01/08/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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And we reached 31 degrees in some parts of our region today. I will


have the full forecast. Good evening.


The Deputy Prime Minister says people who don't believe in wind


power to generate electricity are Luddites. He's been in Grimsby to


open a new wind farm off the Lincolnshire coast, as well as


announcing millions of pounds of investment for the industry. He said


Britain is a world leader in renewable energy despite having no


wind turbine factories yet - even though two are planned for this


area. Here's our business correspondent, Paul Murphy.


This afternoon Mr Clegg got an overview of an industry he hopes the


UK can become a world leader in. He wants it to be bigger and the


country to benefit. When you are in a global race, if you are in pole


position, you need to put your foot on the accelerator and increase your


lead. He had come to Grimsby to formally opened a new wind farm, it


is generating enough power for 200,000 homes. But it is a source of


frustration to the government that these giant machines are actually


made abroad, with subsidy UK taxpayers. Ministers want Great


Britain to get a biggest slice of the action. Strategy will require


new turbines, a supply plan that will ensure more of the work is


done. We are publishing more incentives for foreign manufacturers


to do their manufacture in Britain. Mr Clegg said he was working flat


out. It is three years since its Siemens expressed an interest in


building a factory here but the company has been nervous about how


much UK Government support there would be. The proposed government


measures include a �20 million fund to offered specialist support to


renewable energy companies. �46 million to encourage invention and


innovation in the area of renewable energy. And a requirement that


larger companies getting involved in offshore wind make a commitment to


the UK supply chain. What is Centrica's view of where the


government is sat at the moment in terms of support for your industry?


We welcome the industrial strategy announced today. There is a lot of


work that needs to be done for us to look at it and understand it fully.


So that we can make sure we have the certainty required in order to start


a large infrastructure projects. that is what you call a cautious


welcome. This industry will want to think hard on the detail of the


government support package before making too many more big investment


decisions. I met Nick Clegg on his trip to


Grimsby earlier today. This is good news. You want to be a world leader


in green energy. Why do we not have one factory building turbines in


this country? One of the things we say, we are setting out our offshore


strategy. When, in future, bidders want to install new wind farms, they


must show how they will help the UK supply chain. Can you force them to


employ local people? Now. We need to ask them, what is your commitment to


that local supply chain. -- now, we cannot. Why hasn't Siemens committed


to coming to Humber? I hope they will. You hope or do you think they


will? It is their decision. We are doing everything we can to make sure


that Siemens project goes ahead. We need to work with Siemens to make


sure that when they make that decision, it is a decision taken by


the Siemens board in Germany, they are confident of spending millions


of pounds locally here. I think it will be money well spent. I hope


they will take that decision soon. It is reported that they want more


clarity from the government. Do you know what that is? Tell a lot of


these big deals are very complex in their detail. We are working with


Siemens a day in, day out. We are giving them answers. We are giving


them reassurance. At the end of the day, Siemens is a big international


company. They must make that decision, comparing a investment


here to other investments in other parts of the world. I hope they make


the investment here. I hope it will be a yes. We are working flat out to


make sure it is a yes and I am very committed to this. I have had


several conversations with Siemens, I have visited them locally on


several occasions, I have visited them in Germany, we are doing


everything we can. You have been a great ambassador of turbines. There


is still a lot of people who are very sceptical in this country.


There is still a big job to do. You call them Luddites, don't you?


every new technology, you get people saying, we do not want the new, we


want to stick to what we know. I think we have to move with the


times. There is a global race going on about who can employ more people,


get more investment in the new green technologies. It so happens that I


believe the new British economy, part of it, will be a boom in green


renewable technologies. It is already a sector growing at 5% per


year, more than other parts of the economy. Offshore industry could be


worth �7 billion to our economy by the end of the decade, employing


30,000 people. I want to see jobs created for people locally. That is


why I am dedicated to it. Thank you. That was earlier this afternoon. Is


the Government right to say it's a world leader on green energy? And


are the people who oppose wind farms Luddites? Give us your thoughts on


whether Siemens will come to our In a moment: Looking for wildlife in


unusual places - the hidden secrets of our ponds and drains.


No deaths in house fires in 12 months. A proud record for


Humberside firefighters, who say it is because their message on smoke


alarms and fire safety is getting through. But they are warning people


not to be complacent and have highlighted how even an unattended


toaster can cause devastation. Amy Cole reports.


This is the result of a piece of toast that got stuck in a toaster


and carried on burning. The kitchen is completely ruined - around


�50,000 pounds worth of damage caused. If we had left that door


open, the living room would be in the same state. The actions of the


Mawston family have been praised by Humberside Fire and Rescue service.


It says they responded in a textbook manner under very challenging


circumstances. It took us 15 minutes to get here and get it under


control. That was helped by the fact that the family knew exactly what to


do in the event of a fire. They close the kitchen door. Dad did not


attempt to fight the fire. It is those types of behaviour that helped


us keep fire deaths recently down to zero. Humberside Fire and Rescue


service says there has been no deaths from fire in the last 12


months. In the school year before 2012, there were six deaths. The


family said they feel lucky to be alive. Feeling a bit down, but


relieved as well at the fact that all the family got out. Marvellous


response, my older children who were upstairs who managed to get the


younger sister out. For the Mawstons, it could be up to three


months before they can move back in - a stark reminder of how an


everyday act can suddenly get out of control. Amy Cole, BBC Look North,


Hull. Parking charges are making large


profits for some of our local authorities. According to the latest


research, a surplus of more than �500 million has been made


nationally. The three councils making the most profit from parking


in this area include Lincoln City Council. They made a surplus of just


over �2.4 million last year. Hull City Council made just over �1.6


million and East Lindsey District Council generated �1.4 million from


parking charges. The owners of a piece of land in the


way of a major development in Sleaford could be forced to sell.


North Kesteven District Council is meeting now to decide whether to


force Sleaford town council to give up part of a recreation ground. It


would allow a link road to be built, opening up land for Tesco, and the


redevelopment of the semi-derelict Bass Maltings site.


Passenger numbers at East Midlands Airport dropped to four million in


the year to March, but it's claimed they're recovering this summer. The


fall of more than six per cent is being put down to the closure of the


airline BMI Baby last September. The airport says new routes from other


airlines and a new base for Monarch should help offset the drop by the


end of the summer. Today marks Yorkshire Day, where


people celebrate the county's rich culture and heritage. However,


according to one survey only a handful of public buildings have


flown the traditional white rose flag. Campaigners are using the day


to call for Yorkshire to be given its own parliament to strengthen the


county's identity. More from our political editor, Tim Iredale.


The traditional white rose flag has been flying above East Riding's


County Hall today. It was here in Beverley where the first Yorkshire


Day was celebrated in 1975, as a protest against the redrawing of


England's county boundaries the previous year. We think it is very


important, we are very proud of Yorkshire and I think many people


call it God 's country. It is a celebration of all things Yorkshire,


and we are proud of that heritage. However, a survey by a group called


the Yorkshire Devolution Movement suggests that East Riding is in a


minority and only a handful of local authorities will fly the Yorkshire


flag today. The Yorkshire der evolution movement once more power


devolved away from Westminster. There is a lot of discussion about


this north, south divide. With the Yorkshire did evolution, we would


want a similar structure to what we have in Wales at the moment, a


directly assembly. Yorkshire and the Humber, which has now elected


regional government, has a population of 5.3 million, the same


number as Scotland, which has its own parliament. So, how do voters in


Beverley feel about the idea of a Yorkshire Parliament? I think it


should have its own parliament to promote Yorkshire itself as far as


the guest of the UK is concerned. Yes. It is a big county. It is the


biggest county in the whole country, so on that hand, if you


think of it like that, we should have a say that goes on in the


biggest county will stop now, we should not have our own parliament.


Leave it at that. Proposals for regional government bit the dust


under the last Labour government, but with Scotland due to hold a


referendum on independence next year, the idea of home rule for


Yorkshire may not seem so far-fetched. What's the likelihood


of seeing a Yorkshire Parliament? This comes up every now and again.


The argument is, a disproportionate amount of taxpayers money is spent


on the south-east of England and having home rule for Yorkshire may


retest the balance. It still throws up a whole new set of questions. Do


voters want a whole new set of politicians in the current climate?


Where would the Parliament or assembly be based? Leeds, Sheffield,


Hull? Who would be in charge of it? Do you fancy that job? Prime


Minister of Yorkshire? Should Yorkshire get more power to make its


own decisions, a parliament for Yorkshire? Please contact us and


tell us your thoughts. Still ahead tonight, the million pound lottery


winners who almost threw their ticket away. I was shaking, my


stomach was turning and she had to look at the ticket three times. She


said, you have done it. You said you would always do it. Tonight's


picture is a beautiful sunset at Freiston Shore near Boston. It was


taken by Rose Ravenscroft. Thank you very much. Another one tomorrow


night. I was too busy thinking those people had as much money as you. You


were taking the Mickey out of me last week. It seems your clothes


resemble household items. I wanted to say we have got a tablecloth that


looks like your shirt. It is very dull today. I will wear a tablecloth


tomorrow. It has been a very warm day. Up to 31 degrees in some part


of the region, which is 87 Fahrenheit. It won't be quite as


warm or uncomfortable tomorrow and at the weekend. Tomorrow, Danny


spells but there will be an settled spells as well. There will be some


showers. Courtesy of this cold front, introducing fresh air behind


it. Fresh prospects for the weekend. It has been very warm this


afternoon, you can see barely a cloud in this guide through the


course of the afternoon. It is a lovely evening out there. -- barely


a cloud in the sky. It will be quite an uncomfortable night. In some


places, temperatures will drop no lower than 18 or 19 degrees, which


is a little warm for son of us. -- for some of us. I think early doors


it will be a lovely start to the day, but quickly we will see


reversals of rain pushing in from the south-west. There will be


increasing amounts of sunny spells and dry weather, but always an


ongoing shower risk, one or two could be heavy with the risk of hail


and thunder. It will be fresh, it will be less humid, though.


Temperatures getting up to 22 or 23 degrees. On Saturday, and Sunday,


temperatures in the high teens, low 20s. On Saturday, a mixture of the


rebel cloud. The risk of a few showers. A few more showers on


Sunday, and then rain in the south-west on Monday.


Someone was complimenting you on Twitter. See you tomorrow.


Water voles, newts and bats have all been filmed in unexpected places in


cities for a new BBC One programme. Presenter Mike Dilger and The Urban


Jungle team found the wildlife in unusual places on a visit to Hull.


The water is lovely. Are you coming in? Bill Marsden spent tens of


thousands of pounds building this swimming pond so he could take his


daily swim with the marine life. You can tell the meals from the females.


The males are fabulous creatures. is called Lazy Boy. He is reluctant


to go to the gym. He is reluctant to fly. I have come to a drain that


runs through a housing estate a few miles outside Hull. I'm on the trail


of the waterfall, and after four hours finally we catch one on


calorie. -- camera. -- water vole. It was the most fantastic wildlife


pond I have ever seen. It does not matter about the size of the pond in


your back garden, you can think a bucket into the garden or you can


have a pond that is large. The important thing is that you have a


pond. I have a pond in my back garden. I have got nukes, water


voles, the key thing is, do not have any fish. They eat the wildlife. --


newts. The males excite the females by using their tail, don't they?


They have a long tail with a crest all the way down and they squish it


in front of the female, bigger your lover. They try to entice them into


meeting. -- Gyle then. -- beguile then. What about these gizmos? Every


bat is on a different frequency? Yes. We were very lucky. We went to


a park in the centre of Paul, an area that is surrounded by hour


cause of vision. It takes the echo location of where the bats are


calling and opted to a frequency you can hear. The east Yorkshire bat


group were fascinated to find they had soprano bats over the lake.


Sopranos call at 55 cello hurts, they are more high-pitched. You can


buy these gizmos? They cost about �150. We had infrared camera is


there. We got excellent pictures of the battle whizzing past our ears.


-- bats. There were butterflies and moths as well. The programme is on


in about ten minutes. It looks like a great programme. It is on in about


ten minutes after this programme. More response on this story about


the Church in Lincoln stirred that wants to stop people signing up for


high interest loans by running its own credit union. Holy Trinity in


Louth offers a weekly service were parishioners can get financial help.


It comes after the Archbishop of Canterbury said he wanted to see


payday lenders forced out of business. Thank you for all your


you for those comments. It's the lottery that nearly wasn't.


A EuroMillions ticket, discarded, thought to be worth just a few


pounds. Now David Long and his fiancee Kathleen MacKenzie are


celebrating winning �1 million. Emma Massey reports from the celebration


at their local pub. A very lucky couple from Scunthorpe


- winners of �1 million in the EuroMillions Lottery. Kathleen


initially binned the ticket, thinking it was worth �2.70. But


when David took it to a newsagent to claim the prize, he found it was a


much bigger win. That ticket could have been in the bin now. It is just


unbelievable, honestly. He came home and told me. I was still in bed.


would not believe me. I was shaking, my stomach was turning, I


got her up, she looked on the iPad. She said, you have done it. You said


you would do it. It is nice that it has happened to a nice couple. They


will be able to do things they have dreamt of and never been able to do


before. So what could this lucky couple buy with their �1 million


winnings? They could of course go some way towards buying this, their


local pub, the Mallard. It has four bedrooms, two lounges and a


well-stocked cellar. There are some houses for sale here in the leafy


suburbs of Paul or �1 million. -- suburbs of Hull. How about buying a


yacht or speedboat? There is always the option of putting the money in a


high interest savings account which could earn up to �30,000 per year.


What are you going to do with the money? I-mate flat in this pub and


then rebuild it. -- I might flat in this pub. Kathleen is already


retired and David isn't sure whether he'll give up his job as an HGV


driver, but after a 12-year engagement, they are now planning to


get married. Emma Massey, BBC Look North.


Congratulations. It's probably the most famous song about Yorkshire. On


Ilkley Moor b'aht 'at. And a new version has been made for Yorkshire


Day, including some familiar faces. Here's a look at the video.


# Wheear 'ast tha bin sin' ah saw thee, ah saw thee?


# On Ilkla Mooar baht 'at. # Wheear 'ast tha bin sin' ah saw


thee, ah saw thee? # Wheear 'ast tha bin sin' ah saw


thee? # On Ilkla Mooar baht 'at. That film


was made to promote the county, but the makers say only a handful of


people can still remember the words. So we asked people in Hull if they


would try singing a few lines. # On Ilkla Mooar baht 'at. Let's get


a recap of the national and regional no one can understand us.


# On Ilkla Mooar baht 'at. # he sounded like Frank Spencer!


Lloyds Bank, partly owned by the taxpayer, is partly back in profit.


The bank 's share price is up. Nick Clegg says he is working flat out to


bring energy to the Humber. Tomorrow's weather, sunshine and


showers. Top temperatures in the afternoon around 22 Celsius. 22 is


72 Fahrenheit. There has been responses on the subject of wind


energy. Steve says, how Britain is a wind leader when we don't even make


wind turbines? I am involved in wind turbines and I can tell you, Siemens


will not come to Hull. That is from someone working in the wind turbine


industry. Daniel said, why not let the British firm that make these


turbines? Bob says, it is all well and good servicing wind turbines,


but why are they not made in the UK? We have materials and labour


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