02/08/2013 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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North. The headlines tonight: The rising


cost at our rural pumps but the Government has no plans to give


drivers here a discount on fuel. People's wages are not going up but


yet, fuel is getting higher and higher. The supermarkets knock off a


penny or two but a penny or two is no good. The head of the ambulance


service which covers Lincolnshire leaves his job. As figures show a


fall in national breast-feeding rates, mums in Hull are targeted as


part of a new campaign. I once breast-fed in a disabled toilet and


I sat there, thinking, "What am I doing? I wouldn't eat my lunch in a


toilet so why would I expect my baby to?" The perfect location for a


Georgian drama - could Beverley be the focus for the BBC's Christmas


hit? We reached 26 degrees in Hull. It will feel pleasant. I will have


Drivers in rural areas say they are becoming increasingly isolated


because of the cost of filling up their cars. It comes as the


Government announces it will look at extending a fuel discount to remote


parts of the UK including Cornwall and Cumbria. Pumps in East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire have been left out of the plans, leaving one of our


councils saying more pressure is needed to force the Government to


help motorists in our area. Our political editor Tim Iredale


living in this village rely heavily on their cars. It is very hard for


me. Fuel is cheaper in the big cities. People's wages are not


covering up. The supermarkets knock a penny or two off but that is no


good. The owner of the village garage says rural petrol stations


are fighting for their very survival. It is very tough because


the supermarkets give it away. We cannot compete with them. More and


more verbal garages close down. quick glance at an internet


comparison site reveals the lowest price of a litre of unleaded is just


under 1.31 in Lincoln 1.34 in Hull but in rural Horncastle the lowest


price is almost 1.40. The Government is now considering reducing fuel


duty by 5p a litre in remote rural areas. Motorists in the Scottish


Islands and the Scilly Isles have already seen a reduction due the


cost of transporting petrol and diesel to those areas. But despite


being one of England's biggest counties, Lincolnshire isn't on the


government short list and that has prompted an angry response from


local councillors. I am disappointing and I am standing up


for Lincolnshire on this issue. we look at the occupations,


Lincolnshire has 720,000 residents, North Yorkshire has something in the


region of 600 and Herefordshire has 140,000. So, where is the fairness


in that. Ministers say they are beginning to gather evidence for


reducing fuel duty in some areas but in the short term, it seems there is


little hope for a price cut in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.


Edmund King is the President of the AA. I asked him whether a fuel


discount for rural areas was a good idea. I think any help for those in


isolated areas that depend on their car is useful but it looks like it


is a bit of a postcode lottery because what areas are remote and


what aren't? I certainly know there are a lot of people in Lincolnshire


who are very concerned that they are not being included. Should they be


included? It doesn't get much more brutal than Lincolnshire. Since this


announcement, we have been inundated Pete with calls from people from


Sussex, -- Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Dorset, from people who save their


fuel is very expensive, there are no buses and they depend on their car.


It is a convex thing for the government to look at and ultimately


the EC. -- a complex thing. Do you think this actual policy that the --


wants to be pushed through is workable which Mark your macro when


it was introduced in the Scottish Isles, the 5p litre discount was


introduced at the same time that fuel went up 7p so no one actually


noticed it. I think it is a bit of window dressing. What we really need


is fuel price transparency and feel rices being reduced. A lot of people


in Lincolnshire will think this is a good idea, what is your message to


them rushed and Mark the message to people in Lincolnshire is that


really, garages in Lincolnshire have two proved to the Treasury that they


are in the same situation as those in the moat areas of Wales and Devon


and other areas to actually make the case. I believe many in Lincolnshire


can make a good case in the others get a 5p cut.


Do you live in a rural area and find the price of fuel too expensive? Or


do you live in a city and think it's unfair for rural areas to expect to


In a moment: forget knots and campfires, this is the new face of


scouting at an international camp in Lincolnshire.


The head of the ambulance service that covers Lincolnshire has left


his job. It's two months since the Home Secretary ordered a review into


Phil Milligan's plans to reorganise ambulance services in Lincolnshire.


Emma Massey is in our newsroom, what is the background to his departure.


Well, East Midlands Ambulance Service provides care for 4.8


million people including those in Lincolnshire but this is an


organisation that has been beset with problems. It's failed to meet


its response time targets for three years running. Also, the plans it


had designed to improve those responses have been heavily


criticised. In June, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt ordered a


review into that re-organisation. And now EMAS has lost it's chief


executive who we understand has stood down with immediate effect.


Phil Milligan had been with the NHS for 30 years and in a statement said


he is now looking forward to spending more time with his family.


An interim chief executive has been appointed.


So, Emma, has there been any reaction to this announcement?


The Ambulance Service itself has only issued a statement in which it


thanked Mr Milligan for his service but offered no explanation as to why


he has left. However, we have spoken to some of Lincolnshire MPs. Martin


Vickers, the MP for Cleethorpes said, "this comes as no real


surprise. The Trust has had more than its fair share of problems


recently." The Brigg and Goole MP Andrew Percy said, "the question


needs to be asked about whether North and North East Lincolnshire


should be served by EMAS or by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service." He


feels the area covered by EMAS is simply too big.


A Hull woman has denied killing her four-week-old daughter. Natasha


Salten pleaded not guilty to the murder of her baby Amelia-Lilly last


October. She was granted bail, with a trial now set for November.


Some stroke services at the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in


Grimsby will temporarily close after being judged as inadequate by the


Keogh Review. The review investigated unnecessarily high


death rates at a number of hospitals. Services will move to


Scunthorpe General. The NHS trust says this is the only way they can


provide a 24-hour service that is safe for patients.


Part of a recreation ground in Lincolnshire looks set to be sold to


make way for a road to a new supermarket. District councillors


voted last night for a compulsory purchase order on sections of a park


owned by Sleaford Town Council. They said the controversial road is vital


for the regeneration of the town. All the way through, are the --


remit has been to represent the people. They do not want such a


large loss of the recreation land and the closure of the level


crossing. If we don't grow and provide jobs, we will be the little


lost county where nothing ever happens. We don't want that to


happen. We will continue to follow this dory.


More support is needed to help new mothers with breast-feeding their


babies and the public needs to play it's part. That's according to


campaigners in Hull, who organised a breast-feeding event today in a city


park. They say mums are often made to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed


when they feed in public and that needs to stop. Breast-feeding can


help protect children from infections and illness but despite


an increase, nearly half of mothers still give up within the first two


The benefits of breast-feeding for both mother and baby are well


documented. This event in Hull is part of a worldwide attempt to break


the record for the number of women breast-feeding and to give new mums'


support. When mums come home from hospital, there are fewer visits by


the midwife. We also, we know what you are going through. But there can


still be a stigma attached to doing this in public. Last month on Look


North, we told you about the mother asked by a train conductor to


breast-feed in the toilet. Danielle Ashdown, with baby Stanley, tells of


similar experiences. I am quite open to rest feeding in public. When


Stanley was little, I once breast-fed in a disabled toilet and


I thought, what am I doing? I wouldn't eat my lunch in a toilet,


why would I expect my baby to? Events like this aim to give new


mothers support and show them the NFS. -- the benefits. The Department


of Health recommends mothers breast-feed for the first six


months. But nationally, 37% of women stopped within eight weeks. In the


Yorkshire and Humber, that figure is higher at 42%, while in the East


Midlands, 43% of mothers stopped within six to eight weeks. Legally,


women can breast-feed anywhere at anytime but often the law doesn't


help. Some people seem to be offended. Some people don't


understand the need for breast milk. People do if you running looks even


if you are covered up with a bank it. People don't like it, for some


reason. Your macro it is the most natural thing you can give your


children. -- The ultimate goal is to show this is a normal part of


day-to-day life. And as for world record, counting is now underway.


Earlier, I spoke to Carolyn Rabow who's responsible for getting more


mothers to breast-feed their children. I asked her why it is so


hard to get women in this area to feed their babies naturally. It is


historical. It is one of those things that once you get the ball


rolling, once everything high percentage, it becomes more access


to all. -- acceptable. The breast-feeding figures have gone up


substantially in the last five or six year. We have on up from 20% to


30%. Still very low. But it is improving. Women in Yorkshire, once


they start to breast-feed, they do continue. But a lot of women give


up. Why do they do that? Because it can be difficult, initially to


breast-feed. They need support. Essentially, they need a lot of


support from family and friends and if family and friends don't have


that experience of breast-feeding, sometimes, the easiest option is to


say if the baby a bottle because then we can help you. If you haven't


got the confidence, we have a lot of young mothers... Is it the men's


fault we are in this situation? is not the men's fault but the North


of England and the East of England, it is not as culturally acceptable.


We are behind the times which Mark your macro just a bit. You readily


see women breast-feeding him public in the south. Because we have a low


uptake, we don't see as many people doing get so it is not quite as


acceptable. The more people you see breast-feeding, the more acceptable


it becomes and the more comfortable women become. It is better for her,


for the baby and for the long term outcomes for both are far better. We


would like your views on this. do some people find it unacceptable


which Mark how can we encourage people to take up breast-feeding?


That is our e-mail address. And that is the text number. I look forward


to hearing from you. Still ahead, the extras in East Yorks looking for


a chance to shine on the small screen. Wearing the costumes, having


our hair done, the authentic make up, just being part of it, you


really get into the character. miss that BBC drama. Thank you for


the big just this week. This is the helicopter landing. Princess and was


at Cleethorpes yesterday. They she is being greeted by officials. --


there she is. Another pig your on there she is. Another pig your on


Monday. Lisa Gallagher is with us. It has been a while since you last


saw me. Still two months to go, can you imagine how weak I am going to


get? I can't get involved, anything I say will get me into trouble. It


is not going to be up white hot over the weekend. We have managed 26


degrees again in Hull. It has been a very warm day. Sunny spells and


scattered showers macro with temperatures returning back to


average. We have the south-westerly wind, a scattering of shower was and


a decent amount of dry and fine weather over the weekend. You can


see in the satellite sequence, the hands of cloud have been taking a


scattering of showers and thunderstorms with them as we head


through the second part of the afternoon, so there is still a risk


of the odd shower macro. Some will continue on until dawn. It will be


another very mild night with temperatures dropping down to 15 or


16 degrees. Looking at the sun times, these are the sunrise times.


Those are the next high waters. Tomorrow, there still will be a


scattering of shower was, on and off through the morning into the winning


but they will tend to fade away from the North. In between, there will be


spells of sunshine, a gentle breeze and it will yield pleasant tomorrow.


Average for this time of year. 2122 degrees, perhaps down, we could


manage 23 degrees. It turns loudly and wet on Monday before it


brightens up again on Tuesday, occasional showers and feeling


cooler. Your macro you look absolutely lowing. -- you look


absolutely glowing. Have a nice weekend. There's a busy weekend of


sport ahead with both of Hull's rugby league teams playing tonight


in the Super League. And it may still be the height of summer, but


the football season begins tomorrow for one of our clubs. Mike Morris


has more. Hull FC's fans will still have


smiles on their faces following their Challenge Cup semifinal win


over Warrington on Sunday but their players will have to put that to the


back of their minds as they meet Widnes tonight. The Black and Whites


have lost their last five are Super League games and are in the final


play-off spot. Hull Kingston Rovers are four points ahead in sixth, but


face second placed Wigan this evening. You never know what can


happen. In Football, Scunthorpe United have


spent the week preparing for their new season which begins tomorrow.


Despite relegation last season, there is an air of confidence at the


club. Optimism is around. It is unusual. Being relegated, there is


generally do and gloom, but there was confidence around and hopefully,


we can put that on the good ball hitch. We are looking for a good


season. The Iron will start their campaign


at home against newly promoted Mansfield Town at Glanford Park.


BBC Radio Humberside will have coverage of all of the games. Hull


Kingston Rovers' trip to Wigan will Kingston Rovers' trip to Wigan will


Kingston Rovers' trip to Wigan will Kingston Rovers' trip to Wigan will


be live on FM and online. home


home game against Widnes is on AM home game against Widnes is on AM


home game against Widnes is on AM and on digital. Both games kick off


at eight o'clock. Tomorrow, Scunthorpe United's first game of


the new season is on an all frequencies. Kick-off is at three


frequencies. Kick-off is at three o'clock. Rail passengers travelling


to and from whole can expect signal -- delays because of Robbins would


signal failures. Trains are now starting to run again. Problems for


rail passengers in East Yorks. We had a lot of reaction to make the's


visitor -- visit here. He announced millions of pounds of investment. He


said the government had been working flat out to bring wind Tyburn


In years gone by, it would have involved lighting fires, tying knots


and singing by the campfire. But, now, scout camps have got a lot more


exciting. 5,500 youngsters - some from as far away as Russia - have


descended on Lincoln to take part in activities like hovercrafting,


parascending and caving. Simon Spark has been along to find out more. If


you have headed to the Lincolnshire Showground this week, you will see


it has been transformed into another town. This is what a call poacher


camp for guides, brownies and Scouts. What is this? By thousand


500 -- 5500 youngsters come here campus. The gliding and water sports


are done elsewhere. What is it all about? It is an international


gathering for life and Scouts, it is a chance but children to meet new


people and they have fun. There are over 100 activities just on site.


have enjoyed it all. I can't go home. I have enjoyed abseiling. And


swimming. Getting away from your parents. Your macro I did tenpin


bowling. Watch their faces at the other end, the terrified at the


other -- at this end and then it is all all right. Your macro is the


best digs David. There would additional skills, too. How to


survive in the wild without a match and how to prepare food stop but


when you are not making lunch, we are making international friends.


Your macro it is cool, people had and interviews yesterday response to


ask being American. For years to wait until the next one. Your


children will be so bored when they get home after this.


Parts of the historic centre of Beverley have turned into a film set


with the Guildhall hosting the cast and crew of the latest BBC period


drama. Death Comes To Pemberley is the follow up to Pride And Prejudice


and stars local actresses Anna Maxwell Martin and Eleanor


Tomlinson. You'll have to wait until Christmas to see it on the TV but we


sent Phil Connell to Beverley to Christmas drama, and it has been


filmed in locations all over Yorks. This week, the final scenes have


been shot in Beverley. For the last two days, the town's Guildhall has


become an 18th-century court room with producers choosing the building


for its true authenticity. Your macro this is absolutely fantastic.


A beautiful colour, perfect stop we have done a bit of work here.


Essentially, it is a perfect Georgian Court. Alongside the stars


of the series, 58 extras have been brought in, all wearing these great


authentic costumes. Many of them live here in Yorkshire and will play


an important role in what could be the BBC's big hit at Christmas.


Wearing the costumes, the authentic make up, just being part of it,


being part of the scene, you really get into the character. It has been


hot in this costume but it has been a great experience, it really has, I


have are the enjoyed it. Scenes for the drama have also been billed at


Chatsworth house in Derbyshire. Funding for the series has come from


Yorkshire and confirms the region as a wave red location for producers


and direct has. People have been talking about it and there is a lot


of excitement outside as well. I am looking forward to seeing a lot more


of this happening in the future. As long as we keep Beverley on the map


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