it's in terms of the history of the community. 6000 of Hull's


trawlermen were lost at sea. He memorial to them will be built using


money raised by the fishing heritage group. It will cost �250,000 to


build it here but before construction can begin, the group


wants the designer to consult with the fishing men's families. People


from Hull's former fishing community. To date we asked people


on this road what they thought. father-in-law is scattered up there


so we often pop up there to take flowers. It is brilliant. I do not


think it is appropriate for fishermen. It is more like something


you would find in Trafalgar Square. It is a teardrop and fishing net,


yes. The group says it will consult with families next month before


finally making this memorial a reality.


Another one you might want to comment on. What do you think of the


design of the Memorial? Thank you for watching. Still ahead:


A survivor of World War II naval battles in the Arctic is finally


recognised for his service. And how planes like these attracted 200,000


visitors to Cleethorpes over the weekend.


The full report a little later and 20 more of your pictures, but just a


binoculars? No, it was not. I note you like bird


spotting, so were you playing spotting? The forecast. Torrential


downpours today and for the next couple of hours we still have a


weather warning in place. One or two torrential downpours. A rash of


showers wishing offshore. Tomorrow we are looking at showers are gay


but not quite as many. Still some could be on the heavy side. So far


today we had a fair few showers. You can see on the satellite picture, on


the pressure charts, look ahead to Friday, a lot of uncertainty. But


very warm air across France and if that pushes in we could get


torrential downpours again. But a long way off. He is the satellite


picture. The thicker cloud is where we have got showers and they are


pushing offshore now. Still for eastern parts particularly


potentially very heavy downpours. Then a dry night with warm, clear


spells. Temperatures overnight about dry note. Bright or sunny spells but


also a fair few showers. Not as many as today but there could be the


potential for one or two heavy ones. Temperatures about average for the


it is a bit warmer. On Wednesday, we start of an a high note. Watch out


for the showers on Friday. -- start an open day at allotments in


Beverley this weekend. Is that suntan lotion in your hand?


It is paraffin oil that he uses, not suntan lotion!


Have a nice evening. 70 years ago, he was badly injured on his warship


in the Arctic Tom now a war veteran from Immingham has been recognised


for his bravery. Sidney Lewis has received the Arctic Star medal in


honour of his time as squatting merchant ships to the Soviet Union


during the Second World War. -- escorting ships.


As Sidney Lewis looks over his medals for serving during some of


the bloodiest sea battles of World War II, the receipt of a new


accolade has yet again brought many memories back. His latest medal is


the Arctic Star, recognising the service of personnel during the


Arctic convoys of World War II. was terrific, the weather and


bombing and torpedo and all that sort of thing. To see ships just


been blown up, it was quite breathtaking, really. When Russia


ended the war we had to support them in some way. They were on the output


against the Germans. -- when they entered the war. We had to supply


them with ammunitions but to do that all vessels have to run the


gauntlet. This is truly an epic part of the war. He also helped evacuate


600 men from the horrors of Dunkirk and was one of just a few surviving


ship is too good to Malta. It was absolutely terrible. We were


dive-bombed day and night. Torpedoes, submarines. I saw two


torpedoes literally go underneath the ship. But after his ship was


destroyed, two precious photographs were found floating on the sea.


wife and myself. And a photo of the ship. I was handed them and asked,


are these yours? I just could not believe it. I wake up sometimes in


the night and think, let it go through your mind, you know. Then


you realise how lucky you are to be here. It is only a medal after all


but it means more than that. To those sort of people that were


there, it is the feeling you have been recognised a little bit for


what you did. Sidney Lewis, who has now received


the optics are medals -- the Arctic Star medal.


On Friday we toured too four cores of cat owners to be more responsible


after eight colony of feral animals was found in Hull. They are now


being caught in humane traps to be neutered. A cat charity says it is a


problem because not enough owners are taking on the responsibility.


The Driffield boxer Curtis Woodhouse is to fight for the Commonwealth


lightweight title. Former Hull city and Grimsby town foot Baller will


meet Derry Matthews in Liverpool on September the 21st.


Organisers of the Cleethorpes Air Show says the weekend was one of the


busiest the resort has ever seen. Early estimates show around 200,000


people attended the event, making it twice as big as last he's show.


The resort was still busy and buzzing today after an exciting


weekend of awesome aerobatics. Visitors were treated to displays.


However, the weather did throw a spanner in the works on Saturday,


when half of the six display teams could not take off. We still have to


pay for some of those acts. Once they are fuelled and ready to fly,


we still have to pay. We were fairly gutted that the weather beaters on


that one but we made up for it on the Sunday. -- be weather beat us.


Did you lose a lot of money? DS, but we are OK. But it did not seem to


dampen anyone's spirits. Here are was not that busy, money-wise, but


there was a lot of people about. was fantastic. Enjoyed it. The kids


enjoyed it. He loved it, sat on the beach with him. What did you like


about it? Big aeroplanes.Last year the show generated �3.5 million for


the local economy and organisers, who say they are still number


crunching, say that figure could swell to 5 million this year.


Our reporter is in Cleethorpes now. Did the traders in the town see the


benefit? There has been a bit of a mixed reaction, actually. I have


been talking to some of the traders. While many do not deny that the


increase in footfall was a good thing, some say that the fact that


the parking was closed off on the sea front, it meant people could not


come and stop, by an ice cream or fish and chips, and they had to park


quite far away. I am joined by a councillor. I do not understand


where they are coming from. We had an additional 200,000 people over


the weekend. We will be meeting the traders to overcome that but an


estimated �4 million extra went into the economy. Yes, the car park was


closed down but we had to do it to put the stalls up. The airshow is


free and the organise have to generate money from somewhere.


It was so successful they had to put it on again next year.


Thanks to everyone who sent in photos. We had some fantastic


pictures of aircraft over the weekend and banks particularly to


Robert, Brian and Peter, whose rich as we saw a few moments ago.


-- whose pictures we saw. They recap of the headlines: The NHS 111


helpline is in crisis after one of its main contractors says it is


going to pull out. Hospital managers in Lincolnshire


say volunteers brought in to help fit patients will not replace


nursing staff. Showers tomorrow. Temperatures up to


20 Celsius, 68 Fahrenheit. Volunteers feeding patients in


hospitals. A big response on this story. Yvonne says, as an ex-nurse,


I have thought for many years that volunteers are needed to help feed


patients. It takes time. From Kerry, my mum is a nurse and they are so


overstretched. They appreciate volunteers to take the strain of


them so they can do other jobs. Chloe says, are they going to be any


paid jobs or is it all volunteering? Another view it says,


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