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North. The headlines tonight: Protests in Beverley after a warning


patients could be at risk at East Riding's newest hospital.


The staff were fantastic and they seem so happy, so what has gone


wrong? The church services replaced by


financial services - giving people access to affordable loans. We know


people would have access to the loans.


Braving the rain in Sandringham - the crowds waiting to meet royalty's


newest grandparents. They celebrated semi final success -


now Hull FC fans queue to get their hands on Wembley tickets.


Brighter prospects for tomorrow. I will be back later with the


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Patients are being put at potential risk.


That's the verdict today from the Care Quality Commission on our


newest hospital. When it opened just over a year ago the East Riding


Community Hospital was supposed to provide more convenient treatment


but the health watchdog says some staff there are unable to cope. Now


local health managers have been given just a week to show they're


making improvements. With more here's our health correspondent,


Vicky Johnson. It was supposed to bring community


hospital care into the 21st century, but just a year after opening it's


beset with problems and protests. You this might not be the last


demonstration. Earlier, the Care Quality Commission


had published its findings following an inspection last month. According


to the Care Quality Commission, there had been sick untoward


incidents. - - six is. Full is to Inspectors found that as well as


failing to meet national standards with regards to the Care and welfare


of people using the services. Action is also needed to support


workers - especially those who had transferred from Hornsea, Driffield


and the old Beverley Westwood hospitals.


They also demand better ways of monitoring the quality of service.


In response, the Humber NHS Foundation Trust has issued a


statement, saying they "already taking action to assure the CQC that


we comply with essential standards. Win shouldn't be facing a situation


where people are coming out of hospitals and cannot get a bed in


Beverley because the wards are go somewhere, you will be worried


are they going to be safe. I came today and everything was OK.


thought it would be an asset with it being so close. So it was mostly


business as usual today, with people coming and going for outpatient


appointments. Both local resident and management wants normal services


to be resumed as soon as it is safe to do so. Joining me is Graeme


Stuart. Brand-new hospital, already patients are at risk. Is this an


embarrassment to the government who fund it? I think everyone will be


saddened that the hospital hasn't lived up to our highest hopes. It is


the first year of operation. I am pleased there is now a regulator


which isn't afraid to step in. If there was something wrong, say so,


do something about it. The Labour Party have said this is a damning


report. Would you agree with that? would agree with that. I am not sure


what they were demonstrating about. They seem to be demonstrating


against having a strong report urging improvements for this


hospital. It was complete and utter nonsense. This isn't a huge hospital


to get right, yet they are told to reduce beds from 30 down to 12. What


will you be doing to make sure the beds are opened again quickly?


have seen stuff coming in from different community hospitals to


this one. The patient mix is more demanding than they are used to and


became a cult leadership from GPs is not saying. The plan is to train up


the stuff, make sure there was better leadership. That should have


been done before the hospital open. I agree. Two of our hospital trusts


are in special measures, problems with the 111 emergency line and the


BMA said even the QC queue - - the BMA said even the sea QC has lost


its grip. We heard from people before they were told not to make a


force. Now we have transparency. People can go to a hospital knowing


they are not being fed a line, they are getting high quality care. This


government is getting to grips with this. Mr Stewart, thank you very


much for coming in. We'd like your thoughts on this


story. Is this latest report a sign that the Government is getting to


grips with the problems in the NHS In a moment: Five months after sand


drifts covered the Lincolnshire coast - traders say they still need


help to sort it out. The Archbishop of Canterbury has


said he wants to see payday loan companies forced out business with


the church stepping in to provide credit instead.Well in one


Lincolnshire town that's already happening. A credit union which


offers loans runs every week at Holy Trinity Church in Louth. Organisers


says their service is essential to stop people signing up for high


interest loans and they've recently been visited by an adviser to the


Archbishop. Jo Makel takes up the story. This parish church in


Lincolnshire isn't just offering spiritual guidance. It can do


financial services as well. I wanted to save money on a regular basis. I


was spurred on by what Justin Welby said earlier in the week about


helping other people. The Archbishop of Canterbury has said he wants


payday loan companies to be put out of this mess. He has also had to


face the embarrassment that the Church of England has itself


indirectly infested and �75,000 in Wonga. Church members here feel they


are leading the way. We believe in the ethics of this. We think people


have issues with money management need some support and help. If we


were not here, people would have access to doorstep loans and payday


lenders. Credit unions are financial cooperatives, usually within a


community. That means members have a force in how they are run, and like


a bang, savings are protected. - - embers have a voice in how they are


run, and by Kate Anka, savings are protected. The consumer finance the


lending? I think it is a good idea in general. If we can't afford it,


we don't have it. It is a church and should not be used for anything else


other than church at notice. If the church has its way, credit unions


that the once based here will be in the front-line in the battle against


the payday loan companies. That Bishop of Canterbury wants to


replicate these schemes in parish churches across the country.


If the Archbishop of Canterbury has his way, pay day loan companies will


be put out of business by church Credit Unions like these. I've been


talking to the Bishop of Hull about this and asked him if there is room


for both types of lending. What worries me about the payday loans is


the exorbitant interest rates. If they were reasonable, it would be


different. They are only about 1% a day. Both are reasonable length of


time, it gets astronomical - - over a reasonable length of time. Watch


the church want to do is have the same amount of lending, but over a


longer period of time. That is just as hard, isn't it? At a greatly


reduced interest rate. That is what is exploiting the poor, when


interest rates are so high that it physically penalises the poor.


you like to get rid of these companies altogether? I think it


would be healthier if there was no need for them. I agree with the


Archbishop on that respect. If you push them out of business, and the


Church cannot manage to do with everyone who wants to borrow money,


there will be many people who rely on these fans. I think the major


emphasis should be on the development of credit unions. The


one in Hull and the East Riding is doing a tremendous job. We need more


people to sign up credit unions. some of the payday lending company


's went out of his this and there wasn't enough with the church credit


unions to deal with people, there would have nowhere to go. People


would be desperate. Now, I think there would be more credit unions. I


do not think there have to be run by the church. The Archbishop is


encouraging church members to give up their time and expertise. Is it a


sad state of affairs we are talking about this? Very much indeed. The


poor are being made scapegoats for our current circumstances. Thank you


very much for coming in. And this is another story we'd like


your views on. Is it right for the church to be involved in money


lending. What do you think of the Archbishop's plan to "compete" the


pay day loan companies out of East Midlands Trains have failed in


a legal attempt to halt industrial action by members of the RMT Trade


Union. The company claims that an overtime ban and work to rule have


been introduced because of an invented dispute. The Union says


it's taking the action because of a break down in negotiations over


changes to shift patterns. It's a problem which began on the


Lincolnshire coast in March but people living in Mablethorpe and


Sandilands say they still need more help to sort it out. Tonnes of sand


were blown in from the beaches by strong winds into gardens and


business properties. Despite work by the council to clear it, people


affected say it's not enough and they're worried that the problem


will happen again. Caroline Bilton reports.


This was the Lincolnshire coast five months ago. Homes and businesses


varied under tonnes of sand. The owner of this cafe at to dig his way


into his business. The sound was this high. We were having to cancel


bookings, which costs us money. months on, and rows and of tonnes of


sand has been shift in. From March to May, 1700 man-hours have been


spent shift in 11,000 tonnes of sand. That is in addition to the


350,000 tonnes shifted by the Environment Agency using heavy


machinery. People here today told me there is still a problem with sand


drift here on the Lincolnshire coast. Everybody is complaining


about the inability to get between a few places. We are smack bang in the


middle of the season. It will be too late in a month plus much time. The


holiday-makers would have gone. beaches act as a natural flood


defence. Some people believe the additional sand has exacerbated the


problem, and there is concern it is not being cleared for a reason.


People are feeling, are they allowing some of the sand not to be


cleared to become part of the natural sea defence, and if that is


the case, letters have the dialogue. The council say this is not the


case, but admit it is not a problem that will go away any time soon.


think the reality is, the issue with sand is not going to go away any


time soon. A freak storm caused this unprecedented disruption. People


want it clearing, and they wanted clearing soon.


Still ahead tonight: Preparing for a long wait - the Hull FC fans queuing


for Wembley final tickets. We're going to do it. We will go


Bridlington looking towards Sewerby and Flamborough Head. Helen Bovill


sent that in. Good evening. My favourite tweet


last night was from Rick and he said, is clearly Donovan a part-time


trucker? I noticed her right arm is very tanned, yet her neck, face and


left arm and not. Meaning you have it out of the window if you are a


choke. Of course. Maybe I need to borrow


your fake tan. Will you be stopping any time soon?


We finish at seven. I have quarter of an hour then.


William. Tomorrow is going to be warm and humid. There will be


pleasant, sunny spells as well. It will be much more mundane but


sunshine and warmth, until this cold front pushes through. You can see


all this crowd pushing in from the South West. That is what is bringing


as the brain. Through the evening, the rain will push away northwards.


It would leave behind quite a lot of clout. There will be some breaks.


Potentially, quite an uncomfortable night in places. Temperatures around


16 or 17. It will be a mild start of the day with glimmers of sunshine. A


bright, warm, humid day with beautiful spells of sunshine. It


will be very pleasant by the acting. Temperature is doing very well.


There will be in a high 20s in many places. Some parts of Lincolnshire


could get up to around 30 or 31 degrees, so very warm indeed. We


still have that warmth on Friday. It will cloud over on Friday but it


will still be bright, but there could be some showery bursts of


rain. Sunny spells and scattered showers for Saturday. Some sunshine


A bonus picture today. Peter said, you have a new viewer, Peter, but he


does not look that interested in what you are doing.


You are even boring animals now! Have you finished question that good


night! Thanks to all of you who've been in touch after East Riding


Council scrapped its proposals for a new permanent site for travellers.


There is already one site in Bridlington - and now proposals for


the site next to a holiday complex start of the new football season,


Scunthorpe United's manager says he's happy with his side's


preparation.despite their 2-0 defeat against Lincoln City last night. The


Iron are looking to bounce back after relegation to League Two.


They've received a half a million pound windfall ahead of the new


campaign following the sale of one of their former strikers. Simon


Spark reports. At this pre-season friendly against


Lincoln City at Sincil Bank last night, Scunthorpe United Manager


Brian Laws decided against using his key players and they lost 2-0.


But this wasn't the disappointment you may have expected. I am


delighted because we had to very young players. I was delighted with


them. It took until the very last game of


the season last April to confirm their drop to League two. This is


the first time they've been here again in eight years since Brian


Laws guided them out in 2003, but there've been a number of changes


over the last three months. Two key signings Chris Ilewumo and


Deon Burton, both strikers. And they have a new Chairman, ex


Gainsborough Trinity, Peter Swann was appointed in May.


The club has been on a declining slope, so we hope Peter Swan will


give them fresh impetus. There'll also be a half a million pound


financial boost after a sell on clause was negotiated for their


former striker Gary Hooper. Because Celtic made a profit when they sold


him on to Norwich City, Scunthorpe also gain. What do the supporters


feel about the season end? We're coming to collect the season-ticket


for my son. He plays in a youth team and always enjoyed the match.


The rain may be falling but the mood is upbeat.


And we'll take a look at Lincoln City, Hull City and Grimsby Town's


prospects ahead of the new football season.


It's almost a month until Hull FC walk out at Wembley for their


Challenge Cup Final against Wigan, but fans have been quick to snap up


their tickets which went on sale this morning. It's hoped around


twenty thousand fans will travel to London for the final at the end of


August. Tickets went on sale at the KC Stadium at nine o clock this


morning. With their team heading for Wembley,


these Hull FC fans weren't taking any chances when it came to securing


a ticket for the Challenge Cup Final. It will be the first one I'm


taking my children too. It was worth getting here rarely. I have


supported them for a few years and I want to be there. My husband has


supported them for over 50 years. I hope they win.


The frenzy for tickets has led to claims some people are buying


dozens. And this afternoon they were being sold on ebay. The club says


don't panic, because there are plenty to go round. There must be


thousands of supporters who have queued. It is amazing.


Hull were the underdogs on Sunday when they beat Warrington to reach


the final against Wigan. It would be a mistake to discount them again, so


the fans will tell you. They are going to win. People said we


wouldn't beat Warrington, but I said we want, and we did. We're going to


go and give them what for. So it's 25 days and counting till


the Black and Whites grace Wembley. The players can rest assured


there'll be plenty of supporters from Hull making the trip down in


London to cheer them on. It has been a day of royal


celebrations in Sandringham. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall


have been visiting the annual flower show. The prince received dozens of


gifts from well-wishers for his new grandson.


It was umbrellas all round, but rain didn't dampen the spirits of those


waiting to see the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. Many


were offering congratulations on the new addition to first-time


grandfather Prince Charles. He asked me if I had changed the baby's


nappy. He said, I hope you have very nice grandparents. And do you?Yes.


Prince Charles is a patron of the show. Today, he and the Duchess of


youth flower and vegetable displays before venturing back out into the


rain. She bought one or two bits. The Duke seemed to be interested in


the soft toffee, and the Duchess seem to want some muffins. Yes, that


is right. The royal couple left with a lot of small gifts from


well-wishers for their grandson. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. A mother and stepfather of a


four-year role boy found guilty of murder after stabbing and beating


him to death. Protests in Beverley as inspectors


one hospital patients could be at Thank you for the messages. On the


subject of the community Hospital in Beverley, Jay-Z said, what a shame


that - - Josie said, this is such a shame. Somebody else said, Graham


Stewart is divorced from reality. I was also talking to the bishop


about payday loans and I had a big response on this. This first one


says, the most I have payday loans for is a week and they work out


cheaper than bank overdraft fees. Somerdale said, if the church really


want to help the poor, their interest rates would be zero. Daniel


said, I think the payday lenders should stay, but be forced to


decrease the interest they charge. Alan said, in my view, the church


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